Book 2 Chapter 247 - Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Poison Effect

Chapter 247: Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Poison Effect

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~~~”

A powerful stream of air gradually converged around Chu Mu. He turned around, and saw that the water halo on Ye Qingzi’s Water Moon was controlling the violent rainstorm!

The rainwater began to flow irregularly, and even the puddles of water were slowly swept up. As the Water Moon let out a long cry, a strong air current swept up a ten meter high wave that swallowed the three savage creatures like an enormous deep sea creature!!

The three savage creatures ran in stricken panic into a resident’s courtyard. However, the shocking mouth of the wave engulfed the courtyard, sweeping them up!

Water type attacks were considered weak amongst the many attributes, but if used well, could also cause extremely terrifying destructive powers.

Ye Qingzi’s Water Moon was presently basking in the endless rain, and its fighting strength had become abnormally strong. Flood, Wave, and Flying Waterfall were all water type techniques that could be endlessly used to exhaust these savage creatures, greatly lowering their fighting strength.

Water type techniques could heal, detoxify, and purify to a certain extent, and thus were more supportive. However, when used in a fight, it was the best method for exhausting a soul pet’s physical strength. Once that would pet was hit or submerged under water, they would suffer from water’s unique resistance, and their physical strength would easily deplete, causing their fighting strength to weaken.

There was the supportive type Water Moon, the control type Dream Beast, and also the War Court Black Beast who strength was no less than Mo Xie's. It was therefore easy for Ye Qingzi to deal with these Li City savage creatures. Very soon, she had gotten rid of the ten Li City savage creatures, while the last five were dealt with by the Ice Air Fairy and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

In reality, the speed at which the Ice Air Fairy dealt with these creatures wasn’t lacking; however, the majority of the techniques it used would be dodged by these strange creatures. Fortunately, the water aided it in allowing it to shorten its ice type technique chants by 50%, thus allowing it to effectively strike these things.

It could be said that the rain provided Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi with exceptionally advantageous circumstances. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so easy to deal with these savage creatures that possessed an invisibility ability.

After the fight ended, the downpour was still falling. Upon being submerged under liquid, the corpses of these creatures didn’t immediately disappear. It took approximately a few minutes before their bodies showed signs of decomposing.

Ye Qingzi walked in front of Chu Mu, and she looked at his three soul pets. Her gaze finally landed on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and she asked: “That’s strange. What’s up with your Devil Tree Battle Soldier? I remember it just suffered from a serious wound just now.”

Ye Qingzi had planned on healing the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, but when she walked over, aside from it being physically exhausted, its fighting strength was at a full state and there were no signs of wounds on its body.

“It can now absorb life force, which is pretty much the same as having a healing ability.” laughed Chu Mu as he explained.

“Life Force Absorb?” Ye Qingzi ostensibly hadn’t heard of this technique before.

Chu Mu gave a rough explanation of the Life Force Absorb Technique’s uniqueness and as Ye Qingzi listened, she gradually opened her delicate small mouth in shock...

“Then as long as its physical strength is enough, your Devil Tree Battle Soldier will be able to continuously fight!” after Chu Mu finished his explanation, Ye Qingzi was exceptionally stunned. The uniqueness of this technique on the battlefield was rather evident.

“It really is like that…” Chu Mu nodded his head.

“None of your soul pets are normal.” Ye Qingzi didn’t know how Chu Mu’s luck was always so good; all of his soul pets were able to comprehend a technique capable of making people envious.

“Haha, you were the one that told me the method of acquired comprehension.” laughed Chu Mu.

A soul pet trainer controlled which techniques a soul pet comprehended. If Chu Mu didn’t put emphasis on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s wood attribute and buy the corresponding spirit items for it to use, it probably would have learned another technique instead.

For instance, if Life Force Absorb had appeared on Ye Qingzi’s Wood Tray Spirit, it wouldn’t be fitting, because it was a support type wood attribute soul pets. Support type soul pets normally were protected and rarely attacked. Thus, the value of Life Force Absorb wouldn’t be as effective as on the likes of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, which would often fight in the front lines.

“I feel like my existence as a support soul pet trainer is unnecessary in front of you.” Ye Qingzi put on a rare flirtatious expression, and spoke using a pouting tone young delicate girl.

“Hehe.” dryly laughed Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi had the Water Moon heal all the wounded soul pets. Once the fighting strength of the soul pets returned to their peak condition, she suddenly thought of something and reminded Chu Mu: “Those things all have a poison attribute in their bodies. If your Devil Tree Battle Soldier turned their life force into its own, if it doesn’t have an ability to self-purify, it will very likely be infected by the poison.”

