Book 2 Chapter 252 - Hibernating Dragon’s White Cocoon Silk

Chapter 252: Hidden Dragon’s White Cocoon Silk

“Ice Freeze!”

With an incantation, the Ice Air Fairy’s Towering Ice ice frost fell on the well, adding a layer of crystals to the already cracking ice layer.

The ice crystals covered over and fortified the ice that blocked the well. However, the Gluttonous Insect Monsters underneath were very powerful. Even the Ice Air Fairy’s Towering Ice couldn’t completely seal it.


Finally, the ice exploded open, sending ice shards everywhere. A massively strong bug type aura burst out of the crack, reaching fifty meters in radius, and sending the soul pets of the city guards flying away.

Chu Mu himself was secretly surprised, because with his understanding of the Gluttonous Insect Monster, even if multiple monsters gathered together, they wouldn’t create such powerful aura.

Chu Mu watched the shattered ice layer closely. This Gluttonous Insect Monster was very crafty. It was invisible the moment it crashed out of the well. If not for the rain and some almost invisible white silk, Chu Mu wouldn’t be able to see it at all.

“Chu Mu, careful, it’s a larger Gluttonous Insect Monster, possibly the Hundred Mother!” Ye Qingzi very quickly realized the size of this one and said in a loud voice.


Ugly sounds came from this Gluttonous Insect Monster’s throat. It was very fast. Chu Mu couldn’t even see its movements, and he was only able to feel a gust of crazed wind pass by before all the soul pets of the city guards started spewing blood, defenseless in front of this Gluttonous Insect Monster.

Seeing this, Chu Mu’s heart was even more in shock. He hadn’t expected this Gluttonous Insect Monster to be this powerful. He quickly told his Ice Air Fairy to cast Ice Air Dance.

Dancing white frost covered the area, and in the white vagueness, Chu Mu could see the thing barrelling towards him at terrifying speeds!

“Towering Ice Sword Formation!

Chu Mu immediately commanded Ice Air Fairy.

This Gluttonous Insect Monster’s speed could only be described as terrifying. The Ice Air Fairy had already created twenty four swords, yet none could lock onto the savage beast going at Chu Mu.

“Attack around me!” Chu Mu sent the idea to Ice Air Fairy through remembrance.

Ice Air Fairy quickly understood its owner’s meaning, controlling its twenty four Towering Ice Swords to attack around Chu Mu patternlessly.

“Beng!!! Beng!!!! Beng!!!!!!”

The massive ice swords fell one by one around Chu Mu, becoming countless flying shards.


Yet, this Gluttonous Insect Monster’s dodging capabilities were also scary. Facing such dense and massive ice sword coverage, it could still dodge everything!


Chu Mu’s heart tightened, as he already felt the savage creature’s disgusting breathe battering his face.

After the techniques were overlaid, the Ice Swords came even more frequently and the wind-like monster finally was affected, unable to truly near Chu Mu.

Yet, Chu Mu didn’t realize that the beast could still attack!

The Gluttonous Insect Monster’s transparent body passed by Chu Mu from five meters away, and its long claws drew a sinister arc through the rain, like a strike of lightning.

Chu Mu had already cast Towering Ice Armor on himself when he summoned the Ice Air Fairy. Adding on the sixth level soul armor’s effect, his defense was at the seventh rank complete stage.

Yet, this scary claw easily ripped through Chu Mu’s defense, leaving a wound that reached Chu Mu’s bones, almost cutting his entire arm off!

Blood poured out of Chu Mu’s arm, and Chu Mu’s incantation was interrupted, unable to be completed

“Chu Mu!!”

Seeing Chu Mu wounded, Ye Qingzi was so alarmed she jumped off the Horizon Feather Bird and summoned her Dream Beast to fly towards Chu Mu.

Dong Qing was similarly surprised, quickly telling his Horizon Feather Bird to fly above Chu Mu, trying to drag him into the air.

“Don’t come over, this thing is very powerful!” Chu Mu yelled, telling Ye Qingzi and Dong Qing to stay put in the air.

This Gluttonous Insect Monster was far past Chu Mu’s imagination, and its ability to go invisible was far stronger than the previous monsters. With a single mistake, he would definitely die. Flying down as recklessly as Ye Qingzi and Dong Qing could very likely make them the next target.

Ye Qingzi’s Dream Beast slightly paused in the air. Finally, her rational mind stopped her from landing. She instead cast an incantation, and wrapped a soft blue water band around Chu Mu’s wounded arm.

Ye Qingzi’s Healing Water Heart was very effective. The blood spewing wound quickly stopped bleeding and started healing at a visible rate…...

“Mo Xie!” taking the opportunity that the Ice Sword Formation was still falling, he decisively summoned Mo Xie in front of him.

