Book 2 Chapter 217 - Yu He’s Release

Chapter 217: Yu He’s Release

The insufficient medicinal ingredients were within Ye Qingzi’s expectations. After all, she really did need too much medicine this time. These medicinal ingredients that were bought from the city could pretty much only suppress the poison in Ye Wansheng’s body.

“Old Li, where is Yuan Forest?” asked Chu Mu.

“I’ve become a map… the Yuan Forest covers a very extensive area. I’ll describe it like this: if the entire region this Colored Sky City is in was an island, then Yuan Forest would be like the ocean that surrounded this island. Its shape differs, and once you reach Zhanli Kingdom, it covers four regions. This Yuan Forest is a paradise for plant kingdom soul pets and demon kingdom soul pets. Inside are various precious medicinal ingredients and spirit items…” Old Li said what he knew to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu glanced at Ye Qingzi and asked her: “What medicinal ingredients does Ye Wansheng need?”

“Jianbei Grass, Flowing Wood, Magic Nectar, and Ancient Vine Heart. All four of them require at least 500 of them and aside from this, I also need an Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s fruit. The first four medicinal ingredients can probably be obtained in places where soul pets are densely packed. However, the Ancient Azure Devil Tree is a relatively rare commander rank soul pet. There’s a rather high difficulty involved in finding it.” Ye Qingzi had understood these plant kingdom soul pets quite well.

“If it’s an Ancient Azure Devil Tree, it should be located approximately southeast of Colored Sky City. Once you reach Thousand Wood City, head north to that patch of Yuan Forest. It’s said that there often is news of Ancient Azure Devil Trees there. Earlier, I was there gathering medicine when I heard an old friend say he obtained an Ancient Azure Devil Tree from there. An Ancient Azure Devil Tree, even with what is considered common aptitude, has a value of 5 million gold coins...however, the area near Thousand Wood City lacks medicine like Jianbei Grass.” said the soul teacher.

“How about this, let’s split up and search. You collect those materials you mentioned earlier, and I’ll go to Thousand Wood City to find the Ancient Azure Devil Tree’s fruit.” said Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi nodded her head. Ye Wansheng’s poison wasn’t fatal, but it still had to be removed as soon as possible. If it caused the soul a wound that was hard to heal, it would be an extremely heavy blow to Ye Wansheng.

“Alright, then let’s meet in Li City.” said Ye Qingzi.

“See you in Li City. You need to be careful eh.” said Chu Mu.

“Yes, you too.”


Chu Mu looked through the map and found Thousand Wood City’s location. Thousand Wood City was a bit far, and according to Chu Mu’s estimate, he probably needed half a month to reach there.

Fortunately, Thousand Wood City lay in a direction that didn’t deviate too far from the route to Li City. This also happened to provide a chance to increase the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s and Zhan Ye’s phase and stage, while also raising his new soul pet, the Ghost King, to the sixth phase.

Chu Mu stayed a few more days in Colored Sky City and, after buying a few medicinal ingredients, Chu Mu promptly rode on the Night Thunder Dream Beast leaving from the city’s eastern exit.

As he was heading towards the eastern gate, for some reason, Chu Mu felt like he was being watched. This feeling wasn’t a misperception, as Chu Mu had cultivated the special intuition from the many years he was in the depths of Prisoner Island.


Just as Chu Mu left the city gate, several water pillars abruptly surged on either side of the wide street. These water pillars surged to a height of over thirty meters and were higher than the city walls. When they reached their highest point, they were suddenly frozen into ice, transforming into over ten ice pillars that extended on either side of easter gate’s road!

Both inside and outside the city gate people were coming and going. When the shocking ice pillars appeared, it instigated a large shout of astonishment and everyone began to run to a safe place in panic. As for the guards on the city gate, they summoned their elemental soul pets, vigilantly watching the surroundings.

The dozen or so ice pillars stood tall on either side of Chu Mu. The space between the ice pillars was only wide enough to let a small child pass through and they extended for approximately thirty meters.

Chu Mu stood in this ice pillar path and his gaze stared coldly ahead.

It was very clear that these ice pillars were solely here for him. However, these ice pillars weren’t an attacking technique; instead, they were more like they were arranged like this on purpose.

“Young master? Young master’s subordinate? Doesn’t matter who you are, give me your name.” a voice carrying a bit of cold intent slowly rang out. Immediately after, a man wearing snowy white clothing walked out from the very end of the ice pillar path. He was thirty meters away from Chu Mu and his two lightning-like eyes imposingly stared at Chu Mu.

After seeing the young man, Chu Mu immediately creased his eyebrows.

This young man happened to be Yu He, who Chu Mu had ordered to be arrested. Yet, Chu Mu didn’t expect that he would be released. This fellow’s capabilities were truly great.

“Chu Chen.” Chu Mu wasn’t afraid of Yu Jia though, and he calmly looked at this young man.

“Chu Chen, hmph, you really aren’t a young master. The matters from the past few days will be remembered in my heart.” said Yu Jia with a cold tone.

As his voice faded, Yu Jia chanted an incantation, and practically instantaneously completed a double summon!

A green pattern formed on the left side of Yu Jia. As the radiance grew faintly dimmer, countless roots unexpectedly grew out of the pattern. These roots frantically grew out into the surroundings like countless octopus tentacles.

When the roots neared a five meter radius, they suddenly burrowed under the ground. Immediately after, the radiance completely disappeared, and a tree frighteningly sprouted up. The branches on the top of that tree were all missing and it looked like a demon woman whose hair had been wrapped up by tree bark!!

“Old Li, what soul pet is this?” Chu Mu showed a rather astonished expression. He had never seen this plant world soul pet before.

“Hundred Tree Female Demon, an abnormally violent and ruthless plant world soul pet. His Hundred Tree Female Demon is only at the seventh phase third stage, but it has undergone a lot of strengthening so its fighting strength is extremely powerful. You absolutely have to be careful.” said Old Li.

“What about the other?” Chu Mu’s expression turned quite serious. The second soul pet summoned by Yu Jia hadn’t been seen before by Chu Mu.

“The other is an Ice Wizard. A warrior rank soul pet and its strengthening degree is only slightly less than your Ice Air Fairy. Its fighting strength has also surpassed the peak commander rank, and it moreover is at the seventh phase fifth stage…” immediately said Old Li.

“His two soul pets are both seventh phase, but their rank isn’t high. Nonetheless, the amount they've been strengthened brings them near the monarch rank. They aren’t easy to deal with” added Old Li.

Yu Jia didn’t stop summoning. He once more chanted an incantation and summoned the strengthened Sturdy Rock General that he had summoned in Soul Palace’s great hall in front of him.

Three soul pets: the Hundred Tree Female Demon, the Ice Wizard and the Sturdy Rock General. Each one had been strengthened to an extremely pinnacle state. Their phase and stage had all reached the seventh phase at least, and even if Chu Mu summoned Mo Xie, they may still not be easy to deal with!

“Beng!! Beng!!!!! Beng!!!!!!!!!!”

The Hundred Tree Female Demon took the initiative to launch an attack at Chu Mu. Its wooden roots like the hairs of a female demon transformed into terrifying steel ropes that danced in the air. They shot towards Chu Mu’s location!

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