Book 2 Chapter 239 - Night City Scare

Chapter 239: Night City Scare

The center city’s west city had already continuously had people move out of there and temporarily live in different places. After all, after the serial killing incident, each one cruel and dangerous, the citizens without fighting strength naturally didn’t dare to live there.

In the recent days, the Li City’s aerial guards had also increased surveillance on the middle city west street. These soul pet trainers that fly in the air to maintain order could occasionally see some strange shadows dash from one alley to another, disappearing like a black cat.

Yet, they had no idea what they were, and were only able to assume that they were little animals that were lost that people owned.

It hadn’t even entered deep night when the western street had already become very cold and empty. There were about three teams encircling the skies of the western street. They didn’t fly too high. After all, if they flew high, they wouldn’t be able to detect any abnormalities.

“Leader, there’s a soul pet trainer riding a black soul pet running like crazy, something’s strange there!” A aerial guard that just surveilled that region came over and said.

“Gutong Alley? Isn’t that where Chu Chen had to pass through? Can it be……” Dong Qing suddenly realized something and said, “Quick, follow me to go check it out!”

Dong Qing’s Horizon Feather Bird’s flying speed was fastest. When it flapped its wings, it flew fifty meters forwards and towards the Gu Tong Alley area.

The Horizon Feather Bird flew at about 100 meters altitude. At this height, he could see the criss crossing little pathways through west street. Though he couldn’t see anything appearing in this residential area, he could still feel some abnormality.

After about five minutes, the Dong Qing that rode his Horizon Feather Bird finally neared the Gu Tong area.

Dong Qing didn’t see Chu Mu, but found quite a few corpses in the dark alleyways. It was the residents who lived near the area!

“Check for survivors!” Dong Qing’s face revealed anger and roared towards the air guards behind him.

The air guards saw the corpses of the citizens who died on the streets and the all grew somber, quickly landing from the skies to see if there was anyone alive.

Dong Qing continued to fly and passed through the complicated Gu Tong Alley area. When he reached the more off-centered City Center Forest Area, he went all cold in the realization that he found thirty more dead bodies there!

In a night, thirty bodies, and all defenseless civilians. As the vice captain of the aerial guards, Dong Qing was already unbelievably angry.

Casting an incantation, Dong Qing opened up a soul pact symbol and summoned another wing type soul ept.

“Go, tell the situation here to brother!” Dong Qing said to his soul pet.

“Yi~~~~~” That soul pet let out a long call and flapped its wings to fly towards the busy center city main street.


“In front!” Flying past a cluster of short street lamps, Dong Qing finally found Chu Mu.

Yet, what scared Dong Qing was, in the messy little alleyways, there were ten things that looked like black cat demons that chased Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast!

Looking down from the skies, the Night Thunder Dream Beast dashed speedily through the residential area, sometimes passing through straight alleyways, sometimes changing its route lightning fast, sometimes jumping up and running past walls and roofs…...

And in this constant changing of movement, the dozen of black cat like creatures constantly attacked the Night Thunder Dream Beast from all directions.

“So fast!!” Watching the Night Thunder Dream Beast move in the night light nimbly, Dong Qing couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

At this time, the Night Thunder Dream Beast was twice the speed of when it was competing against Miss Sha. If before, the Night Thunder Dream Beast had such speeds, Miss Sha could’ve been thrown over thousands of meters behind!

“This Chu Chen still hid some strength. His Night Thunder Dream Beast has clearly reached advanced Exquisite Dodging too!” Dong Qing said quietly.

Dong Qing knew it wasn’t time to be surprised. He rode his Horizon Feather Bird downwards and stuck near the roofs as he neared Chu Mu and his Night Thunder Dream Beast.

“Chu Chen brother, quickly leap on air upwards!” Dong Qing realized the ten evil creatures were very hard to deal with, so he quickly yelled towards Chu Mu.

“Wind Dragon Bind!” Chu Mu casted an incantation!

A Wind Dragon Bind curled around Chu Mu and his Night Thunder Dream Beast. Three evil beasts that leaped forward to attack was thrown away by Chu Mu’s soul technique. Taking this opportunity, Chu Mu quickly let Night Thunder Dream Beast jump into the air.

Night Thunder Dream Beast’s Night Dance couldn’t last for long. Chu Mu had already used it before, yet these things were like shadows, always chasing, unyielding. When Night Thunder Dream Beast’s Night Dance disappeared, they started their crazed attacks.

Chu Mu had been chased from Gu Tong street all the way to here. With the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s speed, it shouldn’t have been an issue to shake off these wild soul pets. Especially with Chasing Wind Pursuing Moon, it could reach three times max speed.

Yet, what caused Chu Mu to be confused was that these things had some unknown technique that allowed them to, after being thrown off, appear again from somewhere, never falling behind!

