Book 2 Chapter 229 - Marsh Corpse Hand

Chapter 229: Marsh Corpse Hand

After resting for an entire day, Chu Mu continued to advance.

He followed the dark forest’s path where it was dusky like a black night. Chu Mu even wondered if some departed spirit world soul pets would appear in this corrosive aura of the dim forest.

Departed spirit world soul pets normally were enveloped by the aura of death, and slowly absorbed this aura from the abandoned corpses in the wild, manifesting into a creature.

Chu Mu had very few contact with departed spirit world soul pets, and he had very little understanding of them. It was said that there was a large piece of land that was habitat to countless departed spirits on. That place was filled with departed spirit world soul pets...

After passing through a muddy patch of earth that was like a swamp, Chu Mu could clearly feel the density of the death aura. This dense death aura made breathing much harder.

“Gezhi Gezhi~~~~~~”

Suddenly, a noise that would make one’s blood run cold came from the dead tree marshy area. It sounded like some savage creature was chewing bones!

Chu Mu raised his vigilance, and he released his soul remembrance, searching for the source of the sound.

Suffering from the effects of death aura, Chu Mu’s soul remembrance had a limited range it could search. Moreover, that soul pet clearly was extremely adept at hiding as its soul remembrance, as it wasn’t able to locate it.

“Gezhi Gezhi~~~~~~~”

Another sound, this time closer. He could feel that it was moving towards him.

An indescribable panic arose in Chu Mu’s heart.


The Ghost King standing behind Chu Mu suddenly lifted its monarch ghost blade and let out an angry roar in a certain direction!

The Ghost King’s majesty was extremely powerful and when it roared, a dense ghost aura swept up and like a black tornado, swept forwards!

After the black ghost aura appeared, the silhouette of a floating creature faintly appeared on the indiscernible path ahead. This extremely strange creature’s body was practically transparent and if it wasn’t enveloped by ghost aura, he never would have seen its body.

“What is that?!” Chu Mu looked with astonishment at the creature hidden in the cold fog ahead.

It’s silhouette outlined a human’s figure. It seemed to have hair, it was covered in rags, its two arms hung down and its head drooped down. Its entire person seemed to be like a person that was hanged in midair...

“Young master, don’t panic. That’s a specter type soul pet, and its clearly the soul of a soul pet trainer which has borne the aura of death for countless years before being refined into being.” said Old Li.

“Specter type?” Chu Mu had only heard of this type of soul pets. However, he who had lived in a narrow-minded region that had never actually seen a specter type soul pet, especially a human form specter type soul pet.

“A majority of soul pets cultivate souls, and their souls are relatively strong. After their body dies, their souls are attached to an unmoving corpse and they will bear the long term permeation of death aura giving a definite chance of transforming into a specter. This is similar to those elemental kingdom soul pets where they are born from some spirit good and receive the nurturing of their element for a long time…”

Feeling the intimidation of the Ghost King’s powerful ghost type aura, that specter soul pet that seemed to be hanging itself didn’t dare approach Chu Mu and merely floated in the distance...

“That is the most low, specter rank, specter type soul pet. It practically has no offensive capabilities and can only use a few interference and restrictive techniques. Young master doesn’t have to be worried.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu nodded his head. Seeing that the Ghost King could subdue this creature, he bravely walked forward.

However, the moment he stepped a few steps forward, that specter type soul pet retreated in fear as if it had seen some terrifying object.

A cold gale blew over from some unknown place, hitting Chu Mu’s face. The dense aura of death made it so that Chu Mu had trouble breathing.

“E wu~~~”

“E wu~~~~~~~”

Strange sounds resounded from under the marsh, and these noises were like something was stuck in a throat and something abnormally hard was happening. It sounded a bit terrifying.

Chu Mu immediately creased his eyebrows. Right now his soul remembrance seemed to be limited by something for some mysterious reason, and he was unable to search around.

This situation normally would only occur when one’s soul was locked up, or there was some powerful mental suppression. Only, Chu Mu couldn’t feel the mental power of some creature pressing on his body. It was merely the surrounding strange atmosphere that fully inhibited his soul remembrance.

“Eh, young master… I suggest that you summon that black deer horse… then recall your current three soul pets…” Old Li’s voice became rather odd.

Although Chu Mu didn’t understand, he still recalled Zhan Ye, Devil Tree and Ghost King before gradually summoning the Night Thunder Dream Beast in front of him.

Chu Mu jumped on the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body and to remain safe, he immediately had the Night Thunder Dream Beast enter its Night Dance state.

Within the shadows, the Night Thunder Dream Beast could walk on air. As the Night Thunder Dream Beast proceeded forward, it stepped higher up, gradually walking into midair….

