Book 2 Chapter 233 - Whereabout of the Split Off Dragon Egg

Chapter 233: Whereabout of the Split Off Dragon Egg

Li Region, Li City, Elemental Sect

Yu He’s face was red as he stood in the courtyard, his chest heaved as he clearly was forcibly suppressing his emotions.


Sweeping his arm, Yu He abruptly knocked the tea cups off the adjacent table all off. Immediately, the expensive teaware and water fell onto the ground, shattering.

“To destroy a bridge after crossing a river. Hmph, don’t believe that I don’t know what you’re thinking!” Yu He’s eyes turned malicious.

Presently, Yu He was the only one in the courtyard. He didn’t dare expose such emotions before.

“If something happens to me this time, you bastards won’t be able to hide away from me!” Yu He grit his teeth.

As Yu He vented his anger, a young man wearing a long striped robe slowly walked into the courtyard.

The young man swept his eyes over the broken teacups and a smile rose on his face: “What’s the need to be so angry, eh? You should have realized what kind of people they were when you dealt with them.”

“Hmph, if it wasn’t for the benefit they promised me…” Yu He sat back down on the stone chair. He faintly suppressed the anger in his heart and glanced at the young man, saying: “Your Soul Alliance people rarely ever go outside to Zhanli Kingdom. Yet, why do I feel you guys have frequently come here in the past few years?”

“Haha, why are you asking a question you already know the answer to?” the young man said as he sat next to Yu He.

Yu He’s emotions quickly calmed and he asked in an interested tone: “Has that soul pet that shook the entire soul pet world truly fled already?”

“If it fled, then it fled. In truth, it’s not something inconceivable. That Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon is something our lord can’t even control…” laughed the young man.

“No one can control it. You guys further didn’t rely on it to do things for you for a long period of time. In my opinion, perhaps you no longer had anything that could limit it. You guys further didn’t have the face to say you couldn’t control that soul pet so you let it flee before arbitrarily telling people to chase it, putting on a show…” said Yu He.

The young man ignored Yu He’s cutting remarks and fiddled with the beautiful ring on his hand.

“Lu Ying, the two of us are very familiar with each other. What is it you can’t say? Is that Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s split off egg truly in Eternal Ocean? If it’s really there, why aren’t so many people able to find it?” asked Yu He.

“We’ve already found the traces of the Innards of a God. It was on an island called Prison Island which is administered by Nightmare Palace. The Hidden Dragon egg should have been split off nearby…” said the young man named Lu Ying.

“Prison Island? I seem to have heard it before. Then again, why did it take so long for you guys to discover the traces of the Innards of a God? It took you about a year, eh?” asked Yu He.

“Do you think that Eternal Ocean is some benevolent place? The area that the Nightmare Palace administers in Eternal Ocean isn’t even ten percent of the entire ocean. Could it be you’ve never heard of Eternal Ocean’s legend?” Lu Ying’s tone turned rather serious.

“Eternal Ocean’s legend? I’ve heard a bit about it. There seems to have inhabited an extremely powerful mysterious soul pet in Eternal Ocean. That soul pet’s true identity has never been seen by anyone to this day. I only know that practically no one in the entire soul pet world dares provoke it…” Yu He’s eyes turned as he quickly linked the Eternal Ocean legend with the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s matters.

“You mean that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s split off egg could have fallen into that mysterious soul pet’s hands?” Yu He gave this inference.

Lu Ying nodded his head, but then shook his head. He seemed to be hesitating whether or not to speak about certain information.

Yu He realized that Lu Ying had some important news and decisively took off his ring before slowly pushing it to Lu Ying: “We’ve been brothers for so long, what harm is there in telling me? I’m also very curious. There isn’t much in this ring, but it shouldn’t be a problem to strengthen your soul pets…”

Lu Ying laughed and calmly took the ring. Using soul remembrance, he said to Yu He: “Due to that soul pet in Eternal Ocean and Nightmare Palace’s obstruction, we spent a long time in Eternal Ocean before finally finding the remnants of the Innards of a God.

After listening to the analysis of seniors, there are three possibilities of that split off Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s egg.

The first is that it was seized by that soul pet in Eternal Ocean.

The second is that it could have been hidden in some place by the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon and we still haven’t found it.

The third reason is…” when he got here, Lu Ying intentionally hesitated a while.

Yu He clearly wanted to know and he stared fixedly at Lu Ying.

The split off Hidden Dragon Egg of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon was something that countless soul pet trainers yearned for even in their dreams. The reason why Soul Alliance was able to ascertain their position in the soul pet world was precisely predicated on obtaining this special dragon egg and firmly controlling a few extremely rare and strong soul pets in their hands.

It was said that the insect egg of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon was a monarch rank Cyan Hidden Dragon. Its fighting strength was practically unparalleled amongst the monarch rank and was even more terrifying than Nightmare Palace’s White Nightmare. Very long ago, there was a young soul pet trainer who had obtained an insect egg that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon had accidentally left in the wild. Using this Cyan Hidden Dragon, this soul pet trainer instantly became one of the best young generation experts in the soul pet world. Even after leaving the scope of the young generation, his name spread far and wide in the entire soul pet realm.

