Book 2 Chapter 234 - The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s Level

Chapter 234: The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s Level

“Teacher…” the few youngsters were trembling all over in fear. Their clear black eyes stared at the man man covered in shadows and their hearts beat rapidly.

This was the first time they had sensed such a terrifying aura from a person. It was even much stronger than the fourth phase Bloodsucking Beast!

The senior soul pet trainer stood up. His entire being was like a statue, and even though he wanted to speak, he didn’t know what to say. An incorporeal pressure shrouded this area...

“You guys should go back, there are many Bloodsucking Beasts in the vicinity.” the man walked up face to face with the senior soul pet trainer and spoke in a calm voice.

Hearing Chu Mu talk, the senior soul pet trainer let out a faint sigh. However, when he heard the details of his words, he hastily swept his eyes over the surroundings.


Pairs of red eyes would disappear and appear in the thicket. With each interval the wind blew towards him, he could smell the terrifying blood stench!

“Follow me; don’t stay too far away from me.” said the powerful aura man.

The senior soul pet trainer was shocked. Then, he finally understood and immediately turned around and gave orders to the three youngsters. He had them closely follow behind this man.

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~”

Waves of blood-smelling wind blew over and the surrounding eyes seemed to be growing more. Furthermore, even a few high phase/stage Bloodsucking Beasts directly jumped out of the thicket and followed behind the few of them at a certain distance. They could launch an attack at any moment.

The senior soul pet trainer apprehensively watched the surroundings. Right now, he understood why this man would emit such a terrifying aura. He was using his own majesty to subdue those restless Bloodsucking Beasts.

Using his aura, he was able to instill fear into the normally savage Bloodsucking Beasts. The senior soul pet trainer was shocked, and wanted to know exactly what level soul pet trainer this young man was.

The three youngsters found that these Bloodsucking Beast’s didn’t dare get close and gradually relaxed. They looked inquisitively at this stern older brother...

“Ok, it’s safe here. If you want to capture a soul pet, you can do so nearby here. Just now you were close to Yuan Forest.” said the young man.

“I… I’m extremely thankful… this was my mistake and I nearly brought the kids with me…” the senior soul pet trainer’s face was full of emotions and he continuously gave his thanks.

“That’s the direction to the town, right?” asked the young man as he pointed ahead.

“Yes, if you follow these birch trees straight along, you’ll be able to see it.” said the senior soul pet trainer.

The young man nodded his head. He didn’t say anything more, and he walked in the direction the birch trees extended along.

The few children saw that this stern older brother had left and after he left their field of view, they immediately encircled the senior soul pet trainer, asking him excitedly: “Isn’t that older brother really awesome? Otherwise why wouldn’t those Bloodsucking Beasts dare not approach…”

“Yes, extremely strong. Without summoning a soul pet and purely relying on aura to subdue a group of soul pets; the strongest soul pet trainers in our town can’t even do it.” the senior soul pet trainer let out a sigh.

He knew that there were many powerful soul pet trainers in this world, but such a young person possessing powerful strength was definitely unheard of by him.

The eyes of the few youngsters immediately lit up, and they looked in the direction the man had left with gazes of adoration.

To them, these young soul pet trainers who hadn’t actually controlled a soul pet before, being able to see such a powerful person in the wild and the factor of unknown strength coupled with their desires made it become a wonderful thought. It would leave a memory that was hard to erase in their young hearts and minds.

Perhaps on their future paths, they would use this expert as a goal to strive for.


The person who had passed by and helped these people alleviate a crisis naturally was Chu Mu. He had already trained in the Yuan Forest for a month. His wild-beast aura hadn’t fully faded so when he walked out, he gave these weak fellows a huge pressure.

Chu Mu’s hearing was very good, and even though he was very far away from them, he could still hear them talk. He unconsciously recalled his past self.

Seven or eight years ago he was exactly like them. He yearned for soul pets like them and adored experts like them.

In truth, the past Chu Mu had never believed he would have walked to the height he had now. At the very beginning, his only goal had been to strive for his family, hoping to become the strongest in his family.

Yet, right now, his strength had already surpassed Chu Ming, who was the Chu Family’s strongest. He was walking further and further away from his family that had migrated elsewhere.


Immersing himself in the sunlight, Chu Mu raised his head and looked through the dense cluster of leaves on the birch trees. He stared at the small town and suddenly had a reminiscing and perplexed felling.

Those young people that had inadvertently walked into Chu Mu had made him their goal. Chu Mu identically had also made those experts he had met a target to surpass.

