Book 2 Chapter 236 - Speed and Dodging, Li City Chase

Chapter 236: Speed and Dodging, Li City Chase

“What if I lose?” Chu Mu glanced at the soul pet under Miss Sha.

The soul pet Miss Sha rode was a Light Rhinoceros. Full of flowing silver hair, it wasn’t tainted by a single speck. Noble and holy, it created a perfect contrast with Chu Mu’s evil and handsome Night Thunder Dream Beast.

“If you lose, you lose. Don’t want anything from you, I just want to compete against your Night Thunder Dream Beast.” Miss Sha said.

This Miss Sha should be an expert of the young generation. Her Light Rhinoceros was a strengthened seventh phase commander. For people able to have such a soul pet, 500,000 was just a small number.

“Forget about the 500,000, just help me find someone.” Chu Mu just remembered, in such a large city, even if he had made a meeting with Ye Qingzi, he still didn’t know how to find the two. Seeing as these young masters and lady should be well known within Li City, he could ask them to help out.

“No problem, there isn’t anyone in Li City I can’t find.” Miss Sha let out a confident smile.

“Commence trading, commence trading! I’ll be banker, put your bets in now!” Seeing that there will be something to watch, he started yelling like a marketplace trader.

With the young man’s shout, this group of idle young masters all started pulling out money and started the bet.

Chu Mu glanced at the money on the bets. Doing some basic calculations, he found that on this bet was three million gold, of which one was on Chu Mu while the other two million was on Miss Sha.

2:1 bet, even so, Miss Sha stared evilly at the guys that bet on Chu Mu. Those young masters all laughed without shame, while they secretly gave Chu Mu a glare to tell him he must win.

“Alright alright, can’t take your money back now. Let’s go into the air. Once you see me set a fire, you can start. Let me say the rules quickly: Whoever gets to the center street first wins. You can’t use any attacking method, neither can you switch soul pets. You can’t use any soul technique or let your soul pet take any supplementary medicine. Adding on another rule, you can’t hurt any person or soul pet.” That young man said.

Both Chu Mu and Miss Sha nodded, not adding any more.

Just as Chu Mu thought, these young men all held a high status within the city. In such a Kingdom Capital, they didn’t even need to get the sky guards’ permissions to summon their wing type soul pets and fly into the air.

Very quickly, those that put bets down either rode their own wing type soul pets or huddled with those who had wing type soul pets and went into the air. They looked down from above at this straight, yet bustling road.

Chu Mu and Miss Sha all rode their soul pets to the same line. Miss Sha’s eyes weren’t on the wing type soul pet of the man in the sky, but was instead looking up and down of Chu Mu as she asked with interest, “What’s your name?”

“Chu Chen.” Chu Mu replied concisely.

“Oh.” Miss Sha nodded.

Hundred meters in the sky, a ball of fire suddenly burned. The red glow fell down and lit up the road.

Miss Sha’s eyes didn’t even watch the skies, but she already knew the flame was lit. Her lithe body tilted forward slightly and immediately, the Light Rhinoceros under her shined with a golden glow, as its silver body became a stream of light, instantly dashing nearly a hundred meters away!

Miss Sha’s reactions were so sensitive, that she must have often competed against passing soul pet trainers.

Chu Mu’s reactions were half a second slower. When he started running at full speed, Miss Sha was already a hundred meters ahead.

“Young master, this road is very long, so you must handle the usage of techniques well.” Old Li reminded Chu Mu.

Chu Mu naturally understood this. He rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast forward towards the Light Rhinoceros.


The wind whistled nearby his ear as the Night Thunder Dream Beast ran, slowly creating a black whirl around him…...


Two sounds flew past Chu Mu’s side. The Night Thunder Dream Beast easily overtook two seventh phase Horn Armor Beasts. The turbulent air flow caused by Chu Mu led to both of the people cursing out loud angrily.

Yet, the two could only look at Chu Mu’s back image and curse at empty air. It was their fault that their soul pet just wasn’t as fast as others.

A hundred meters ahead, the Light Rhinoceros’s running route had a lightning-like bend, dodging a wave of soul pets running against the flow.

When dodging, its speed naturally would decrease and the soul pet must regain speed, so dodging abilities was very important in this match.

After an exquisite dodge, Miss Sha specially turned around to check on Chu Mu, yet she discovered that Chu Mu and Night Thunder Dream Beast also made a very graceful dodge. Not only did they not slow down, but they even got a few dozen meters closer, making the distance between them sub-100 meters.

“He indeed has a some tricks up his sleeves. But, there aren’t too many people here yet. Wait until we’re there, then you’ll see!” Miss Sha smiled.

