Book 2 Chapter 244 - Searching for the Savages in a Rainy Night

Chapter 244: Searching for the Savages in a Rainy Night

“It looks like it’s going to rain soon. I don’t know if those things are going to come out in a rainy night.” softly said Ye Qingzi as she raised her head and looked at the sky.

“It doesn’t matter if it rains or not. Those things seem to have eaten their fill already, and aren’t going to come out and look for food.” Chu Mu surveyed the surroundings.

Compared to last night, the smells in the alleyway tonight were much more faint, and even after having walked for so long, they hadn’t discovered anything.

“They probably realized that the city guards were going to do something about them. Those things really have high intelligence, and if it wasn’t because there were so many of them, I’d believe that someone was controlling them.” said Ye Qingzi.

“It seems that we have to set a bait.” said Chu Mu.

As he spoke, Chu Mu took out a few soul cores from his spatial ring. Chu Mu sprinkled the soul cores along the side of the street in hopes that those things could smell the odor emitted by the energy of the soul cores.

It was past halfway through the night when Chu Mu and the two others were walking in loops when they discovered that the soul cores on the ground seemed be fewer. Clearly, the bait plan didn’t have a direct effect.


A wave of thunder roared through the air, and a pale white colored bolt of lightning streaked across the sky above Li City, illuminating the streets in a deathly pale white color.

The three people searching through the streets for a trail didn’t realize that the dark curtain in the sky  ??

Not long later, the drops of rain began to loudly spill down, purging the remaining bloody smell and nasty stench left in the streets and residences with water.

The downpour covered the already pitch-black district in a hazy curtain. Chu Mu and the two others stopped at an unadorned tea restaurant to rest. The three of them blankly stared at the curtain of rain, entranced, and pondered what to do next.

“Let’s go, the rain should stop in a little while. There’s not much point in staying here.” said Chu Mu.

After speaking, Chu Mu rode on his Night Thunder Dream Beast into the downpour of rain, calmly taking on the pattering rain.

Ye Qingzi didn’t like getting wet in the rain, and she slowly chanted an incantation to have her soul pet add a Water Curtain Battle Armor onto her, keeping the water off her.

“I don’t need it.” Dong Qing saw that Ye Qingzi was going to use the same technique on him, but he faintly laughed and shook his head. Then he jumped onto his Light Rhinoceros and proceeded into the rain.

The rain obstructed a bit of their vision, and the icy coldness that struck their bodies was a bit hard to bear. Only about five to six minutes later, Dong Qing was already bitterly laughing and felt that not using a technique that could resist the rain was a mistake.

However, the rain falling on Chu Mu was essentially the same as sunlight shining down on him. Having been used to it for so long, there wasn’t much of a difference and moreover, this was merely a light rain on the continent. When he was on Prisoner Island and it rained, it was the same thing as a catastrophic storm...

“The only thing in front of us is puddles. We shouldn’t have to keep going forth, right?” helplessly said Dong Qing as he looked at the small lake of puddles in front of him.

The water in the puddles had risen to a very high level, and was beginning to rush into the courtyards of the residences. Some of the water even entered the rooms meaning that the rain would probably be a large disturbance to these residents.

“They don’t come out during the day and only come out at night to look for food. I think that they don’t like sunlight; I remember that these past few days the weather has been rather normal and sunlight was shining. I think that they should be hiding in some dark area…” said Ye Qingzi.

Chu Mu and Dong Qing nodded their heads in agreement. Dong Qing pondered for a moment and said: “The only place that’s dark in the city should be the city sewers that drain water. These sewers could very likely have become their nest.”

“I feel like we have to search the vicinity. If they are congregated in the sewers, then the puddles that have appeared here very likely could be the result of the substances they secrete that prevent water from flowing down the drains.” said Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi’s words made Dong Qing and Chu Mu’s eyes light up. There was a very high possibility that this conjecture was right since it was only on this block that puddles had appeared!

“Huh, the level of water seems to be dropping?” Ye Qingzi stared at the water slowly flowing away and showed a confused expression.

Chu Mu swept his eyes over and indeed found that the rising puddles had begun to slowly lower at a fast rate.

“It could very well be that those things can’t survive in water, and they blocked the water in the sewers from flowing. However, we should still confirm whether they live in the sewers.” said Chu Mu.

“The only water type soul pet I have is the Water Moon.” said Ye Qingzi.

“I have a water type Violent Unicorn Water Beast.” as Dong Qing spoke, he was already chanting an incantation. In between his two hands, he formed two long pillars of water that intersected with each other in the air and caused a large splash in the curtain of rain.

When the splash of water faded into the rain, a creature with a scaled body, fins and feet, descended in front of Dong Qing.

