Chapter 225: The Strongest Absorbing, Life Force Absorbing (1)

Chapter 225: The Strongest Absorbing, Life Force Absorbing (1)


A long shout resounded from the gloomy forest, causing the encompassing tree leaves to visibly shake.

“Did you hear that shout?” said Old Zheng who had previously ambushed Chu Mu.

“Why are you so scared? Isn’t it just a soul pet’s shout?” said the coarse man wearing short sleeves.

“It seems to be the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s shout from the soul pet trainer before. That voice was like a wild beast with a steady voice, and I’m pretty sure that only the Devil Tree Battle Soldier can make that shout.” said the young man Ting Nan.

“Oh? Could it be that he entered the inner part of the Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s territory? Then he really is looking for death.” laughed Old Zheng.

“No wonder we haven’t been able to find him. It turns out he hid in the inner part of the Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s territory.” said the leader of the criminals, the dark skinned Brother Jiang. His face displayed a rather sinister smile.

“He probably isn’t too far from us. Let’s catch up to him.” said the short sleeved coarse man. After speaking, this fellow took the lead as he rode on his soul pet towards the origin of the shout. The others followed on their soul pets one after the other.


In the gloomy forest, all of the trees in the twenty meter range around the Devil Tree Battle Soldier were withered. The life force of these trees had all been absorbed by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, and had become its nutrients.

In the previous fight, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had lost one third of its fighting strength. After continuous absorbing, its fighting strength returned to its original state, and Chu Mu could further feel its coarse and wild aura that was similar to a wild beast. Such aura caused its strength to be in the process of increasing.

“Evolving? It’s also similar to the excited state of the Violent Blood Pupil strength increase?” Chu Mu looked at the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, and couldn’t come to a real conclusion for it.

Presently, its eyes were scarlet red, and it very clearly was because of the special effect that the mixture of the Coronary Blood Fat and blood colored amber caused. Yet, Chu Mu couldn’t make clear of its sudden increase in strength, specifically whether it was temporary or whether it had obtained a true strengthening because of this unique spirit item.

“It can absorb trees, but the energy from these trees is too little. If it absorbs a hundred trees, it will barely be able to replenish its fighting strength. This will definitely be very effective in a fight.” Old Li rubbed his silver beard, and he continued to consider what this technique was that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier possessed.

“Do you know what this technique is yet?” asked Chu Mu.

“This… in my opinion, this technique is a bit similar to Bloodsuck…” Old Li could ultimately only give this answer.

Chu Mu drew back the corners of his lips. Old Li’s words were equivalent to nothing have being said, and Chu Mu might as well communicate with his Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

However, just as Chu Mu was planning to ask it what was different, Chu Mu’s soul remembrance suddenly caught a few soul pets rapidly rushing in this direction.

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~”

The wind blew unnaturally, the noise of dead leaves being stepped on rang out and the sound of branches being broken was heard...

Chu Mu had already detected several people approach. A evil smile carrying a bit of bloody intent rose on Chu Mu’s face. These few fellows very evidently didn’t understand fighting in the wild forest. Otherwise, they wouldn’t make so much noise. These noises were practically yelling at Chu MU: We’re coming to kill you…”

“Perfect, let’s see what effect this technique has.” Chu Mu jumped onto the tree with evident proficiency. He had his three soul pets hide in the shadows of the trees and silently waited for these criminal soul pet trainers to appear.

The sounds grew closer and closer. These several schmucks ostensibly exposed their tracks and the short sleeved coarse man at the very front further stepped on a number of branches, allowing Chu Mu to instantly lock him down!

“Devil Tree, have your roots lie in wait a hundred meters ahead.” Chu Mu used soul remembrance to order the Devil Tree Battle Soldier hidden in between the trees.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier silently stood under the gray colored treetops. In front of it were several rays of sunlight spilling down, but it didn’t affect its hiding.

Without requiring any movement, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots were like vipers that silently wriggled underground and slowly set up a root trap a hundred meters ahead.

The short sleeved coarse man was riding an eighth phase Hunting Wolf. From its build, this soul pet should have undergone certain strengthening and its fighting strength could be compared to a few warrior rank soul pets...

The Hunting Wolf’s face was malevolent, and its pale white hunting teeth were exposed to the air. As it ran, its mouth was open as if could savagely pounce at its prey at any time.

“It should should be near. That brat can’t have ran far!” the coarse man stopped and turned around, searching everywhere for Chu Mu’s tracks.

The short sleeved coarse man was a hundred meters away from his four companions. He always enjoyed running at the very front because he had a Hunting Wolf that was much faster than the others. He, who was always arrogant, naturally wanted to display his superiority.

