Book 2 Chapter 25 - Abnormally Strong Ice Air Fairy

Chapter 25: Abnormally Strong Ice Air Fairy

Zhang Jie’s previously proud expression immediately dropped. A nearly seventh level ice type technique was something that only some commander rank soul pets could possibly cast. How could an Ice Air Fairy have such abnormally strong ice controlling capabilities? Could it be that Chu Mu used hundreds of thousands of gold coins to buy a soul crystal type to strengthen it?

Indeed, Chu Mu really did spend two hundred thousand gold coins to buy an ice type soul crystal to enhance his Ice Air Fairy’s ice type.

Two hundred thousand gold coins was enough to buy Yang Jie’s Four Winged Snake Demon. With this much gold invested in the Ice Air Fairy, how could the Ice Air Fairy’s fighting capabilities not be abnormally strong!

With such terrifying ice type powers, Yang Jie couldn’t do anything else but cast an incantation for Ice Armor, imbuing his Four Winged Snake Demon with a thick layer of ice armor.

An almost seventh level ice type technique could rip the Four Winged Snake Demon into ice shards within a few rounds. If he didn’t give it ice type protection, how would he be able to compete against Chu Mu?

Chu Mu didn’t want to waste his soul power, so he simply stood beside his Ice Air Fairy, constantly giving commands to the Ice Air Fairy to cast ice type abilities unceasingly, not giving the Snake Demon a chance to get near!

The Ice Armor’s addition brought the Four Winged Snake Demon’s defense barely up to seventh level. However, if a massive organism like the Four Winged Snake Demon were to have an armor of ice, its speed would definitely get affected quite severely.

Sure enough, when the thick ice armor covered the Snake Demon’s body, its weak, meaty wings couldn’t lift its heavy body anymore, rendering it only able to slither around clumsily within the forest!

With a ten meter long body, and a pair of obvious flesh wings, the Four Winged Snake Demon was like a living target for an Ice Fairy capable of Microcontrol. No matter where it moved, there was always a large cloud of vicious ice type techniques that fell!

Same rank and phase, with a higher species rank, yet the power difference was huge, creating a severely lopsided situation!

“Damn, Death Scorpion, Ghost Rock, what are you doing!”

Yang Jie was finally angered, but as he transferred his anger over to his other two soul pets, he saw something that almost made him spew blood. His two other soul pets were being carelessly toyed with by the little fiery fox!

“Ning, Ice Sword Formation!”

Chu Mu didn’t even need to consider Mo Xie’s battle. Seeing the Four Winged Snake Demon finally expose a weakness under the barrage of ice type abilities, he immediately commanded the Ice Air Fairy.

This time, the Ice Air Fairy’s incantation was slightly longer, meaning that this ice type technique would be even stronger!

“Death Assault!”

Yang Jie seemed to have been waiting just for the moment when Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy would start to chant a long incantation, as he suddenly sent a command to his Four Winged Snake Demon.

The Four Winged Snake Demon’s ice armor was already mostly shattered, so its body could completely utilize all its speed again. When the Ice Air Fairy was still chanting, it suddenly dashed forwards, its speed instantly doubling!

“Hu!!” The Snake Demon straightened its ten meter long body and, at the same time, opened its large mouth to cast Vicious Devour.

Instantly, a large mouth made of evil appeared in the dark forest, as if it could eat Chu Mu and Ice Air Fairy in one bite!

Chu Mu seemed slightly surprised that Yang Jie actually had such shrewdness. Slightly smiling, Chu Mu didn’t show any signs of panic, and quickly jumped back to let Ning face the attack of the Snake Demon head on!

“Fighting with me? You’re still too inexperienced!” Yang Jie laughed cruelly. So what if he had an abnormally strong Ice Air Fairy? If he didn’t have fighting awareness, he would still die!

In melee range, the Ice Air Fairy was in an absolute disadvantage.

With the combination of Death Assault and Vicious Devour, the Four Winged Snake Demon’s attack rose incredibly high. When the nearly sixth level poisonous fangs snapped shut, they bit right onto the Ice Air Fairy’s body!


The slow moving Ice Air Fairy couldn’t dodge such a swift attack, so its body was quickly snatched up by the Snake Demon!!

The Snake Demon threw its head up, actually throwing the Ice Air Fairy straight into the sky, as if it was a proud king cobra that had just caught prey!

“Heavy Splitting Fang!!”

The Four Winged Snake Demon immediately listened to its owner’s command. Its fangs somehow extended bizarrely, becoming razor sharp. It resolutely bit onto the Ice Air Fairy’s body, wanting to bite the Fairy into shreds!

“Heng, little thing, die!”

Yang Jie had already let out a cruel smile.


The moment it bit down, the sound of metal clanking was emitted.


Suddenly, the Four Winged Snake Demon let out a pained cry, spitting the Ice Air Fairy out of its mouth and falling backwards with a mouth full of blood!

Attacking yet getting wounded!

Yang Jie’s cruel smile immediately stiffened, as he watched on in shock at the blood spewing Four Winged Snake Demon!

