Book 2 Chapter 224 - Mutated Bloodsuck

Chapter 224: Mutated Bloodsuck

The seventh phase ninth stage Bloodsucking Wood Demon was finally killed. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier displayed a rare anger, piercing the Bloodsucking Wood Demon until it was unrecognizable. It didn’t even leave its soul core intact, shattering it with a pierce.


Just as the Devil Tree Battle Soldier retracted all its techniques, it suddenly let out a roar, as its black-green body slowly regained its green hue.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body still had some demon wood wrapped on it. When the Devil Tree Battle Soldier started glowing green, the demon wood suddenly became thicker, and its color became purer!


Chu Mu looked at the small changes to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body and smiled again.

Sixth phase seventh stage. After the experience of fighting, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had finally started its steps to rapidly growing!

“Ze ze, its demon wood energy crystal should be at the middle stage. Once it reaches the seventh phase, you can try to spend some ten thousand gold coins to strengthen the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s devil wood crystal to bloody wood crystal. With Bloodsuck and the unbreakable Bloody wood, even if it’s placed in a huge group of soul pets, as long as they aren’t incredibly powerful, your devil tree battle soldier will be able to fight endlessly.” Old Li said.

Wood type energy crystal: The most normal was wood, then demon wood, then bloody wood. Bloody wood crystal was equivalent to the Ice Air Fairy’s Towering Ice crystal.

When they were in Colored Sky City, they found the Ice Snow Fruit that could increase the chance of an ice type soul pet to learn a new energy crystal. Such a fruit was priced at 20 million.

Things like the Ice Snow Fruit weren’t always readily available. Chu Mu could only look for it again at Li City. If he found anything similar for the wood type, he would decisively buy it.

That is, if Chu Mu had 20 million gold to spare.


Though Zhan Ye was already at the sixth phase, he wasn’t as proficient in dealing with these wood type soul pets, and was only able to get rid of one sixth phase eighth stage Bloodsucking Wood Demon

After the Ghost King did its Monarch Ghost Transformation, the Bloodsucking Wood Demon were all scared, so the Ghost King himself also got rid of two Bloodsucking Wood Demons. It was truly terrifying.

At the fifth phase eighth stage and with such a powerful fighting strength, Chu Mu was more and more confident in his own soul pets.

The Bloodsucking Wood Demon was quickly dealt with by Chu Mu’s three soul pets, leaving only the Coronary Bloodwood Demon.

The Coronary Bloodwood Demon was at the seventh phase. When Chu Mu’s soul pets were fighting the Bloodsucking Wood Demons, it kept hiding at the back. Seeing the situation had changed, it decisively started escaping.

Chu Mu’s remembrance had long since locked onto this Coronary Bloodwood Demon. How fast could a wood type soul pet possibly run? Very soon, Chu Mu caught up to this Coronary Bloodwood Demon.

“Devil Tree, Wood Finger Prison!” Chu Mu commanded

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier knelt down and pressed its hands into the ground, sending ten of its fingers swiftly into the ground.

The range of the Finger Wood Prison could reach a hundred meters. The Coronary Bloodwood Demon was only fifty meters away. At such distances, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s techniques were also much more accurate.

Ten wooden fingers leapt out and quickly knotted above the Coronary Bloodwood Demon’s head and just as quickly fell down, firmly holding the Coronary Bloodwood Demon down!

The Coronary Bloodwood Demon clearly had much stronger roots than the Bloodsucking Wood Demon. When the Devil Tree Battle Soldier intentionally retracted its fingers, the Coronary Bloodwood Demon didn’t get pushed to the ground, but instead stood straight up, not allowing its body to be pressed down.

“Zhan Ye, Dark Assault!”

“Ink Armor Spike!”

Zhan Ye’s speed was the fastest of the three. Receiving the command, it became a black whirlwind and dashed towards the Coronary Bloodwood Demon!

The Coronary Bloodwood Demon’s roots constantly darted up from the ground densely to try to stop Zhan Ye from nearing it.

“Ghost King, Rock Pressure!”

The Ghost King knew the majority of sixth rank and below rock type techniques. It almost didn’t need an incantation. With a point of its sword, the previously rotten ground suddenly became extremely dense. Under the control of the Ghost King, it became even sturdier than actual rocks!

The Coronary Bloodwood Demon’s roots came from the ground. If the ground became harder, it was harder for its roots to pierce through, and the dwindling amount that did get through couldn’t possibly stop the extremely fast Zhan Ye!

Extending its Ink Armor Spikes outwards, Zhan Ye’s body was like a curled-up maggot. Facing its ink spike towards the Coronary Bloodwood Demon, it heavily pierced into its body!

Dark Corrosion!

