Book 2 Chapter 215 - The Tenth Young Master

Chapter 215: The Tenth Young Master

“Tang palace master, you doing this, do you mean to intentionally incite conflict between the Elemental Sect and the Soul Palace?! Heng, this many people here already know what the truth is. If you let me go now, I may not bicker about it with palace master!” Yu He said, face full of anger, to Tang palace master.

“So is planning to kill the Yu Lang and Feng Ya simply to advance the friendship between Elemental Sect and Soul Palace? Don’t speak rubbish- lock him up!” Chu Mu said coldly.

For Chu Mu, Yu Lang and Feng Ya were at most just acquaintances. With no standpoint of his own, Chu Mu wouldn’t meddle in other people’s business. But, since Yu He knew that he and Ye QIngzi were in Heavenly Crystal Peak, he would definitely rack his brains to try to get rid of them, so Chu Mu naturally had to strike first.

Yu Lang and Feng Ya were both very famous young generation experts in Soul Palace. The appearance of them previously had already raised quite a commotion, yet Chu Mu’s words about the death of Yu Lang and Feng Ya made the entire hall explode into commotion!

“Yu Lang and Feng Ya died?” Zhao Yi similarly let out a surprised expression, watching Chu Mu with his eyes dumbstruck.

“En, previously there was the information that the Heavenly Crystal Peak master was wounded, and the Peak could be taken recently. However, this was just a lure thrown down by Yu He and his subordinates. They knew Yu Lang and Feng Ya were in the city and, through the Elemental Sect’s Qing Li’s relationship with Yu Lang and using cooperation as excuse, they lured him to the Heavenly Crystal Peak half mountain cave and killed them. Then, they would probably use something like an error in news to hide their real deaths.” Chu Mu said.

Chu Mu’s words again set the entire Soul Palace afire. Yu Lang was the son of one of the seven palace masters of soul palace, and had quite the position in Soul Palace. Yu He planning a murder against Yu Lang and Feng Ya would definitely create quite the commotion between the Elemental Sect and the Soul Palace. After all, no matter Yu Lang’s father or Yu He’s father, they both had great power.

Hearing Chu Mu explain it, even Yu He was dumbfounded. He never would’ve thought that this mysteriously appeared young man would be so clear about the event.

“Not possible. This event was so secret, he wouldn’t know, unless this man was also at Heavenly Crystal Peak at the time……” Yu He bit down as his brain quickly turned.

Yu He definitely wasn’t the type to be easily scared with a few sentences. Even if his ploy was revealed, he made a supreme effort to stay calm and coldly said to Chu Mu, “Truly laughable. Even I don’t know of this event, yet you do. Could it be that you were there when Yu Lang and Feng Ya died and you saw yourself that those two were killed by Qing Li?”

Chu Mu looked at Yu He and didn’t expect this guy to still be this calm. Chu Mu wasn’t in a hurry to drag him off, so he said lightly, “Very coincidentally, but I was in the team. Your subordinates especially diverted my friend and I, and then killed them.”

“Hahahaha, I, Yu He only arrived at Colored Sky City yesterday and had just learned of the two’s deaths, coming to tell Tang palace master. As for the Qing Li you speak of, he was my subordinate, but has long since broken contact with me. Whatever he does, how would I know? Since you’re here making up a story, from what I see, it’s more probable that you killed them, and are trying to push the blame onto me!” Yu He indeed wasn’t a normal person, still able to turn around and bite back at such a time.

Yu He’s sentence completely rebutted Chu Mu’s previous words. Seeing Chu Mu no longer speak, Yu He started laughing coldly in his heart.

“Give him another crime, defaming the Soul Palace Young Master.” Just then, a voice that sounded both like an old man and a child came into the debate.

Everyone’s eyes quickly fell on the speaker, yet what made them surprised was the speaker was a short bodied, raccoon headed, half human half soul pet organism!

“Old Zei[1]?” Tang palace master looked at Old Li and his eyes opened wide.