It was fortunate that Chu Mu had recently learned to combine soul technique with dodging. If not for the night Thunder Dream Beast having advanced level dodging now, they would’ve been dragged into a bloody mess already.


The Night Thunder Dream Beast let out a long hiss as its forward limbs retracted slightly and its back limbs pushed forward forcefully. It leaped right into the night sky, flying thirty meters upwards as the wind dragion bind protected them.

Dong Qing’s aerial control was also significant. When the Night Thunder Dream Beast reached its peak, the Horizon Feather Bird just happened to fly under Ye, letting Night Thunder Dream Beast land sturdily on its body.

“Sisi!!! Sisisisi!!!!!!!!!!!

Seven or eight black cat-like creatures used the rooftop as a jumping pad and dashed into the skies with claws extended.From all directions they assaulted the Horizon Feather Bird that had flown low!

“Light Screen!” The incantation was instantly finished. As Dong Qing lifted both hands high up, a light screen obstacle shrouded the Horizon Feather Bird.

When the claws of the evil beings all attacked the screen, a few strong ones still pierced through and ripped into Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast and Dong Qing’s Horizon Feather bird, sending crimson blood everywhere!

“Lift up!”

The wounds only caused the Horizon Feather Bird to wobble slightly, unable to affect its flight. With a flap of both wings, it created a gust of wind that sent it quickly into the air!

As the Horizon Feather Bird lifted off, the evil creatures on the ground all let out angry hisses.

Chu Mu eyed the congregation of the things from above. When he saw that they strangely disappeared into the dark alleyways as they dispersed, his face grew solemn.

“Are you wounded?” Dong Qing said seriously, a complete change from the hedonistic manner before.

“My dream beast is hurt. These things’ claws are poisonous. Your Horizon Feather Bird should also be infected. Fly towards my friend, she’s a soul teacher that can heal.” Chu Mu said.

Dong Qing just looked at his soul pet’s wound, and indeed found the wound to be colored an unusual green.

“Is the poison deadly?” Dong Qing asked.

“No clue as of now, let’s cure it first.” Chu Mu said.

Dong Qing watched uneasily at the empty city area shrouded with a layer of gloom, seemingly fazed by the cruel soul pet from before. Yet, when he remembered that he probably couldn’t finish his surveillance without curing his Horizon Feather Bird, he couldn’t do anything else but fly towards the soul medicine store on west street.

Chu Mu ran the other way, so flying back took around ten minutes. Luckily, there were no longer strange things appearing near the medicine store.

Dong Qing rode his Horizon Feather Bird and landed right in the courtyard of the store. Just as it landed, a pair of dark eyes appeared in a corner of the courtyard, watching Dong Qing and his Horizon Feather Bird coldly.

Dong Qing realized the danger and was just about to chant an incantation when Chu Mu stopped him, “It’s my friend’s soul pet……”

In the shadows of the courtyard, the War Court Black Beast covered in black fur slowly walked out from the shadows, looking arrogant and apathetic.

Ye Qingzi’s War Court Black Beast recognized Chu Mu. It stepped around the Horizon Feather Bird in a circle before slowly returning back to its previous spot, merging back into the shadows.

Dong Qing specially glanced at the well hidden War Court Black Beast and was secretly surprised. This friend of Chu Chen’s was truly special, having such a formidable soul pet.


The door of the room opened lightly as Ye Qingzi stood silently at the doorway in a silk robe.

Ye Qingzi should’ve been sleeping before. Her hair was pulled up, falling down to her full chest. Her delicate face had remnants of drowsiness…...

Ye Qingzi wasn’t the lazy type of girl, so she made some adjustments and woke up. Her beautiful eyes shot through the darkness to stare at Chu Mu and Dong Qin.

“You’re here……” Ye Qingzi smiled lightly.

From the momnet Ye Qingzi walked out, Dong Qing’s eyes were deadly locked onto the beauty, and he couldnt help but reveal infatuation in his eyes.

“Our soul pets are poisoned. Qingzi, can you heal them?” Chu Mu told Ye Qingzi using remembrance of his “Chu Chen” identity and quickly went over what happened before.

Ye Qingzi seemed to have already concocted the antidote beforehand. When she walked into the hall, it only took her a minute to take out two green colored flasks of antidote.

“Rub it onto your soul pets’ wounds, the poison will quickly fade.” Ye Qingzi said.

Chu Mu took the bottle over and rubbed it onto Ye’s wounded portions.

Dong Qing also quickly rubbed the medicine in, yet his eyes glanced at Ye Qingzi multiple times in the process…...

“I felt it yesterday, but I didn’t expect this many to jump out today.” Ye Qingzi lead Chu Mu and Dong Qin into the hall to sit.

“Do you know what they are?” Dong Qin immediately asked.

“I understand them somewhat, but I’m not too sure either.” Ye Qingzi said delicately.

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