After the Coronary Bloodwood Demon was pierced, Zhan Ye’s dark type corrosive technique instantly started spreading, causing the entire upper body of the Coronary Bloodwood Demon to become black!

Heavenly Ripping Claw.

Demon Wood Root Puncture.

Hundred Ton Sword!

The three each cast a technique, and the Coronary Bloodwood Demon finally couldn’t escape death. Under the last strike of the Ghost King, its body was almost squashed flat. It laid heavily in the crater.

“Zhan Ye, rip open its body.” Chu Mu said.

Zhan Ye’s Ink Armor Spike had already completely corroded through the Coronary Bloodwood Demon’s defense. With its sixth rank full form offensive soul claw and seventh rank claws, it easily ripped into the body.

“Still no bloodsucking wood……” Chu Mu shook his head disappointingly. He handily retrieved the Coronary Bloodwood Demon’s soul core to keep it as food for his Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

“Ao? Ao!” The Devil Tree Battle Soldier didn’t give up. Using its sluggish arms to push the body aside, it pointed at a small, thumb-sized blood amber and looked at Chu Mu blankly.

Chu Mu’s attention quickly fell on the ground. He carefully looked at it and pulled it out from the Coronary Bloodwood Demon’s body.

“Old Li, what is this?” Taking the little red amber out, Chu Mu asked.

“I haven’t even seen this soul pet before, how would I know what is in it…....” Old Li jumped out of Chu Mu’s soul capture ring and glanced at the blood amber before saying with disdain.

“Eh, wait a second, let me see it again……” Suddenly, Old Li stole the blood amber away.

Old Li flipped it around for a while, sometimes thinking, sometimes tinkering. He even bit down on it with his teeth, looking like a devious trader figuring out the authenticity of a gold coin.

“Have you figured anything out yet?” Chu Mu said impatiently.

“Young master, this should be the combination of Coronary Blood Fat and Bloodsucking Wood, like the lineage of the organism. Though I can’t say its exact effect, you should try combining it with the Coronary Blood Fat you have; there may be surprising effects.” Old Li said.

“Is there any possibility of side effects?” Chu Mu asked.

“Nope, this organism already has the bloodline of a Coronary Blood Vine. The Coronary Blood Fat can be combined with this. Don’t you have the combining medicine given by the beautiful legged girl?” Old Li said.

Coronary Blood Fat and Bloodsucking Wood were both advanced soul items. To combine these two would be impossible for Chu Mu alone. Only a soul teacher could do it.

Ye Qingzi also knew that Chu Mu had been searching for Bloodsucking Wood. To help Chu Mu out, she concocted a flask to combine Coronary Blood Fat and Bloodsucking Wood, saving Chu Mu a million gold. After all, that would be the price any other soul teacher would give.

Chu Mu didn’t think much of it. He took the Coronary Blood Fat out and put the blood amber into it.


When the blood amber fell into the Coronary Blood Fat, it immediately let out blood colored gases and it dissolved into the fat…...

“Pour the combining medicine in.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu followed directions and poured the expensive medicine into the flask…...

After the combining medicine went in, the blood colored gases immediately disappeared, and the splashing Coronary Blood Fat calmed down, slowly becoming a transparent blood-colored medicine.

“It calming down means that its edible, I just don’t know what the effects are. You can let your Devil Tree Battle Soldier try.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu hesitated for a while. If Ye Qingzi said that, Chu Mu would definitely let the Devil Tree Battle Soldier try it without hesitation, but Old Li didn’t know much about medicine at all, so Chu Mu had to decide whether or not there were side effects for eating it.


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a sound, displaying its willingness to try. Presumably, it was eager to raise its own power.

“If anything goes wrong, tell me immediately.” Chu Mu passed the medicine to Devil Tree Battle Soldier and warned.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier nodded and didn’t say much, decisively pouring the medicine into its mouth and finishing it.

Five seconds passed, and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s expression was still blank, not looking any strengthened.

A minute passed, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was still standing there, but its deeply sunken eyes slowly started turning red.

Five minutes passed, and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s eyes were emitting a bloodlust and viciousness.

“What’s up?” Chu Mu asked. Chu Mu could feel evil tendencies within the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. This ball of evil tendencies made the Devil Tree Battle Soldier want to fight!


Suddenly, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out an angry roar, and its two arms shot towards two nearby trees, burying straight into each tree!

The two trees used to be dark green and dead looking, but when the Devil Tree Battle Soldier sent its arms in, these two trees completely shriveled, as if all its life essence were absorbed!!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier still had wounds from the fight just now, yet when the two trees completely shriveled, some wounds on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had quickly healed a bit!!

Seeing Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s actions and its healed wounds, Chu Mu was surprised even further.

“Strange, it isn’t Bloodsuck, because bloodsuck isn’t capable of sucking these plants……” Old Li rubbed its silver whiskers.

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