Book 2 Chapter 24 - Mo Xie Looks Upon the Fight With Contempt

Chapter 24: Mo Xie Looks Upon the Fight With Contempt

Yang Jie summoned the Ghost Rock Devil Man to suppress the lightning type techniques of Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast. Thunder type techniques, along with fire, had the most destructive power. If one was without a counter that could restrict the thunder type, a beast type soul pet would be easily defeated.

However, Yang Jie had evidently underestimated Chu Mu’s method of fighting. When he summoned the Ghost Rock Devil Man, Chu Mu completely ignored this slightly cumbersome soul pet, and he used all his attacks on the West Armor Death Scorpion!

The West Armor Death Scorpion also possessed a small bit of the dark attribute, but Yang Jie seemed to place more emphasis on its bug type ability. Thus, the dark attribute was ostensibly ineffective in front of the Night Thunder Dream Beast. It was continuously bombarded by the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s attacks, and the armor on its body was scorched black!

Yang Jie expression grew gloomy, and his gaze fell on the befuddled Li Nan who was still under the effect of the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s Nightmare Ascends. He angrily said, “You useless trash, you still haven’t awoken?!”

Throughout the course of the battle, Yang Jie had protected Li Nan in order to prevent this careless idiot from dying. He didn’t let Chu Mu attack Li Nan, but also didn’t expect that Li Nan’s mental resistance abilities were so weak that he still hadn’t awoken after such a long period of time.

Yang Jie’s roar woke Li Nan up, and he discovered that he was in the middle of a soul pet fight. His face went even more pale, and he hastily used Wind Ride to flee from the battle.

“You still haven’t called your soul pet over?!” Yang Jie angrily rebuked once more!

Li Nan finally reacted, and he immediately made his Rare Blood Beast enter the fight while simultaneously summoning two other soul pets.

“I’ll deal with Li Nan. Young master Chu can focus on dealing with Yang Jie.” The moment Li Nan finished his summon, Chu Mu heard a voice in his ear that came from the air.

Chu Mu lifted his head and looked at Qin Menger, who was riding the Flame Bird. He was surprised that this young lady Qin who looked frail and delicate was actually a capable spirit teacher

“Okay, you be careful.” Chu Mu nodded his head and promptly rode on his Night Thunder Dream Beast. He rushed towards Yang Jie and attempted to force him to retreat into the forest.

Yang Jie’s two soul pets didn’t have a speed that could match the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s. Yang Jie had no choice but to retreat and make the Ghost Rock Devil Man use Rock Wall to inhibit the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s advance.

Chu Mu naturally knew that directly attacking Yang Jie wouldn’t yield any real results. Therefore, his goal was to move the fight to the nearby grove.

“Hmph, I don’t have the patience to fight with you!!” sneered Yang Jie, who had been forced to the adjacent grove. He then slowly chanted an incantation.

The third soul summon! Yang Jie was clearly about to summon his strongest soul pet!

Watching Yang Jie chant an incantation, Chu Ning’s heart tensed up. He remembered that the scoundrel Yang Jie seemed to possess a sixth phase commander rank soul pet. It was precisely because of this soul pet that this fellow managed to get away, even after committing so many heinous crimes.

“Quickly, go and help your young master. Yang Jie’s third soul’s main soul pet is of the sixth phase commander rank. It’s extremely hard to deal with.” Chu Ning immediately said to the adjacent Ting Yu.

“Don’t worry, young master can deal with it.” Ting Yu shook her head and said.

Ting Yu had seen the fight between Chu Mu and Tian Ji at Nightmare Palace. Back then, Tian Ji’s soul pets had comprised of three fifth phase and above Blue Nightmares. Although Yang Jie was strong and he possessed a sixth phase Commander Rank soul pet, Blue Nightmares were overlords among the Commander Rank. Thus, these soul pets of Yang Jie simply weren’t on equal level as Tian Ji’s three Blue Nightmares.

“Don’t tell me that this Night Thunder Dream Beast isn’t fourth brother’s strongest soul pet?” asked Chu Ning.

“Of course it isn’t.” Ting Yu wouldn’t forget Chu Mu’s Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox that had dared to challenge the three Blue Nightmares, as well as that Ice Air Fairy that could use ice type techniques to near perfection.

Although the Ice Air Fairy was only at the sixth phase first stage, its ice type techniques could compare to a commander rank soul pet’s. Without factoring in other attributes, the Ice Air Fairy was essentially at the sixth phase commander rank.

Chu Ning looked at Ting Yu before looking at Chu Mu in the black forest. He had not expected Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast to not even be Chu Mu’s strongest soul pet.

Yang Jie had already completed his summon.

From the summoning pattern, a malevolent figure gradually emerged. Four wings decorated in flower patterns suddenly spread open. Instantly, a long body rushed out from the pattern!

Four Winged Snake Demon!!

Four Winged Snake Demon: Demon Kingdom - beast type - demon snake species - Four Winged Snake Demon subspecies

“Sixth phase second stage, low class commander rank…” Chu Mu’s gaze indifferently watched Yang Jie’s third soul pet. The expression on his face remained cold, and mixed into it was a slight disappointment.

“Mo Xie, it seems that you have no interest.” Chu Mu said to the little Mo Xie on his shoulder.

Throughout the entire course of the fight, little Mo Xie had remained on Chu Mu’s shoulder. From an innate superiority perspective, Yang Jie’s two soul pets were clearly inferior to the Night Thunder Dream Beast. Thus, it was sufficient for Chu Mu to only use the Night Thunder Dream Beast to contend with Yang Jie.

