Book 2 Chapter 235 - Kingdom Capital, Li City

Chapter 235: Kingdom Capital, Li City

The things Old Li said before was presumably the strongest soul pets of those great factions. Only, Chu Mu knew that he wouldn’t be able to truly understand the power of them, so he only shook his head and rubbed Mo Xie’s smooth fur lightly.

“Wuwu~~~” Mo Xie laid very satisfied in Chu Mu’s arms, not caring about any of what Old Li said before, comfortably shutting her eyes, waving her nine little tails lightly…...

Thinking back to the verbal communication between the Empyrean Hidden Cyan Dragon and Mo Xie before it left, Chu Mu sighed with sorrow. He didn’t know if Mo Xie was the “very important thing” that the Empyrean Hidden Cyan Dragon was talking about. If she was…...

“How’s the relationship between Soul Palace and Soul Alliance?” Chu Mu asked.

“Normal, they aren’t allies but they don’t fight either. I suggest young master to get closer to Soul Palace. The old fellows in Soul Palace are all stubborn and sly, but they’re also all very protective of their people……” Old Li said.

Chu Mu nodded and didn’t say much. With the relationship of Liu Binglan, if Chu Mu were to get close to any power, he would try to get close to Soul Palace. However, Chu Mu felt that when his power wasn’t strong enough, he shouldn’t get deep into any power. Even Soul Palace could have ruthless and conscience-lacking people…...


Entering a small city, Chu Mu found a place to stay. He comfortably took a hot water shower and washed away all the blood smell and viciousness that he had built up in the month of killing.

In the past month, Chu Mu had almost finished all the soul cores that he had prepared. Chu Mu didn’t want to stay in this small city for long, deciding to head six to seven miles towards Li City first thing in the morning tomorrow.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast was at the seventh phase third stage. Its stamina and speed had already increased a lot, or else they would need at least a month to travel from the edges of the Li Region to Li City.

Mo Xie had mostly napped in the soul pet space for the past month, but she also increased a stage, reaching the sixth phase ninth stage. The Demon Fire Evil Flames were still at the advanced stage, while the blood flames were still at the initial stage.

The Ice Air Fairy hadn’t stayed still either, going from the seventh phase first stage to the seventh phase second stage.

After a month of battling, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, though still at the sixth phase ninth stage, was nearing seventh phase.

Zhan Ye was a main improvement target, and it had also reached the sixth phase third stage, evolving its claws from the seventh phase initial stage to seventh phase middle stage. With a sixth rank full form offensive soul claw, its claw strength was barely equal to Mo Xie’s.


However, Mo Xie’s techniques were much stronger than Zhan Ye, despite Zhan Ye’s attack being the highest of Chu Mu’s soul pets.

The White Nightmare had stayed at seventh phase for a long time. Only after the night when Chu Mu entered the little city and fed half of his soul power to the White Nightmare did it finally grow a stage and reach the seventh phase second stage.

The White Nightmare’s growing process was very strange. If Chu Mu didn’t give it enough soul power, it would act in a fit and not grow…...

The Ghost King had gone through a month of battling and went from the fifth phase eighth stage to fifth phase ninth stage. If they reached Li City and bought a sixth level soul crystal, Chu Mu would be able to grow Ghost King to sixth phase.

The sixth level soul crystal’s price would only be a few hundred thousand. However, Chu Mu couldn’t possibly buy any normal sixth level soul crystal. Normal sixth level soul crystals would be like food for the Ghost King.

With the Ghost King’s current types, only condensed soul crystals would have obvious effects. What is known as condensed soul crystals is refining same level soul crystals for their essence and making it into a sixth level energy crystal with a very large energy pool. The price is determined by the amount of sixth level soul crystals used in the refining process.

The condensed sixth level soul crystal and Chu Mu wanted to feed Ghost King was at least sixth phase, so it was at least a few million, or maybe even more…...


In six or seven days of running, Chu Mu slowly neared the center of Li Region: Li City.

Li City’s grandeur was way past what Chu Mu imagined. Chu Mu had seen three tenth level cities, the first of which was White Nightmare Palace.

At that time, when he was riding the Ice Winged Tiger and looked down upon it, the majestic and dignified manner caused a tide to go off in Chu Mu’s heart.

The second tenth level city was Jia City. In reality, Jia City wasn’t really a tenth level city, because it seemed wretched even in comparison to the ninth level Colored Sky City.

The third tenth level city was the Great Chu Family’s Wo Gu City. Wo Gu City was full of an ancient strictness, a city full of history.

