Book 2 Chapter 221 - Evoked Brave Jungle

Chapter 221: Evoked Brave Jungle

Back when Chu Mu had discovered the Soul Pet Palace’s bounty, he had revealed a bit of suspicion, because the bounty didn’t obtain the permission of Soul Pet Palace.

Furthermore, the Bloodsucking Wood Demon was a commander rank soul pet and its Bloodsucking Wood was extremely precious. Yet, the normal price of a Bloodsucking Wood Demon should have been about 1 million, while the bounty had offered 5 million gold coins. Even if it was a top quality Blood Sucking Wood Demon, it wouldn’t necessarily have such a high value.

As for the young man suddenly coming over to pair up with him while further equipped with a 500,000 commission, an extremely beneficial coincidence had essentially appeared. Thus, it didn’t cause Chu Mu to go and confirm if the bounty was a true thing.


“Haha, Ting Nan, you’ve caught another fish for us again. Once our Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s eat the blood of this fellow’s soul pets, they’ll probably reach the seventh phase!” a laugh came out from the shrubs, belonging to a thirty year old or so soul pet trainer.

This person’s skin was dark, and he had a ferocious appearance with a face that resembled a criminal.

Next to this dark skinned man were three other soul pet trainers. The four soul pet trainers were all about thirty years old and their appearance was coarse and wild. If it was a female looking at them, these men would give them an untrustworthy and insecure feeling.

“Brother Jiang, the people from Soul Pet Palace seem to have already discovered our trap. After we finish this one, let’s switch locations.” said a soul pet trainer with a rather thick face.

“Let’s get rid of this brat first.” said the man called Brother Jiang.


Four soul pet trainers, and they each had one Bloodsucking Wood Demon. This meant that there were a total of four Bloodsucking Wood Demons around Chu Mu!

Chu Mu himself was very surprised, having encountered a group of people without the morals of a soul pet trainer. His expression turned much colder.

“Devil Tree, Root Net!”

When Chu Mu had sensed the arrival of danger, he had summoned the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a roar, and its tree trunk arms brandished in the air. Abruptly, several roots sprouted up from the ground; these roots possessed independence like they were alive as they twisted together, rapidly forming two root nets. They protected Chu Mu and Zhan Ye inside.

Of the four piercing branches, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s root net only managed to stop two of them. The other two appeared in the front and back, respectively, of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

“Zhan Ye, Heavenly Splitting Claw!”


Zhan Ye locked his eyes on one of the piercing branches, and suddenly pounced towards it. Its claws violently ripped across, ruthlessly tearing the piercing root to pieces!

However, there was still one root that was unable to be defended against. It struck the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body with extreme accuracy and entered its abdomen!

“Ao~~~~~~~~~” the Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out an angry howl.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was a wood type soul pet, and its fighting strength wouldn’t be largely affected by a piercing branch entering its body. Chu Mu didn’t mind it either, and had the Devil Tree Battle Soldier continue unleashing techniques.

Nonetheless, Chu Mu quickly discovered things weren’t right, because this piercing root that was originally withered unexpectedly became more full. Furthermore, he could sense something flowing in the root!

“Ao~~~~” the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body was an azure green color, but as the piercing branch strangely wriggled, its tree bark color gradually turned a slightly azure black.

A wave of astonishment ran through Chu Mu’s heart, because he could clearly detect the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s blood being quickly depleted!


This branch was feeding on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s blood!

In a short period of time, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier lost ⅓ of its blood and its body entered a weak state!

Losing one third of its blood was equivalent to losing one third of its fighting strength. Chu Mu really had been careless, forgetting that it was the terrifying and savage Bloodsucking Wood Demons attacking the Devil Tre Battle Soldier. Their frightening ability was to suck the blood of other soul pets and then transforming the blood into their own life force!

Realizing that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s fighting strength had been seriously weakened, Chu Mu decisively chanted an incantation.

“Ning, Ice Wall. Cover our retreat.”


The Ice Air Fairy’s aura was extremely powerful. After it appeared, towering ice crystals began proliferating everywhere. They froze all of the flying knife-like leaves into ice cubes before crushing them to dust in the air.

Chu Mu didn’t continue to zealously fight. Once the Ice Air Fairy condensed those crushed ice pieces into a wall, he immediately brought Zhan Ye and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier as he retreated in a direction where there were no Bloodsucking Wood Demons.

“What Ice Air Fairy is that? How is it so unreasonably strong?!” the dark skinned man called Big Brother Jiang opened his eyes wide.

Ice Wall could be regarded to be the most average defense among ice type techniques, Yet, just now, when the four sixth phase high staged Bloodsucking Wood Demons had simultaneously unleashed attacks, the Ice Air Fairy was able to use ice wall to block them. Its ice type controlling ability really was too powerful.


Ice Air Dance!

The Ice Air Fairy’s incantation quickly finished and instantly, countless faint snowflakes began to waft through the air. A numerous amount danced in the air, covering this part of the forest and dying it in a snowy white color.

