Book 2 Chapter 243 - Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Transformation

Chapter 243: Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Transformation

Once the bounty had only a base reward, it meant that the event’s danger factor couldn’t be easily estimated. The lowest danger factor’s price would be the base reward.

If the danger factor rose, the price would definitely go up. How much it went up would depend on the event’s true danger level and the harm caused to those who finished the mission…...

Chu Mu indeed needed a large sum of money. Of course, Chu Mu was also certain that the level of this event was definitely higher than 10 million, meaning that it very likely would be beyond his ability.

Of course, after Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi returned to the medicinal store, Ye Qingzi returned to making medicines to first get rid of Ye Wansheng’s poison.

Chu Mu also took out 29 million gold to buy the Natural Wood Blood Crystal to strengthen the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Natural Wood Blood Crystal, just like it sounded, was something that could make wood type soul pets learn Natural Wood Crystal with a higher probability. This soul item usually took a long time before one appeared in the trading center. If not for Ye Qingzi reminding him, Chu Mu may very likely have missed this transaction and would need to wait a long time until he could buy it again.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier, because of the mixture of blood amber and Coronary Blood Fat, had already somewhat moved towards Blood Wood type. This Natural Wood Blood Crystal was the perfect strengthening item for the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Chu Mu was very careful in strengthening the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

When strengthening his Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Chu Mu also had to mentally prepare himself, because the success rate of this spirit item wasn’t 100%.

It was just like the Ice Snow Fruit where the Ice Air Fairy wasn’t able to immediately comprehend towering ice after using it, but instead its comprehension of the crystallisation increased. It wasn’t until its strength reached a certain point or due to some impetus that it would truly control it.

Of course, there was a possibility that after absorbing this Natural Wood Blood Crystal that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier would not be able to comprehend it even after evolving.


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body was a green color, and after it obtained the life force absorb technique, its body was slowly covered by a blood red color. When Chu Mu slowly guided the Natural Wood Blood Crystal into its body, the colors became even more prominent, turning into a visibly darker red...

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body was wrapped by a middle rank demon wood, that after being nourished by the Natural Wood Blood Crystal, began circulating the abundant energy contained in the crystal like one would in veins and arteries. As the energy circulated, the inside and the outside of the demon wood began to change, slowly becoming tougher, stronger and more in number.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body was originally only wrapped by a few demon woods, but as the energy circulated, the demon woods ultimately ended up wrapping its entire body, forming something similar to a demon wood armor that protected its body.

“Young master, your old tree is comprehending a new technique. It’s Demon Wood Armor, and it furthermore is a species technique!” upon seeing the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s transformation, Old Li jumped up and spoke to Chu Mu.

There were two methods of using defensive techniques. One method was adding on, like the Water Curtain Armor of Ye Qingzi’s Water Moon that could be used on any soul pet or human’s body, including itself.

The other was an individual species technique that was similar to the Ice Air Fairy’s Towering Ice Armor.

The Ice Air Fairy’s innate defense wasn’t very high, and the reason why it ended up being much higher than other soul pets was because the Ice Air Fairy had a special species technique - Ice Armor.

This species ice armor technique was essentially equivalent to attaching an ice armor type technique to the Ice Air Fairy at all times and directly increasing its defense.

Using the same logic, the wood armor technique just learned by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had the same effect as the Ice Air Fairy, in which it increased its basic defense. If Chu Mu could obtain another sum of money and purchase a seventh rank soul armor for the Devil Tree battle Soldier, nothing would be able to knock it down on the battlefield!

“Final seventh stage defense…” seeing the Devil Tree Battle Soldier learn such an important species technique, a smile surfaced on Chu Mu’s face.

“It’s not over… it seems to still be evolving…” said Old Li.

Indeed, just as Old Li’s voice faded, an evident change occured on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body. Its originally two meter tall body grew slightly taller, and its wooden body became thicker and sturdier. Further adding on the tinge of dark red, it looked like a slightly rusted piece of metal that was solid and sturdy!

An evolution was the manifestation of a substantial increase of a soul pet’s various aspects, especially when its was evolving from the sixth phase to the seventh phase!

The most evident thing Chu Mu saw was the increase of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots from seventy to eighty. Merely this increase in number meant that the might of its techniques greatly increased.

Its height didn’t hugely change, but its wood body and arms became much more sturdy. Is wood skin that was covered with creases gradually became smoother, thus making it seem more like a cast of metal.