The Ice Air Fairy, under the training of the sixth level ice type soul crystal, already had a defense of sixth rank late stage. Adding on the effects of Ice Armor, the Ice Air Fairy’s defense was a whopping seventh level late stage. How could such a defense be shattered so easily!


Ice Air Fairies had the ability to float. After being spit out, the Ice Air Fairy still floated in midair. Though deep teeth marks appeared on its body, it was as if it wasn’t affected, as it continued to cast the Ice Sword Formation that was interrupted.

The spell quickly finished. Fifteen blades of ice appeared, and they awe-inspiringly hovered over the somewhat angry Ice Air Fairy!!


The Ice Air Fairy let out an angry cry and immediately, the fifteen massive swords stabbed down from the treetops, each blade accurately piercing into the Four Winged Snake Demon’s body!!!

“Pu!! Pu!! Pu!!”

Blade after blade of ice brought frigid air as they shot down. Some piercing through wood, some nailing the Snake Demon’s body straight into the ground, and some even piercing through its throat and out of its neck!

The Four Winged Snake Demon was only ten meters long, yet its ten meter long body was stabbed into the ground by fifteen six meter long ice swords, suffering a miserable death!

Sixth level Ice Sword Formation, yet its power could compare to a seventh level ice type technique. The moment the fifteen ice swords dropped, the Four Winged Snake Demon instantly died, heavily wounding Yang Jie’s third Soul!!!

Seeing such a terrifying scene, Yang Jie’s mind completely blanked. Yet, at this scary moment, the invading cold poison crept through the mental link between him and the Snake Demon!

Yang Jie’s face blanched as he quickly commanded his remembrance to resist the onslaught of the ice poison!

Chu Mu was a seventh remembrance spirit teacher, one rank higher than even Yang Jie. Adding the Ice Air Fairy’s scary ice type talent, this cold poison invasion definitely wasn’t easy to stop, especially since Yang Jie was a step late already.

The coldness quickly seeped into Yang Jie’s soul. Yang Jie’s body suddenly stiffened as cold air poured out of his orifices!

His body started turning ashen. In approximately five more seconds, his body would become an ice sculpture from the inside out!

Yang Jie felt the nearing of death, and quickly undid his clothes and ripped a bottle of medicine off from his belt, chugging it down into his throat!

“Sixth level cold resistance medicine?” Chu Mu was surprised that Yang Jie had such a life-saving medicine on him.

The cold poison was quickly dispersed. Yang Jie, who had a damaged soul now, had a face plastered with fear. With no means for a rematch, he quickly retracted his Ghost Rock Devil Man and forcibly summoned a Fifth Phase Storm Eagle despite having a wounded soul. Climbing onto it clumsily, it quickly rolled up in a gust of wind as it dashed into deeper woods!

Yang Jie’s series of motions was incredibly fast and flowed smoothly- clearly very experienced.

How could Chu Mu let Yang Jie escape? He quickly retracted his Ice Air Fairy into his soul pet space, cast Wind Riding on himself, and dashed forward to follow.

“Mo Xie!”

The playful Mo Xie immediately jumped off of the Death Scorpion’s body, leaping on two trees and landing lightly. As she landed, she was engulfed by flames and transformed into the glamorous Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox, showing her coordination as she dashed beside Chu Mu.

Yet Chu Mu flipped over and smoothly fell upon Mo Xie’s back, almost instantly disappearing into the black forest!

Even after seeing Chu Mu ride away with a fire type soul pet, everyone still couldn’t recover from the death of the Four Winged Snake Demon!

“Is that Ice Air Fairy’s ice type talent and defensive talent already at the seventh rank?” Old Teng’s eyes rigidly stared at the fifteen ice swords that were still impaled in the Snake Demon’s body.

Once a soul pet had one type talent in the seventh rank, it could be ranked within commander ranks.

If more than two type talents reached seventh rank, and all the other type talents weren’t abysmally low, it could become medium class commander rank. If three type talents hit the seventh level, it could be high class commander rank

Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy already displayed scary ice type controlling capabilities. Many people who were spectating thought that its defense must be weak, yet no one would’ve thought that its defense was just as strong, beating the majority of commander rank soul pets!

“Who is your master? With such power, shouldn’t he have great fame in the nearby regions?” Qing Menger, after finishing off Li Nan, also garnered a deep interest in Chu Mu and his mysteriousness. She also doubted the name Chu Chen, which she’d never heard of.

Ting Yu knew that Chu Mu didn’t like to brag, so she didn’t say Chu Mu’s identity.

Of course, the most shocked had to be Chu Ning, who lived with Chu Mu for over ten years. Of all the brothers, the one who knew the most about Chu Mu had to be Chu Ning. In four years time, his brother, who was ridiculed and mocked for losing a soul, had become this strong!

Such strength led him to think of the current situation in the clan, and excited tears welled up in Chu Ning’s eyes! Chu Mu’s resurrection from death and his power let Chu Ning see hope for the Chu Family to become great again!

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