In the white expanse, Chu Mu jumped out of the four Bloodsucking Wood Demons’ encirclement with the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Zhan Ye.

Aside from Zhan Ye, Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy and Devil Tree Battle Soldier had followed Chu Mu in the jungle of Prison Island for a long time. They were extremely familiar with forest fights. When the Ice Air Fairy used Ice Air Dance to confuse the ambushers’ field of vision, Chu Mu charged out of their soul pet encirclement with his three soul pets. Very soon, he disappeared in the Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s forest.

“Damn, we’ve even ambushed multiple soul pets on the outside. How did we let that brat flee?!” the dark skinned Brother Jiang spat out some saliva as he angrily cursed.

“Brother Jiang, don’t worry. This Bloodsucking Forest is a small maze. He won’t be able to leave for a while.” said the thick faced man.

“Hmph, it’s all because of Old Zheng. If he he hadn’t accidentally let that wild Bloodsucking Wood Demon run in, we could have waited for him to fully enter our soul pet encirclement before attacking him. Now look what happened; we could have originally dealt with him quickly, yet now we have to waste a bit of time.” said the coarse man wearing short sleeves.

“Blaming me? Isn’t your soul remembrance stronger than mine? How did you not sense those Cyan Wood Demons and that Bloodsucking Wood Demon? Didn’t I say so before that this place wasn’t suitable for ambush? Yet you guys didn’t listen!” angrily said the man called Old Zheng.

“Enough with the rubbish. We’ll enter the forest. The brat being able to escape means his strength is very powerful; we should try our best not to split up and after we find him, our Bloodsucking Wood Demons will have a feast.” said the dark skinned Brother Jiang.



“The Bloodsucking technique is indeed terrifying.” Chu Mu looked at the Devil Tree Battle Soldier which bark had turned an azure black color and inwardly spoke to himself.

It was only a mere few seconds of sucking, but the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s fighting strength had depleted by ⅓. This was also considering its life force was stronger than normal soul pets; if it was another soul pet, after such sucking it, probably wouldn’t even have half its fighting strength left.

It wasn’t that Chu Mu couldn’t defeat those people, but he had clearly been ambushed just now. Chu Mu only had three soul pets in total, and he still had to enter the deeper parts of Northern Forest. If he summoned mighty soul pets like Mo Xie and the White Nightmare and exhausted their fighting strength early on, it would be extremely hard to deal with the even stronger Ancient Devil Tree. Therefore, retreating was exceptionally wise.

“Devil Tree, you’re okay, right?” asked Chu Mu.

“Ao~~~~” the Devil Tree Battle Soldier nodded its head. Nonetheless, those two eyes deeply set in the treebark were evidently slightly dimmer, and it seemed a little dispirited.

“What’s the matter?” Chu Mu could naturally sense its emotions and asked it a question.

“Ao~~~~~” the Devil Tree Battle Soldier shook its head, not articulating its thoughts.

“Don’t worry too much about it. It’s only because I haven’t found any suitable spirit items to strengthen you yet. Right now, this patch of Yuan Forest is pretty much your paradise. It’ll be very soon before you strength can increase. You won’t lose to Ning.” Chu Mu patted the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s tree bark hand and used a gentle tone to comfort it.

“Ao~~~~ Oh~~~” the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was always honest and considerate. Whatever Chu Mu said, it wouldn’t retort nor would it express its opinions.

Indeed, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier probably was Chu Mu’s weakest fighting strength soul pet right now. Even the fifth phase eighth stage Ghost King which was the newest addition, due to it being a monarch rank, had fighting strength that was slightly stronger than the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

However, Chu Mu wouldn’t renounce raising a slow strength increasing soul pet due to this reason. Since Chu Mu decided to have the Devil Tree Battle Soldier become his second soul’s third soul pet, he absolutely had to have it become like his other soul pets, and become an undefeatable powerful soul pet in its respective realm.

“Ok, don’t be discouraged. This Bloodsucking Wood Demon Forest is a place for you to thoroughly display your skills. As long as you obtain Bloodsucking Wood, your strength will greatly increase.” said Chu Mu.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier nodded its head, and it slowly stood up from its sitting position.

“Drink this first and recover your blood.” Chu Mu retrieved a seventh level life force medicine he obtained from Ye Qingzi.

This seventh level life force medicine had a value of at least 100,000 gold coins. Yet, Ye Qingzi only needed 10,000 to concoct it. Chu Mu had also grabbed ten of these bottles from her so he was prepared when he needed it.

The seventh level life force medicine could increase the speed a soul pet’s life force recovered substantially. However, it could only be used when it wasn’t in a fight.

“Continue walking, eh. Let’s walk around them first and obtain the Bloodsucking Wood before we get rid of them.” a cold sneer rose on Chu Mu’s face.

It had been a long time since he had played a game of killing people in a forest, and Chu Mu wanted to know how long these people would be able to play his game for.

Chu Mu alo felt that it had been a long time since he had killed someone, and these few people happened to have aroused his bloody nature.

Further, to a Prison Island King, there was no setting better than the wilderness of a forest to commit slaughter!

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