The nearby structures and slowly walking people were swiftly thrown behind. Those with confidence in their riding skills often ran this quickly through the free zone. Some were easily overtaken by Chu Mu, yet some more powerful ones also easily overtook Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast, and it wasn’t a rare event either, so one could see that Li City also had a huge amount of experts.

As the amount of soul pets in traffic increased, Chu Mu’s distance from Miss Sha slowly grew…...

“I’m already two hundred meters behind?” Chu Mu’s eyes wandered into the crowd, suddenly noticing that Miss Sha had already disappeared from his sights.

Chu Mu decisively let Night Thunder Dream Beast cast a technique to chase a little back and started observing Miss Sha.

Very quickly, Chu Mu noticed that Miss Sha’s Light Rhinoceros seemed to know the routes of all other soul pets, able to dodge without lowering its speed at all. In fact, every movement was to follow an optimal path, ensuring nothing affects the Light Rhinoceros’s speed.

Just by one’s eyes, it was very hard to predict the chaotic and pattern-less routes of the soul pets and people on the streets. Chu Mu was slightly confused. How could Miss Sha react so quickly? After all, all of his Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dodges felt hurried.

“Is it that she’s using her soul remembrance?” Chu Mu immediately thought of the possibility.

Using soul remembrance to detect the movement of soul pets within a few hundred meters, one could dodge preemptively and even find the quickest movement route in the crowd. Not only will one dodge the other running soul pets, but one could also reduce the speed lost due to dodging.

Chu Mu smiled. Though the rules said he couldn’t use soul techniques, a soul pet trainer could use one’s own soul remembrance to find a route for his soul pet.

No wonder Old Li said this match wasn’t only a test of speed. Presumably, in many big cities, such competition was already a tournament that puts agility-based soul pets to test.

“Night, Extreme Speed!” Chu Mu used his soul remembrance to communicate with Night Thunder Dream Beast and tell it the most optimal dodging path.

Night Thunder Dream Beast cast Extreme Speed and its speed suddenly increased, tracing out an exquisite dodging path inside the ceaseless soul pets, perfectly dodging the six massive flying horned beasts that flew towards him.

“Yo, an expert, learning the essence of city chases this quickly.”

In the sky, the young man who hosted the bet watched the long road. He could see that the Night Thunder Dream Beast was no longer dodging at the last second or slowing down for soul pets that suddenly barge out. It could already find an optimal path through the countless soul pets.

Because they were in the sky, they could see the situation very clearly. When those who bet on Chu Mu saw that Chu Mu caught up in understanding and started navigating through the obstacle heavy paths more and more fluidly, they all smiled broadly…...

“When facing multiple foes, using one’s soul remembrance to lock onto enemies and using one’s judgement to predict the opponent’s next move to take the initiative is amazing. Though one could be slower than the opponent, as long as one’s battle awareness is superior, one can still defeat the opponent.

Chu Mu before indeed didn’t think of this issue. After this city chase, Chu Mu had learned a new battle tactic.

Because of long periods of staying in battle, Chu Mu’s awareness was very keen. Adding the fact that he had a soul master remembrance, after learning this dodging method, his range of perception was naturally more powerful.

Slowly, Chu Mu was about to catch up to Miss Sha.

Riding the Light Rhinoceros, Miss Sha saw that Chu Mu was already right beside her. Her face turned red and immediately, disregarding the massive large-sized beast soul pet gathering ahead, she told her Light Rhinoceros to cast its speed technique!

Light Ray Shadow!

The Light Rhinoceros’s four hooves suddenly shone with gold as its speed more than doubled. When it was previously head to head with Chu Mu, it instantly darted a few hundred meters forwards and passed very closely through the beast gathering.

Miss Sha’s movements immediately caused the group of young masters in the air to exhale and gasp, secretly surprised at the girl’s courage. At those speeds, if she didn’t dodge in time and hit one of those large legged beasts, she would definitely fall and hurt herself badly.

Chu Mu naturally couldn’t fall behind. Just as he was about to speed up and pass through the beast gathering as well, the beast team seemed to have realized that some people meant trouble. They actually switched their formation to prevent any later soul pet trainers from passing through.

This formation change would last quite a few seconds. Once they finished changing their formation, the Light Rhinoceros would definitely have disappeared a few hundred meters into the distance. It would be even harder for Chu Mu to catch back up.

Glancing at the noisy markets outside of the free zone, Chu Mu made a decision and rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast right out of the free zone.

“Night, the patch of shadow on the left!” Chu Mu commanded.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast leaped forwards. Its flowing body passed straight through the sun and flew past dozens of people’s heads on the busy streets!

“Heavens, what is that kid doing!!” Seeing this, the crowd in the skies exclaimed.

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