Book 2 Chapter 23 - Things Are Different Now, A Powerful Chu Mu

Chapter 23: Things Are Different Now, A Powerful Chu Mu

“Who is Chu Mu? Is he another Chu Family trash?” Yang Jie stared at Chu Mu. In his small, black eyes flickered a bit of cold savagery.

Li Nan had been in the Yang Family for a relatively long period of time, and he naturally knew of the Chu Family’s Chu Mu. He immediately explained: “Senior Yang Jie, Chu Mu is the fourth son of the Chu Family’s family head. Four years ago, he should have died…”

Because of Yang Jie’s vile nature, he had been dispatched elsewhere and hadn’t been back for a few years. Because of this, he didn’t know of matters concerning Chu Mu.

“Is this brat very strong?” Yang Jie’s gaze quickly fell onto Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast. Yang Jie was someone who was knowledgeable, and he could naturally see this Night Thunder Dream Beast’s strength!

“This… I heard that he lost a soul at a young age. If it weren't because we wanted to undermine Chu Tiancheng, us making a move on him would have been… I didn’t expect this brat to have survived.” Li Nan immediately said.

“He lost a soul? Isn’t he but a mere piece of trash then?” A smile immediately surfaced on Yang Jie’s face. Chu Mu riding the Night Thunder Dream Beast caused Yang Jie to believe that this fellow was a soul pet trainer that was relatively hard to deal with. Yet, unexpectedly, this brat had lost a soul. Dealing with him would be much easier.

Li Nan promptly nodded his head in agreement. However, when he saw the eminently powerful Night Thunder Dream Beast next to Chu Mu, his expression turned somewhat odd. If soul pet trainers that possessed a commander rank dual type Dream Beast were all garbage, then what would he, who only had a middle-class commander rank soul pet, be...

Listening to the conversation between the two of them, Chu Mu’s gaze coldly swept over them.

“Third bother, I’ll get rid of them first, then we can talk.” said Chu Mu. His two eyes that were still somewhat moist instantly turned into those of a savage beast’s, and with a terrifying cold gaze, he turned around!!

The three years of blood-purged aura manifested through slaughter pervaded the air like a fiendish gale. It caused Yang Jie, this sixth remembrance soul pet trainer, to shudder!

Yang Jie was an infamous person in Luo Region. He often killed people, so he appeared very vicious to others from both an expression and aura perspective.

Yang Jie had once seen an assassin in Luo Region that had massacred an entire family. That assassin had made him tremble in fear. However, for some reason, Yang Jie discovered that when this young man’s gaze focused on him, it brought on an even more imposing killing aura than that assassin’s!

“Are you sure he’s a piece of trash that lost a soul?” Yang Jie asked in a very quiet voice.

“That’s definitely true, if he really is Chu Tiancheng’s son.” said Li Nan.

Yang Jie was skeptical, but his many years of experience told him that this young man wasn’t as simple as Li Nan said he was. At this moment, he didn’t dare to be the least bit relaxed, and he quickly called the sixth phase fifth stage Rare Blood Beast back to his side. Simultaneously, he summoned a fifth phase fifth stage West Armor Death Scorpion.

Seeing that Yang Jie had casually summoned a fifth phase fifth stage middle-class commander rank soul pet, Chu Ning’s expression changed.

Chu Ning had heard of Yang Jie, this scoundrel. He knew that this fellow still had an even stronger sixth phase commander rank soul pet. Right now, the two soul pets Yang Jie had summoned were already extremely hard to deal with. One didn’t even need to mention the sixth phase commander rank soul pet.

“Yang Jie’s strength is extremely powerful. You aren’t his opponent. Quickly get on your Dream Beast and leave!” Chu Ning promptly spoke to Chu Mu. Chu Ning already believed that this was his fourth brother Chu Mu. Even though he had thousands of things to tell him, right now wasn’t the time.

Chu Ning believed that Chu Mu had definitely undergone various tribulations. Finally returning now, what happened to him didn’t matter very much, but Chu Mu, who had narrowly escaped death could not disappear again.

“Third brother, relax. I’m no longer that cowardly young child who always needed you to come and watch out for me!” Chu Mu lifted the corners of his mouth. He had persevered and survived through so much, just for this moment!

“But… you’ve lost a soul…” Chu Ning was about to stop Chu Mu’s reckless actions when suddenly, a strong gale swept by.

Chu Ning hadn’t reacted before a coarse and wild Storm Devil Colt abruptly appeared in front of him. Instantly, an even colder gale swept by, causing the surrounding trees to rock. What made Chu Ning even more surprised was that the person riding on top was a good-looking woman.

“Ting Yu, protect him.” Chu Mu said to Ting Yu.

After speaking, Chu Mu leaped onto the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body and proceeded to control this soul pet, charging into both Li Nan and Yang Jie!

“Fourth brother, don’t be reckless!” Chu Ning’s face was even more pale. Chu Mu charging towards them was the same as taking his own life!

“Esteemed master, don’t be worried. Young master can deal with them.” Ting Yu advised Chu Ning, who had suffered a soul injury. Simultaneously, she chanted an incantation and quickly summoned her two soul pets.

“Young master?” Chu Ning looked at Ting Yu and revealed a suspicious expression.