Of course, the Night Thunder Dream Beast was an agile demon soul pet. It could render Yang Jie’s two soul pets simply unable to attack it. However, the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s attacking abilities were evidently a bit weaker. If he wanted to defeat Yang Jie, he still had to rely on the terrifying ice magic of the Ice Air Fairy, or the extremely abnormal attributed Mo Xie.


The mood of Mo Xie, who originally had a bit of excitement, quickly went downcast as she let out a disappointed shout.

“Let Ning go. You can play with the other two soul pets.” said Chu Mu.

The small Six Tailed Demon Fox nodded her head and lightly jumped off of Chu Mu’s shoulder. Her nimble body jumped into the air and strangely landed on the enormous Ghost Rock Devil Man’s body.

The Ghost Rock Devil Man felt this small thing on its head and thought that it was just a small creature, ignoring it.


Mo Xie suddenly let out a fox cry on the Ghost Rock Devil Man’s head!!!

Her voice rang out through the forest. An eminently scarlet colored Demon Fire Evil Flame suddenly ignited under Mo Xie’s four petite paws.

“O!!” The Ghost Rock Devil Man felt a terrifying heat engulf its head and instantly let out a pained howl. Its two large arms abruptly swatted at its head!

Its arms swatted past the nimble Mo Xie, who only had to slightly jump to easily dodge this attack. She landed on the Ghost Rock Devil Man’s head again.

Mo Xie continued to maintain her Pitiful Appearance, not even willing to transform into an Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox. She seemed to want to have fun with the two ostensibly stupid pets like this. Sometimes she would jump onto the Ghost Rock Devil man’s head, while other times she would jump in front of the West Armor Death Scorpion. She caused these two soul pets to be incessantly angry.

It was simply too easy for Mo Xie to deal with these two soul pets, so Chu Mu didn’t bother paying attention. He quickly chanted an incantation, recalling his Night Thunder Dream Beast and summoning his Ice Air Fairy!

A snowy white pattern emerged under Chu Mu’s feat, and a completely snowy white Ice Air Fairy gradually emerged from the soul pact pattern. Suddenly, a bone-chilling cold proliferated from the Ice Air Fairy’s body. The dense, ice cold air practically enveloped the entire forest, causing the surrounding trees to be fully frozen in a layer of white colored frost.

“This Ice Air Fairy....” An Ice Air Fairy wasn’t considered a rare soul pet. In other words, it was pretty much a mainstream elemental soul pet. Nonetheless, Chu Ning had never seen an Ice Air Fairy whose fairy skin was as snowy white as a sparkling and translucent crystal. It was almost transparent!

Chu Ning’s shock wasn’t all that uncalled for. The Night Thunder Dream Beast was a rather rare soul pet and, when placed at an auction, it would sell for an extremely high price. It was essentially a luxury good among the commander ranks!

As for the Ice Air Fairy, although it was at the warrior rank, if its innate talent was exceptional and its one attribute was unceasingly strengthened, its price would often be much higher than a regular commander rank soul pet!!

Seeing Chu Ning’s flabbergasted expression, a smile surfaced on Ting Yu’s face as she thought in her heart: “This Ice Air Fairy isn’t even Chu Mu’s strongest soul pet. If that arrogant Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox had the interest to fight, it alone would be enough to get rid of Yang Jie’s three soul pets.”

A layer of ice crystal immediately covered the black forest. A cold air promptly caused the temperature in the vicinity to rapidly fall!

“Hmph, a piece of trash!” How could Yang Jie acknowledge Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy with outstanding talent. He instantly ordered his Four Winged Snake Demon to charge at Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy.

“Ning, Ice Crystal Storm!”


After countless battles, the Ice Air Fairy was extremely adept at the fairy incantations of the ice type techniques. Despite Ice Crystal Storm being a fifth rank ice type technique, it only needed a few moments to finish!

Numerous ice crystals rapidly appeared in front of the Ice Air Fairy and, following the Ice Air Fairy’s mental control, the sharp blade-like ice crystals began to violently spin.

“Overlay an Ice Crystal Storm!

The Ice Air Fairy’s incantation was chanted once more, and a second Ice Crystal Storm quickly formed. Instantly, even more ice crystals appeared in the forest. The originally six meter in diameter Ice Crystal Storm shockingly transformed into a ten meter radius Ice Crystal Storm. Overlaying it once more caused this Ice Crystal Storm’s destructive power to become even more terrifying!

The Ice Crystal Storm used by the Ice Air Fairy was originally a fifth grade technique. Its powerful ice type talent caused its effect to rise to the sixth grade, but after overlaying it, this Ice Crystal Storm’s might was close to a seventh grade ice type technique!

The sixth phase fourth stage Four Winged Snake Demon’s defensive scales were only at the sixth rank initial stage. Such a defense could not withstand the onslaught of the ice type technique with power nearing a seventh rank!

“Huhuhuhu!!” Ice crystals violently ripped apart the Four Winged Demon Snake’s defensive scales. On top of its four wings and long body, thin bloody wounds were seen!!

Yang Jie’s arrogant look instantly darkened, and he inwardly gnawed on his teeth: How is this Ice Air Fairy’s ice type control abnormal to such an extent? How did he cultivate it? Could it be that he spent a few hundreds of thousands to purchase sixth level soul crystals?!

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