Chapter 226: The Strongest Absorbing, Life Force Absorbing (2)

Chapter 226: The Strongest Absorbing, Life Force Absorbing (2)

“What happened?!” the dark skinned leader opened his eyes, and he looked at the wounds on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body slowly healing. Ultimately, those four roots directly fell off the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body.

Very quickly, this criminal leader abruptly discovered that indications of withering had appeared on his Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s body as its life force was rapidly depleting!

In an identical circumstance with leader Brother Jiang, Old Zheng’s sixth phase eighth stage Bloodsucking Wood Demon began to shrink, and its body looked like it was composed of shrivelled bones and dying wood after having its life force absorbed...

“Quick, break its branches!” the dark skinned man named Jiang responded by immediately giving an order to the Horn Beast he was riding on.

The Horn Beast’s form was like a cow, and there were two horns on either side of its head. After the dark skinned leader gave an order, the Horn Beast made a loud noise and charged towards the two branches!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier had pretty much finished absorbing, and once it saw the Horn Beast launch its attack, it decisively recalled its two branches. The Horn Beast charged through empty air, and its horns smashed into a tree, crushing it.

“My Bloodsucking Wood Demon…” Old Zheng stupefyingly watched his own Bloodsucking Wood Demon.

His Bloodsucking Wood Demon had life force that was comparatively weaker among plant world soul pets. After the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s absorbing, it had lost nearly ¾ of its life force. The remaining ¼ life force probably could not support this plant type soul pet if it continued to fight.

“His Devil Tree Battle Soldier has the Bloodsucking technique!!” said the young man Ting Nan at this moment.

From the situation just now, he was immediately able to discern that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier not only possessed a bloodsucking ability, but its bloodsucking speed was even faster than the speed of the two Bloodsucking Wood Demons combined!

“Enough with your rubbish. I’ll summon an elemental world soul pet, and you guys have your beast type soul pets deal with that Zhan Ye!” angrily roared the dark skinned leader. He recalled the Bloodsucking Wood Demon that had lost most of its fighting strength back into the soul pet space and summoned a Raging Flame Fairy.

Old Zheng quickly switched his soul pets too, and he changed the Bloodsucking Wood Demon for a seventh phase ninth stage Dark Fairy.

The other member previously didn’t summon his Bloodsucking Wood Demon, and his two soul pets were already rushing at Zhan Ye as they were engaged in a close-ranged fight in the dim forest.

“Hmph, let’s see how powerful your Warbeast Mo Ye is!” the young man Ting Nan quickly locked onto Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye and gave his Mo Ye an order!

Ting Nan’s Mo Ye intentionally roared as if it was giving a challenge. Subsequently, it used the Dark Assault technique and rapidly flew in front of Zhan Ye, using its thick armor to ruthlessly smash into Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye!

Zhan Ye was facing two violent beasts, and didn’t notice Ting Nan’s Mo Ye. It wasn’t able to dodge in time and was knocked flying. Its body flew nearly 20 meters and smashed an old rotten tree!

Seeing that Zhan Ye had been injured by the charge, the other two violent beasts followed up and threw themselves at the fallen Zhan Ye. Their wild nature of attacks were quickly used!

A smile appeared on the young man, Ting Nan’s, face. With his understanding towards his soul pets, this charge with thick ink armor would definitely cause huge damage to that Mo Ye!

As for Chu Mu, who was silently standing under the tree, he glanced over at Zhan Ye, but quickly withdrew his gaze.

Zhan Ye was a soul pet that Chu Mu had spent 4 million gold coins to strengthen. Moreover, it was his only full form soul armor soul pet. Even if Ting Nan’s Mo Ye with an outstanding dark attribute reached the seventh phase, it wouldn’t necessarily be able to deal that much damage to Zhan Ye which life force exceeded normal soul pets by six times.


The warlike Zhan Ye was angry. His six-fold self healing ability was slowly healing the wounds from being knocked back by that Zhan Ye. Its fighting strength wasn’t weakened in the slightest, and it courageously charged at Ting Nan’s Zhan Ye!

The sixth level full form offensive soul claw’s effects were attached to Zhan Ye’s claws, and its ruthless strike ripped apart the weak ink armor of Ting Nan’s Mo Ye!

Zhan Ye’s fighting method had always been very barbarous. Moreover, when it was fighting against multiple enemies, it would often directly bear the attack of other soul pets before rigidly locking his eyes on one of them and went after them until it died!

Presently, Zhan Ye was using this fighting method!

Just now, when Zhan Ye had smashed the armor of Ting Nan’s Mo Ye, it had suffered the ripping claws of those two violent beasts before launching at Ting Nan’s Mo Ye!

Leaping up, tiger body flying through the air!

Fragmenting Steps!!!

The effect of the sixth level full form offensive soul armor was also attached to Zhan Ye’s front paws. Suddenly, the surrounding five meters of ground was smashed by a stamp while Ting Nan’s Mo Ye was knocked flying. The wound from earlier was ripped open wider!

Death Ray!!