The crimson Demon Fire Evil Flames and the bright red blood flames started burning amidst the ice shards. Nine royal flames quickly drew patterns and formed a flaming summoning symbol.

The Pitiful Appearance Mo Xie quickly appeared in the summoning symbol. It didn’t hide its massive monarch rank demonic aura at all, ready to become the powerful Royal Flame Nine Tailed Inferno Fox in an instant!

Though Ye Qingzi didn’t land, she quickly finished her incantation and summoned her powerful War Court Black Beast beside Chu Mu.

The War Court Black Beast’s fighting strength wasn’t weaker than Mo Xie’s. Its aura was similarly strong as it used its powerful black eyes to glare at the transparent body within the rain.

The invisible Gluttonous Insect Monster’s vigilance was very high. Clearly, feeling Mo Xie and the War Court Black Beast’s powerful monarch auras, it realized it had no hope in killing Chu Mu and turned around to escape without hesitation!

“Stay in pitiful appearance.” Chu Mu didn’t let Mo Xie remove her Pitiful Appearance, instead summoning Night Thunder Dream Beast in front of him.

Chu Mu nimbly jumped onto the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s back and told it to run its fastest towards the escaping Gluttonous Insect Monster.

“Chu Mu, don’t chase it!” Ye Qingzi naturally could tell that the Gluttonous Insect Monster they met was very powerful, powerful enough to kill them if they made the slightest mistake, so chasing like this was very dangerous.

Dong Qing in the air had already cast an incantation to let out a fire signal into the air to tell Li Gu of the situation.

Chu Mu didn’t mind Ye Qingzi’s warnings and didn’t wait for Li Gu’s assistance either. After he jumped on, he immediately told Night, who was powerful at sensing, to speed up towards the Gluttonous Insect Monster.

“You guys stay, I’ll chase.” Chu Mu was already a few hundred meters away before he used his remembrance to send a message.

Ye Qingzi was about to say something, but Chu Mu and his soul pet had already left her vision in a blaze, quickly disappearing into the complex alleyways.

“What is with him, why is he that irrational? I’ll chase him back by air.” Dong Qing wouldn’t let Chu Mu face that terrifying Gluttonous Insect Monster alone, so he quickly flew back into the air.

Ye Qingzi didn’t chase, only watching the direction that Chu Mu left in. After a while, her gaze fell back to where Chu Mu was standing.

Ye Qingzi remembered that as she was healing Chu Mu, Chu Mu didn’t immediately summon Mo Xie, but first looked under his feet.

“What is this?” Ye Qingzi knelt down and picked up a few strands of sticky white silk with question.

This was left by the Gluttonous Insect Monster when it attacked Chu Mu. What Ye Qingzi didn’t understand was, why would Chu Mu change his retreat plans and decide to chase after the dangerous Gluttonous Insect Monster after seeing this?



When it wasn’t completely night, the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s Reach for the Midnight Moon could only double its speed. This double speed was hard pressed to catch up to the Gluttonous Insect Monster. Chu Mu specially cast Wind Riding on Night to barely see a trace of the Gluttonous Insect Monster ahead.

Always chasing in the city, they had gone from a cold western street area to a more habitated center city.

The center city north street was a luxurious entertainment wonderland. It was near midnight and all sorts of flames dotted the scape. Walking in, one could feel the heavy scent of makeup flow through the air. It was a rotten smell that could draw one in and corrupt.

This Gluttonous Insect Monster had intelligence. It seemed to know that there had to be powerful people among those humans, so when it dashed into north street, it didn’t start any slaughters. Sometimes it would use the crowds to evade Chu Mu’s chase, even dashing into event spaces to make Chu Mu lose it.

When Chu Mu rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast to an abnormally luxurious brothel, the Gluttonous Insect Monster completely disappeared, causing even its heavy aura to be covered up.

Chu Mu didn’t mind those drunken guests or frightened prostitutes as he rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast straight into the courtyard of the brothel.

“You sure it’s here?” Chu Mu asked Night Thunder Dream Beast.

Night used its ability to control darkness and started seeping its senses into every facet of the brothel, trying to look for the Gluttonous Insect Monster.

The Gluttonous Insect Monster was very powerful, and Chu Mu needed to go all out to even have a chance. Normally, Chu Mu would definitely not take such a risk and fight against something he very likely couldn’t fight.

But, Chu Mu had a reason that made chasing mandatory.

Because, when the Gluttonous Insect Monster attacked him just now, some sticky white silk fell from the creature.

This silk clearly wasn’t made by the Gluttonous Insect Monster, and after having stayed with the little cyan insect for so long, Chu Mu was sure that the Gluttonous Insect Monster had accidentally touched some silk that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon had produced!

Before on the island, this white silk once covered an entire forest, making it the Innards of a God!


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