Book 2 Chapter 218 - Yu He’s Release

Chapter 218: Transcend, Yu City’s Appointed Fight

Chu Mu retreated a few steps and as he did so, he chanted an incantation, summoning the Ice Air Fairy in front of him.

An icy cold came together, and amidst an ice colored pattern, the Ice Air Fairy’s floating snow body slowly appeared. Just as the Hundred Tree Female Demon’s countless roots flew over, the Ice Air Fairy instantaneously completed in incantation, erecting several extremely sturdy towering ice walls. Layer after layer piled on until there were five towering ice walls!

“Peng!!! Peng!!!! Peng!!!!!!”

All of the steel, chain-like roots fiercely smashed into the towering ice walls. Three of the seventh rank in effect ice walls were immediately shattered, and became numerous ice crystals that fell to the ground.

Witnessing this scene, Chu Mu chanted another incantation, summoning the Devil Tree Battle Soldier in front of him.

After the Devil Tree Battle Soldier appeared, its roots rapidly came together, quickly completing a web of roots that strengthened the two remaining ice walls’ defenses.

Only, even adding on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s root defense, the last two walls were still unable to block the onslaught of numerous roots. Very soon, the roots completely broke through into the Ice Air Fairy and Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s range...

Seeing the numerous wooden roots fly over, Chu Mu’s expression turned quite serious. He instantly ordered the two soul pets to retreat a bit and had Mo Xie on his shoulder take action.

Mo Xie maintained her pitiful appearance, and she jumped off of Chu Mu’s shoulder. After seeing the attack of those roots, Mo Xie hopped a few consecutive times, and her claws observed these tree roots before abruptly striking out!!


The Royal Flame Claw slashed across the roots and the one claw swept past several tens of roots, but only a few of them were severed while a mere light scratch was left on the others!

Late seventh stage claw blade. Adding on the technique’s effect and her strength, Mo Xie’ Royal Flame Claw’s shredding force was definitely not something a normal creature could bear. Yet, Mo Xie’s one claw had only severed a few roots; the tenacity of these wooden roots was truly exceptional.

“These are water wood roots, and do not fear being harmed by the fire type. This wood type soul pet counters your small fox very well. It’s not very wise to summon her to fight.” immediately said Old Li.

Indeed, as Old Li had said, no matter how fast Mo Xie was, she simply could not dodge the release of the three wood type technique. Mo Xie didn’t even have the chance to remove her pitiful appearance when she was bounded by several roots. No matter how she released her flames, they were unable to burn off the roots.

Having her body bound by roots, Mo Xie was clearly angry. A scorching heat began to surge forth from her body as she attempted to remove pitiful state and transform into the Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox with stronger fighting strength.

“Mo Xie, return.” Chu Mu didn’t let Mo Xie remove her pitiful state; instead, he promptly chanted an incantation and recalled Mo Xie to her soul pet space.

As Old Li had said, even if Mo Xie’s speed and dodging abilities were at a higher level, she could not dodge the Hundred Tree Female Demon’s attacks. After all, the Hundred Tree Female Demon’s fighting strength had evidently surpassed the peak commander rank. Under a phase/stage and attribute disadvantage, Mo Xie further wasn’t covered in moonlight, so it was very hard to defeat this wood type soul pet whose tentacles carried the water attribute.

The surrounding temperature suddenly dropped, and the technique of Yu He’s Ice Wizard finally came. A cold aura swept through, suddenly freezing the city gate behind Chu Mu.

After Chu Mu recalled Mo Xie, he creased his eyebrows, because he didn’t know what soul pet to summon to deal with Yu He’s three strengthened to an extreme abnormality soul pets.

The Ice Air Fairy possessed towering ice crystals, while the Ice Wizard had a high level black crystal. In terms of rank, the Ice Wizard was slightly higher than the Ice Air Fairy, and both soul pets’ ice type control was even.

Originally, Mo Xie who possessed the fire type was a certain counter to plant world soul pets. However, when she encountered these plant type soul pets that didn’t fear average flames, even if her beast and demon attributes were stronger, she would be completely countered. This was because Mo Xie’s claws could not rip apart those tenacious roots, and Mo Xie fundamentally could not get near the Hundred Tree Female Demon.

As for that seventh phase third stage Sturdy Rock General, Chu Mu didn’t know how to deal with it. Even if he summoned Zhan Ye, Chu Mu couldn’t guarantee that the sixth phase Zhan Ye wouldn’t be instantly killed by the Sturdy Rock General’s exceptionally terrifying strength.

“Leave the city. If you don’t summon the White Nightmare, you probably aren’t his opponent. However, you can’t summon the White Nightmare, because Soul Palace members are not allowed to sign a soul pact with evil and sinister soul pets.” Old Li said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu also had realized that it would be very difficult for him to fight against Yu He without the White Nightmare. He promptly decided to retreat into the city, and stand next to those city guards. He didn’t truly express an intention to continue fighting against Yu He.

Yu He saw Chu Mu retreat and a cold smile rose on his face. He strode out from behind his three soul pets and stood twenty meters away from Chu Mu. Using a haughty gaze carrying a bit of ridicule, he stared at Chu Mu: “In the Soul Palace, I only didn’t want to take action. Just with those soul pets of yours, you want to injure me?”

