Book 2 Chapter 248 - Attached Pet, Hundred Mother

Chapter 248: Attached Pet, Hundred Mother

Rain was still in the air of Li City, causing the entire sky to be dark and gloomy, suppressing all those below.

In the morning, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi specially went to the library, which collected detailed information on many soul pets to find information on the Li City

The Li City savage creatures had poison, and from their body type and attacking measures, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi approximately locked them down, as Beast World demon type or bug type.

Li City’s library was north of the Li City Plaza. It took up over three hundred meters horizontally, and it could be said to be one of the most majestic structures within Li City. It counted as a specialty structure that symbolized soul pet culture.

In front of the library were many pillars. These pillars were all carved with complicated words and symbols, some of which were thousand year old totems.

This was the first time Chu Mu had seen such a majestic library, and his heart was deeply moved. When he passed by the door, he unintentionally glanced at the exquisite totems…...

The totem carvings were life-like, even having some special magic that led Chu Mu’s thinking to slowly blend into the ancient meanings of these totems.

“What is it?” Ye Qingzi saw that Chu Mu stopped for no reason and asked.

“I thought I saw something, maybe it was just the hallucinations from the totems.” Chu Mu shook his head and didn’t stay longer.

Just now, the hallucination that Chu Mu saw was strange. What should’ve been foreign seemed familiar, as if he had imprinted this totem into his dreams in the past…...

The feeling was only an instant. When Chu Mu specially thought back, he couldn’t remember anything, so Chu Mu didn’t think much of it.

The library only had one level, with extremely high bookshelves that stood like rows upon rows of skyscraping trees. Walking into this magnificent yet solemnly silent library, Chu Mu felt as if he was watched by an arrogant giant made of books, unknowingly feeling more ignorant and inferior.

There were millions of soul pets, each with different appearance and ability. Similar soul pets also had different specialties. Walking into such a library, Chu Mu could feel just how big the soul pet world was, and how little people could truly keep all the knowledge in their minds.

The amount of books was unfathomable. Chu Mu knew that this was the result of thousands of years of predecessors’ knowledge. Without their guidance, the quest for humans to conquer soul pets would be even harder, and it would be impossible to have such a glittering soul pet civilization.

With such a culturally infused library, it was worth having a soul pet trainer with belief, like Chu Mu, to feel deep veneration for it.


The sea of books was boundless. Without an appearance reference, technique description, etc., it was very difficult to find a non-mainstream soul pet.

Ye Qingzi and Chu Mu both relied on their memory and started to look through the “Bug Type Encyclopedia” and “Demon Type Encyclopedia” for the species of the Li City savage creature.

It had to be said that Li City’s library had a very detailed collection on soul pets. Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi found many similar soul pets based off the Li City savage creatures’ appearances. All these soul pets were probably absent from even some tenth level city libraries, yet here, they could find drawings of them as well as descriptions written by researchers.

“There are similar ones, but it seems that they all didn’t fit the Li City savage creatures description. For example, this bug type Food Stinger Species already fitted the Li City savage creature’s outer appearance, but the book didn’t mention their ability to become invisible, and their lower limbs don’t seem to be as developed either.” Ye Qingzi said with her head down. As she finished, she turned around to hand her book to Chu Mu to 

When Ye Qingzi was speaking, Chu Mu also had his head down, and he didn’t notice that Ye Qingzi was near him already. When Chu Mu turned around to get the book, he hit the book and it fell onto the ground.

Chu Mu paused and then laughed apologetically, bending down to pick the book back up.

Ye Qingzi also crouched down to pick up her own book, so when she lifted her head up, their faces were intimately close.

Chu Mu paused again. Ye Qingzi’s delicate face was just ten centimeters away. He could even feel the air coming out of her sexy lips.

Ye Qingzi reacted very quickly. Feeling Chu Mu’s intrusive gaze, she quickly stood up and hid her blush under her fallen hair…...

Chu Mu also quickly stood up. Seeing that Ye Qingzi suddenly wasn’t speaking, he momentarily felt awkward, not knowing what to say. After all, in the situation just now, he had clearly lost his soul to her.

It had been quite some time that they had been dealing with each other. In the beginning, Chu Mu was only interested in Ye Qingzi’s appearance and personality, especially her rationality and intelligence, things Chu Mu especially appreciated.

Just as Ye Wansheng asked, “Do you really have no interest in my sister?” Chu Mu’s answer was certain; he had quite the interest in Ye Qingzi, and it was revealed through the small interaction just now, though every man would show such expression in the face of such a beautiful woman…...