“Run with your fastest speed, and once you leave this marsh we’ll talk.” Old Li’s voice came, only, this time his voice didn’t come from Chu Mu’s soul capture ring into his mind, instead it was right in front of Chu Mu.

Chu Mu was shocked and watched Old Li disappear in front of him instantly.



A terrifying shout abruptly came from under the marsh and Chu Mu abruptly realized something.

“Night, Extreme Speed, run forward and don’t stop!” hastily said Chu Mu.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast also became aware of danger and tilted its head as it didn’t step on the marsh and ran over the dead tree marsh!!



A completely ulcered arm extremely frighteningly shot out from under the marsh. Its palm was like a ghost claw and coated on top was a terrifying corpse poison!

This hand happened to snatch at the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s four limbs ostensibly, wanting to ruthlessly drag it under the marsh!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dodging abilities were not inferior to Mo Xie’s. As it stepped in the air, its body suddenly swayed left and right, nimbly dodging this terrifying arm that shot out quickly.

“Gulu Gulu Gulu~~~~~~~~”

The mud in the marsh began to boil as countless black bubbles erupted in the bud. Each time they exploded, they would splash black-colored fluid and within each fluid were arms, hands and bony palms. They wanted to directly drag Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beast in!

“Chasing Wind Pursuing Moon!”

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s running speed increased as a special stream of air further began to coil around its body. Its run amidst the dead tree marsh with numerous claws was like it was stepping on these terrifying claws as it ran!

It speed grew increasingly quick. The Night Thunder Dream Beast reached a speed three times its original full strength run. Such a speed was already extremely close to the speed MO Xie used Instant Assault and moreover it was a continuous run!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s endurance was enough to allow it to run an entire night maintaining this speed. It passed through this large swamp full of claws, corpse hands and bony palms before it was possible to see that short old leopard cat...

Chu Mu turned around and looked. A few beast type soul pets that had originally come out to find prey and hadn’t evaded the danger were dragged alive under the marsh by those ruthless corpse hands. As he looked, Chu Mu felt a wave of alarm, as he never expected the marsh to gather such a group of terrifying objects.

“Young master, you also saw just now. If there are a ceaseless number of creatures dragged into the marsh, the death aura in the marsh will grow heavier and the corpses will grow more. After nearly 100 years of such a vicious cycle, these terrifying Marsh Corpse Hands will appear…” Old Li who had run to a safe place let out a long sigh of relief.

Chu Mu was already used to Old Li fleeing from danger and asked: “Then aren’t there thousands upon ten thousands of departed spirit world soul pets in the marsh?”

Old Li extended his leopard cat claw before swaying left and right: “No, no. The Marsh Corpse Hands aren’t thousands upon ten thousands of departed world soul pets; instead, it’s only one departed world soul pet.”

“One?” Chu Mu was slightly astonished as he looked at the innumerable corpse arms extending from the marsh. It really was hard to believe that it was only one soul pet...

“Departed spirit world soul pets are quite special. A number of them have the ability to devour each other and those corpses that are dragged into the marsh will become a part of that soul pet’s body. In truth, underneath those arms that you saw is definitely a master corpse, and that master corpse is this main soul pet’s body.

In my opinion, this Marsh Corpse Hand is roughly a commander nearing a monarch and about the seventh phase. If it was even a bit stronger, it would be rather hard to escape.

Of course, if young master is interested, you can go and capture it and play around. With the Nine Tailed Inferno Fox’s existence and further with the White Nightmare’s other type, there’s a possibility to defeat it.” said Old Li.

“Even if I capture this soul pet, how will it fight?” Chu Mu’s expression was outlandish as he spoke.

“Of course it can fight. In truth, the marsh is its field and after you capture it, it will able to take the lead to use the field. In other words it’ll become a portable marsh. Moreover, in this marsh, it will be able to use attacks at will. The Marsh Corpse Hand you currently see isn’t very strong, and this marsh was naturally formed. The marsh field it currently possesses is only approximately 20 meters in perimeter. The reason it’ll feel like untold numbers, or in other words seems like those corpse hands cover the entire marsh, is because it used Illusion. Don’t tell me you didn’t feel that you couldn’t release your soul remembrance?” said Old Li.

“Illusion? Is it similar to the Dream technique?” Chu Mu heard another new technique.

“That’s about right, but there’s also a difference. This soul pet’s way of fighting is extremely particular, and many people who don’t understand it will fall into its trap. If young master feels that you have space with your soul pacts, then you really can afford to think about it.” said Old Li.

“Forget about it. This thing is strange. Perhaps it doesn’t eat soul crystals and wants to eat flesh to grow….” Chu Mu shook his head and didn’t plan on contracting this soul pet.

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