Chapter 250: Exterminating Savage Creatures (1)

Chapter 250: Exterminating Savage Creatures (1)

Although Chu Mu really wanted to find out about the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s condition, he knew that right now all of Li City’s experts were focused on it. Even if he knew where it was, he couldn’t move at all. He could only watch the changes from the side, so it was best if he dealt with the ruthless soul pet traininer attempting something against the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon first.

On this day, city official Li Gu had, after adopting Ye Qingzi’s method, specially bought a few cheap soul pets from Soul Palace and threw them onto Western Street to make sure those things were still inhabiting that area.

Late at night, those soul pets released onto Western Street let out miserable shrieks, and quickly became the food for those hungry things.

On the third day, the city guards silently brought their soul pets underground Western Street district. Those who had a rock type soul pet firmly blocked up the sewers that could discharge liquid.

The large rain had already persisted for a few days. On this third day, the amount of rain had slightly decreased, but it didn’t affect the water attack plan of these city guards, because they had already employed multiple soul pet trainers with water type and water species soul pets to come.

The dusky horizon hung a bit low, and the pattering rain washed over this ancient city, as a damp scent pervaded the air...

After a several days of rinsing, the city had become cleaner and the water that flowed into the sewers wasn’t as muddy as before. The dirty things that flowed down into the sewers were also washed off the street.

Upon descending into the sewers, there was no light. Due to the city’s burgeoning structure, the waterways in the sewers were tangled and complicated. Without those entrances, descending into the sewers was completely like entering a damp and wet underground labyrinth.

Of course, while this incomparably dark underground was the most vile place for humans, this special environment was a paradise for gluttonous insect monsters.

If it never rained, these things would hide in this lair under the city where right above them was food.

Just as Chu Mu understood, these gluttonous insect monsters were attached pets, and their life force was dependent on their mother’s energy to subsist. The moment they left their mother for too long, they would turn into a pile of black dust.

They lived together, and when they hunted for food, they would move in groups. It was very rare to see an isolated gluttonous insect monster roaming outside.

Presently, these gluttonous insect monsters had congregated in a horizontal channel and were using their bodily fluids as a comfortable mattress and sheets.

“In my entire life I have never wanted to fight with those things; they’re so nasty that I want to throw up.” in the sewers, a thirty year old or so soul pet trainer spoke with a sick face.

“I don’t want to either. Who knows whether if they get hungry they’ll eat us too.” said a rather fat soul pet trainer next to him.

However, the fat soul pet trainer didn’t show a nauseated expression. Instead, he grabbed a piece of dry meat, and he began nonchalantly eating it while standing in this sewer full of excrement.

“If they want to eat us, they’ll definitely eat you first. Your meat is very fatty.” laughed the man who spoke before.

“Senior truly is very courageous. If those fellows attentions weren’t all on the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, I’m afraid these creatures that senior raised would have already been swept clean by those Li City experts.” said the fat soul pet trainer.

“You don’t understand. Senior does things like this often. Even disregarding Li City, other worldly cities…” when he got to this point, this man suddenly realized he said too much and after pausing, immediately chanted to a question: “senior said we only have to look after this place for two days, right?”

“Yes. Perhaps he already discovered something.” said the fat soul pet trainer.

The fat soul pet trainer found that the more of the nauseating things these gluttonous insect monsters secreted, the more it affected his appetite, so he walked to the side.

“Hua~~ Hua~~~~” the accumulation of water soaked the fat soul pet trainer’s shoe and as he walked, he let out slight splashing noises.

“That’s strange, why did the water level become higher. Did the rain start falling harder again?” the fat soul pet trainer walked to a place without water and began grumbling.

“That should be it.  The odor seems to be growing increasingly strange. Whatever, as long as we look after these things for two days, we can do our own things.”



At noon time, in the city center’s Western Street District, nearly two hundred elemental world water type soul pets and beast world, different type water species soul pets were standing outside the entrances to the sewers. They were waiting for an order, and could set out at any time.

Finally, a captivating flame rose into the air. After reaching a height of a few hundred meters, it suddenly exploded in the curtain of rain, immediately releasing a dazzling fire light. It died all of the rain droplets in a red color...


The aerial guard captain urged his wing type soul pet, and he yelled loudly at the soul pet trainers below him.

A series of clear incantation chants resonated in the air above Western Street District. Beautiful blue halos slowly covered the water type soul pets in the area...

Water type halos dispersed in the entire district like a ripple, even spreading to other districts in the heart of the city. Two hundred soul pets gradually gathered a majority of the rainwater from the heart of the city to Western Street. It was like a lake hovering in the air statically above Western Street.

