Book 2 Chapter 241 - Terrifying Plot

Chapter 241: Terrifying Plot

When Chu Mu reached the Soul Pet Palace, the polite seller had already put the Bell Noise Concubine on the market. Ultimately, Chu Mu tragically had to buy back his Bell Noise Concubine before giving his remaining few hundred thousand gold coins to the seller.

This seller’s efficiency was very high, and he quickly connected Chu Mu to a buyer. Chu Mu only had to wait there for about an hour and those items were sold. What made Chu Mu a little bit disappointed was that these items were only sold for 28 million gold coins. It was slightly less than Chu Mu had anticipated

“I’m still missing 2 million gold coins. The Natural Wood Blood Crystal…” Chu Mu was somewhat helpless.

All of his remaining money still wasn’t enough to strengthen the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, let alone the Ghost King’s concentrated crystals.

After putting away the 28 million gold coins,Chu Mu returned to the market. At this time, Ye Qingzi had already bought all her necessary spirit items and medicinal ingredients from the auction hall.

“I’ve already bought the Natural Wood Blood Crystal you need. It was 29 million gold coins.” Ye Qingzi said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu was still afraid he wouldn’t be able to pick up the Natural Wood Blood Crystal and this was considered a nice surprise. He gave his 28 million gold coins to Ye Qingzi as well as the Bell Noise Concubine.

After Ye Qingzi received Chu Mu’s 28 million gold coins, she paid Chu Mu 4 million, saying it was the price to buy the Bell Noise Concubine. Chu Mu presently was extremely lacking in money and didn’t decline.

“Do you still have to buy the sixth level concentrated ghost and rock crystal? I can’t help you with that. I only have a few million gold coins; aside from the medicine ingredients I bought over the past few days, I bought a few spirit items for my brother to strengthen his soul pets.” said Ye Qingzi.

Chu Mu bitterly laughed. Right now, a few ten million gold coins was already hard to meet his requirements. There was no need to mention buying soul equipment for his soul pets.

“Why don’t you take that mission. The gold shouldn’t be low and I’ll help you.” said Ye Qingzi.

“Sure, that’s the only way.” Chu Mu helplessly shook his head before ultimately taking the mission.

Since Ye Qingzi was still waiting for a bunch of spirit items, Chu Mu accompanied her until the second auction session finished. After buying all the detoxifying ingredients, they left the market.

When they left the market, it was already late at night. Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi rode on their respective Dream beasts towards the heart of the city’s Western Street.

“Why didn’t you pick a spirit medicine shop closer to the center plaza? Wouldn’t it be a bit more convenient to buy spirit medicines as well?” asked Chu Mu, confused.

“But…” Ye Qingzi hesitated a bit as if she couldn’t find a reasonable explanation.

Chu Mu wore a confused expression, but when he saw that Ye Qingzi didn’t reply, he didn’t continue asking.

The center plaza was quite the distance away from Western Street. By the time Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi walked onto Western Street, they could clearly feel that this place had turned quite deserted. Presumably those residents that had originally lived here were temporarily hiding somewhere else.

“Do you feel the the strange atmosphere?” Ye Qingzi asked Chu Mu in a soft voice.

“A little bit. It could be that those things are about to appear. We should be a bit careful.” said Chu Mu.

“Let’s not wantonly summon our soul pets for now. The more soul pets there are, the higher the chances of inciting their appetite.” said Ye Qingzi.

Chu Mu nodded his head and had the Night Thunder Dream Beast hide its aura while simultaneously releasing his soul remembrance to determine the surrounding situation.

The streets were empty and indistinctly there was a slightly strange fog enveloping the area. From time to time a few odd shouts would come from the depths of a courtyard, giving the dark and cold streets a somewhat terrifying atmosphere.

“That’s strange. Didn’t that aerial deputy captain say that he would increase the men today? Why have I yet to see even one city guard or aerial guard after walking for so long?” asked Ye Qingzi.

Chu Mu had felt that things had been weird until now. However, he couldn’t say where he thought things were off.  Ye Qingzi’s words made him finally and abruptly realize that he couldn’t even see the silhouettes of guards on Western Street.

A series of murder cases had occurred on this street and the city guards had to treat this with significance. However, after walking for so long, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi hadn’t even seen one city guard. This really was too odd.

“Qingzi, how long have those things been in the vicinity for?” asked Chu Mu.

“Almost a week now. In truth, I feel that they’ve been in the city for a long time already, but were in hibernation before and have only just recently come out.” responded Ye Qingzi.

“Then how sure are you that it won’t attack ordinary people?” Chu Mu continued to ask.

“At least 90 percent sure. Those things need soul cores and soul crystals to preserve their life force. Moreover, only the flesh of powerful soul pets can satisfy their hunger. There’s no benefit for them to massacre ordinary civilians; instead, it could end up exposing their tracks. Thus, I concluded that they weren’t savages that were like wild beasts. Rather, they are predators that are specialized at targeting soul pets.” said Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi’s words caused Chu Mu to creased his eyebrows and his heart began to uneasily pulse.


