Book 2 Chapter 227 - Multikill, Bloody Devil Tree Battle Soldier

Chapter 227: Multikill, Bloody Devil Tree Battle Soldier


With an angry roar from the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, its demon wood roots simultaneously sucked at the three elemental soul pets’ lives. The three elemental soul pets’ life force quickly weakened!

The weaker the life force, the lower the fighting strength. The three elemental soul pets started chanting slower and slower, and their techniques also grew weaker.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was still sucking, but with the weakening of the three elemental soul pets, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body slowly recovered!

“How is this possible!!” The dark skinned Brother Jiang opened his eyes wide as he could, as he looked at the dying Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s wounds slowly heal.

The other two were also dumbstruck, completely not expecting the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to be able to suck their Elemental World soul pets’ lives.

“You……didn’t you say elemental world soul pets had no blood to be sucked?......” The soul pet trainer without a Bloodsucking Wood Demon said.

Old Zheng was also profusely confused. The Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s Bloodsuck could suck plant world and beast world soul pets because they were the only two kingdoms with blood vessels, having the life sustaining blood.

Elemental world soul pets were completely born from elemental matter, devoid of organs, blood vessels, and even a fleshly body. Under such circumstances, it was impossible for it to be sucked of blood.

Yet, what was hard to explain was, this Devil Tree Battle Soldier could even suck their elemental world soul pets and transform it into its life force, recovering at clearly visible rates!

On the tree, Chu Mu stood and watched as his Devil Tree Battle Soldier quickly transformed the life force of the three elemental world soul pets into his. He forcefully stopped the incantation that he was ready to cast, and looked surprised at the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

“Ah, I remember!” Young master, I remember, I know what technique it is!!” Suddenly, Old Li’s voice echoed through Chu Mu’s brain.

“What technique?” Chu Mu himself was also confused, because the Bloodsuck he knew indeed could only suck beast and plant world soul pets. And before, when the Devil Tree Battle Soldier pushed its roots into normal trees, it could take their life force as well.

“Life Force Absorb! It’s one of the most powerful sucking abilities. As long as its a life form, even if it isn’t a soul pet, one could suck the life away and transform it into one’s own.” Old Li said.

“Life Force Absorb?” It was also Chu Mu’s first time hearing such a technique name. When his eyes fell on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body, he was surprised to see that it had already recovered half of its fighting strength, and the three elemental soul pets were on the verge of death. The one with the least life force was already sucked to the point where it no longer had a body!

“Young master, Life Force Absorb is much faster than Bloodsuck, usually determined by the sucking organism’s life force. Your Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s life force is about twice a normal soul pets, meaning in one second, it could suck 10% of this doubled life force. This doubled 10% is equivalent to a normal soul pet’s 20%. If your Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s life force was like your cockroach Mo Ye, six times a normal soul pet, then in one second it would be able to suck 60% of a normal soul pet’s life force!” Old Li said.

Old Li said a bunch of things, yet Chu Mu was still slightly confused, not understanding the concept of the speed of the Life Force Absorb.

Old Li rolled his eyes, “Anyways, the sucking speed is 10% of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s life force limit every second. This means, the higher the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s life force, the more damage his Absorb does!”

“Your Devil Tree Battle Soldier is continuously sucking three elemental soul pets’ lives. This means every second it is recovering 30% of its life, yet their elemental world soul pets were losing 10% of their lives every second. In such a situation, how could they possibly kill your old tree?” Old Li smiled.

With this messy jumble of explanations from Old Li, Chu Mu finally understood the power of Life Force Absorb. As long as the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s life force was stronger, it meant that the Life Force Absorb’s speed would be faster. Even  if its one second 10%, when its life force was massive, this 10% could mean half a normal soul pet’s life!

Finally, when the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s fighting strength recovered around ⅔, the three elemental world soul pets were all near their ends. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out another angered roar, and used its roots to throw the Storm Fairy and Dark Fairy away.

The Storm Fairy and Dark Fairy were already nearly lifeless. With this throw, they were clearly dead!

Very quickly, the feedback of the soul pact breaking hit the two soul pet trainers’ souls and wounded them, causing their faces to quickly pale!

The dark skinned leader reacted faster than the other two, but the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots had already disregarded the flames and wrapped around the Raging Flame Fairy’s body as continuous demon wood root pierces caused the weakened fairy to be unable to cope.

