Book 2 Chapter 240 - Strange Demon Claw

Chapter 240: Strange Demon Claw

Ye Qingzi stood up and slowly walked to the medicinal room. After a short moment, she picked out a large and transparent medicinal jar.

Inside the medicinal jar was some liquid. Within it, there was a beast claw. The beast claw’s outer skin was a strange color, and it was full of keratin, kind of looking like scales…..

“This is the claw of a savage creature that I hurt a few days ago. This organism is very special; no matter if it dies or loses body parts, as long as any part of its body leaves the main body, it would quickly become a black powder. The real reason we can’t find evidence on what type of soul pet it is is because of this. Only under the submergence of liquid can we really keep its corpse……” Ye Qingzi said.

With Ye Qingzi’s words, Dong Qing finally understood. That was the reason why they clearly found traces of soul pet trainers in battle, yet they couldn’t find even a scrap of evidence. It was no wonder his aerial guards couldn’t find any clues. These strange soul pets had self destruct abilities built into every one of their body parts.

“There’s a lot of citizens nearby, but they very rarely attack them. From this, we can see that the thing doesn’t purely want to eat meat, or that they don’t like human meat. From my guesses, these savage creatures want to absorb energy……” Ye Qingzi put the medicine jar on the table beside and slowly twisted open the cap.

She pulled a soul core out of the spatial ring and crushed the soul core using soul remembrance, injecting the energy into the bottle…...

The soul core was like fluorescent powder, slowly dissolving in the medicine bottle, causing the liquid to let out some light…...

Chu Mu and Dong Qing both looked at the bottle with confusion, not knowing why Ye Qingzi injected the energy within the soul core into the bottle.


Suddenly, the liquid in the jar started churning, and the presumed dead demon claw started to move. It started frantically ramming the jar sides, wanting to escape.

With a few swipes, it quickly absorbed all the soul core’s energy, which caused the claws to vibrate faster and faster, already leaving some clear-cut marks within the inner surface!

The soul core’s glow was already weak. The claw had seemed to have morphed into a crazy creature. Realizing that it could escape from above, it suddenly sank to the bottom and curled its claws, like a spider reading to leap!


Just as the claw was about to jump out of the jar, Ye Qingzi unhurriedly and accurately slammed the cap on, slapping the claw back into the bottle.

“This……” Chu Mu and Dong QIng’s face was full of surprise. Having fought in soul pet world for this long, this was the first time he had seen such strange creature. Even a claw that had left its owner could move individually!

“They’re like zombies. They need energy to activate their bodies, and the more energy they have the stronger they are. This is also why they rarely attack civilians. Normal civilians wouldn’t give them much energy……”

Dong Qing already opened his mouth. He would never have thought that the issue he and his team had lost brain cells over for several days had found an answer at this beauty’s lips…...

“But, today, they attacked civilians and killed about thirty people.” Dong Qing said.

Chu Mu nodded. When he was running through the city, he found quite a few corpses, and as long as anyone walked around in dark places, the savage creatures would attack without hesitation.

“Have the corpses been bitten or gnawed on?” Ye Qingzi said.

“Don’t think so, should be pure killing.” Chu Mu said.

“These days, other than making medicine, I’ve spent the rest of my time understanding these creatures. My guess and judgement shouldn’t be mistaken. These civilians don’t have energy within their body, so attacking them can’t make them full or increase their strength. If tonight many people died, then it is against common sense. Unless, there’s another organism within this area.” Ye Qingzi lowered her head to think.

“By Miss’s words, this event isn’t that simple. Seems like I have to report to the city governance and get more people.” Dong Qing said strictly.

“These things are very dangerous. Let your subordinates all be more careful. Its best if you get a soul teacher over, so even if they’re poisoned, someone could provide a cure.” Ye Qingzi could tell that Dong Qing was the aerial guard around and gave a word of precaution.

“En, thank you for your assistance, miss!” Dong Qing cupped his fists.

“Brother Chu Mu, I must go back to surveillance. If you live here, you be careful too. Oh, also, I put out a reward before. Since your friend is so knowledgeable of this organism and is also top tier within the young generation, if time allows, help us resolve this issue. I’ll give the reward to you.” Dong Qing said.

“En, I will consider that.” Chu Mu nodded.

Ye Qingzi gifted Dong Qing some low effect antidotal medicine and, after Dong Qing thanked her once more, he didn’t stay any longer. He rode his Horizon Feather Bird back into the air and continued the patrol for that night.

After Dong Qing left, there was only Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi in the hall left. Chu Mu was still thinking of the previous incident. Ye Qingzi just sat aside, eyes watching Chu Mu…...

“What’s wrong?” Feeling Ye Qingzi’s gaze, Chu Mu lifted an eyebrow.