A shout suddenly rang out and frighteningly reverberated in this terrifying atmosphere street!

Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi were both stunned

“That way. We’d better quickly go over!” Chu Mu took the lead as he urged his Night Thunder Dream Beast towards the sound of the voice.

Ye Qingzi quickly caught up to Chu Mu. Through attentive observance, she found that Chu Mu was extremely anxious. This caused Ye Qingzi to feel exceptionally puzzled. Even if an innocent person was being killed, with Chu Mu’s character, he shouldn’t be so disturbed and restless.

Chu Mu found it very hard to maintain his cool now. Upon linking the current situation, he guessed that an extremely terrifying possibility had occurred.

“What is it?” Ye Qingzi watched Chu Mu’s expression as she asked a question.

“Let’s go over first before we talk.” Chu Mu didn’t have time to answer Ye Qingzi and had the Night Thunder Dream Beast use Chasing Wind Pursuing Moon causing it to unceasingly increase its speed.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast ran underneath the cold and dismal moonlight. Its speed grew faster and faster before ultimately its figure couldn’t even be seen. The only thing that gave evidence of it running past was the chaotic wind it swept up in the street.

It was also the place from yesterday and quickly the Night Thunder Dream Beast reached Old Tong Alleyway.

Ye Qingzi continued to follow Chu Mu and after she turned the corner, she suddenly discovered that he had stopped at a narrow intersection. His entire being was covered by a layer of shadow and he emitted a terrifying killing intent.

Ye Qingzi urged her Purple Robe Dream Beast to stop beside Chu Mu. Just as she was about to question Chu Mu, she abruptly discovered that aside from the street she had run on to get here, the other three streets were unexpectedly flowing with fresh blood!!

The moonlight pierced through the night fog, manifesting in a hazy light. It spilled over the channel blood slowly flowing underground, causing the blood to seem even more striking and terrifying.

Upon surveying with her eyes, there were several soul pet corpses in every direction. These corpses had been bitten so that the only thing that remained were dense white bones and a few limbs that were hard to swallow. From the bloody raw flesh and the seeping body fluids, it hadn’t been long since these soul pets had died.

There were a total of fourteen corpses and practically lying beside every corpse was a clothed soul pet trainer. Moreover, these soul pet trainers happened to be Li City city guards!!

Such a savage scene had appeared inside the city. Some uneasiness arose in Ye Qingzi’s heart as she looked at the grave Chu Mu with eyes carrying a bit of panic.

Chu Mu didn’t speak. He had the Night Thunder Dream Beast continue down the straight street.

After jumping over several corpses, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi quickly arrived at another block.

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

A chilly wind blew at them from the depths of the street. A stench full of blood entered their nose and the shadowy shroud of death hung lowly in the air of this district.

The environment was a bit frighteningly silent. The pale white moonlight cast over the corpses of those who had suddenly perished in this alley. It painted a horrendous and ruthless scene that made one sick.

Even more soul pet corpses had appeared in front of Chu Mu. They were all the soul pets of these city guards, and those city guards that were supposed to be patrolling this area. They had already lost their lives at some unknown time in this district...

“Why is it like this…” looking at the corpses on both sides, Ye Qingzi’s face turned a bit paler.

This was a human residential city. Yet, something that made one feel more terrified than those sinister caves, mountains and forests had appeared here. What exactly had transformed this residential district into such a frightening appearance?!!

“Let’s go back, they’ve probably all died…” Chu Mu walk backwards because he knew that if he did so, there was a chance he would end up like those city guards chaotically sprawled over the street- he would be killed and the flesh of his soul pets would all be eaten.

“What exactly happened?” Ye Qingzi who had always been calm was slightly flustered.

“This is a plot. Those predators deliberately laid a trap.” steadily said Chu Mu.

Originally Chu Mu had only guess this, but upon seeing the dozen or so guard corpses and the remains of several tens of soul pets in this district, it was enough to verify his guess.

“Plot? This was done by humans?” Ye Qingzi still didn’t understand.

Chu Mu shook his head and said: “For now I don’t know if this was done by humans…”

Looking back at the alleyway unceasingly flowing with blood, Chu Mu had the Night Thunder Dream Beast slightly increase its speed while simultaneously having Ye Qingzi follow even closer to him.

“Didn’t you say that there was no reason for those predators to attack civilians?”

“Yes, at least that’s what I thought.”

“They know that the moment they die, a large amount of city guards will appear in that area. Yesterday when they killed over thirty civilians, they had that intention…” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s points made Ye Qingzi abruptly understand. Her expression was extremely shocked. All of this was truly too terrifying!!

This was because these things had intentionally lured the city guards before turning their summoned soul pets into food!!!

“If we had been able to realize this yesterday, they wouldn’t have died…” Chu Mu’s face revealed a rather bitter and pained expression.


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