Book 2 Chapter 22 - I, Chu Mu, Did Not Die. I, Chu Mu, Have Returned

Chapter 22: I, Chu Mu, Did Not Die. I, Chu Mu, Have Returned

A garish radiance of fire abruptly shimmered in the forest. It streaked across the pitch black night, and magnificently illuminated the surrounding lush trees!

The fire of battle had already been ignited. Chu Clan’s caravan had twenty soul pet trainers in total. These twenty had already summoned their soul pets, but their mere two commander rank soul pets were completely suppressed by the opponent’s four commander rank soul pets.

The fight began not too long ago, but many soul pets had been slaughtered already. The situation was extremely dire!

“Third young master, it’s that Yang Family’s infamous Yang Jie. We aren’t his opponent. We should give up!” The Chu Family henchman summoned his soul pet and, after stalling the extremely savage Blood Winged Trioptic Beast, he immediately spoke to Chu Ning next to him.

Chu Ning clenched his teeth, and his eyes seemed to be spitting fire. In order to carry these goods to Gangluo City, Chu Ning had decided to travel through the night to lessen the time. However, who would have expected the Yang Family to use such despicable means and banditry!!

“No. These goods are extremely important to us. We absolutely cannot give them up!” Chu Ning firmly said. His gaze fiercely glared at Li Nan and Yang Jie, these two extremely loathsome fellows.

“Third young master, listen to me. We can still recapture the goods, but if everyone is to die, it would be hard to salvage the situation!” The Chu Family’s henchman pleaded.

“If we are to lose another caravan of goods, the family will be hard to salvage. The Chu Family’s children will further suffer even more humiliation. You don’t need to say anything more. Take the others with you, and bring the goods through a small path in the forest. I’ll delay them. Bring as many goods back as you can!” Chu Ning clenched his teeth as he spoke.

After speaking, Chu Ning chanted another incantation and summoned his strongest soul pet, a Light Rhinoceros.

Light Rhinoceros: Demon Beast Kingdom - beast type - rhinoceros species - Light Rhinoceros subspecies - middle class commander rank.

The Light Rhinoceros’ body was fully covered in a yellow armor. Its body didn’t have skin like a majority of other beast type soul pets. Instead, its outer body was like a protruding hard rock, and it looked like a golden statue of a beast!

“The Chu Family’s brat is angry. He even summoned his life-saving soul pet.” When the Yang Family’s Li Nan saw that Chu Ning had summoned his strongest soul pet, the Light Rhinoceros, he instantly adopted an expression of contempt and ridicule.

“A fifth phase fourth stage LIght Rhinoceros is still a first rate soul pet. I didn’t expect that the Chu Family still had such a large sum of money to give one of their Chu Family children such a soul pet. It seems that they value this child a lot?” The thin boned Yang Jie let out a sharp laugh, tilting his eyes as he looked at Chu Ning.

Yang Jie didn’t summon all of his soul pets. He instead only summoned one rare Blood Beast and was randomly killing the Chu Family henchmen's soul pets. Yang Jie’s Rare Blood Beast had already reached the sixth phase eighth stage. Its fighting prowess was abnormal compared to regular Rare Blood Beasts, and it had already torn a few Chu Family soul pets to shreds.

“This brat. Let me deal with him. I already said that I could deal with all of these Chu Family troops by myself. There was simply no need to involve Senior Yang Jie.” laughed Li Nan.

While speaking, Li Nan chanted an incantation and summoned his third soul pet!

Li Nan’s third soul pet was a baleful Blood Winged Trioptic Beast. The moment it appeared, a dense stench of blood caused the nearby warrior and servant rank soul pets to retreat in fear!

A fifth phase seventh stage Blood Winged Triopic Beast!

The Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s species rank wasn’t inferior to Chu Ning’s Light Rhinoceros. Yet, its stage was higher by three and, without any attribute counters, unless Chu Ning’s Light Rhinoceros possessed exceptional fighting talent, it would be extremely hard to defeat Li Nan’s Blood Winged Trioptic Beast.


A miserable shriek resounded out from the side. Just now, a myriad of purple lightning bolts had suddenly appeared on Chu Ning’s henchman. Those powerful lightning bolts then scorched that henchman into ashes.

“Uncle Li!” Chu Ning’s eyes immediately turned red. He was clearly aware that the Thunder Fairy had just rushed at him. If it weren't for that henchman sacrificing his body to block the attack, Chu Ning’s body would have been hit by those lightning arcs instead!

Clenching his fists tightly, Chu Ning’s eyes were already spouting sparks!

“Don’t worry; it’ll be your turn soon!” Li Nan began to laugh loudly and ordered his Blood Winged Trioptic Beast to pounce towards Chu Ning’s Light Rhinoceros!

The Light Rhinoceros let out an angry roar. A dazzling gold radiance blossomed from its body, which faced the dense blood aura of the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast. Instantly, they began to fight along the long path in the forest!

