Book 2 Chapter 219 - Thousand Wood City, Bloodsucking Wood

Chapter 219: Thousand Wood City, Bloodsucking Wood

“If you only have these soul pets, then you will lose very unsightly.” when Yu He finally left, he said in a cold laugh to Chu Mu.

“These are enough.” Chu Mu replied indifferently.

Yu He didn’t say any more. He removed the two risen ice pillars along the sides of the road and walked impassively into Colored Sky City.

After Yu He left, the city reverted back to its original flow. Everyone who passed by Chu Mu took a special look at him. Many even looked at him strangely, and talked quietly with their companions.

Just now, when Chu Mu battled Yu He, their soul pet formations were very obvious. Yu He’s three soul pets were, as a whole, much stronger than Chu Mu’s.

So when Chu Mu scheduled a fight with him, it was probably sure that he was going to lose. Though these people might not ever reach Chu Mu’s height, most people felt that the weaker Chu Mu would lose.

“Young master, are you leaving city to go to Li City?” The Tang palace master dispersed the crowds attempting to watch and asked.

“En, towards Thousand Wood City.” Chu Mu nodded.

“For safety, I’ll let Zhao Yi follow you there. You’re identity is noble, so you can’t have any accidents.” Tang palace master opened his mouth to say.

“That’s good.” Chu Mu didn’t decline the offer. Now that his identity of young master was revealed, if he was targeted by factions against Soul Palace, Chu Mu’s troubles wouldn’t be small. They would have to leave the area, hide their identity and routes, before becoming safe.


“Young master, do you want to send someone to kill him? This guy being alive is very bad for you.” On the building, a dark blue clothed middle aged man stood behind Yu He and said apathetically.

Yu He stood with his hands behind his back at the edge of the building, watching where Chu Mu left for. After quite a while, he finally shook his dead, “This Chu Chen is either a soul palace young master with an alias or a young master’s able subordinate. If I kill him, its the same as telling them I’m killing a witness. Also, he’s not someone I can easily provoke. If I kill him, I need a perfect plan, and I can’t even touch him until after the trial.”

Yu He already knew that Chu Chen’s Soul Palace Decree wasn’t fake, so his identity was very mysterious.

In the dark, Yu He indeed could play some tricks to deal with him, but characters at the level of young master still weren’t people that he could provoke, so he could only use the challenge to vent his anger.

“Seven great palace Yu Palace Master is a tough nut to crack. In the trial in two months, with that kid as evidence, you will have a lot of trouble.” The dark blue clothed middle aged man said.

“Heng, you thought I wanted it to be this way?” Thinking of that, Yu He was also unbearably irritated.

This plan was very successful. Even if the Yu palace master was suspicious it wasn’t an accident, without any proof, he definitely wouldn’t be able to give him any trouble.

Yet, Yu He would never have thought that a soul palace young master would suddenly appear and ruin his plans, causing him to become the greatest suspect. To escape truly was difficult here.

Before, when Yu He taunted Chu Mu, he could still hold a calm and composed appearance. In reality, Yu He had long since been gnawing his teeth in anger. Because of Chu Mu’s appearance, he would very likely get punished severely by soul palace. This would also affect his position in the Elemental Sect.

Yu He was also lamenting how unlucky he was. Of the nine soul palace young masters, only four or five were roaming around outside. The world was massive, yet he just happened to meet a soul palace young master with a higher position than he had, causing him to have to take a slap to the face and be unable to retaliate, as well as receive an abnormally tough soul palace judgement.

If he could safely pass through the judgement, it wasn’t too bad. If he couldn’t, he would be on the receiving end of an apocalypse. In these two months, Yu He truly had to squeeze his brain to think of a way to escape guilt.



Following orders to escort, Zhao Yi, with stubble on his cheek, also walked east.

Along the way, Zhao Yi had constantly tried to figure out which young master Chu Mu was, as well as somewhat hoping to receive the special attention of this young master Chu Mu to try to enter the main soul palace.

Those who could enter the main soul palace were all true experts and authoritative figures. Zhao Yi was but a ninth rank sub palace’s soul official. If he wanted to get a higher position and become a soul official for a tenth level soul palace, he would need an important person like Chu Mu to recommend him.

Yet, it was impossible for Chu Mu to give Zhao Yi a recommendation. After all, even Chu Mu himself didn't know of the ranking within soul palace. Other than his mother, he didn’t know a single other person within soul palace.

After reaching thousand wood city, Chu Mu dispatched of Zhao Yi with a few words, and told the guy to go wherever he pleased.

“Young master, this Thousand Wood City had many plant world soul pets. Don’t you need Bloodsucking Wood? It might be sold here.” Old Li reminded Chu Mu.

