Book 2 Chapter 232 - Eighth rank Wood Type Soul Crystal

Chapter 232: Eighth rank wood type soul crystal

Chu Mu nodded, decisively retracting his Zhan Ye back into his soul pet space and summoning his Ice Air Fairy before him. While the Ancient Azure Devil Tree was greatly weakened, it casted a series of ice type attacks.

The Ice Air Fairy’s current fighting strength wouldn’t be much weaker than Mo Xie’s now. Its towering ice crystal could very effectively freeze the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s body!

“Ice Chain Formation!”

“Mo Xie, Nine Tail Chain!”

With an incantation, the Ice Air Fairy’s ice chains heavily locked onto the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s body.

Mo Xie’s eight tails became durable fox tail chains that extended to trap the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s arm, causing its arms to be unable to move.

“Devil Tree, Piercing Root!”

With a throw of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s arm, the piercing roots dug deep into the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s body!

Life Force Absorb!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldiers roots crazily wriggled, and they started to absorbed the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s life. The Ancient Azure Devil Tree struggled greatly, yet it couldn’t fight free of Chu Mu’s Mo Xie and Ning’s control, only able to let out angry roars.

Wood type energy was already very pure and was often saved in the body for many years. Yet this huge amount of wood type life force was like a river as it entered the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body. During this process, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body had already undergone big changes!

Ten seconds of uninterrupted absorbing!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s absorbing lasted ten seconds. Once the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots were retracted, the Ancient Azure Devil Tree also fell like a wooden mountain, becoming withered and rotten with no sign of life in it left…...

The Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s rank was by itself already higher than the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s. After its life essence was all absorbed by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, the Devil Tree clearly gained lots of benefits.

“It grew again?” Chu Mu’s eyes watched as Devil Tree’s body slowly changed and said with surprise.

In the past few weeks, the Devil Tree had continued to grow, and every growth meant its type was strengthened!

“Same species soul pet had life forces that merged well already, and the energy was extremely pure. Your Devil Tree Battle Soldier was, at most, high tier commander rank in strengthening, so after absorbing such a massive amount of top tier commander rank life force, how could it not grow?” Old Li said.

Sixth phase ninth stage. Half a month back, the Devil Tree had risen two stages, reaching the sixth phase eighth stage. Now, it reached the sixth phase ninth stage. When they return to the city and buy some soul items, they would have no problem breaching the seventh phase!

Its fighting strength could definitely be strengthened to the same level as the Ice Air Fairy. In fact, with life force absorb, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier could be undefeated.


After reaching sixth phase ninth stage, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out excited roars.

To the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, growth of a stage was already not to big of a deal. The most important was that, through the pure life force of the Ancient Azure Devil Tree, its wood type had progressed from high tier commander to top tier commander level.

Though it was a high class warrior rank soul pet, its fighting strength right now was definitely higher than any high class commander rank!

“One more strengthening. Once it reaches seventh phase, fighting Yu He’s Hundred Tree Female Demon definitely won’t be an issue.” Chu Mu smiled.

He wondered how strange Yu He’s expression would be when he notices a wounded Devil Tree Battle Soldier recovering to its full status in the middle of the fight.


Seeing the Devil Tree reach sixth phase ninth stage, Mo Xie started to murmur. If they were ranked by stage and phase, Mo Xie was the third from the bottom now.

Chu Mu rubbed little Mo Xie’s head and laughed, “Your talent is too strong, so eating anything is useless. You can only grow through battle……”

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier used to be normal commander rank. From normal commander rank to beyond commander rank was a very large space for strengthening.

The strengthening of type would simultaneously bring growth in stage, so the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s stages naturally increased quickly.

As for Mo Xie, her original type was already at the monarch rank. Any soul item under a few dozens of millions was akin to normal food for Mo Xie.

Those above ten million could barely increase Mo Xie’s type by a little, but that was still only a little, not having a great effect.


Mo Xie’s three big type talents were all monarch ranked. When Chu Mu strengthened her, he had to take into consideration the three type talent ratios. This made the amount of soul items he could use very limited.

Even if there was an advanced, three type soul item, Chu Mu’s old naive self would’ve imagined it to be over ten million gold. Now that he got in touch with higher level soul items, he knew that if he wanted to raise Mo Xie’s three monarch rank talents another level, the soul item would very likely be in the hundreds of millions of gold!

Similarly, the White Nightmare was the same. It wasn’t that Chu Mu didn’t strengthen the White Nightmare or Mo Xie to increase their stage quickly, it was just that their talent was too high. Things worth over ten thousand gold could only improve their type slightly and maybe raise their stage by one. Those that cost over hundreds of thousands, on the other hand, wasn’t something that Chu Mu could afford…...