“Quickly come back!” The dark skinned Brother Jiang finally finished the retracting soul incantation, but he was still a step too slow. The Raging Flame Fairy was heavily yanked by the bloodthirsty Devil Tree Battle Soldier and didn’t get enveloped in the retraction incantation. Following that, nearly seventy demon wood roots pierced it through, causing the Raging Flame Spirit’s life force to go down by 15% every second.

The flames on its body slowly disappeared, and the Raging Flame Fairy ultimately couldn’t escape this terrifying Life Force Absorb technique, becoming a small fire that dissipated with a chilly wind from the depths of the forest.


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s fighting strength still wasn’t completely recovered, so its roots quickly attacked the dark skin leader’s Horn Beast!

The Horn Beast had already run in front of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s face. Those two long horns heavily slammed into the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body, creating two large holes in the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s torso area!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier had its roots deadly locked into the ground, not allowing its body to move. Just as the Horn Beast attacked, the demon wood on its body suddenly grew out and became a flexible vine wood that locked the Horn Beast!

Brother Jiang saw that his Horn Beast was trapped but didn’t show much fear. The Horn Beast’s outer defense was very high. Even his Bloodsucking Wood Demon couldn’t easily break through. As long as its defense was good, not allowing the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots to pierce to its blood vessels, it wouldn’t be able to be sucked of life!

But, this soul pet trainer was too naive.

His Bloodsucking Wood Demon had an initial stage blood Demon Wood energy crystal. Its attack was limited, so naturally it didn’t break through the Horn Beast’s defense.

Yet, Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier already had intermediate Demon Wood. Though it couldn't easily rip apart the Horn Beast’s defense, piercing through wasn’t anything difficult!


Suddenly, the Horn Beast let out a pained cry. This sound made Brother Jiang’s face go white, as he watched his Horn Beast get pierced by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s demon wood!

The Horn Beast’s life force was relatively high, but it was still quickly absorbed by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Its life was quickly being transformed into the life of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

The Horn Beast was tightly bound by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, only able to kick its short four hooves around. Yet, as it was losing its life, its body quickly shriveled up…...

The dark skinned leader naturally couldn’t just watch as his soul pet was sucked clean. He quickly started an incantation to summon his third soul pet to save the Horn Beast.

“Ghost King, Death Blade!”

Chu Mu smiled coldly. Taking the opportunity that the person was frantically casting an incantation, he commanded the Ghost King that was in ambush to attack!

The Ghost King had the ghost type. In heavily shady areas, it could hide itself. Brother Jiang didn't even notice the existence of Ghost King!

Death Blade!! Sixth rank ghost type soul technique!!

The Ghost King had long since finished its Monarch Ghost Transformation. After its power doubled, it was more terrifying than seventh phase beast type soul pets. With the sweep of the Death Blade, even the light beams that fell down between the leaves were cut in half!


The Ghost King’s technique was very dominant, not giving Brother Jiang a chance to finish his incantation. The Death Blade flew through his neck!!!

A head fell down. A ball of death surrounded the area it was severed at. After a second, fresh blood splattered out of the wound!

The Death Blade’s ghost blade aura didn’t just disappear because of the guy’s death. It passed further through Old Zheng’s arm. Without any preparation, Old Zheng’s arm was immediately corroded by the black aura, showing heavy signs of rot!

Brother Jiang didn’t even have time to let out a scream. His head fell, body fell, and blood splattered everywhere.

Old Zheng let out a miserable scream, as he held his rotting arm and rolled around on the ground as the beast type soul pet he just summoned jumped straight towards Ghost King!

The Ghost King was only at the fifth phase eighth stage, but any commander under seventh phase wouldn’t even think of competing against this powerful monarch rank soul pet. Barely needing an incantation, the Ghost King stared hard and a large sprout of stalagmite-like rocks appeared, heavily sending the soul pet away!

Its Monarch Ghost Curved Sword fell down, and a sharp ghost aura cut right through its abdomen before it even fell to the ground. This soul pet didn’t even have time to let out an anguished howl before its body was cut open. After its body decomposed into black gas quickly, only its white bones fell down to the ground.

“Houhouhou!!!!!!” Reaching sixth phase third stage, Zhan Ye let out an intimidating roar and used Heavenly Ripping Claw to rip the last beast to pieces.

Though full of wounds, this time Zhan Ye solely relied on his powerful self healing and six times life force, getting rid of three beasts without even using Broken Limb Rebirth a single time!

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