Chu Mu stood there looking at Yu He, but didn’t engage in senseless talk with him. He merely stood there silently, waiting for the group of Soul Palace members who walked up to him.

“Young master… you… you’re okay, right?” Palace Master Tang quickly walked up to Chu Mu and asked him with a bit of fear.

Palace Master Tang was clever, and after knowing that Yu He had been released, he knew that he would definitely find Chu Mu for trouble. Therefore, he intentionally had people follow Yu He.

Indeed, Yu He had found Chu Mu and moreover inadvertently provoked an incident outside the city gates. After obtaining the information, Palace Master Tang hastily made his way over to stop the fight.

“Who permitted you to release him?” Chu Mu looked at Palace Master Tang and apathetically asked a question.

“This...this wasn’t this subordinate’s order. Instead it was an elder’s instruction.” Old Tang’s expression was that of awkwardness as he spoke.

“How can he be released like that? What on earth is Palace Master Yu of the seven great palaces doing?” Old Li was immediately aggrieved as he spoke to Palace Master Tang.

“He… he also wasn’t released. He’s only been temporarily granted freedom. Two months later, he has to head to Li City to attend the trail for Yu Lang and Feng Ya’s deaths. These two months are temporarily giving young master freedom.” said Palace Master Tang.

Chu Mu’s gaze became cold. His eyes swept over Yu He wearing a satisfied smile, and he was silently shocked. This Yu He unexpectedly possessed such an ability to have a Soul Palace elder help him ask for a favor, and allowed him to head to Li City to attend the trial while not under arrest.

“Chu Chen, it doesn’t matter if you’re a Soul Palace young master. The slap on the face you gave me a few days ago, I’ll remember it well. Further adding on your tarnishment of me, I, Yu He, will not leave the matter be. Therefore, I have come to you today to challenge you!”

“The time is two months later, and the place is Li City. You can not accept it, but you must accept a slap of mine and accept that you were slandering me!”

As Yu He spoke, he strode towards Chu Mu a few steps and his eyes were rigidly fixated on Chu Mu.

Yu He’s actions were very clearly to let everyone see. After giving a display as if he had been completely slandered by someone, he put on the attitude of someone extremely angry.

Chu Mu wouldn’t randomly accept someone else’s challenge. However, since this fellow had put Ye Wansheng in such a miserable state, Chu Mu really couldn’t just leave it be.

Moreover, to Chu Mu, a young generation expert like Yu He was a goal that he had to surpass. This time, Chu Mu really did want a true challenging fight!

“Before you’ve been sentenced as a murderer by the Soul Palace, I, Chu Chen, will appease your insignificant wish.” indifferently said Chu Mu.

“Hmph, if you wish to convict someone, don’t worry about the pretext. People like you who use such despicable means to get rid of young experts, I, Yu He, dislike the most. The Soul Palace and Elemental Sect will ultimately give me justice.” Yu He put on the airs of someone who was devoted to righteousness so as to inspire reverence. When the adjacent people heard it, it really did seem as if Yu He had been wronged.

Chu Mu coldly watched Yu He leave, and also knew that this time he had encountered a slightly difficult opponent with both intellect and strength.

Practice, challenge, and train. If he couldn’t step on these outstanding young experts as he climbed upwards, how could he defeat the level of people like Princes Jin Rou and Lu Shanli? When he could do so, he would finally be able to enter the ranks of experts!

Back when he fought Princess Jin Rou, Chu Mu felt that she hadn’t used her full strength. If the moonlight hadn’t increased Mo Xie’s strength and condemning stare hadn’t raised the White Nightmare’s force, then perhaps Princess Jin Rou only had to summon the Towering Ice Cursed Demon Fox and the White Nightmare to defeat all of Chu Mu’s soul pets...

Chu Mu knew that he still very far away from true young experts. Indeed, the strength of this Yu He was clearly stronger than those so-called peak young experts he encountered back in Western Kingdom. To Chu Mu, this was a transcendence and a challenge. If he could defeat him, then it meant that he was growing closer to the highest level of the young generation.

“Young Master, your small fox was clearly countered by the Hundred Tree Female Demon, and your White Nightmare couldn’t be summoned either. Taking a risk and accepting his challenge like that isn’t too good. The strength of those few soul pets he summoned was extremely strong.” said Old Li.

“Don’t worry, even if I lose, it doesn’t matter. Under those circumstances, he wouldn’t dare to kill me.” said Chu Mu.

In truth, when he fought against Yu He in that fight, he didn’t plan on having the White Nightmare and Mo Xie participate. 

Chu Mu already had his own intentions now. When he considered the future where he would ceaselessly come into contact with the Soul Palace people or those from others factions, in order to hide the matter of Mo Xie possessing continuous mutations, Chu Mu decided that when he came into contact with Soul Palace or other factions, he would appear under the guise of the young master Chu Chen. During the fight, he wouldn’t summon the White Nightmare, and he would primarily have the pitiful state Mo Xie, the Ice Air Fairy, Zhan Ye, and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier fight.

And when taking the identity of Chu Mu, or when there weren’t other factions present, he would be able to summon the White Nightmare, the Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox Mo Xie, the Ghost King, the Night Thunder Dream Beast etc...

Doing things in this way would perhaps leak the truth, but with the double identities, at least it wouldn’t be easy to be seen through.

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