The cry of a beast and miserable shrieks rang throughout the forest. After seeing his own family men being ruthlessly executed, Chu Ning’s anger violently ignited once more. He silently resented himself for not having enough strength to protect them, as he could only watch one family member after the other fall in front of his eyes.


The Light Rhinoceros let out a painful roar. Its body heavily fell out of the trees and smashed onto a large piece of wood. An evident split appeared on its gold colored armor.

“Gold Horn!” Seeing his soul pet seriously wounded, Chu Ning released an indignant roar. However, the wound on the Light Rhinoceros’ body was serious, and it already found it hard to climb back up.

“It’s your turn. Chu Ning, you and your family members will meet again in death!” Li Nan had a merciless smile as he promptly ordered his Blood Winged Trioptic Beast to pounce on Chu Ning!

In the black sky above, the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast spread open its fleshy wings in the forest. Suddenly, a wave of fiendish bloody wind swirled up as it abruptly dived downwards. Two eminently sharp claws aimed directly at Chu Ning’s head!!!

With two of his souls wounded, Chu Ning simply had no soul power left to substitute in another soul pet or use a soul technique. He clenched his teeth and closed his eyes, prepared to meet the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s fatal strike.

Seeing that Chu Ning had given up resistance, a cold smile appeared on Li Nan’s face. Killing the Chu Family’s third young master was a great service to the Yang Family!

“Off with his head!” Li Nan mentally transmitted to his Blood Winged Trioptic Beast.

The Blood Winged Trioptic Beast had a savage expression and its two claws suddenly scratched towards Chu Ning’s head. It planned on removing Chu Ning’s head while he was still alive!!


Suddenly, a resonant cry full of intimidation resounded through the forest. A purple bolt of lightning was seen attached to a black eminent figure that abruptly rushed out from the forest path. An arc of lightning instantly leapt forth and ripped apart the darkness, fiercely landing on the Blood Winged Trioptic Demon that was diving down!!

The Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s body was hefty. Its diving force was immense but, as this creature was diving down, it was knocked back flying by a demonic and eminent figure. From the sky, it was knocked into the forest, knocking down a large number of trees!!

“What?!” Li Nan was stunned. He shockingly stared at the powerful creature that had suddenly appeared!

Chu Ning also opened his eyes at this moment. He lifted his head and saw a demonic young man riding an eminent Dream Beast that flitted across the sky. It was wild and tyrannical, as if it could walk through the sky. After knocking the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast flying, it surprisingly walked back in front of him!

Yang Jie, who was spectating on the side, instantly creased his eyebrows. His gaze attentively watched the Night Thunder Dream Beast that suddenly appeared, which gave one a demonic feeling.

“How despicable. Who dares to meddle in my Yang Family’s affairs!!” Li Nan angrily roared. His gaze glared at the Night Thunder Dream Beast that had swept back down from the sky.

Chu Ning at first thought that it was one of his family elders that came to his assistance. Yet, he discovered that in front of him was an extremely gorgeous Night Thunder Dream Beast. Chu Ning remembered that among his family members or henchmen, none of the experts possessed such a powerful soul pet!

“You are…” Chu Ning looked up at the young man riding the Night Thunder Dream Beast, and he discovered that the soul pet trainer hadn’t even reached twenty years of age. He was even more surprised!

Chu Mu glanced at Chu Ning and immediately recognized that this was the third brother who had always protected him. A wave of rapt happiness immediately bubbled forth from his heart!

It had been four years of long separation before he had finally found a relative. The feeling he felt was hard to describe, especially after seeing his third brother who had protected him since he was young!

Chu Ning was older than Chu Mu by four years. After Chu Mu had lost a soul, he had often suffered the humiliation of others. Yet, because of this, the brave Chu Ning had often fought others until he was badly bruised. Moreover, Chu Mu also remembered that one of Chu Ning’s meticulously cultivated soul pets had been killed by a Yang Family member because of him.

This matter had always been remembered by Chu Mu. Furthermore, it made him feel extremely ashamed. Now that they had been reunited, the repressed emotions instantly burst forth.

Chu Ning blankly looked at the young man. He didn’t understand why the young man had such an emotional expression when he looked at him. Yet, just at this moment, Chu Ning abruptly discovered that Li Nan’s Blood Winged Trioptic Beast had flown out of the darkness and launched itself at the young man!!

“Be careful!!!” Chu Ning instantly yelled in warning!!

Chu Mu turned his head and saw the wide-eyed Blood Winged Trioptic Beast that was savagely charging at him. A dense blood stench pervaded the surroundings!

“Chong Mei - Evil Stare!”

Chu Mu’s two black eyes suddenly circulated a contrasting silver luster. In the next instant, a resplendent demonic silver light impressively blossomed forth. Like two sharp silver swords, they shot into the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s eyes!!

