Book 2 Chapter 223 - Devil Tree, Wood Finger Prison

Chapter 223: Devil Tree, Wood Finger Prison

The monarch ranked summoning symbol was different from others. It was no longer a summoning diagram. The symbol that appeared within Chu Mu’s summon looked more like the soul imprint of Chu Mu and Ghost King. This symbol was shrouded with a ghostly aura, emitting a dark and deviled feel.

With the finish of Chu Mu’s incantation, the symbol slowly shrunk and the ghostly aura, as if alive, revealed a grotesque look. The inner layer full of shattered Dark Sturdy Rock flew about, quickly combining into the Ghost King’s iron-hard body!


The wind blew over, and the straightened Ghost King’s right hand grasped powerfully. The Monarch Ghost Curved Sword quickly assembled, and the ghost runes appeared and finally imprinted themselves onto the sword.

“Deal with the sixth phase eighth stage Bloodsucking Wood Demon!” Chu Mu sent a command to the Ghost King.

The fifth phase eighth stage Monarch Rank soul pet was more than enough to deal with any commander rank below seventh phase. Receiving the command, the Ghost King gravely stepped forward and walked towards the sixth phase eighth stage Bloodsucking Wood Demon.


The leaves were like knives as the Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s blades flew over densely, cutting up the nearby trees!

The Hundred Leaf Blade of the Bloodsucking Wood Demon wasn’t powerful, but it covered a large area. If many Bloodsucking Wood Demons casted it simultaneously, the damage was very powerful.


The Ghost King stood at the very front. The ghost aura on its body suddenly burned up, and darts of ghost fire-like aura came out of its body.

As the ghost fire burned, the Ghost King’s body started expanding. All its muscles bulked up, and in a short two seconds, the Ghost King had finished its Monarch Ghost Transformation, becoming a doubled strength giant!


The vision covering leaf blades all pattered onto the Ghost King’s body like a storm, yet the Ghost King was like an immovable mountain, standing there silently, letting the leaves hit its body. They only left a shallow mark on its Dark Sturdy Rock body.

Elemental World soul pets’ life force weren’t too powerful, but normal wounds completely didn’t affect their fighting strength. As for the marks left by these leaves, they were synonymous to tickles.

The Ghost King’s skin defense was at the seventh rank initial stage. In normal circumstances, the rock type seventh phase initial stage defense was even stronger than other intermediate stage defenses.

Wood type soul pets’ attacks were mainly numerous, unpredictable, dense, and quick, but their actual damage wasn’t very high. The Ghost King’s typing had quite the advantage.


It took a big step forward. After the Ghost King finished the Ghost Transformation, its speed fell, but its menacing aura became even greater. Its four meter tall body heavily stepped onto the Root Spikes that didn’t break its defense, and it lifted its Monarch Ghost Sword high up, heavily slamming it towards the sixth phase eighth stage Bloodsucking Wood Demon to its left!!

Hundred Ton Sword![1]

The Ghost King’s sword’s weight immediately tripled. Its original weight was already near one hundred kilograms. After tripling, how terrifying would the destruction caused by the four meter giant be!?!


The sword fell, and its weight pushed the surrounding ground down further. The Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s dodging ability was in itself slow. With this sword, its entire body was bent into the deep crater.

Since it was already underfoot, this sixth phase eighth stage Bloodsucking Wood Demon wouldn’t be able to compete against the Ghost King. The Ghost King used its huge foot to step on the two branch arms of the Demon, sentencing it to imminent death.

“Devil Tree, Demon Wood Puncture!” Chu Mu put his attention onto the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s battle.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was only at the sixth phase sixth stage, so it wasn’t much stronger than the Bloodsucking Wood Demon. Chu Mu didn’t let Zhan Ye or the Ghost King to help it fight, but instead let it face the Bloodsucking Wood Demon alone.

The ground covered in yellow leaves suddenly blew up as seventy thin Demon Wood roots darted out from the ground and, like javelins, pierced towards the sixth phase ninth stage Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s body.


Demon Wood Root Puncture quickly left many holes on the sixth phase ninth stage Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s body.

Blood flowed through the Bloodsucking Wood Demon, so when the holes were made, red liquid immediately oozed out and slowly flowed down from its gnarled body.

“Good, we wounded it.” Chu Mu smiled and commanded his Devil Tree Battle Soldier to continue fighting.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s demon wood arms suddenly lengthened and became two long and hardened arms. As the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body suddenly twisted, the two arms, extending thirty meters, whipped powerfully towards the Bloodsucking Wood Demon!