The situation with the Ghost King was slightly better. The Ghost King’s stage was lower. Though ten thousand gold soul items couldn’t strengthen its rock or ghost type by much, it could still raise its stage by a couple, and if the stages go up, so will its power.

In reality, Mo Xie had saved a huge amount of money for Chu Mu. If Mo Xie was always a moonlight fox, the amount of money needed to raise the servant rank moonlight fox to monarch rank was also calculated in the hundreds of millions of gold.

Stages can be increased by battling.

Talent needed soul items to change.

Yet mutating was the most special way to increase talent.

Mo Xie’s greatest advantage was in her ability to mutate. When she mutated to a more advanced soul pet, other than appearance, species, and techniques, the most important change was talent, and it was a huge increase too.

Of all of Chu Mu’s soul pets, the least strengthened was Mo Xie, because her mutating bloodline could self strengthen…...

While mutating increased all abilities by a great amount, Mo Xie’s stage won’t change, which created an issue - Mo Xie can’t grow through soul items.

This way, Mo Xie’s growth speed was completely dependent on fighting, and so falling behind other soul pets was normal. After all, her talent was too high.


“Ding~~~ Ding~~~~~~~”

The Bell Noise Concubine’s voice was like a wind chime. Seeing Chu Mu walk over, it was already very frantic and scared.

To combat soul pets with no fighting intent, capturing them was very easy. Chu Mu cast the soul capture incantation and used his spirit master remembrance to forcefully make it submit.

The first time, the Bell Noise Concubine blocked it off with its strong willpower, yet when Chu Mu chanted another incantation, its mental strength finally couldn’t stop Chu Mu’s powerful remembrance, and it was captured into Chu Mu’s soul capture ring.

After putting some soul cores into the soul capture ring, Chu Mu put his attention onto the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s corpse.

The outer skin of it was already torched black. After Mo Xie ripped it open with her claws, it fell into pieces. Finding treasure within corpses was something Mo Xie was very familiar with.


Just as the Pitiful Appearance Mo Xie dove into the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s body, she let out excited calls and walked out waving her nine little tails around, holding a clear green thing in her mouth.

“Young master, young master, soul crystal!! Soul crystal!!” Old Li’s eyes were sharp and immediately identified the object. His short body immediately jumped forward and ran towards Mo Xie as his eyes flickered gold, wanting to take the crystal.

One of Mo Xie’s silver tails seemed to have been ready. Just as Old Li was about to take it, Mo Xie did a beautiful sweep with her tail and swept him away.

Chu Mu was also pleasantly surprised, catching the soul crystal, still covered in black wooden shrap, that Mo Xie had.

“Eighth rank wood type soul crystal!” Chu Mu opened his mouth to smile. Just now, he was worrying over how to earn enough money for his Devil Tree Battle Soldier. He hadn’t thought that lady lucky would favor him this quickly, giving such a big gift to him!

The eighth rank wood type soul crystal, and coming from a top tier commander like Ancient Azure Devil Tree too. Such a soul crystal was definitely in the 20 millions. Being able to capture a Bell Noise Concubine worth 5 million was already something worth being happy for. With this 20 million gold, it repaid Chu Mu for his efforts darting around in the forest for over half a month.

Chu Mu put the soul crystal back into his spatial ring and continued to look for valuable things in the Ancient Azure Devil Tree. Very quickly, Mo Xie pulled out another item, one that looked like a heart. This heart had a heavy case outside of it. The fire before didn’t harm it much, and it still had some of the sap from inside the Ancient Azure Devil Tree.

“Eighth phase Ancient Azure Devil Tree fruit…...such an item isn’t cheap either.” Old Li said in a small sound.

No matter how valuable it was though, this fruit was for Ye Wansheng’s cure. After all, Ancient Azure Devil Trees were very rare. Even some Kingdom Cities couldn’t find the fruit.

“The brother and sister shouldn’t have arrived at Li City so quickly yet. There’s still another month, so let's train in this area of Yuan Forest.” Chu Mu petted little Mo Xie and said.

“Young master, if you have to train, walk north a bit more and you’ll reach a more primitive part of the forest. There are soul pets everywhere there. Fight for a month and your soul pets should increase in stage considerably. Once you reach Li City, you can firmly kick the crafty kid’s ass.” Old Li held a massive map that covered his head as he said.

Resting in place for a bit, Chu Mu retracted his Ice Air Fairy and summoned the Zhan Ye that needed more training, before taking big strides towards the denser forests…...

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