The changes on its skin meant that its defense had increased. Its basic defense had reached the late seventh stage after evolving to the seventh phase, so further adding on the demon wood armor, its defense reached the full seventh stage that was extremely close to an eighth stage defense!

“Full seventh stage defense. If it can comprehend natural wood, its defense will reach the eighth stage!”

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier now had the highest defense amongst Chu Mu’s soul pets. In a group fight, it would be able to hold up an entire side of the fight by itself!

The life force of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had also increased. From Old Li’s analysis, its life force was now 1.5 times its original amount, meaning that its life force absorb had also increased to 1.5 times its original speed!

This sort of absorbing speed would probably be able to suck a regular sixth phase soul pet of its life force in two seconds.

Every soul pet had different life forces. Some were weak, and some were strong. For instance, Zhan Ye’s life force was in the category of unreasonable. As for Chu Mu’s other soul pets, their life forces couldn’t be considered weak, but they couldn’t be considered strong either. They were average in this regard, but had unique aspects in other areas.

Yet, after the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had been baptised by the Blood Dyed Wood, its wood attribute had reached the peak of the commander rank, attaining the level of a pseudo monarch. It was precisely because its wood attribute had the special characteristic of twice the life force that made its life force double that of normal seventh phase pseudo monarchs. This advantage would be easily seen in a fight, especially with the life force absorb technique that would reflect the advantage of life force the best.

“Seventh phase first stage, high rank demon wood and its defense has reached the late seventh stage. Its demon wood armor effect further puts its defense at the full seventh stage. Its wood roots and wood arm attacks have reached the early seventh stage and the high rank demon wood allows it to attain the mid seventh stage level. Young master, if your old devil tree can comprehend natural wood, its attribute will be extremely powerful.” said Old Li.

If it comprehended natural wood, the might of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s techniques would multiply, and its defense would reach the eighth stage. The attacks it used would also be at the eighth stage, and it really would become exceptionally powerful amongst seventh phase soul pets!

“Why don’t we use the savage beasts roaming around the city as test subjects. It will be much easier for the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to deal with these things now.” a smile surfaced on Chu Mu’s face, and he was somewhat impatient to see the Devil Tree Battle Soldier put on a show to its heart’s content.



The people in the heart of Western Street District had begun to be moved by the city officials during the day to the horse stables. These people were all under direct supervision and were not allowed to divulge any information about Western Street, otherwise, if rumors were to spread, it would easily cause panic to spread through the entire city.

In reality, however, since a few residence had moved before the officials began moving the others, a few terrifying rumors regarding the heard of Western Street District had spread. There were also a few courageous people who tried to solve the problem, but were stopped by officials.

If the perpetrator only had average soul pets, the city officials would be more than happy to let people of the soul pet world resolve the issue. However, this matter wasn’t that simple, and the savage creatures were using the city guards as well as all other soul pet trainers as food.

Rather than having these people unknowingly send themselves to their deaths, the city officials would rather not have them participate. This would prevent the matter from becoming increasingly complex and increasingly hard to fix.


In fact, it was standard for the officials to act like this because in the Li City, savage creatures could use the flesh and inner crystals of powerful soul pets to raise their strength. If an expert came, it would be fine because they could wipe out these savage creatures.

Nonetheless, if the soul pet trainer’s strength was only average, their soul pets would only be food for these terrifying things that would make their strength only stronger.

Although Chu Mu was young, Chu Tiancheng had imparted a plethora of soul pet knowledge upon him. His understanding of soul pets was much more profound than many so-called veterans and further adding on the soul teacher Ye Qingzi who was both an expert with medicine and analyzing particulars, the two of them together could be considered professionals…

It was late at night when Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi, and Dong Qing began to search through Western Street’s streets.

Their goal tonight wasn’t to eradicate these Li City savage creatures, but to understand what soul pets they were and how many of them there were. This way, the city guards would be able to take relevant steps to fix the problem.


“Chu Chen, when you’re calm, your body has a very thick hunting and concealing aura. You must have lived in the wilderness, right?” Dong Qing broke the silence in the alley, asking a question.

“Yes, I can anticipate danger sometimes.” nodded Chu Mu.

The so called anticipation of danger wasn’t some special ability of Chu Mu. instead, it was an instinct cultivated through walking past the edge of death countless times. It could be considered a type of death experience, and it was something that Dong Qing understood as well.

Dong Qing was used to seeing many young soul pet trainers who had relied on factions to obtain superior soul pets and surpass other people of the same age. Thus, he especially had respect for young experts like Chu Mu, who had truly grown in between life and death!


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