Ye Qingzi’s words made Chu Mu suddenly realize this, and he immediately asked whether the Devil Tree Battle Soldier felt anything strange in its body.


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier blankly extended its arms and looked at its palms. It suddenly discovered that the originally dark red was slowly showing a green color!

“Do you feel uncomfortable at all?” Chu Mu began to question the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier shook its head, indicating that its body condition was relatively normal.

“It’s very easy to be infected by poison through turning life force into one’s own. If the poison stays a long time in the soul pet’s body, then it may spread to other parts of the body, for example, its inner crystal. This will then corrode the soul pet’s inner crystal; however, in some special circumstances, the poison infection will be slowed by the body and be turned into the soul pet’s own poison attribute.” said Ye Qingzi.

“You mean that my Devil Tree Battle Soldier could potentially possess a poison attribute?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yes, but the probability isn’t large. From the present circumstances, it seems to be in a concealed poisoned state and won’t immediately flare up; nonetheless, it will definitely damage the body’s composition greatly.”

“Young master, you actually can add on a poison effect to your Devil Tree Battle Soldier. I remember that some special items can maintain a plant world soul pet’s body condition, but at the same time allow its attacks to carry poison. As longs the attacks break the skin, even if it’s a tiny bit, the poison will deal extreme damage to sol pets with weak poison defenses.” said Old Li.

Poisonous effects mainly came from flower, bug or vine types. Old Li’s words were like enlightenment to Chu Mu as he indeed could add a poison effect to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s attacks. This way, not only would it have the ability to resist poison, but its attacks would be even more imposing.

“Qingzi, do you think that my Devil Tree Battle Soldier can carry the poison attribute?” asked Chu Mu.

Since Ye Qingzi was a soul teacher, she had definitely done a definite amount of research towards the poison attribute and it was thus appropriate to ask her this question.

“If this was before, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body definitely wouldn’t be able to take the poison because it would ruin its body. However, right now, since it can transform another soul pet’s life force into its own, through the help of some spirit items, it should be able to develop the poison type.” said Ye Qingzi.

“Then I should make sure the Devil Tree Battle Soldier has the poison attribute when it comprehends natural wood.” after obtaining a certain answer, a smile rose on Chu Mu’s face. He never expected that a new path to strengthening the Devil Tree Battle Soldier would arise out of dealing with these things.

“That said, Dong Qing has been underwater for a very long time. Nothing should have happened to him, right?” worriedly asked Ye Qingzi.

“It really has been a while. The water should be flowing outwards already. I’ll go down and look.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu had just entered the sewers and released his soul remembrance, when he clearly felt some object quickly quickly moving through the sewers back out.

Chu Mu immediately had his soul pets prepare to fight; however, when he found that it was Dong Qing riding his water beast as it jumped out of the water, he relaxed a bit.

“You guys are still ok, right?” asked Dong Qing when he saw Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi’s worried expressions.

“It’s nothing. We disposed of a group of savage creatures. Right now we’ve got a bit of an idea of the way these soul pets look. Tomorrow we’ll go to the library to research. We should be able to find the classification for this soul pet. What was your situation like? Their nest should have been underground, right?” asked Chu Mu.

“You’re right about their nest, however within all of this I’m afraid is probably a huge plot. Let’s not talk about this now. Let’s leave here so that that person won’t detect us.” said Dong Qing.

“That person?” Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi revealed curious expressions.

Dong Qing solemnly nodded his head. Promptly, he gave a general account of the nest of those savage creatures and the soul pet trainer he discovered.

“There really is someone plotting this. This person is truly malevolent…” Ye Qingzi creased her eyebrows.

“Do you know that person’s identity?” Chu Mu had already somewhat expected this, after all, no matter how high a soul pet’s intelligence was, it shouldn’t be able to understand the composition of the city.

Dong Qing shook his head and said: “That person should have extremely strong strength. I didn’t dare near him. I only know that right now, he’s in another city district raising another batch of monsters. I’m really curious as to how he can control so many soul pets.”

“This will have to wait until we find the classification for this soul pet, and we should have the answer then.” said Ye Qingzi.

“Yes, then we’ll leave today up till here. Tomorrow, we’ll have everyone come again and eliminate those things. Of course, it’ll be best to catch the culprit too.” said Dong Qing.


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