Ye Qingzi laughed lightly, her beautiful face like a blossoming lotus, “I’m just weirded out that you actually know how to deal with other people.”

“......” Chu Mu laughed bitterly and explained, “It’s not that I’m self-enclosed. It’s just that, before, everyone I faced was a prisoner. My first instinct was to view them as an enemy. Now that I’ve lived normally for this long, how would I still be like that? And hearing you say that, why does it feel like you know me so well?”

A pink blush appeared on Ye Qingzi’s face and she quickly changed the topic, “Have you found the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s fruit?”

“En, I found it. Have you collected the rest?” Chu Mu asked.

“I am still missing one thing. I planned on buying it at Li City, but there wasn’t any the past few days, so I plan on checking again tomorrow.” Ye Qingzi said.

“Perfect, I also have things I want to get rid of. Let’s travel to the exchange market tomorrow.” Chu Mu said.

A strengthening soul item for Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Ghost King were all must-buys, or else Chu Mu would have a tough chance in his battle against Yu He.

“En.” Ye Qingzi nodded.

“How is your brother doing?” Chu Mu asked.

“A lot better. I’ll bring you to your room. You’ve just entered Li City today, didn’t you?” Ye Qingzi said.

Ye Qingzi brought Chu Mu to his room and talked simply with Chu Mu for a little while before returning to her own room.

For safety, Chu Mu specially summoned Mo Xie and told her to sleep at the bedside. This way, if there was any special situation, they could immediately respond.

Mo Xie laid down on the soft bed and curled her nine little tails around her delicate body. With a yawn, she drowsily dozed off.


The second day, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi went to the center plaza location.

The center plaza was very broad, able to hold over ten thousand people.

Smooth white granite floor, highly standing pillar carvings, formidable statues, dignified honor Heaven Platform…...

Around the stadium were the large factions’ palaces. Kingdom Capital was after all the Kingdom Capital, so all of the palaces of the factions were majestic and stretched hundreds of meters of golden land. If one stood in the center of the plaza and looked around, one would feel like they entered the most lavish inner quarters of an emperor.

Chu Mu first needed to deal with everything he had gotten. Only then would he have enough money to buy the expensive soul items.

Ye Qingzi first entered the exchange market and looked through the dazzling lists to find the soul item and medicinal ingredient she needed.

Chu Mu still had around 3 million gold left, but after going to Soul Pat Palace, he found that the soul cores he had weren’t enough anymore. He bought a month’s worth of food and used up the last 3 million, causing Chu Mu to become penniless yet again.

“Bell Noise Concubine, 5 million gold, maybe the eighth rank soul crystal could reach 20 million gold……”

Chu Mu estimated it himself. The Bell Noise Concubine and eighth rank soul crystal could net him around 25 million gold. Afterwards, the soul items, soul crystals, soul cores, and captured soul pets within Yuan Forest could get him around 10 million.

“Hopefully I can sell them all for 35 million.” Chu Mu estimated and handed it to a highly respected seller of Soul Pet Palace to sell the items.

A Seller was a rather special job in Soul Pet Palace. They were responsible for selling the valuables of wandering soul pet trainers and taking commission from the sales.

These Sellers often had reputations. Those with good status and high reputation often always tried their hardest to sell a good price for things that soul pet trainers handed them. Since, the higher the price, the more money they would gain as well.

For people like Chu Mu, who weren’t good at selling things, hiring a Seller was rather convenient, and could also guarantee his items to reach their peak prices.

After hiring a seller, Chu Mu headed towards the exchange center. Very quickly, he found Ye Qingzi, who was looking through medicinal ingredients in the main hall.

“What did you sell?” Ye Qingzi asked curiously.

“A low phase Bell Noise Concubine and an eighth rank soul crystal, among other scattered items.” Chu Mu replied.

“Eighth rank soul crystal, you sure are lucky…...wait, did you say Bell Noise Concubine?” Ye Qingzi asked questioningly.

“En, what’s up?” Chu Mu asked, not understanding.

Ye Qingzi feigned anger cutely, “Don’t you know what type of soul pet trainer I am? Give me a price and I’ll buy it from you……”

Chu Mu slapped himself in the forehead. He had just remembered that a soul pet like Bell Noise Concubine would be very suitable for Ye Qingzi. Ye Qingzi was going the supporting route, and was also a soul teacher, so she needed such an intelligent plant world soul pet…...

“I’ll go grab it back now, hopefully it hadn’t been sold already……” Chu Mu laughed embarrassingly.

“Then go quickly. Oh, right, I found a soul item that suits your Devil Tree Battle Soldier very well. It’s a Natural Wood Blood Crystal, costing about 30 million. If you have enough……” Ye Qingzi said.

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