In approximately ten minutes, twenty meters above the entirety of Western Street really appeared a huge collection of water. It was like it had been covered by an intangible large container weapon in the air.

Ye Qingzi believed that even if they were going to flood the sewers, they couldn’t have the water level slowly rise. If they did it this way, those monsters would have an opportunity to escape; after all, with those savage creatures’ strength, if they gathered their strength and blew apart the wall of the underground sewer, they wouldn’t have a problem. Only by abruptly pouring water into the sewer could they form a wave that knocked them into a messy disarray, thus not giving them the chance to break through the channel and submerging them in the water. Thereby, they would have a chance of catching them all at once.


Finally the amount of water was enough, and the strength type soul pets let out wild beast-like roars and their large claws fiercely rippled apart the narrow sewer entrance!

The rain in the sky had completely formed a lake in the air, and when the water type soul pets used their minds to control it, the large lake made of an accumulation of rainwater in the air transformed into a torrential waterfall that violently surged into the torn open underground gap.

“Hong hong hong hong~~~~~~~~”

The sound of water was like thunder. After surging into the sewers, the water transformed into countless savage beasts that fiercely smashed into the four walls of the sewer. It untrammeled and coarsely galloped through the sewer channel.

Water had the weakest attacking force of all the attributes; however, the moment it gathered enough momentum and magnitude, it was an extremely terrifying force. It could engulf and destroy everything!

The enormous amount of water poured in and within a short minute, the exceptionally large sewer space was filled by the surging liquid; a rumbling caused the entire world underneath the city to shake.


“Did you hear a noise?” the fat soul pet trainer’s vigilance was relatively high, and he quickly sensed the abnormal occurrence in the sewer.

“It seems to be thunder; it could be some lightning falling above our heads.” the thirty year old or so soul pet trainer didn’t pay too much heed to it.

“Si si si~~~ si si si si~~~~~~”

At this time, the gluttonous insect monsters lying on their secreted fluids, sleeping, slowly opened their eyes one at a time.

The sewer seemed to be covered by a layer of these monsters that were crawling and  moreover were extremely packed together. The perception abilities of these things was extremely strong, and despite looking like a pile of corpses as they slept, when they moved, they were completely awake. The green light emitted from their eyes in the darkness surveyed the environment...

“Si si si si~~~~~~~”

At the very center of the passage was a creature that occupied the entire space. It lifted its enormous head and lazily strode forward as if it wanted to head outside.

This creature was evidently the leader of these things, and the smaller gluttonous insect monsters specially left a path for it.

“Long long long long~~~~~~~”

The sounds began to echo more and more, and the underground passage began to evidently shake. Further, dust began to fall from above.

Suddenly, the enormous leader realized something and a terrifying malevolent look appeared on its ugly face.


Finally, the water splashed around the corner and subsequently after, the torrential flood engulfed the sewer. In a short period of a second, it appeared in front of the leader!

This monster’s face immediately revealed an expression of panic. It was unable to care for those gluttonous insect monsters hiding in the nest, and it spread apart its strong four limbs and madly sprinted in the other direction!!

“Water… water…” the fat soul pet trainer’s face was also full of panic. Before he finished speaking, the water had already splashed against his body. In the next moment, he was entirely blown over by the current, not even having the chance to summon his soul pets.

The other soul pet trainer realized even slower and didn’t even chant an incantation before his entire body was swallowed by the current. His body unceasingly tumbled in the rapidly moving torrent.

Very quickly, the boundless current began to pour into the gluttonous insect monsters’ nest that numbered over 100. They didn’t have enough time to flee, and both ends of the channel were occupied by the powerful current that was like a terrifying blue earth dragon. Moreover, the liquid began to rapidly permeate into their nest.

“Si si si si~~~~~”

The monsters immediately let out incomparably alarmed shouts. Their bodies unceasingly secreted a half-solid state substance that studied the walls on either side, not letting the powerful current enter.

The water seeped in extremely quickly and before a few seconds had passed, half of the room was covered. Yet, at this moment, the incomparably alarmed monsters finally sturdied either side, not letting the water fully submerge this place.

“Long long long long~~~~~~~~~~”

The water unceasingly surged against either side. When they discovered that the water had fully been controlled and no longer seeped into the nest, the hundreds of gluttonous insect monsters let out satisfied hissing sounds, as if they believed they had fortunately escaped this catastrophe.

An attached pet’s intelligence was normally much lower than normal soul pets. Therefore, these things didn’t realize that even if the water wasn’t seeping in, they had been trapped in this extremely narrow passage.


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