Book 2 Chapter 222 - Abnormal Lineage, Coronary Bloodwood Demon

Chapter 222: Abnormal Lineage, Coronary Bloodwood Demon

Bloodsucking Wood Demon Forest

“Piercing Branch!”


The Piercing Branch’s follow up technique, Nourishment, grew countless small branches. These small branches were like incomparably tenacious ropes that rapidly binded the sixth phase eighth stage Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s body. This wild Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s terrifying bloodsucking arms were rigidly bound, not giving them the chance to extend.

“Root Puncture!”

Chu Mu gave an order, and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a howl before its roots quickly flitted thirty meters across the ground. Suddenly, seventy roots transformed into countless extremely sharp points that violently pierced the Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s body. From beginning to end, it was unable to defend against the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Root Puncture attack, and after it let out a howl that resembled an old man’s, a plethora of holes were pierced in its body...

As the Piercing Branch Nourishment’s small branches slowly disappeared, this Bloodsucking Wood Demon finally fell to the ground, completely losing signs of life.

Once he got rid of this Bloodsucking Wood Demon, Chu Mu quickly walked in front and had Zhan Ye use its claws to rip open its red colored bark to see if there was Bloodsucking Wood inside.

It was very unfortunate that this was already the fifth Bloodsucking Wood Demon Chu Mu had killed today, but he still hadn’t obtained the Bloodsucking Wood...

“It seems that I really have to go there.” Chu Mu raised his head and stared at the forest about two hundred meters ahead.

The patch of forest Chu Mu was standing in was completely green, and the trees weren’t exceptionally tall. Sunlight was able to shine inside, making the entire forest seem slightly tranquil and peaceful; it gave others a feeling of being close to nature.

Yet, the forest two hundred meters in front of Chu Mu was completely different. It was a forest that no sunlight was able to shine into, and it was so dimly lit that it looked like a dusky night.

The trees there were tall and dense. Their roots were twisted and joined, and each tree was very close to the other. It simultaneously gave others a rather depressed feeling. Such a forest would normally harbor a few Bewildering Worlds, or a few dangerous soul pets. Otherwise, the atmosphere wouldn’t be so despondent, and neither would a cold wind blow against one’s face from time to time.

Chu Mu had just now been only walking around the exterior of the Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s territory. The Bloodsucking Wood Demons he had encountered had primarily been of the fifth and sixth phase.

Bloodsucking Wood was relatively rare. Only a few Bloodsucking Wood Demons with special lineage could nurture this unique spirit item that could fuse into other wood type species.

The bodies of fifth and sixth phase Bloodsucking Wood Demons could produce Bloodsucking Wood, but the higher the phase and stage was, the higher the chance of producing it would be.

The interior forest territory of the Bloodsucking Wood Demons was extremely terrifying. Chu Mu originally didn’t plan on stepping foot into there, but he hadn’t been able to find Bloodsucking Wood. In order to save time, Chu Mu could only head in.

The sunlight in the outer region of the Bloodsucking Wood Demon territory was rather warm. The moment he walked into the dark forest, Chu Mu felt the environment’s temperature abruptly drop quite a bit.

Perhaps it was because the plants had changed from a green to a grey and black color, but Chu Mu felt that he had stepped into a different forest.

A few strange sounds rang out in the gloomy forest, and from time to time, certain weird shrubs would begin shaking. Several black colored figures of soul pets rapidly ran in front before vanishing in the developed branches of the tree trunks. Very quickly, they disappeared from their original location.

The light was blocked by the extremely dense grey colored leaves. Sometimes, a small ray of sunlight would break through a crack in between the leaves and spill onto a spacious ground full of dead leaves. Only, this didn’t bring the forest much of a sign of life, and it was still full of a spiritless atmosphere.

When Chu Mu brought the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Zhan Ye a hundred meters inside, he had released his soul remembrance and always maintained vigilance, evidently feeling something wriggling in his surroundings.

Chu Mu’s soul remembrance had reached spirit master. Under normal circumstances, when he covered a place with his soul remembrance, he could search for life and soul pets within a range of two hundred meters. Soul Pets that weren’t able to hide their aura well would all be detected by Chu Mu.

Yet, in this gloomy forest, Chu Mu’s soul remembrance had evidently also been affected. Further adding on the fact that these plant type soul pets had an aura that was intimate to nature, it was very hard for him to find the existence of these soul pets. The reason why he would sense something in the vicinity was completely because he had nurtured a kind of vigilance on Prison Island.


Suddenly, the dead leaves ten meters in front of Chu Mu erupted, and a python-like object twistingly flew at Chu Mu!

“Devil Tree!”

Chu Mu knew that he couldn’t dodge in time, and he immediately had the Devil Tree Battle Soldier save him.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s reaction was very fast, and its arms rapidly extended. It quickly grabbed Chu Mu’s body, and dragged him back while retreating twenty meters.


The python-like object’s body smashed heavily into the place Chu Mu was just at. Instantly, a deep mark appeared there, causing the withered branches on the tree on either side to all be smashed apart!