Violent Unicorn Water Beast: Demon world - beast type - water species - Violent Unicorn Water Beast subspecies - commander rank

The Violent Unicorn Water Beast’s wide lips had two long whiskers on either side. Its body was similar to a shark’s, but it had four robust limbs. On these four limbs were sharp claws and soft palms that could be used to move water.

The Violent Unicorn Water Beast’s tail was a fish’s tail, and even if it wasn’t using a technique, this common fish tail carried a special water ribbon that circulated on top, displaying its special water control ability.

Seeing that Ye Qingzi and Dong Qing both had water type soul pets, Chu Mu bitterly laughed. He ostensibly hadn’t considered how he would fight if he encountered an enemy on a body of water...

“Let me go. You guys keep watch on the surface. My Violent Unicorn Water Beast is extremely adept at fighting in the water.” Dong Qing saw Chu Mu let out an awkward expression, and he knew that Chu Mu didn’t have any water species or water attribute soul pets.

“I’ll go down with you.” Ye Qingzi was brave, and seeing that Dong Qing was going to go alone into the sewers, she used a water type technique...

“The sewers are dirty and smelly. It’s not too fitting for you to go down. You and Chu Chen stay up here, eh. If something abnormal happens, I’ll immediately come up. Since those things are afraid of water, it’ll be easy for my Violent Unicorn Water Beast to deal with them.” said Dong Qing.

“Ok, you be careful. Those things can turn invisible, so try not to leave places with water.” reminded Chu Mu.

Dong Qing nodded his head and left his Light Rhinoceros on the surface. He jumped onto his Violent Unicorn Water Beast and without any apprehensions, his beautiful clothes were smeared with filthy water as he directly submerged into the sewers where the water level was gradually descending...

“Qingzi, have your water moon contain the surrounding water to here. Try your best not to let the water level drop.” Chu Mu said to Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi nodded her head. She chanted an incantation at the same time as the Water Moon, and it began to manipulate the rain water falling from the sky...

The rain water seemed to be urged by a wind, and when the Water Moon and Ye Qingzi used Water Halo, the rain falling straight down began to gather in this area. The sound of surging water was like a waterfall as the water accumulated in the puddles.

As the rain water gathered, the puddles in the area began to rise and not much air was in the sewers as the only thing going down the drains was rainwater.

Lying on the Violent Unicorn Water Beast’s body and using a water breathing technique through the Violent Unicorn Water Beast’s underwater breaching, Dong Qing could stay in the water for a very long time.

The majority of the water was muddy and icy cold. Dong Qing’s vision was completely blocked, and he could only use his soul remembrance to search the sewers filled with rain water as he looked for those living things.

“Why is there more and more water? Did Chu Chen and Ye Qingzi pour water here?” Dong Qing muttered to himself.

The amount of water increasing meant that Dong Qing would be more safe. Furthermore, he could force those creatures living in the sewers to the limited places without any water.

Dong Qing didn’t detachedly search for them. Instead, he specially sought out those sewers that had been mysteriously blocked, because since those creatures weren’t adept in the water, they definitely would have thought of some way to have the water flow to another area.

As he swam along the calm water, Dong Qing slowly discovered an abnormal area. When released his soul remembrance there, he indeed discovered signs of life that wasn’t just limited to one or two life forms!!

“They were really hiding here!” Dong Qing’s heart began to beat faster. From Chu Mu, he learned that the perceptive abilities of these creatures were extremely strong. If he didn’t control his aura well, it was highly likely he would be discovered by those things.

This place was probably very close to the nest of those things, because this part of the sewers had been blocked by some substance, forming a space that water couldn’t enter into.

Dong Qing silently remained in the water and didn’t immediately take any steps. What he felt surprised about was that those things seemed to be climbing towards the outside...



Dong Qing raised his head from under the water and shockingly discovered four malevolent figures climb over his head.

The claws of these creatures were exceptionally sharp and could firmly grip onto the ceiling. They crawled upside down to advance and didn’t need to come into contact with the water!

Subsequently, another few crawled upside down overtop of him. Dong Qing creased his brows. These things seemed to want to head to the surface...

“Could it be that they sensed that Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi are controlling the rain water to have it pour into this location?” Dong Qing’s heart tensed and he abruptly guessed of this possibility.

Dong Qing gave his Violent Unicorn Water Beast an order to immediately return to the surface to warn Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi.

“Hmph, so scared by this tiny bit of water. I’ve raised a group of trash.” suddenly, an ice cold voice rang out!

Dong Qing, underwater, was about to leave when his soul remembrance captured the voice, causing him to instantly stop.

“There indeed is someone controlling them!” great emotions rose in Dong Qing’s heart. He really wanted to float out of the water right now and see which heinous fellow was utilizing these savage creatures in Li City to cause disturbance and slaughter so many innocent lives!


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