Book 2 Chapter 228 - End of the Dark Forest

Chapter 228: End of the Dark Forest

“That’s…… that’s……” That soul pet trainer without Bloodsucking Wood Demon backed off frighteningly, watching shocked the Ghost King. His face was already completely pale with fear!

Ghost King, monarch rank soul pet. How powerful was its imposing manner? Especially with the dense ghost aura, those with weak mental support were easily pushed down by such a powerful ghost type aura!

“Ghost King, this is a Ghost King, god, a monarch rank soul pet!!!!”

The Young man Ting Nan was already completely stunned. How could he have known that Chu Mu would summon a monarch rank soul pet. One must know that those who had monarch rank soul pets were all experts that they didn’t dare to even talk to. These experts were either all famous already, or had a high position at some faction!


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier suddenly pushed both its arms into the ground, sending ten fingers into the ground!

Wood Finger Prison!

Ten fingers pierced through the ground and suddenly poked up from around the soul pet trainer’s surroundings, quickly tying up at the top of the person’s head and trapped him in the prison!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s arm pulled upwards, and its wood fingers started to retract. Very quickly, the soul pet trainer was restricted to the ground!!

The soul pet trainer’s body was already weak. With the Wood Finger Prison wrapped down tightly, it even cut straight through its skin, causing ten bloody marks to appear!

“Ten Ton Sword!!!”

Chu Mu let out a command and, with the Ghost King’s two hands around its sword, its pure power slash went straight for this soul pet trainer’s body. This soul pet trainer had already cast an incantation to protect himself, but it was simply too weak to stop the Ghost King’s sharp blade!

With the blade falling down, this soul pet trainer’s body was shattered to chunks, causing blood and flesh to splatter outwards from the sunken crater.

Looking at this soul pet trainer die horribly, the teen Ting Nan was already numb with fear. He would never have thought that the soul pet trainer he tricked was actually a soul master with a monarch rank soul pet.

With his three powerful soul pets, he continuously killed four people. Such strength was already considered an expert in the entire Thousand Wood City, and for some reason, Ting Nan felt that the man who, sitting apathetically on the tree top, watched the bloody scene unfold didn’t even use his full power, possibly having even stronger soul pets!

The others were all dead, so how did Ting Nan dare still stay there. Trembling with fear and treipdation, he summoned a wing type soul pet and wanted to escape into the skies, away from Chu Mu’s three bloody soul pets.  

Yet, Ting Nan’s soul pet had just taken off when the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots darted out from underground, wrapping around its lower limbs and forcefully yanked it back to the ground, not giving Ting Nan a chance to escape.

The Ghost King stepped its four meter tall body forward and enveloped Ting Nan and his soul pets in its shadow. Its two ghost pupils burned into the teen’s eyes. The moment the Ghost King’s Curved Sword fell, it would definitely end the teen’s life.

“Let me…… let me go, I beg of you…… I was forced by them to do this, I actually didn’t want to hurt you……” Ting Nan was already pale with fear, begging Chu Mu to let him go.

Chu Mu looked apathetically and said dimly, “How long have you been in Thousand Wood City?””

“Me…… one year…… around one year……” Ting Nan didn’t dare to lie anymore, giving Chu Mu the complete truth.

“Have you heard any news about the Ancient Azure Devil Tree?” Chu Mu continued.

“Ancient Azure Devil Tree?” Ting Nan’s eyes spun and, after a moment of hesitation, he replied, “I know, I know, I can lead you there as long as you don’t kill me……”

Chu Mu shook his head as he said apathetically, “Your death is certain. Saying it or not simply changes the way you die.”

When he spoke, Chu Mu slowly lifted his right arm up. In his right palm was a calm, burning ball of White Demonic Devil Flame. This Devil Flame let out piercing cold air, causing this black-hearted young man to start shaking all over!

With a light wave, the white demonic devil flames flew straight into Ting Nan. Before he even reacted, the flames went straight into him and started to burn his soul!


A hair-raising scream resonated through the dark forest. Ting Nan’s five senses were pinched together in pain, rolling around painfully on the ground.

“Kill me…...kill me please…...please end my life……”

The burning of a soul was unbearably painful. In the beginning, when Chu Mu had just signed a contract with the White Nightmare, he had wanted to end his own life countless times.

Now, Ting Nan was withstanding the white demonic devil flame, which was even more powerful than the white devil flames alone. This pain definitely wasn’t something a normal person could withstand!

Chu Mu’s palm slowly closed, and the flames burning Ting Nan died out.  