A long time ago, Chu Mu had made his father his target, even if he could only summon one soul pet. After his cruel life in Nightmare Palace, he had completely shifted the powerful resentment in his heart onto Xia Guanghan.

Back then, Chu Mu had sworn that within ten years, he would definitely surpass Xia Guanghan.

However, looking at things right now, surpassing Xia Guanghan wouldn’t take too long. Chu Mu had already shortened the time to one or two years; at best, when he reached City Under the Heavens, he would be able to fight against Xia Guanghan!

Xia Guanghan had already been seriously wounded by Chu Mu. Within these two years, it would definitely be very hard for his strength to increase, while it would be the most optimal time for Chu Mu to quickly grow.


“Old Li, the Eternal Ocean has a mysterious powerful creature. Have you heard of it?” upon recalling things of the past, Chu Mu naturally thought of that powerful mysterious creature.

“Oh, you’re speaking of it. That fellow stays secluded all the time, and it lives like a deity in Eternal Ocean. The peak experts of Nightmare Palace once tried to fight against it, but were all forced back.” said Old Li.

“What soul pet is it? What rank?” asked Chu Mu.

“What rank? That’s not too easy to answer. Perhaps it’s a soul pet that’s surpassed the tenth phase or perhaps it’s a soul pet that’s surpassed our demarcated categories…” said Old Li.

Chu Mu glanced at Old Li and his eyes were rather strange.

With Chu Mu’s understanding of Old Li, when it came to soul pets, Old Li would jabber on non-stop about facts and his own fabrications. He would say everything about a soul pet, yet when it came to Eternal Ocean’s mysterious soul pet, he merely spoke a few sentences. This really wasn’t according to his nature.

Old Li seemed to have felt Chu Mu’s gaze and his leopard-cat face became slightly unnatural. He hastily said: “I only know this much. Could it be that you think this soul pet is something that anyone will know about?”

“Fine, then speak about the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon? What do you understand about this soul pet?’ asked Chu Mu.

In the past, Chu Mu didn’t trust Old Li’s character. Towards the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s matters, Chu Mu felt that he couldn’t casually mention it to others. It wasn’t until now when he reminisced when he asked out of curiosity.

“That Cyan Hidden Dragon eh? There are a lot of stories I can talk about; the earliest dates to twenty years ago when Soul Alliance’s head entered a place called ‘Dragon Region’. He took advantage advantage of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon transforming into a god and stole an extremely important object form it and returned to Soul Alliance.” said Old Li.

“Something? What something?” asked Chu Mu, confused.

“I don’t know either. Regardless, it was extremely important to the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. It could have been its main dragon egg, its dragon heart, its son, its daughter, anything…” said Old Li.

Chu Mu didn’t say anything. He looked down and began to ponder.

“After the Soul Alliance seized this object, they forcibly made the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon yield. From then on, that young Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon became the Soul Alliance’s trump card. For one, they would steal the dragon egg the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon would split off every time it transformed into a god. Additionally, whenever they encountered a powerful enemy they couldn’t defeat, they would have this Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon make a move…” said Old Li.

“Nobody signed a soul pact with it?” asked Chu Mu.

“Impossible. The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s rank isn’t something humans can sign a soul pact with. Its dragon species puts its status above humans, and further gives it the acclaimed title of the god of soul pets. Even with that extremely important object that controlled the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, the Soul Alliance people still accordingly treated it like a god.” said Old Li.

“How strong is the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon?” asked Chu Mu.

Back when he first saw the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon and that mysterious soul pet’s fight, the only thing Chu Mu could see in that level of fighting was destruction; he was simply incapable of understanding their true strength.

“The Soul Palace has Seven Diagram Saint Beasts. These Seven Diagram Saint Beasts when all combined can subdue the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. Of course, a few of them will certainly die. The Nightmare Palace has a Nightmare Ancestor. This Nightmare Ancestor’s strength is perhaps slightly stronger than the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, but if it were to fight the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, the one which would die would definitely be the Nightmare Ancestor.” said Old Li.


“This is a bit complicated and I can’t explain it clearly. In brief, that Nightmare Ancestor hasn’t appeared for a long time.”said Old Li.

“The Elemental Sect doesn’t have any soul pet that can contend with the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, but the Soul Pet Palace has one. However, it’s very mysterious and the Soul Pet Palace has always been the most low-key. Who knows whether they're hiding some great creature. Ten years ago, a bit of information was leaked, but I don’t know if that rumor is true… strange, why did young master suddenly ask this?” Old Li’s words suddenly came to a halt.

“No reason; I just want to understand.” Chu Mu shook his head and didn’t speak the truth.

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