Book 2 Chapter 230 - Bell Noise Concubine

Chapter 230: Bell Noise Concubine

“Young master doesn’t have to worry about this. Soul crystals and soul cores are energy, and even humans can use them as food to allay hunger. Such a soul pet will definitely be able to use soul crystals and soul cores to train and eat. Of course, if you occasionally give it flesh to eat, it will definitely be even happier. Moreover, the more corpses are inside its marsh field, the stronger it will be.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu bitterly laughed. Although this soul pet was unique, it still gave Chu Mu the creeps and wasn’t one of his ideal soul pets, so he didn’t have any intentions of capturing it.

After leaving this extremely fatal marsh, Chu Mu gradually discovered that the sunlight was able to shine into the forest and that the dense gloomy air was slowly dispersing, giving one a feeling of seeing the sun and sky again.

As he continued to walk forward, it was like there were two different worlds- green versus black, sunlight versus darkness, nature versus corrosion...

Old Li indicated that there were two locations where the plant forest changed that a Ancient Azure Devil Tree could appear. Chu Mu began to search, but didn’t find an Ancient Azure Devil Tree, merely discovering a forest of flowers instead!

In Chu Mu’s memories he had seen a flower sea. It flowed and blew in the wind; the multitude of colors fluctuated giving others a beautiful sight to behold.

The reason why the world of flowers in front of him wasn’t called a flower sea was because these flowers were all blooming special plants. Just like countless trees blossoming from flowers, they blew in the wind, fluttering about like floating snow...

“There surprisingly is such a beautiful scenery after the dark forest…” a light smile rose on Chu Mu’s face as he stared at this gorgeous flower forest and his taut emotions gradually relaxed.

A fragrant wind blew over; it was like the fragrance of a woman, and a faint inhale would make one relax, and a large inhale would bewitch someone.

Contrary to the safety of the dark forest, the aura of life here was extremely dense. Whilst walking here, one unconsciously would forget about his or her worries and enjoy the sight and smell...

“Young master, don’t relax your guard so easily. The Great Thousand Kingdoms are full of extraordinary things. Flowers may look variations of docile, beautiful and gentle, but in truth, among plant world soul pets flower types are the ones that scare people at the mere mentions of them. There once was a person who evaluated the statistics of soul pet trainers training in the wild, and over thirty percent of them died to flower type soul pets. There aren’t many flower type soul pets among plant world soul pets, but whenever they appear, it will always be rather fatal.” Old Li’s voice resounded in Chu Mu’s ear.

Chu Mu was shocked and he returned from being unconsciously intoxicated in his soul.

Intensity, bloodbaths, slaughter and death. These were all things that made Chu Mu raise his vigilance. He was always able to be surrounded by perils, but maintaining this mindset in a beautiful and fragrant environment were not something Chu Mu felt he had yet to do. Just now, he had nearly completely relaxed.

Just as Old Li had said, the Great Thousand Kingdoms were full of extraordinary things. Flower type soul pets possessed the most spirituality while also being the most dangerous creatures. Their appearances seemed alluring and moving, pure and unblemished, and aroused one’s emotions. However, underneath their gorgeous appearances, they were full of venomous stings, and the stamen of a flower’s stalk circulated blood that was full of a plethora of filth and mercilessness…

When he saw this large group of flowers, Chu Mu couldn’t help but think of that young woman who was born from spirit flowers. That perfect complexion and noble and pure body; yet, her heart was a shadowy forest full of unknown darkness.

Thinking about this, Chu Mu’s heart slowly sank. His eyes swept over this flower forest, and he released his soul remembrance...

“Ding~~~Ding Dang~~~~~Ding Dang~~~~~~~~”

The wind passed and the sound of bells rang; when Chu Mu focused his mind,  he heard this pleasant sound. It was like the sound of wind bells faintly swaying, giving one a tranquil and beautiful feeling.

“This sound. Could it be a Bell Noise Concubine?” a rather shocked expression appeared on Chu Mu’s face.

The Bell Noise Concubine was an extremely unusual flower type soul pet that Chu Mu had seen in books. This soul pet would often produce a moving wind bell-like noise. This noise possessed mental effects that could pacify the grievances and evil tendencies inside a soul pet’s heart.

Similar to Violent Blood Pupil, Bloodsuck and Resentment Gathering which were techniques that increased one’s strength through ruthlessness and blood. When this mental bell sound was used, the effects of Bloodsuck, Violent Blood Pupil and Resentment Gathering would quickly disappear. It was a soul pet with extremely strong assistance abilities.

“Young master, quickly go and find it. This Bell Noise Concubine is something great!” when Old Li heard the noise, he gave Chu Mu a reminder.

“You don’t need to say it.” Chu Mu naturally understood the value of the Bell Noise Concubine.

Flower type soul pets originally were relatively rare in the soul pet world, and they were normally split into two types. One type slowly bewildered one in a pleasant trap before painlessly killing him or her. The other type was a pure support type soul pet. They possessed healing and supporting abilities that were even stronger than water types. They were definitely the top choice of soul pets for support type soul pet trainers.