One soul pet could change a soul pet trainer’s life. Yu He could be regarded to have a bit of status in Elemental Sect; however, in the incomparably vast soul pet realm, such strength was nothing to be arrogant about. If he could obtain the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s splitt off Hidden Dragon Egg, then his status would definitely leap up. He would even have enough confidence in the Battle of the Realms where experts congregated.

[1.TL: Sorry for the inconsistent translations. All Fight under the Heavens should be Battle of the Realms]

“What is this third possibility? Quickly speak…” Yu  Jia had clearly grown anxious.

Seeing Yu He’s impatience, Lu Ying laughed and whispered: “The Innards of a God were on Nightmare Palace’s Prison Island. At that time, there were three thousand prisoners on Prison Island. All three thousand of these prisoners died save one. This person happens to be Nightmare Palace’s Prison Island King…”

“I understand!!” Yu He was a smart person and Lu Ying’s words immediately allowed him to guess of a possibility. The shock on his face was extreme!


“Do you know who that person is?” probed Yu He.

A Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s split off dragon egg!!!

Such immense attraction, and Yu He was already silently gritting his teeth. Even if there was only a one in three possibility, he absolutely had to find this Prison Island King. The Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s split off egg could be in his hands.

“It’s very unfortunate. If we had known about it half a year ago, we could have immediately captured him as this Prison Island King was shaking up the Western Kingdom then. However, half a year later, news of this Prison Island King are no more. No one knows where he is.” said Lu Ying.

Yu He’s eyes turned as he asked in an extremely small voice: “How many people know of this?”

“Not many. My father, Senior Tian Ting, one person in Nightmare Palace, myself and you. I also spent enormous energy to learn it from my father. You should be clear of how significant this is. I only told you because I thought of us two growing up together. Just say you learned of it out of curiosity and it’ll be fine. You absolutely cannot tell anyone else anything…” said Lu Ying.

“Of course. You don’t even trust me with this?” laughed Yu He.

“That said, I had better leave. My father doesn’t want me to stay here at your place too long.” said Yu He.

“I’ll send you off. Oh, I almost forgot to ask you. What brings your Soul Alliance people here to my Li City?” asked Yu He with a laugh.

“It has to do with the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s matters. You’ll know in the future. Haha, I think that you shouldn’t overthink it. Deal with your situation first; I heard you have big trouble.” after speaking, Lu Ying turned and left.

“Has to do with the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s matters?” Yu He revealed a confused expression as he began to guess...



The end of Yuan Forest was like an enormous palm print. It stretched through two regions, and extended into the most western side of Li Region.

The most western side of the Li region was a rather sparse forest and this forest had many soul pets that roamed about. However, it was practically impossible to find warrior rank and above soul pets here.

The sun shone brightly and a cool wind brushed by; the figures of trees painted a mottley picture...

Under a tree, an old soul pet trainer was slowly walking around with three thirteen or fourteen year old youngsters.

“Soul pets have spirit and when you capture them, you have to attempt to connect with them. If you discover that you can understand the frame of mind of a soul pet, a large part of your soul pact will have been success. Today is the first time you face true soul pets. It’s best if you don’t rashly bother with fifth phase and above soul pets. With your weak soul power, you won’t be able to capture them.” the senior soul pet trainer had the three youngsters follow closely behind him.

The three youngsters listened very closely to the senior soul pet trainer’s words and closely followed behind. They curiously and nervously surveyed their surroundings. Although they were somewhat afraid, it wasn’t enough to conceal the excitement of being on the verge of obtaining their first soul pet.

“Hou Hou~~~~~~~~”

Suddenly, a chilly wind carrying a scent of blood flew into them head on. The three youngsters couldn’t help but shiver.

The senior soul pet trainer’s face faintly changed. He didn’t think that a fourth phase Bloodsucking Beast would appear here!

Bloodsucking Beasts were notorious soul pets. They were incomparably savage and this senior soul pet trainer was only the lowest level soul pet trainer. There was a chance he couldn’t deal with it.

“Retreat, retreat…” the senior soul pet trainer hastily chanted an incantation and had the youngsters who were trembling in fear retreat.

His expression grave, the senior closely watched at the Bloodsucking Beast. His heart kept jumping with a ‘pudong pudong’ sound as he racked his brains to search for a way to deal with it.

However, just as he planned on letting the children flee first while he dealt with the fourth phase Bloodsucking Beast, the Bloodsucking Beast let out a panicked shout and fled in another direction.

The Bloodsucking Beast fled?    

The senior soul pet trainer was shocked. He searched with his gaze and astonishedly discovered an abnormally demonic man slowly walk out of the depths of the forest. He hadn’t summoned any soul pet, but mysterious yet abnormally demonic aura caused one to tremble in fear...

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