Book 2 Chapter 237 - Li City’s Savage Creature

Chapter 237: Li City’s Savage Creature

The left side of the street was a row of many shops. As the sunset continued on its way down, a visible shadow appeared on the left side of the street.

What Chu Mu needed was a shadow!


“Courting Death!!!!”

An angry roar rang out, and the people on the street saw the Extreme Speed Night Thunder Dream Beast flit over their heads; out of fear, they had a cold sweat.

Chu Mu ignored the curses behind him, and had it lightly touch down in a place without people. Its strong body leapt back into the air and it flew overtop a woman’s head, knocking off her tall hat...

They were already close, and that area could allow the Night Thunder Dream Beast to use its shadow speed to its heart’s content!

“Quickly dodge, quickly dodge!!”

The people walking in the shadow area saw a soul pet flying directly at them. They all let out panicked expressions and hastily dodged to one side.

However, when that soul pet melded into the shadow area, its body didn’t touch the ground. Instead, it lightly stepped on the shadows, promptly stepping on the air of the shadow area.

“That brat is too awesome!”

“Great, that’s great; he’s caught up to young lady Sha!”

When the group of young masters in the air who bet on Chu Mu saw this scene, they all opened their eyes wide and began to loudly yell.


The Night Thunder Dream Beast ran directly over the people’s heads, causing a wave of panic to arise while simultaneously giving way to the envy of several people. Especially those young soul pet trainers. It was very rare for them to see such a flashy dark type Dream Beast. Its grace and agility while running was fluid and easy; it was like something gorgeous that was pleasing to the eye....

“Why can’t I see the figure of that person?” Young lady Sha turned around, but didn’t see Chu Mu. A smile rose on her face and she silently through that the fellow called Chu Chen had definitely been blocked by that wild beast group.

Only, before she could be delighted with her victory, young lady Sha astonishingly discovered that diagonally from her in the shadows of a street was an elegant and evil demonic pet that stepped in the air past her, flitting by with a whistle!

“How is that possible?!” young lady Sha opened her two beautiful eyes wide. She saw Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast unceasingly increase its speed in the shadow area, ultimately increasing to a speed that was double that of her Light Unicorn’s!”

The center of the street was already in front of him, but Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast was still raising its speed; it proceeded to increase the lead to three hundred meters!

A black body and white tail. The streams of air on the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s quick moving body manifested into a violent wind as it swept through this bustling street towards the center of the street!

Its body landed on the plaza of the street in an exceptionally free and easy manner. The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s eyes were arrogant as it stared at the Light Unicorn behind it.

“You lost.” Chu Mu smoothed his hair that was blown into a mess. He gazed at young lady Sha whose face was somewhat unsightly.

“Hmph, you’re a cheater.” young lady Sha seemed to be unconvinced as she glared at Chu Mu.

Upon speaking here, the young masters who were riding on wing type soul pets landed on the plaza. Those who had bet on the young lady were hanging their heads down in dejection while those who had won by betting on Chu Mu wore a large smile on their faces because they had won a small sum of money.

“Dong Qing, you be the judge. Just now when he ran through the free region, did he cheat?” said the young lady Sha somewhat angrily.

“Dong Qing? Dong Qing? Get out here!” yelled young lady Sha a few times. Yet, when she found that the young man called Dong Qing was counting money there, she stomped her feet in anger.

“Oh, you’re calling me? Eh, cheat? He didn’t. Young lady Sha, there was never a rule that one had to be in the free area.” said the young man called Dong Qing as he laughed.

“But… but it was stepping on the air. That’s the same as flying!” young lady Sha pointed at Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast while speaking.

“Stepping on the air is allowed. Who made it so that your Light Unicorn couldn’t step on the air? Young lady Sha, you’re trying to twist the words to make logic. Your Light Unicorn inherently is of the light attribute, and just now it was the afternoon; with sunlight, your Light Unicorn takes advantage of others. Someone else managed with great difficulty to wait until shadows appeared. How is stepping in the air considered breaking the rules?” mischievously smiled Dong Qing as he spoke.

“You… hmph, I won’t play with you hoodlums anymore; this young lady is going back.” young lady Sha’s face was gloomy as she jumped onto her Light Unicorn and left by herself.

Dong Qing had a face of helplessness as he watched the bossy young lady Sha leave. After he saw her leave, he wore a smile as he said to Chu Mu: “Haha, friend, you just helped me win a large amount. You want to find someone, right? I’ll help you find the friend. There shouldn’t be anyone who I can’t find in Li City, eh?”

Chu Mu nodded his head. He ignored young lady Sha who had left in a fit of anger and roughly described Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng once.

In the past, Chu Mu had convened with Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng near Soul Palace. Thus, he only had Dong Qing help him search for that pair of brother and sister in the residences of the nearby Soul Palace.

“Your Night Thunder Dream Beast is truly a god horse. Especially when it reached the shadows from the crowds. Those with high skills have great courage… friend, I see that it’s evening already. How about we eat dinner together. You helped me win quite a bit; I’ll treat, I’ll treat.” Dong Qing was outspokenly magnanimous.