“Um, what were you saying before?...” Finally, as a man, Chu Mu braved his face and broke the awkward tension.

Ye Qingzi looked as if she broke from a trance, quickly flipping through the book in her hand to find the soul pet she previously found…...

After flipping for a while, Ye Qingzi still couldn’t find it and finally let out a sigh, closed the book up, and said herself, “I saw a very similar soul pet before, but I don’t think it was the Li City savage creatures. Didn’t you find some leads too?”

“En, let me show it to you.” Because the books fell, Chu Mu lost his page too. and had to flip through.

Ye Qingzi saw that Chu Mu was flipping quickly and as he flipped, Chu Mu found strangely that no matter how much he looked, he couldn’t find the soul pet he had locked onto before. His face was slowly showing an embarrassed expression.

Suddenly, Ye Qingzi laughed out loud.

She extended her hand and took the book away from Chu Mu, putting the book in her hands into Chu Mu’s hands instead.

Chu Mu was at first dazed but suddenly understood, opening his mouth into a silly smile.


After comparing, the two found that their soul pets were both very similar to the Li City savage creatures, but weren’t exactly right.

In the end, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi specially took the two types of soul pets to ask the soul pet researchers within the library.

The researcher they found was an old man with a goatee. He looked at the soul pets that Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi found in detail and creased his brows for a long while. He sometimes walked to an older rack and looked through some books at the very top.

“I think this thing doesn’t count as a soul pet.” Finally, the old researcher made this conclusion.

“Not a soul pet?” Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were both surprised.

“In reality, it technically counts as a soul pet, but they’re a special group within soul pets, known as an Attached Pet.”

Ye Qingzi and Chu Mu looked each other in the eyes. Clearly, both of them have not heard of such phrase.

“An Attached Pet could be defined as the soul pet of a soul pet……”

“These Attached Pets are mostly from bug type soul pets. For example, a queen of an ant colony has a very strong breeding ability, able to constantly produce ant soldiers to create a massive ant army. In reality, these abnormally reproduced slave organisms are very hard to sign contracts with, because they’ve already signed a “soul pact” with their ‘Mother’ soul pet.”

With this explanation, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi both understood somewhat.

“In reality, Attached Pets can’t be soul pets, because they’re really just techniques of special soul pets. Their own fighting strength may not be strong, so they rely on their Attached Pets to fight and gather food……”

The goatee researcher’s words resolved many questions within Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s hearts.

Dong Qing mentioned that this assault on city guards was a man-made event, seemingly one person, too. This made Chu Mu question who it could be that could control this many soul pets.

If these Li City savage creatures were all slave pets, then as long as the soul pet trainer could control the “mother” well, they could control all of the Li City savage creatures.

“Such an ability is very scary. If they can reproduce a lot, it’s like controlling a soul pet clan. The thing you just mentioned is the beasts that appeared on west street, right?” The old researcher asked.

“En.” Chu Mu nodded.

“The Attached Pet is basically a seventh phase commander, and some have the ability to self strengthen…...The amount is very likely in the hundreds, or even more…….” The old researcher looked to somewhere else, as if estimating the soul pets’ strength.

After a moment, the researcher seemed to have reached a conclusion and said, “You don’t have to worry about this anymore.”

“Why?” Ye Qingzi asked questioningly.

“That ‘Mother’ isn’t something you can deal with.” The old researcher said.

“Just how strong is it?” Chu Mu asked curiously.

Speaking of the concept of Attached Soul Pet, if over hundreds of Li City savage creatures are attached to this ‘Mother’, then just how scary is it? Because it already had a vast soul pet army in its disposal!”

“The fighting strength and amount of Attached Pets is decided by the Mother’s strength. Using phases and stages to describe may be fuzzy……”

“Species determined a Mother’s ability to reproduce. Ten Mother - warrior rank, Hundred Mother - commander rank, Thousand Mother - monarch rank…… unless it undergoes mutation, the amount of Attached Pets won’t increase with the improvement of the ‘Mother’.”

“For example, a warrior rank Ten mother, after strengthening, even if it reaches monarch rank, it would only be able to summon ten Attached Pets. Of course, the ten would be very powerful and not losing to an unstrengthened Hundred Mother.

“The one you have encountered is a Hundred Mother. A Hundred Mother meant commander rank and hundreds of Attached Pets……”


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