Book 2 Chapter 231 - Ancient Azure Devil Tree

Chapter 231: Ancient Azure Devil Tree

Chu Mu lifted his head and looked at the giant devil tree. Huge waves of emotions were set off in his heart. He didn’t think that the Ancient Azure Devil Tree was actually that massive.

Its head had already poked out of the forest canopies. Its large hands pushed by the woods like he was pushing aside wheat stalks. Every step of its two branch consisted legs made a huge vibration in this flower forest.

“Spread apart!” Chu Mu sent a command to his soul pets.

Mo Xie naturally realized the power of this Ancient Azure Devil Tree. Nine spurts of royal flames started burning on her body, shrouding her and quickly turning around her paws. Following that, Mo Xie’s body started growing within the royal flames, and nine gorgeous tails fanned open amongst the chaotic flames!

“Ding dang~~~~~~~~ Ding dang~~~~~~”

When Mo Xie became a royal flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox, the Bell Noise Concubine let out a light whimper, clearly frightened by Mo Xie’s powerful aura and heat.

One of Mo Xie’s tails was permanently curled around the flower demon Bell Noise Concubine, not giving it a chance to escape. With the wave of Mo Xie’s long tail, this Bell Noise Concubine was also shaken around and around…...


The two eyes of the Ancient Azure Devil Tree quickly locked onto Mo Xie, and it commanded its two giant arms to smash downwards, full of power and vigor!

“Mo Xie, Nine Tail Confuse!”

With tails like clouds unfolding, a silver flicker danced in the middle and Mo Xie’s body moved near thirty meters to the side. The Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s two arms smashed into the position Mo Xie was in before, creating a huge crater, but missing Mo Xie.

“ Mo Xie, you distract him.” Chu Mu said to Mo Xie.

“Wuwu~~” Mo Xie nodded. Just like last time, when she forcefully took the Ghost King and ran away, this time Mo Xie rolled the Bell Noise Concubine and started running away.


The Ancient Azure Devil Tree was very angry. Its large arms violently broke off the twenty meter tall tree in its way and stepped forward in terrifying strides, casting techniques continuously towards Mo Xie.

“Devil Tree, Root Pierce!”

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was only three meters tall, and it looked like a humanoid warrior wearing wooden armor. From its appearance, it seemed to be clearly worse than the Ancient Azure Devil Tree.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s arm quickly extended and, when the Ancient Azure Devil Tree was facing away, it successfully pierced its roots into the barky back of the tree.

“Life Force Absorb!” Chu Mu again commanded Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was full on life force right now. Using Life Force Absorb right now was akin to using soul cores. If it absorbed from a powerful soul pet, it would be like using soul crystals, potentially evolving it immediately…...

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots started squirming. However, when the Devil Tree Battle Soldier actually started absorbing, it realized that it wasn’t absorbing the life of the Ancient Azure Devil Tree, but instead just some scraps on the outside of its skin…...

“Young master, your Devil Tree Battle Soldier can’t even penetrate its defense, so how could it Absorb Life? This Ancient Azure Devil Tree has already grasped initial stage Natural Wood and has reached eighth rank in defense. It completely ignores your Devil Tree’s attacks.” Old Li said.

When the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Life Force Abosrb failed, Chu Mu realized this, so he decisively told Zhan Ye to look for an opportunity to use Dark Corrosion to break through this Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s defense.

“The Ancient Azure Devil Tree is a top tier commander rank soul pet. Even without being strengthened, its combatting strength is much higher than other commander ranks. Adding on to that, its a wood type soul pet. Your two soul pets will only be able to scratch it……” Old Li said again.

Chu Mu ignored Old Li’s words and jumped onto Zhan Ye’s back himself, chasing the Ancient Azure Devil Tree with large steps.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was also smart. Knowing that its speed was very slow and that it probably wouldn’t be able to catch up to the Ancient Azure Devil Tree, and knowing that the Ancient Azure Devil Tree was ignoring its attacks, it simply used its Piercing Roots to wrap around the Ancient Azure Devil Tree, letting the massive being drag it along!

The Ancient Azure Devil Tree ignored Chu Mu’s two soul pets, which gave Zhan Ye the chance to get in.

Zhan Ye’s running speed wasn’t too slow. After casting Shadow Assault, it got to the feet of the Ancient Azure Devil Tree.

“Devil tree!” Chu Mu turned around and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier quickly understood Chu Mu’s meaning. One of its arms let loose, and it grabbed onto the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s thigh.

Zhan Ye jumped onto the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s arm and, with a push on the long arm, it lept to the Devil Tree’s other higher up arm.

“Ink Armor Spike!”

Chu Mu leaped up as well, following the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and slid onto the Devil Tree’s body. After leaving Zhan Ye’s back, the ink armor spikes on Zhan Ye’s back all protruded outwards, piercing violently towards the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s back!

Ink Armor Spikes ignored defense, and it was the most effective weapon of Zhan Ye’s close combat. The near one meter long ink armor spikes pierced deeply in, and the Ancient Azure Devil Tree let out a long howl!