The Coronary Blood Fat had been in Chu Mu’s spatial ring for a long time. In the few cities he passed by, Chu Mu had specially looked for Bloodsucking Wood, but unfortunately none of them sold it, so Chu Mu had never gotten the chance to combine it with the Coronary Blood Fat and strengthen his Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Thousand Wood City was a relatively welcomed city for plant type soul pets. The main reason was because it resided in the very famous Yuan Forest. This meant that most soul pet trainers would choose plant type soul pets that were common in Yuan Forest.

“The Hundred Tree Female Demon is very hard to deal with. If you don’t summon the White Nightmare to fight it, you must greatly increase the strength of your Devil Tree Battle Soldier in the next two months, and let the Devil Tree Battle Soldier control the Hundred Tree Female Demon, or else your little fox will be heavily restricted.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu also realized this. The counter between types was very obvious. Especially with the increase in stage and phase, soul pet techniques were getting more and more powerful, so the advantages of each type of soul pet was becoming more prominent.

Yu He’s Hundred Tree Female Demon’s fighting strength was definitely lower than Mo Xie’s. However, when multiple techniques were cast and with the powerful restrictive nature of wood type, they could counter the beast type Mo Xie as well. Without finding a way for countering this, in the battle against Yu He, Chu Mu would definitely lose.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was at the sixth phase sixth stage currently. In two months, Chu Mu had to heavily focus on strengthening his Devil Tree Battle Soldier and strive to let it reach seventh phase first stage, so it could have a change against the Hundred Tree Female Demon.

Of course, Chu Mu knew that there was a huge difference between the two.

The Hundred Tree Female Demon had clearly strengthened its wood type ability to near low level monarch ranks. The devil tree battle soldier’s wood type was barely at the middle class commander rank. In talent, phase, and stage, there were all massive gaps. Even Chu Mu didn’t know whether he could strengthen his Devil Tree Battle Soldier enough to fight against the Hundred Tree Female Demon.

“In summary, try my best to strengthen and improve it.” Chu Mu had set a goal.

A wood type soul pet was always crucial in multiple soul pet fights. Just like when he was facing the eight hundred Crafty Rock Guards, if he had raised his Devil Tree Battle Soldier to the likes of the Hundred Tree Female Demon, the devil tree battle soldier would’ve been able to deal with a hundred Crafty Rock Guards with ease. This was the huge advantage of wood type soul pets in team battles!

Thinking of the Crafty Rock Guards, Chu Mu had also remembered that Yu He still had a Sturdy Rock Guard that surpassed top tier commander rank in strength.

The Ghost King was merely at the five phase eighth stage. In two months, raising the Ghost King to the point where it could compete against the Sturdy Rock Guard wasn’t likely, but Chu Mu still wanted to let it fight.

The Ghost King and the Sturdy Rock Guard were both of the same species, where the Ghost King was a higher rank than the Sturdy Rock Guard.

The Ghost King had never experienced strengthening. With a sum of money to buy some soul items and strengthen it, it could reach the sixth phase. Although it wouldn’t be able to defeat Yu He’s Sturdy Rock Guard, as long as it could occupy it, the mission for the Ghost King would be complete!


Chu Mu walked around the marketplace and trading place, but he unluckily didn’t find any Bloodsucking Wood. If one thought about it, a thing priced in the millions wasn’t something that an eighth level city could have at will.

Only ninth level cities and above had sub palaces of the Soul Palace, so even if Chu Mu wanted to use the resources of Soul Palace to buy Bloodsucking Wood, it wasn’t possible.

After some searching, Chu Mu finally found traces of the Blood Sucking Wood in a bounty within Soul Pet Palace.

What Chu Mu found wasn’t Bloodsucking Wood, but the habitat of Bloodsucking Wood Demons.

The Soul Pet Palace bounty mentioned that fifty kilometers north of Thousand Wood City, a commander ranked Bloodsucking Wood Demons often appeared. In the bounty, a soul pet trainer was offering 5 million gold for a high quality Bloodsucking Wood Demon under fifth phase.

“What, are you interested in this bounty?” Just as Chu Mu was looking at this bounty, a pretty boy walked up.

“En, you’re going there too? Chu Mu eyed the seventeen or eighteen year old teen.

Most soul pet trainers slowly started contacting soul pets at the age of ten, and leave their family, power, and elders at around 18 to start their own training outside. This training could last until 25, where most would, based off their strength, join some faction. Of course, those who didn’t like factions could continue to train…...

Chu Mu looked at the teen that looked seventeen, and could guess that he was most likely a young soul pet trainer that was in his early training stages.

“I have to pass through this Bloodsucking Wood Demon’s territory to continue north. If you accept this bounty, just take me along and let me successfully pass through the Bloodsucking Demon’s territory. I can pay you a commission.” The pretty teen said.

“Bringing an extra person is burdensome,it is not convenient.” Chu Mu looked at the kid and said lightly.

“I’m a sixth remembrance spirit teacher. I just want someone to go with me so we can look out for each other. As for who’s the burden, that isn’t so easily determined.” The teen revealed a smile.

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