Yet the Li City in front of him was even vaster than the White Nightmare City of the Western Kingdom. When Chu Mu rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast near, he felt as if he was a speck of dust.

The flourishing city, endless streams of people… entering such a city would make one completely confused, losing one’s sense of direction and maybe even lose sight on one’s faith and goals.

“The western Kingdom’s Kingdom Capital was controlled by the Luo Region Sect, so its manner was much weaker than Li City’s. Li City was Zhan Li Kingdom’s Kingdom Capital, so it wasn’t on the same level as the Region Capitals in Western Kingdom and other ninth level cities. In reality, Kingdom Capitals should be eleventh level cities.” Old Li’s voice floated out.

Chu Mu nodded. This was the first time he’s entered a Kingdom City, so he was also full of emotions.

Almost in every city’s main road, if one were to walk down the main path, one would find the soul pet palace, auction house, elemental sect, and the soul palace, etc. that soul pet trainers often lingered around.

Chu Mu this time also followed the main path. The main road was very broad, and Chu Mu could often see soul pet trainers that rode their soul pets along the streets, some of which demon types that were very good at dodging. Their speeds were even faster than Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast at full speed, yet they could rely on their exquisite dodging skills to flow through the crowds despite similarly speeding soul pet trainers. Moving clouds and flowing water, this city painted an intense scene.

Before, Chu Mu also saw running soul pet trainers in the cities before, but those city experts clearly weren’t as crazy as this city’s experts. Seeing those soul pets run through the streets, Chu Mu was afraid if they would accidentally slam into the weaker soul pets around.

“Young master, look under you, you’ve entered the free zone.” Old Li said.

“Free zone?” Chu Mu looked down questioningly before noticing that there was a color difference on the wide main path.

“A free zone means a zone where one can summon soul pets and run at will. Think, most cities are anti-fly zones. If a soul pet trainer had to leave city and walk normally because of pedestrians, they might need a few hours before they could get from inner city to outer in such a big Kingdom Capital. This free zone is sort of a highway, where soul pet trainers don’t have to restrict their riding.”

Chu Mu nodded. Speaking of which, this was the first time Chu Mu had heard of such. Kingdom Capitals truly are different.

“Wei, is the Dream Beast meant to be used like a mule to walk?” A female voice suddenly came.

The voice was soft and tender, yet had a provocative yet witty tone. Chu Mu turned around and saw a woman dressed in crimson long robes that looked at Chu Mu with recklessness and arrogance.

The long robe covered the woman’s body, but one could see she was the slender yet firm kind. WIth a tapered face, white skin, red lips, shining eyes, and hair to her shoulders, she looked clean cut and relaxed.

This woman gave Chu Mu a feeling of unruliness and finickiness that usually comes with a noble. Another quality was the wildness that emanated from her personality.

What are you looking at, if you can win me, I’ll let you see whatever you want!” The woman truly was wild. Hands on her hips, she pushed her chest forward and glared angrily…...

“What win you?” Chu Mu didn’t understand the woman.

“Of course in riding!” The woman stared at Chu Mu, who was being slow.

“Haha, compare riding skills, Miss Sha, how can you compare your riding skills with a man? Who’s riding who? Hahaha!” At this time, an unrestrained sound came through.

“Hahahaha, with Miss Sha’s attitude, definitely she’s riding, hahahaha……”

After saying this, the soul pet trainers nearby that seem like the disciples of higher ups all followed along and started laughing.

This was when Chu Mu realized there were a group of young masters that seemed to be making fun of the woman under broad daylight.

The woman named Miss Sha realized what the group of lewd men were saying and turned red, giving a glare to the good-for-nothing guys.

Seeing Miss Sha angry, the young masters all quickly held their laughter in, but their openly wanton glances revealed their lascivious desires.

“Compare speed, from here to center road!” Miss Sha said to Chu Mu.

“No interest.” Chu Mu shook his head, not really wanting to have anything to do with this group of people.

“......” Miss Sha glared, seething.

“Young master, don’t underestimate such competition. Though its the free zone, many soul pet trainers run here. Competing here not only compares speed, but also the soul pet’s reaction and dodging skills.” Old Li said.

“Haha, get turned down. Miss Sha, this friend seems to be the calm sort. Your appearances don’t even enter his eyes……” Very quickly, the lewd guys before started making fun again.

The young man mocking Miss Sha was very handsome, looking positive and cheerful, marred by a sense of lascivious.

“500,000 bet, if you win, this money is yours.” Miss Sha directly took a hefty gold bag out of her spatial ring.

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