However, his suspicious expression was replaced by one of astonishment because Ting Yu had just summoned two soul pets that weren’t weak!

“A seventh phase third stage Thorny Rose Demon! A sixth phase first stage Storm Fairy!” Chu Ning was stunned. He completely did not expect this woman to be a soul pet trainer that wasn’t weak; moreover, such a soul pet trainer was only Chu Mu’s servant girl!

“Night, Dream Shatter- Nightmare Ascends!”

As he rushed towards Li Nan and Yang Jie, without any hesitation, Chu Mu made the Night Thunder Dream Beast use the Dream Beast’s ultimate technique!

A strange transformation instantly appeared within the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s two eyes. Astonishingly, as its pupils transformed, the surrounding black forest began to contort, and everything in front of one’s eyes began to transform as well!!

Li Nan was attempting to call his soul pet back to him but, just as he gave the order, he abruptly discovered that the black forest had suddenly transformed into an eminently terrifying battlefield filled with corpses everywhere. The plethora of corpses on the battlefield began to stand up from the ground, their eyes full of green light, and charge at him!

Demonic mental magic effects would be influenced by the strength of a soul pet trainer’s soul remembrance. Chu Mu was a seventh remembrance spirit teacher, while Li Nan’s cultivation was also lower than his. With the addition of the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s absolute demon attribute, Li Nan, who didn’t value soul pet intelligence and his own mental resistance, was instantly caught by this technique!

After being affected by this technique, before Li Nan woke up, he was essentially useless!


Yang Jie’s sixth phase fifth stage Rare Blood Beast fiercely ran out of two black colored trees. Two parallel moving and extremely sharp Blood Rending Claws ripped at the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s location.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast was quickly aware of the Rare Blood Beast’s sneak attack. Its body lithely jumped in mid-air, onto the top of a tree, as purple colored lightning bolts suddenly flashed on its body!!

“Honglonglong!!! Honglonglong!!”

Two arcs of purple lightning abruptly struck down from the top of the tree and resolutely bombarded the Rare Blood Beast!

From a comprehensive phase,stage, and rank perspective, the fifth phase fifth stage commander rank Night Thunder Dream Beast had about the same strength as the sixth phase fifth stage Warrior Rank Rare Blood Beast.

However, regarding attributes, the thunder and night dual attribute Night Thunder Dream Beast had a much greater advantage than the pure beast attributed Rare Blood Beast.

For instance, when it faced the powerful lightning strike, the Rare Blood Beast, which didn’t have a resistance to the lightning type, suffered an extremely severe wound!

“You think you can contend against me, Yang Jie, with just a Dream Beast?” sneered Yang Jie. He didn’t hesitate to recall his sixth phase fifth stage Rare Blood Beast, and he quickly chanted an incantation, summoning another soul pet. Meanwhile, his West Armor Death Scorpion rapidly launched an attack at the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

Instead of using a soul technique, Yang Jie substituted in a soul pet. Presumably, the soul pet he was going to summon could suppress Chu Mu’s Dream Beast from an attribute perspective!

Indeed, a brown colored soul pact pattern gradually emerged on the ground. An enormous soul pet slowly rose up from the soul pact pattern. Its black and brown body stood in the forest like an oppressing mountain wall!

A Ghost Rock Devil Man!!!

Chu Mu’s gaze immediately fell on the Devil Man, but the expression on his face didn’t change much.

Ghost Rock Devil man: Elemental Kingdom - Devil Man species - Ghost Rock Devil Man Subspecies

“A high ranking warrior rank sixth phase second stage soul pet!” Chu Ning’s eyebrows were tightly locked together as he stared at the Ghost Rock Devil Man. Yang Jie’s strength had far surpassed Chu Ning’s imagination, as any soul pet he summoned was a sixth phase high ranking warrior rank!

“Such a soul pet is trivial to young master.” Ting Yu didn’t think it was anything special. She ordered her seventh phase Thorny Rose Demon and sixth phase Storm Fairy to begin eradicating the low ranking soul pets in the vicinity.

Chu Ning intentionally glanced at Ting Yu. In his heart, he thought it was strange that this woman had such large confidence of Chu Mu.

Could it be that Chu Mu had really removed his handicap from the past and rapidly become an expert in a period of four years? However, Chu Ning remembered that four years ago, Chu Mu was unable to even summon a soul pet. In four years, no matter how fast a person grew, he or she still could not contend against a sixth remembrance spirit teacher!

At the other end of the forest path.

“Young miss, you absolutely cannot attack. Otherwise, you’ll bring our Qin Family a lot of trouble.” said Old Teng in a very earnest manner to Qin Menger.

“The Yang Family people are too cruel. Uncle Teng, how can you be so apathetic.” Qin Menger bit her delicate and small lip. She didn’t listen to her family servant Old Teng’s advice, and urged her Flame Bird into the air again!

Qin Menger quickly entered the battlefield and instantly saw the mysterious master Chu fighting Yang Jie. She discovered that the fight was entirely in this master Chu’s favor, and couldn’t help but be extremely surprised.

Qin Menger had stayed in the extensive territory of the Luo Region for a few years and had seen many young experts. However, she had merely heard of young experts like Chu Mu, who could contend against an expert like Yang Jie. She had never seen this before, and never thought she would be able to. Yet, now she was personally witnessing such an expert!

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