“Drag it out!” Chu Mu immediately saw through the soul pet. This python-like body was evidently an enormous and thick vine. The majority of soul pets that used this type of vine were plant world vine species creatures. Furthermore, the main body of the vine type soul pet brandishing the vine would always be located a small distance away.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s arms released Chu Mu before suddenly smacking the ground. Its arm of branches were like underground bugs that rapidly appeared at the location of the vine type soul pet’s main body.


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s tree bark arms suddenly emerged from underground fifty meters away. They transformed into two incomparably sharp wooden drills that pierced towards the vine type soul pet’s main body!

That vine type soul pet’s reaction was very fast. It quickly recalled its vines, and it accurately bounded the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s arms, preventing its sharp wooden drills from piercing it.

“So it’s a Coronary Blood Vine.” as the Devil Tree Battle Soldier engaged this vine type soul pet, Chu Mu determined what it was.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier possessed a certain beast attribute, and the strength of its arms were much stronger than normal plant world soul pets. The vine type soul pet primarily launched severe vine attacks from afar. If it was dealing with another beast type soul pet, it would be able to directly bind it and drag it backwards. However, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier could dig its roots into the ground, and soul pets with stronger arm strength would even be inferior to it by a fair margin.

Its long arms flung upwards. Despite its wooden drill arms being bounded by the vines, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was able to drag this Coronary Blood Vine out from the trees.

After dragging it out, the Coronary Blood Vine’s main body was exposed. It had a red colored tree trunk that was comparatively large; moreover, there were several python-like vines coiling around its trunk body.

“Eh? It doesn’t seem to be a Coronary Blood Vine?” looking at the slightly weird looking soul pet, Chu Mu expressed a quite astonished expression.

The Coronary Blood Vine’s body was completely composed of intricate vines, and it didn’t have a tree trunk as a body. Yet, this soul pet had the body of a Bloodsucking Wood Demon causing one to feel that it was a combination of a Coronary Blood Vine and a Bloodsucking Wood Demon.

“Old Li, what is this thing?” asked Chu Mu as this was the first time he’d seen this creature.

“This… it’s hard to call it something. On the basis of my conjecture, it should be a hybrid of a Coronary Blood Vine and a Bloodsucking Wood Demon. At least from its external appearance that’s what it looks like… as for strength, it’s probably about the seventh phase… your Devil Tree Battle Soldier may not be able to handle it.” said Old Li.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s strength was approximately equivalent to a standard plant world commander. Regardless of whether if it was a Coronary Blood Vine or a Bloodsucking Wood Demon, both were commander soul pets. Thus, if this soul pet was seventh phase, it really would be hard for the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to defeat it.

The moment Old Li finished speaking, the combined Coronary Blood Vine and Bloodsucking Wood Demon soul pet let out a sharp cry. Its body waved about as ten python-like vines appeared. They passed through fifty meters of the gloomy forest towards the Devil Tree Battle Soldier!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier hastily retracted its arms, and grabbed onto two of the powerful vines, breaking them in half. However, there were still another seven or eight vines that continued to shoot out at its body.

“Pai!!!! Pai!!!! Pai!!!!!!!!”

Five of the mighty seventh rank vines hit the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body, which began to evidently sway. Five deep scars further appeared on its tree bark skin.

“Ao!!!” the Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a painful cry. Its creased tree bark face showed a visibly angered expression!

“Zhan Ye, Heavenly Splitting Claw!”

Zhan Ye had already prepared to fight. As the Coronary Bloodwood Demon had yet to recall its vines, it abruptly used the Dark Assault technique, its body transforming into a sprinting black colored orbit amidst the dark forest, and it slashed its claws at the Coronary Bloodwood Demon’s body!

Zhan Ye was a fully equipped soul pet that surpassed a peak commander. Although it was only at the sixth phase, its fighting strength was much stronger than seventh phase commanders. The Heavenly Splitting Claw’s might had further reached the eighth rank, and after its claws slashed across, a deep scar surfaced on the Coronary Bloodwood Demon’s body.

“The chance that the Bloodsucking Wood appears on this variation or hybrid soul pet is higher. You must capture it; don’t let it flee.” Old Li warned Chu Mu.

The moment Old Li finished speaking, the Coronary Bloodwood Demon seemed to have sensed Zhan Ye’s powerful strength. Its seven to eight vines suddenly gave a swing and, after it knocked Zhan Ye flying, it unexpectedly decided to immediately flee.

Since Old Li had said so, Chu Mu naturally could not let it flee. He immediately had the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Zhan Ye pursue it...

The Coronary Bloodwood Demon’s fleeing speed wasn’t very fast. However, what made Chu Mu extremely annoyed was that when he released his soul remembrance, he discovered that there surprisingly were several sixth and seventh phase Bloodsucking Wood Demons around the Coronary Bloodwood Demon protecting it. This made it even harder for him to kill the Coronary Bloodwood Demon.

“Ghost King, come out!” an incantation gradually chanted, and a black colored ghost fog began to curl up on Chu Mu’s body. It slowly drifted to the side, transforming into a rock type summoning pattern full of dense ghost aura!

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