An angry roar, a dark light began fermenting in Zhan Ye’s throat. As Ting Nan’s Mo Ye was still in the air, Zhan Ye promptly spat the Death Ray out, and its force exploded in between the tree tops!!

“Hong~~~~” Ting Nan’s Mo Ye was knocked flying once again. Its body was battered all over as it fell from high above, smashing countless branches before crashing to the ground. It didn’t even have the strength to stand up.

Ting Nan was stunned. He looked stupefyingly at his Mo Ye, which had been battered so badly and for a moment he couldn’t say anything!

“Full form offensive soul claw… this brat is too rich…” Old Zheng also noticed the savagery of this Warbeast Mo Ye. His sharp eyes further took note of the star-like radiance that condensed on Zhan Ye’s claws each time it attacked.

It was the radiance effect of a full form offensive soul claw!

Soul equipments were always luxury goods, especially sixth level and above soul equipment. Chu Mu’s full form offensive soul equipment costed 10 million, and these people would only barely be able to afford it if they sold all their assets!

There was a big difference between having soul equipment versus not having soul equipment. Zhan Ye’s inherent fighting strength was powerful enough to allow it to fight against normal seventh phase commanders. By adding on the full form soul equipment, it definitely wasn’t a problem to face three seventh phase commander ranks alone.

“Enough with the nonsense, kill him fast! What are your soul pets doing? Are they just watching from the sidelines?!” angrily roared the dark skinned Brother Jian as he displayed the mannerism of a leader.

The three of them each summoned an elemental soul pet that respectively were a seventh phase fifth stage Raging Flame Fairy, a seventh phase ninth stage Dark Fairy, and an eighth phase third stage Wind Fairy.

“Wait, why do we have to use elemental soul pets to deal with his Devil Tree Battle Soldier? Can’t my Fire Cat Demon counter it?” softly asked the soul pet trainer without a Bloodsucking Wood Demon.

“Even if your Fire Cat Demon was stronger, it wouldn’t be any use. With the bloodsucking, it would be able to heal even if it was being burned. Elemental soul pets don’t have blood and the blood won’t be absorbed. Why don’t you listen when I tell you to study more and gain knowledge?!” said Old Zheng

This soul pet trainer finally understood. He specially chanted an incantation, adding Dragon Wind’s effects onto his Wind Fairy, allowing it to control the wind type better.

The other two people also chanted incantations, adding double damage to their soul pets respectively.

Chanting an incantation, the Wind Fairy used the fastest speed and a muddy stream of air gradually appeared in the dark and indiscernible forest.

Very soon, this stream of air rose up, transforming into a hurricane that collected countless leaves and branches as it swept towards the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Facing the hurricane’s onslaught, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier decisively buried its two arms into the ground, rendering its body firmly stuck into the ground!

The hurricane swept past and the powerful destruction force ravaged the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body. Stream after stream of air were like cutting knife blades with exceptional power; Several tiny scars appeared on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body …

Destruction Ray!

The moment the hurricane swept past, the Dark Fairy’s Destruction Ray appeared and imposingly flew towards the Devil Tree Battle Soldier!

Its body was already locked there so it couldn’t dodge. The Destruction Ray that was stronger than the Death Ray exploded on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body causing it to ulcerate!


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was in a blood frenzy state. No matter how severe the attacks were, it wouldn’t make it feel pain. When the Raging Flame Fairy’s Burn arrived, its demon wood roots and branches simultaneously shot out!

“Continue attacking and we’ll see who dies first!” sneered the dark skinned leader as he also ignored the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s demon wood branch attack.

The three elemental soul pets were extremely terrifying, and they didn’t have any blood that could be absorbed. The dark skinned leader understood this bit of common sense and if he got rid of one of Chu Mu’s soul pets, it would be even easier to kill him!


Raging flames burning its body, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out an extremely frenzied cry. Its treebark skin was already showing visible signs of charring, but it still used the technique. The branches on its right and left arms respectively pierced through the Dark Fairy and Wind Fairy’s bodies and its roots ruthlessly pierced the Raging Flame Fairy.

“It’ll die soon, let me send it on its way!” seeing that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was being bombarded by different attributed techniques so that its body was growing deformed, Old Zheng gave a smile. He ordered his Dark Fairy to continue releasing Destruction Rays, giving the Devil Tree Battle Soldier its last attack.

The Destruction Ray took form and fiercely struck the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body!

Its body ulcerated once more, and it practically transformed into a burnt wood stack without any use.


Another angry roar came out, but after the Destruction Ray, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier hadn’t died. Unexpectedly, its ulcerated body showed small signs of healing!

An engulfing storm left it with a ravaged body and the torrential flames made its skin burn!

Only, just as the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s life force was about to be completely dried up, wriggling appeared on its demon wood branches and roots. Moreover, with each wriggle, it brought the Devil Tree Battle Soldier a large amount of life force!

This life force energy poured into its body as it suffered from attacks!

Ravagement and recovery were happening at the same time!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was on the brink of death and after suffering from four or five fierce attacks, it was still deadlocked with the three soul pets for nearly twenty seconds!

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