Chu Mu knew that there probably still was a bit of time before he found the Ye Family brother and sister. Since Dong Qing was a Li City person and Chu Mu happened to need to ask a few things, he didn’t decline. He went with Dong Qing and a group of young masters that looked like hoodlums towards the fine liquor and fine cuisine avenue.

“I forgot to introduce myself. I’m called Dong Qing and am the vice captain of Li City’s Aerial Guard. These are all my friends. I won’t go into details about where we’re from since we’re all scoundrels from the Li City. We often like playing this. That said, you should have come from somewhere else, right?” said Dong Qing.

“Mhm, I’m Chu Chen and am a vagabond that gains experience everywhere.” Chu Mu considered himself to be a vagabond soul pet trainer.

Dong Qing’s introduction just now truly was rather modest. Chu Mu could see that this group of people weren’t that bad; at least those wing type soul pets that they summoned before didn’t have weak fighting strength. Especially the young man called Dong Qing; he had just been riding on a Horizon Feather Bird.

The Horizon Feather Bird was a commander rank wing type soul pet and its fighting strength was among the best of wing types. Chu Mu saw that this Horizon Feather Bird had already reached the seventh phase and was strengthened so that it wasn’t weaker than a peak commander...

“Haha, a visitor from far away. Take a seat.” said Dong Qing.

The other young masters were all casual and each on found a seat to sit in. They seemed to be familiar with the shop owners and female servants as they casually called out to them. Furthermore, when those cute female servants brought the tasty food, these fellows flirted with them so much that their faces were flushed red.

“Amongst the younger generation, there aren’t many who can beat young lady Sha. Brother Chu Chen certainly is a character.” praised Dong Qing.

“That’s right. Young lady Sha is a powerful female horse that not everyone can ride.  It was rare that you were able to subdue her. Hahaha!” the young fellows who were all as bad as Dong Qing began to laugh loudly.

“Dong Qing, aren’t you still supposed to be on patrol tonight? Why are you still drinking such strong alcohol?” said a young master whose hands were full of rings as he laughed.

“Oh, I almost forgot. Crap, those old fellows truly are something. In the most recent days, they’ve intensified the patrols. It’s already been a few nights since I’ve spent one with my woman…” Dong Qing had just poured the wine, but helplessly shook his head.

“It’s alright. I’ve already been helping you feeding your woman. Hahaha.” laughed another young man.

“Scram.” Dong Qing kicked out and knocked down the other fellow. That young master fell into a very unsightly state, but was still continuously laughing.

“Then again, most recently Li Cheng’s security has become a bit stricter. It seems that many important people have come. What happened?”

“Yu Jia, that brat, got into big trouble. It’s said that he’s to be tried by Soul Palace.” said Dong Qing.

“That’s enough. Who doesn’t know about this. Shouldn’t us brothers be properly celebrating this event? One Yu Jia shouldn’t be enough to cause such commotion in our Li City.”

When he heard about Yu Jia, Chu Mu grew interested. He didn’t like to speak and had only been eating while listening to the talking between these young master brothers.

“How would I know? My father didn’t say anything. I only know that there’s something in the city; also, I advise you guys not to go out in the middle of the night for a stroll in this next period of time…” Dong Qing casually bit into a piece of lamb meat.

After speaking, Dong Qing intentionally glanced at Chu Mu. No one else discussed the matter he had just mentioned and he opened his out, asking: “Why did Brother Chu Chen come to Li City?”

“I’m pretty much passing by, but will stay here for a bit of time. I’ll be visiting the market or the Soul Pet Palace for a stroll.” responded Chu Mu.

In truth, Chu Mu was somewhat curious as to what Dong Qing had just mentioned. Only, Dong Qing’s words were obscure and didn’t provide any clear information.

While speaking, a middle-aged man that looked like a henchman walked in and said to Dong Qing: “Young master, the people have been found.”

Dong Qing nodded his head.

“They’re in a spirit medicine shop on Western Street in the heart of the city… also, the aerial guards there had me bring you a message: There seems to have been something slightly abnormal to have appeared near the Western Street in the heart of the city. They need to you to head there.” said the henchman.

“What happened?”

The henchman hesitated a while before saying: “A few soul pet trainers and soul pets were violently killed. According to residents, there seems to frequently have been some strange thing moving about in the middle of the night these past few days. When we asked them, they said that when it reached late at night, they would tightly shut their doors and weren’t able to see what it was…”

Dong Qing creased his eyebrows and said: “Eating dinner doesn’t even put your mind at rest. Whatever, you guys continue to eat. This young master is on duty.”

After speaking, Dong Qing stood up.

“Go go, tie the tent down.” these young masters all waved their hands.

“How about I go with you since my friends are there too…” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu also wanted to go towards Western Street in the center of the city. Thus, he left the table and headed there with Dong Qing.

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