“From what I’ve heard, pass…...pass through…… the Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s territory, walk north, it will get darker and darker…… at the end of this dark forest, there will be an Ancient Azure Devil Tree……” Ting Nan finally opened his mouth, clearly unable to withstand Chu Mu’s torture method any longer.

“Zhan Ye.” Receiving the information, Chu Mu didn’t hesitate any longer, calmly telling Zhan Ye.

Zhan Ye understood Chu Mu’s meaning. Slowly walking up behind Ting Nan, as if not moving at all, its arm simply lifted up slightly and fell down.

Yet after this nearly invisible movement, a sharp line of blood came out of Ting Nan’s neck. This blood slowly started oozing blood, more and more, until finally spraying it out…… Ting Nan’s body spasmed a few times before falling down, eyes dull, and the life leaving his body quickly.

“Old Li, see if he has anything valuable.” Chu Mu said to Old Li.

Old Li jumped out of Chu Mu’s Soul Capture Ring and very diligently swept through the corpses, quickly swiping the spatial rings of the corpses into his hands.

“All of its just some garbage. A bunch of soul cores, a few soul crystals, and the rest is medicine bottles. The only valuable stuff are things you can’t use as well, so everything added together is only about 5 million gold.” Old Li said.

“Pick out the valuable things and throw away the useless one.” Chu Mu’s spatial ring was limited. Especially since he was already holding this many soul cores, Chu Mu was too lazy to carry anything not too valuable.

After collecting the corpses’ wealth, Chu Mu didn’t stay for much longer. After all, the smell of blood could easily attract cruel soul pets to appear. Chu Mu didn’t want to get accidentally surrounded by some soul pet species group.

Walking north for a distance, Chu Mu found a relatively safe place to sit down and rest.  

Of course, Chu Mu himself didn’t need much rest. The ones who needed rest were the Devil Tree, Zhan Ye, and the Ghost King, who all had just experienced a battle.

“Life Force Absorb, with this technique, beating Yu He’s Hundred Tree Female Demon would be much easier.” Chu Mu said.

“Ao~~~~ Ao~~~~~~~” After becoming stronger, Devil Tree Battle Soldier was also elated, letting out a few calls.

“Rest well, though life force can be absorbed through your technique, you still expended a lot of stamina.” Chu Mu patted Devil Tree on the shoulder.

Soul pets’ fighting strength were naturally affected by life force and stamina. Now, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had basically limitless life force, but if its stamina couldn’t hold on, its fighting strength would decrease still…… “Speaking of which, did you grow a stage again?” Chu Mu suddenly noticed when patting the Devil Tree’s shoulder that it grew again.  

Just not long ago, Devil Tree Battle Soldier had gone from sixth phase sixth stage to the seventh stage. With the combination of the Coronary Blood Fat and the blood colored amber creating a real strengthening effect, it made the Devil Tree Battle Soldier raise another stage right after. This gave Chu Mu a pretty big surprise. This meant that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was sixth phase eighth stage already.

If they found some high level soul item able to strengthen Devil Tree Battle Soldier on this journey to the Ancient Azure Devil Tree, raising the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to seventh phase shouldn’t be an issue. After all, other than using a demon wood heart in Gangluo City, the Devil Tree had not underwent any high level soul item strengthen. Through some even stronger soul item’s strengthening, breaking the bottleneck of sixth phase was very hopeful.  

“Old Li, do you think the kid’s words are reliable? That there’s an Ancient Azure Devil Tree at the end of this dark forest?” Chu Mu looked into the pitch black and gloomy north.

“It should be true. The Ancient Azure Devil Tree was also known as the Ground Quality Devil Tree. It usually laid at the intersection of two different forests. This dark forest should extend hundreds of miles. After a hundred miles there will still be the Yuan Forest’s green forests or rolling mountain ranges. Presumably, it is possible that an Ancient Azure Devil Tree grows at the end of this dark forest.” Old Li said.

“Looks like there’s still a very long way to go……” Looking at the endless dark forest, Chu Mu laughed bitterly.

Such atmosphere forests Chu Mu rarely walked. The depressing aura always made one feel strange, as if there was always a pair of eyes in the dark woods, watching coldly.

Once in a while, a chilling wind blew by as well. Of Chu Mu’s three soul pets, Zhan Ye had dark type, Devil Tree Battle Soldiers loved forests, and Ghost King was ghost type, so they all liked this dark forest. However, Chu Mu was still a normal person, naturally wanting to walk in lighter, verdant, and vital environments.

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