Book 2 Chapter 216 - Poisoned Ye Wansheng

Chapter 216: Poisoned Ye Wansheng

“Not that simple?” Hearing this sentence, the Tang palace master’s headache grew even worse.

The person who died was the son of one of the seven great palace masters. The one who committed it was also the great young master Yu He of Elemental Sect. This problem was already very serious, yet this Old Li said things weren’t so simple…...

“Alright alright, you deal with it yourself. Young master is very busy, and he doesn’t have time to act as witness or anything.” Old Li said.

“This……” Tang palace master’s eyes quickly fell upon Chu Mu’s body. His face became more respectful as he quietly asked Chu Mu.

“Young master, this event I do not have the power to deal with. If the higher ups ask why I think Yu He is the killer, and you suddenly leave, since I can’t say your identity, this will be very hard to deal with. After all, Yu Lang’s father Yu palace master is far in Tianxi City, and hard to reach at the moment……” Tang Palace master said.

Chu Mu was too lazy to deal with the Soul Palace and Elemental Sect’s struggles. Since they have saved Ye Wansheng now, he didn’t want to stay here and waste his time.

Old Li also quickly jumped in front of Chu Mu and said, “Young master, that Yu He is very crafty. The moment Qing Li returned to Elemental Sect, he sent another subordinate to kill him, meaning Yu He had long since been ready to push off all things, as well as remove all potential evidence. You have become the last witness.”

“This Yu He’s power is that great, to the point where even Soul Palace people can’t deal with him?” Chu Mu asked.

“Not really. It can only be said that Yu Lang and Feng Ya were too uncareful, falling into a definite death as well as involving you. Yet Yu He and Yu Lang both aren’t normal characters. If Yu He is guilty, you have to interfere.” Old Li said.

“I don’t have interest to waste time on this matter.” Chu Mu said.

“But if Yu He is totally fine, I think he would definitely find trouble with you. This will be somewhat of an obstacle in your immersive training. I feel that you need to go to Zhanli Kingdom’s Li City and point out that Yu He is the mastermind there. The seventh great palace master Yu palace master is definitely already angry, so no matter if you have direct evidence, if you point him out like this, no one would dare to protect Yu He.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu furrowed his brow, “So do I have to accompany him to specially to Li City?”

“There’s no need for that. You walk your way and continue to train. After all, going to Tianxia City means you must pass by Li City. They’ll be in charge of moving Yu He to Li City. Once you reach Li City, the  seven great palace master Yu palace master would probably be there too. As long as you slightly show your thoughts and say a few words, even if they’re completely rubbish, with your identity as young master, no one would dare to refute you. Once things are settled, you can slowly train your way towards Tianxia City or follow Yu palace master there, all up to you.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu had never liked to involve factions in his training process, but Chu Mu knew that as his power grew, he would still inevitably face it, so there indeed was a need to make connections with these soul palace people.

“Ok, then let’s make our next city goal Li City. Oh, and Li City is a Kingdom Capital?” Chu Mu asked.

“Yes. Kingdom Capital’s flourishing landscape is actually very fit for you to go and check out. Walk around, and if you have enough money, you can buy lots of things that suit your soul pets. There will also be many young generation experts there. If you want to start gathering fame, you could find some other faction people to challenge. This will also help you.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu nodded, thinking this doable. After all, increasing his strength was most important.

Old Li saw that Chu Mu agreed, and Old Li quickly jumped beside and started communicating with Tang palace master. “Old Tang ah, I’ve helped you a huge deal. All you have to do is make sure Yu He gets to Li City and hand it off to Li City soul palace manager, and you won’t have to deal with anything else.

The Tang palace master was just about to speak when Old Li spoke again, “I had to spend so much effort convincing young master to head to Li City and deal with this matter there. Think about it, if the young master had just walked away without caring, this would give you a headache for a long time, maybe even taking away your ninth level palace master identity. So, shouldn’t you really thank me for my vehement persuasion?”

“That is of course, that is of course. Old Huan, truly thank you this time.” Tang palace master’s face became strange, but he still smiled and said.

“Thank you only in words?” Old Li said meaningfully.

Tang palace master’s face blackened…...


Chu Mu was quite the spectacle in Soul Palace great hall, but everyone seemed to know that Chu Mu was either a soul palace young master, the subordinate of a young master, or some sort of character with a position of power. If Chu Mu wanted to enter and exit soul palace, naturally no one dared to stop him. Also, Tang palace master was also very cautious, especially telling Zhao Yi to follow Chu Mu in case any accident happens.

After things were fixed, Chu Mu had to check on Ye Wansheng as well. Following what Old Li said, Chu Mu passed through a few streets and quickly found Ye Qingzi busy concocting medicine in a medicinal shop.

“You’ve come……” Ye Qingzi’s pale face smiled, clearly haggard, and her eyes were still slightly red and puffy.