Only, this fellow didn’t know that fifty meters ahead was a grey colored treetop, where a pair of black eyes were staring at him.  That cold face gradually cracked a merciless smile.

“Root Bind!”

Finally, Chu Mu gave the order!

If the short sleeved coarse man had continued to run, with his Hunting Wolf’s speed, he had a certain small probability of being able to dodge the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s trap lying there.

However, this fellow had a type of courting death factor in his bones, and unexpectedly had stopped on the trap Chu Mu had set for him as he looked around everywhere. He practically had presented his neck to the blade of the homicidal maniac, Chu Mu. if Chu Mu didn’t kill him, he felt that he would be offending the great location he was in.


The leaves covering the ground flew up and danced in the air as over ten extremely tenacious demon wood roots suddenly appeared. They quickly bounded the Hunting Wolf’s four paws and extended up the legs of this four meter long Hunting Wolf, practically binding its entire body!


The hunting wolf let out a panicked shout. As it tried to break its legs free and dodge, it discovered that it had been completely bounded by the ten roots, not letting it budge an inch.

The coarse man’s face changed, and he immediately chanted an incantation, wanting to summon another soul pet to help him break free of his plight.

“Zhan Ye, Heavenly Splitting Claw!”

The dark attribute allowed Zhan Ye to easily hide its aura in the dark forest. Zhan Ye, in reality, was hiding not even twenty meters from the Hunting Wolf!

Using Dark Assault, the twenty meter distance was covered in under a second, and Zhan Ye’s incomparably sharp claws were already in front of the course man.

The sixth level full form offensive soul claw twinkled with starlight making Zhan Ye’s claws possess more attacking properties. Heavenly Splitting Claw was used, and even though the short sleeved coarse man had already finished his Bug Pupa technique defense, the seventh rank defense was equivalently empty air to the eighth rank Heavenly Splitting Claw as the defense was easily ripped apart by Zhan Ye!

Ink Armor Spike!

Zhan Ye was already near his body, and the ink armor spikes on its body abruptly shot out. At the exact moment this soul pet trainer finished his incantation, the Ink Armor Spikes that ignored defense directly pierced through his useless fifth level soul armor, entering his chest and stomach, instantly piercing through!


Zhan Ye produced a bloody angry roar. The ink armor spikes on its back pierced and lifted up this fellow’s body before ruthlessly throwing him off. Suddenly, a streak of blood spilled through the air and the captivating red droplets splattered all over the dried yellow leaves on the ground.

With the death of its master, how could the eighth phase Hunting Wolf survive? The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots full of a bloody intent appeared and punctured a myriad of holes in the eighth phase Hunting Wolf; blood splattered...

The coarse short sleeved man was only separated by a hundred meters from everyone else, but the other four had only moved fifty meters before the soul pet trainer and his soul pet lost their lives. They lay there dripping in blood in front of the other four.

The four people were stunned by the scene in front of them; they never expected their team member to be killed so easily!

“Kill him for me!!” the dark skinned leader was angry, and the veins on his face bulged. He immediately summoned his Bloodsucking Wood Demon!

Old Zheng’s summoning speed was also very quick, and as he rode on his soul pet, he also summoned his Bloodsucking Wood Demon!

Sixth phase ninth stage, sixth phase eighth stage. The two Bloodsucking Wood Demons simultaneously locked down the Devil Tree Battle Soldier standing under two dark trees. They promptly threw of their branches on its body!


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s dodging abilities were very poor and after seeing the four branches flying at it, it simply couldn’t dodge and allowed them to pierce its abdomen.

Yet, as the minute wooden needles appeared on the four branches, and began to absorb the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s blood, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier threw its arms forth, covering a distance of sixty meters, which respectively stabbed into the two Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s abdomens.

“Hmph, isn’t this courting death?! Bloodsuck, suck out all its blood!” sneered the dark skinned Brother Jiang.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots only had the ability to pierce through things, but his Bloodsucking Wood Demon could absorb blood!

The two Bloodsucking Wood Demons simultaneously absorbed and within a short period of time, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier lost half its blood and half its fighting strength!

“Transform it into a dry tree!” yelled Old Zheng as he had his Bloodsucking Wood Demon suck the blood.


Suddenly, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out an angry roar, and a slight wriggle appeared on its two branches. As the speed of the wriggles grew faster, the wounds where it had been pierced by the four branches showed signs of healing!

Chu Mu was somewhat shocked as he looked at the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. It had just lost practically half of its blood, but after the branches began to wriggle, its blood not only stopped decreasing, but instead began to quickly gain back!

Being able to heal its wounds despite having its blood sucked by two Bloodsucking Wood Demons simultaneously meant that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s bloodsucking ability was over two times as fast as the two Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s absorbing speed!

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