The sixth phase ninth stage Bloodsucking Wood Demon let out the laughter of an old man, and its two arms also extended. When the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s two arms whipped across, it suddenly grabbed on.


The arms of the Bloodsucking Wood Demon suddenly grew sharp spikes. These sharp spikes dug into the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s arms and, while tightly grappling onto the arm, they also started sucking the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s blood frantically!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s blood was sucked into the Bloodsucking Wood Demon. When it was absorbing the blood, the bleeding wounds on its body was closing at rapid speeds. In a few seconds, its body had healed fully!

“Overgrowth!” Chu Mu furrowed his brow as he sent the command.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s arm quickly grew thin branches. Seeming to be affected by the blood loss, these branches grew very slowly and were not numerous.

When the branches finally displayed their binding effect, the Bloodsucking Wood Demon had already sucked enough blood and retreated, so the Devil Tree Battle Soldier couldn’t do much but retract its arms as well.

“Its wounds are healed along with its fighting strength.” Chu Mu said to himself.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier had the more powerful Demon Wood energy crystal. Normally speaking, it shouldn’t have trouble dealing with a commander rank three stages higher, yet this Bloodsuck ability was truly hard to deal with.

After fighting for forever, its strength had recovered again. Chu Mu had finally realized that this Bloodsuck ability truly was powerful. No wonder many soul pet trainers didn’t want to fight Bloodsucking Wood Demons.

After getting sucked, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s fighting strength decreased by about a third. It never had much of an advantage. Now that its fighting strength fell, defeating this Bloodsucking Wood Demon was even tougher.


Just as Chu Mu was thinking, the anger built up through these days seemed to have exploded within the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. It suddenly squatted down and pressed its wooden palms onto the ground.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s fingers were very long. When he stuck them all into the ground, it was like it was casting a technique.

Chu Mu watched his Devil Tree Battle Soldier with confusion. Before Chu Mu reacted, ten vine-like things suddenly appeared in a five meter radius around the Bloodsucking Wood Demon.

Looking closely, these ten vine like things were the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s infinitely lengthened wooden fingers. These wooden fingers were like vines, quickly darting above the Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s head. In a blink of an eye, they tied together five meters above the Bloodsucking Wood Demon.

The ten fingers formed a circle and tied together at the center, creating this Wooden Finger Prison made up of ten fingers!

The sixth phase ninth stage Bloodsucking Wood Demon clearly hadn’t seen this technique before, but it had vigilance. It stepped away slowly, trying to walk out of the large gaps between fingers and escape the prison.


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a roar and, like grabbing onto his own arms, it yanked upwards heavily and retracted its fingers at the same time!

These ten fingers all tied together at the same high point. With this retraction, the prison fell downwards onto the Bloodsucking Wood Demon, brutally restricting it to the ground!

The Bloodsucking Wood Demon couldn’t dodge in time and was quickly tied up. Its body twisted around crazily, but the finger prison was very tough and restricted the Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s movement. It wouldn’t be able to escape for some time.

Looking at the Bloodsucking Wood Demon that was restricted, Chu Mu finally realized that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had learned a new technique!

“Wood Finger Prison, en en, sixth rank wood type technique. Usually only advanced Exquisite Dodging soul pets could dodge it easily……” Old Li’s voice immediately came.

Chu Mu also smiled. Clearly, only when the Devil Tree Battle Soldier fought often would its strength increase quickly.

When Chu Mu captured it, its wood type talent was at the top tier warrior rank. If he let it fight and strengthen, its use on the battlefield was definitely not inferior to the Ice Air Fairy. But most importantly, as the amount of soul pets increased, a wood type soul pet’s restrictive abilities would become even more important. In team fights in the future, he still had to rely on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

“Finish it!”


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier had long since reached the Triple Cast state. Though its Finger Prison was still there, its Devil Tree Roots had already approached the Bloodsucking Wood Demon like soul reapers!


Seventy Demon Wood roots darted out and pierced through the Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s body!

Getting attacked, the Bloodsucking Wood Demon could no longer get up. These seventy roots continued to pierce for near five seconds, rendering the sixth phase ninth stage Bloodsucking Wood Demon a pulpy mess that oozed with blood!

  1. Technically, its 300,000 catties, which is about 198 tons, but whatever, its an exaggeration anyways

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