Chu Mu had replicated Mo Xie’s techniques. Even if it were a sixth phase commander rank soul pet that suffered from the Evil Stare’s effects, it would still let out a panicked expression. This was even moreso the case for the fifth phase seventh stage Blood Winged Trioptic Beast!

The Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s intelligence was clearly much weaker and, when Chu Mu imposingly stared at the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast, its bloody body suddenly froze in midair. In panic, it didn’t dare to approach Chu Mu any more!!

“A Chong Mei soul technique!!”

It was the Chu Family’s unique soul technique, Chong Mei!!

Chu Ning was instantly stunned. He astonishingly stared at the young man who had used the Chu Family’s unique soul technique. Chu Ning was even more stunned because this young man had surprisingly used an Evil Stare to make the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast lose its will to fight!!

An imposing killing aura discharged from Chu Mu’s body. His Evil Stare’s intent was far from only merely stunning the opponent. An aura was fully released from his body that contained the experience of countless battles. The surrounding servant and warrior rank soul pets began running in all four directions in fear!!

“Night [1.the nickname for his NTDB], Death Ray!” Chu Mu used a mental transmission to tell the Night Thunder Dream Beast!

The black demonic aura on the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body transformed into a terrifying hurricane that violently proliferated in the surroundings!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast lifted its head high, and a deep dark light instantly blossomed from the depths of its throat. As the Night Thunder Dream Beast opened its large mouth, a dark Death Ray suddenly burst out. It streaked across the night sky in a perfectly straight line and accurately struck the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s body!!

“Huo!!!” The Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s battle strength had already been exhausted from before. After the Evil Stare, the Death Ray was a fatal strike to it. Its enormous body fell from the sky, and it let out a painful roar!!

Li Nan’s expression instantly turned dark. He was so angry that he began trembling. He stared at the Night Thunder Dream Beast that had suddenly come and attacked, and he forcibly recalled his Blood Winged Trioptic Beast.

“You should be able to meet your Yang Family people in hell.” Chu Mu jumped off of the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body and stood in front of Chu Ning. His gaze coldly glared at the Yang Family’s Li Nan, and his voice was eminently cold as he spoke!

Li Nan and Yang Jie’s faces were ugly. They didn’t expect that just as they were about to dispose of the Chu Family’s people, an expert would suddenly appear; moreover, it was a young man who wasn’t even twenty!

“This younger brother. I’m extremely grateful for your assistance. I hope you can give me your name.  Furthermore, why do you have the Chu Family’s soul technique?” Chu Ning was extremely stunned because he didn’t expect that this young man, who wasn’t even twenty, would able to use the soul technique Chong Mei to this sort of level!

Chu Mu turned his head and looked at Chu Ning whose appearance hadn’t changed much from four years ago. Only, his entire body seemed more mature now. Chu Mu could even feel an inclined bravery emanating from his bones.

“Third brother, do you not recognize me?” Finally, after seeing a family member, Chu Mu felt the billows in his heart.

“You are…” Chu Ning’s gaze confusedly stared at the mysterious young man.

There weren’t that many people in the Chu Family who called him third brother. Chu Ning remembered them all, but he didn’t remember such a powerful young man in his Chu Family. No matter whether it was the extremely formidable commander rank rare soul pet, the Night Thunder Dream Beast, or the Chong Mei soul technique used just now, the Chu Family didn’t have a single young person who could do this.

“I’m your fourth brother Chu Mu!” Chu Mu found it hard to suppress his emotions any further!

“Fourth brother Chu Mu?” Initially, Chu Ning still had a confused look, but in the next moment, his eyes opened wide. He astonishingly stared at Chu Mu’s face and suddenly found a familiar feeling from that acutely heroic young man’s face!!

“Fourth brother, Chu Mu! Didn’t fourth brother already…” Chu Ning’s voice was already starting to tremble. He had been together with Chu Mu for over ten years. Chu Mu’s appearance had always been engraved in Chu Ning’s heart. Even though the young man’s appearance was rather different from the young boy Chu Mu’s, he could still find a shadow of Chu Mu in it.

But, but, didn’t Chu Mu disappear four years ago? Chu Ning was among those that thought Chu Mu had died...

“Third Brother, I’m really Chu Mu. I didn’t die… I didn’t die… I returned… I’ve really returned!”

Xia Guanghan had asked Chu Mu before why he wasn’t willing to forsake his miserable life.

Having lost a soul and being narrowly unable to become a soul pet trainer. Then, being thrown onto a barren island to seek survival like a wild animal, perhaps Chu Mu should have forsaken his miserable life.

However, Chu Mu didn’t. He endured the enormous pain and hovered on the edge of life and death. He experienced all kinds of torments, but still didn’t give up on life. And it was all for a day like this...

It was all for a day like this when he had become a true expert who could stand in front of his family. To tell his family: I, Chu Mu, haven’t died. I, Chu Mu, have returned!

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