“Life Force Absorb!” Seeing the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s back all corroded, Chu Mu decisively told the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to pierce its roots towards the corroded region!

“Pupu!!!!!” Two piercing roots went into the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s body and the roots started wriggling, causing the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s life to start to diminish…...


After the Ancient Azure Devil Tree was hurt, it again let out an angry roar!

After this roar, the bark on the Ancient Azure Devil Tree suddenly opened with many airholes. Out of these air holes came countless whip like vines!

These vines grew crazily and quickly wrapped Zhan Ye, who hurt him, up. Zhan Ye couldn’t dodge in time and, half way into the air, it was inescapably locked in the thin vines!

The thin whip vines started tightening, heavily constricting Zhan Ye’s body, causing Zhan Ye’s armor itself to become deformed!

If it were any other sixth phase commander, such a powerful constriction would definitely have killed it already.

Thankfully, Zhan Ye’s life force was six times that of a normal soul pet. Six times life force meant a seventh phase middle staged commander rank’s life force.

“Rapid Freeze!”

With an incantation, Chu Mu swiftly finished this soul technique that he hadn’t completed in a long time.

Ice frost air gathered in Chu Mu’s palms. With Chu Mus wave, this frost floated towards the thin vines that binded Zhan Ye. The ice first slowly froze the vines.

Chu Mu didn’t need to completely freeze all these vines, only needing the ice effect to remove some of the terrifying toughness and make it brittle.


With an infuriated roar, Zhan Ye’s ink armor spike again extended. These spikes hit the brittle vines and immediately shattered them. As Zhan Ye’s body extended open, the rest of the vines all broke.

The process where Zhan Ye was caught and escaped was about three to four seconds. In the meantime, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had already absorbed a decent amount of life force.

However, the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s life force wasn’t just a little big, either. Three to four seconds of absorbing didn’t even seem to take ten percent of its life. Its attention was still fixated on Mo Xie…...

“Mo Xie, Nine Tail Flame!” Chu Mu also realized that for Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Zhan Ye to kill this high life force and defensive soul pet wasn’t easy, so he told Mo Xie to join the battle.


The tail that Mo Xie held the Bell Noise Concubine in suddenly shot upwards, throwing the Bell Noise Concubine high up. Her nine tails started getting consumed in raging fires as she was running. When the flames reached their peak, she heavily swept towards the Ancient Azure Devil Tree!


Demon Fire Evil Flames and Blood Flames pounced forwards in two layers, all hitting the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s body. The Ancient Azure Devil Tree that feared fire immediately let out a painful howl and started windmilling its arms, trying to put the fire out with pure force!

“Devil Tree, Wood Finger Prison!”

Devil Tree Battle Soldier slapped its palms on the ground, and its ten fingers extended into the ground. After a moment, ten chain-like fingers appeared near the Ancient Azure Devil Tree. Quickly darting thirty meters into the air, they fell down from above the Ancient Azure Devil Tree!

The wood fingers weren’t actually part of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body, and it was able to withstand more fire than its other body parts. Very quickly, these chain-like wooden fingers became fire chains, covering up the nearly twenty meter tall Ancient Azure Devil Tree.

“Chong Mei - Heavenly Flame Rite!”

As white demonic devil fire started burning on his body, Chu Mu lifted two balls of flames up with his hands as he chanted an incantation…...


The Wood Finger Prison was violently broken by the enraged Ancient Azure Devil Tree, but at this moment, Chu Mu had finished his incantation!


The Heavenly Flame Rite Mo Xie was casting also finished. Above the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s head, a white, red, and crimson colored light beam silently fell!


When it fell, the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s body and the ground all started shattering severely!


The flame dragon rolled around, and the three different flames all stacked up, making it even more powerful. Even the massive body of the Ancient Azure Devil Tree couldn’t withstand such dancing of flames. After its body was caught with flames, it started shaking even worse, falling to the ground heavily.

Fire itself was very harmful for wood type soul pets, not to mention the terrifying power of Mo Xie and Chu Mu’s combined Heavenly Flame Rite!

After Ancient Azure Devil Tree was fallen, it was clearly heavily wounded. In the fire, it painfully propped itself up, roaring loud enough to shake the entire flower forest…...

Mo Xie’s silver eyes watched the Ancient Azure Devil Tree apathetically as it burned within the flames, yet one of its tails was as if it had a mind of its own, extending to grab the Bell Noise Concubine back into her tails.

The Bell Noise Concubine was only at the third phase, so it was like an adult facing a third year old for Mo Xie. The Bell Noise Concubine couldn’t possibly leave Mo Xie’s control…...

“Young master, the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s fruits are within it. The soul crystal and others are also all in its body. Try not to kill it with fire, or else most of it will be destroyed. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Life Force Absorb can suck advanced soul pets’ energy. This eighth phase Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s life is very helpful for it. If absorbs it, it may even grow again.” Old Li reminded Chu Mu.

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