A soul teacher needed soul power when making medicine. Her paleness was probably due to overusage of soul power.

The medicinal shop seemed to have been rented by Ye Qingzi. When Chu Mu walked to the back room, he saw a bed under the sun in the courtyard. On the bed was a black faced young man.

“Ye Wansheng?” Chu Mu looked at the teen and revealed an amazed expression.

Ye Wansheng used to look decent, occasionally attracting a girl’s gaze, yet his current face was completely covered in blue-black blisters, causing his facial features to become completely unrecognizable. Such looks could only be described as revolting…...

A normally casual and undisciplined young man becoming like a rotting corpse- Chu Mu couldn’t imagine what sort of torture he had to face…… It was no wonder that even Ye Qingzi, who was normally strong and calm, had red eyes. Even Chu Mu felt pangs through his heart when he looked.

“Its…...its…...Chu Chen…… Chu Chen right?” Ye Wansheng was lying down, only able to see the sky with his eyes. He was clearly having some difficulty speaking using his rotten mouth.

“En, are you okay?” Chu Mu nodded. The moment he finished that sentence, he felt this was very unnecessary.

He had already become like this, how much worse could  it get? Chu Mu was sure that Ye Wansheng had suffered inhumane treatment. It was possible that in a few more days, he would have been permanently eaten clean by the bug poison.

“Ai…...I’ve already become like this…...these days…’ve always been with my sister……” Ye Wansheng slowly began.

“I’d say you should stop speaking, stuff is coming out of your mouth……” Chu Mu said.

“It’s…’s okay, if I don’t say it now…… in the future…...there will be no chance……” Every time Ye Wansheng opened his mouth, disgusting black bubbles oozed out. It was fortunate that Chu Mu had been through all sorts of bitter experiences, so he wouldn’t throw up from disgust at this sight.

“My sister… sister is…… she’s a good girl…...once I’m gone…… you….. You have to take care of her…… I’ll give her to…… give her to you……” Ye Wansheng was losing strength as he spoke, until he finally closed his eyes…...

Chu Mu stared blankly, feeling that something was strange…...

Ye Qingzi finished concocting the medicine and walked over lightly. She had clearly heard the previous sentences and said angrily, “You still have the thought for jokes at this time?!”

Ye Qingzi was adorably angry, and Ye Wansheng’s eyes immediately opened. His face full of black blisters seemed to be laughing, but he seemed unbearably disgusting.

Ye Qingzi looked at Chu Mu and regained her composure and spoke, “He won’t die; only his body is heavily affected by bug poison and needs lots of medicine to heal, or else his body will still continue to rot. I’ve already sent the medicinist here to go buy it in the business area.”

“Oh, as long as he’s ok.: Chu Mu was speechless about this guy. He was already like a rotting black zombie, yet his mind was just as lively as before.

“He…...hei…...Chu Chen…...just now…...just now did I make you happy for nothing?” Ye Wansheng looked into the sky and swallowed the disgusting black bubbles back and barely let out a deceitful laugh.

“Let him be exposed to the scorching sun here. That can control the poison. Stop speaking to him, there’s no end to it.” Ye Qingzi pulled Chu Mu away and walked to a nearby room.

Chu Mu looked at Ye Qingzi’s slightly frail yet beautiful face and asked caringly, “Since he’s fine, you should be rest assured too.”

“Ye Qingzi shook his head and said quietly to Chu Mu, “He’s too deeply poisoned, and needs a huge amount of medicine and soul items. I’m afraid Colored Sky City won’t have enough of all the medicine I need. If it isn’t controlled well, it will cause a huge harm to his body……”

“Then let’s walk to a few more cities to buy it.” Chu Mu said.

Ye Qingzi nodded. Staying silent for a second, she lifted her head and looked at Chu Mu with her slightly wet eyes, asking, “When I left I think I saw some commotion in Soul Palace, what happened?”

Chu Mu briefly described meeting Yu He and how he took him down, acting before speaking.

Hearing Yu He, Ye Qingzi’s eyes became much colder and his entire body started emitting frost.

“He killed my brother’s War Court Black Beast and made him the way he is, I won’t let him off that easily!” Ye Qingzi said coldly.

“En, I already plan on going to Li City and meet with these powerful soul palace characters and finish up the issue with Yu He.” Chu Mu again briefly described his plans of going towards li City.

Ye Qingzi also knew that directly killing Yu He was hard, and would give her lots or trouble. She showed that she was willing to go with Chu Mu.

When they were speaking, the medicinist of the shop had already come back and found Ye Qingzi.

“Miss Ye, this is all there is. Even if you go to the regional city, it will be hard to find the 500 servings of medicine you need. From what I see, the only way to gather this much medicine is to go into Yuan Forest……” The young soul teacher took a look at Chu Mu and spoke to Ye Qingzi.

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