Chu Mu’s soul remembrance had already locked down the location of the clear wind bells, and in order not to scare away this soul pet, Chu Mu intentionally summoned the blank-faced Mo Xie and had her find a route in her pitiful state.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~’

Mo Xie wrang her nine adorable fluffy small tails, and nobly and elegantly took small steps. She lithely walked towards the Bell Noise Concubine resting behind the flower tree.

Chu Mu stood far away and stared at the beautiful young woman-like soul pets and a smile slowly rose on his face.

Bell Noise Concubine: Plant world - flower type - Bell Noise Concubine species - commander rank

The Bell Noise Concubine had an elegant and curvy appearance of a young lady. Under its slender waist blossomed seven colored flower petals that were like the skirt of a young lady. It could be regarded as one of the most beautiful looking soul pets in the soul pet world.

The Bell Noise Concubine, aside from its pleasing appearance, had several support abilities. The flower type self-healing effects were innately stronger than water types. When one traversed in the wild, if he or she had a flower type soul pet, the amount of medicinal healing, antidote medicines and resistance medicines one brought could be heavily reduced. Moreover, a few powerful flower type soul pets possessed the formidable ability to revive from the dead.

On the market, a commander rank flower type soul pet could fetch a price of over a million. The flower type Bell Noise Concubine was a soul pet that received a huge amount of fondness from female soul pet trainers, and it was normally sold for 5 million gold coins; moreover, there often was no supply of it.

5 million gold coins wasn’t a small sum to Chu Mu, and Chu Mu happened to be lacking money. Otherwise, how could he afford to purchase a spirit item worth tens of millions for the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to increase its strength?

“Young master, it’s also a child Bell Noise Concubine, about the third phase. It can be sold for even more.” said Old Li softly to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t dare make loud noises right now either, and merely watched the small Mo Xie slowly approach the third phase Bell Noise Concubine.

Mo Xie was completely a silver-white color, and her furry fur blew in the wind. To others she looked like an adorable thing that was incapable of harm.

The Bell Noise concubine seemed to notice the silver colored nine tailed small fox approach. Like a young woman, she lightly blinked her eyes, and like a young princess, she lifted her multi-colored flower petal dress as she slightly retreated.

Mo Xie’s silver eyes were very beautiful and looked glossy like the beauty of a running-water gem. However, at the same time, Mo Xie quietly used Sinister Glare Demonic Pupil, causing this small Bell Noise Concubine to gradually loosen its guard.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~”

Having finally gotten near, the small Mo Xie intentionally gave a signal to Chu Mu, indicating that he could come and attempt to chant an incantation. Using an luring technique, he could attempt to capture the small Bell Noise Concubine into the soul capture ring.

If Chu Mu was still at the spirit teacher level, he wouldn’t have hesitated to make a soul pact with this Bell Noise Concubine and make it his support soul pet. However, right now, Chu Mu no longer had an empty soul pet space. Moreover, while the Bell Noise Concubine’s support ability was strong, Chu Mu wasn’t very adept at using it.

“Tingchang~~~~~ Tingchang~~~~~”

Just as Chu Mu was approaching, the small Bell Noise Concubine which had been bewildered by Mo Xie suddenly let out a panicked noise; unexpectedly, it sprayed a pink colored pollen cloud as it turned and fled!

“Mo Xie, chase after it!’ Chu Mu couldn’t let 5 million gold coins run away.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~”

Mo Xie swept her tail, dispersing this hypnosis pollen cloud. She astonishingly transformed into a silver light and caught up to the Bell Noise Concubine in under three seconds as it attempted to flee.

Extending her tail, Mo Xie quickly swept up the Bell Noise Concubine with her tail. When she considered that this small flower type soul pet was very fragile, Mo Xie didn’t use too much force as she swept it up.


The Bell Noise Concubine let out a flustered shout as if it was calling for help.

“Young master, be a bit careful. The Bell Noise Concubine can be regarded as the most virtuous flower type soul pet. They always enjoy helping heal soul pets that have been wounded in battle and thus obtain the protection of these soul pets. The moment they call for help, there’s a chance that many soul pets will appear.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu nodded his head and very decisively summoned the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Zhan Ye.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier guarded next to Chu Mu while Zhan Ye’s black eyes vigilantly watched the surroundings. It was prepared at any time to take on the enemies that came.


Suddenly, a powerful roar came from the flower forest in the distance. The roar was somewhat similar to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s voice, but was even more firm than its roar!!

“Wengweng Wengweng~~~~”

The ground began to lightly shake, and Chu Mu could clearly feel some enormous creature moving towards him...

The flower forest began to sway and suddenly the tree tops were parted by two large hands. From within the twenty meter tall trees abruptly appeared an old withered tree-bark face. Its two eyes were incomparably angry as it stared at Chu Mu and his  group of soul pets.

“Young master, it’s an Ancient Azure Devil Tree!! This is an eighth phase Ancient Azure Devil Tree!” Old Li suddenly gave a sharp cry!

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