Zhao Yi seemed to also have heard of this half human half raccoon thing, so his expression became strange.

“Heng, soul palace young master, how could he be a soul palace young master?” Yu He let out a cold humph, not caring about this talking raccoon’s words.

Yu He knew the situation in the Soul Palace even clearer than Yu Lang. Of the nine soul palace young masters, the second and fourth young masters rarely showed their faces. The other young masters, Yu He had seen. Those he hadn’t seen, he approximately knew their general whereabouts, so it was impossible for some young master to be here.

“Has the person been saved?” Chu Mu ignored Yu He and asked using remembrance.

“He’s been saved. The beatiful legs chick already brought him back to heal up. He has a slow insect poison on him.” Old Li replied.

Chu Mu smiled. Since the person had been saved, Chu Mu naturally could be very at ease. Looking at the person that had gotten him into a very bad situation at Heavenly Crystal Peak, and seeing that the person was still cleverly trying to say something to protect himself, Chu Mu very decisively walked right up to him.


A slap heavily hit Yu He’s face. Just as Yu He was about to speak, he was slapped silent by Chu Mu!

Chu Mu’s slap was very loud, causing all the voice in the Soul Palace to die down amidst gasps and sighs.

Yu He’s position was something that many people knew. He was also a big young master level person in Elemental Sect, not lower than Yu Lang. Chu Mu’s tyrannical slap truly displayed his young master manners fully.

“Old Tang, if you don’t have the authority for this matter, go tell those who do. This elemental sect kid has the ambition of a wild wolf. It is fortunate this event was seen by the training Young Master, so we can return justice to Yu Lang.” Old Li gestured towards Tang palace master and spoke.

“Young master Yu He, Yu Lang and Feng Ya’s death don’t seem to be that simple. Since Yu He young master knows the truth, then please stay in our Palace for a few days. Yu He young master doesn’t like others saying nonsense either, so if you stay, we can make the truth of this thing evident.” Tang palace master said.

Tang palace master was already partial towards believing Chu Mu, so he told Zhao Yi and people to bring the Yu He, with blood leaking out of a corner of his mouth, into a house arrest room and closed him up.

When Yu He was brought down, he stared bitterly at Chu Mu. FInally, when leaving, he specially used remembrance and sent a message to Chu Mu, “No matter who you are, even if you are a Soul Palace Young Master, I will remember today’s events and leave you without a corpse when you die!”

Chu Mu used his thumbs to rub his ears, completely ignoring his existence.

“This event is connected to the relations between Soul Palace and Elemental Sect. Before this event’s true nature is revealed, no one is allowed to spread rumors or speak erroneously. Those who break this rule shall be dealt with severely!” Tang palace master finally displayed his palace master demeanor and warned all the soul palace members in the the entire soul palace hall.

After speaking, the Tang Palace master cast an incantation to melt the thick ice wall on the soul palace door, and he also commanded a few expert ground type soul pet trainers to fill up the crater in the floor of the hall.

“Then, young master, what do you plan on doing next?” After dealing with things cursorily, Tang palace master specially inquired Chu Mu.

“Old Tang, this young master is very busy and doesn't have time for such matters. Call over those you need to call over and deal with it accordingly.” Old Li put on an arrogant demeanor.

Old Tang looked at the old raccoon and his face changed just like Zhao Yi’s. After quite a while did he finally use a normal tone to ask Old Li, “Which young master is this?”

“Old Tang, this is something you don’t know. I am under her majesty’s command to accompany young master in his training outside. I also have her majesty’s soul palace sub decree……” Old Li said excitedly.

Old Li’s words made Old Tang’s face grow even darker. He hadn’t even started asking about the old man’s debts five years ago with this damned old man, yet he didn’t expect that this old man had somehow gotten on good terms with her majesty and received an invincible, all protecting medal.

“Under normal situations, the young master wouldn’t randomly show his identity to avoid random people having ulterior motives against him. But, if someone intentionally comes for trouble, hehe……” Old Li laughed treacherously.

Old Li was very willing to follow Chu Mu because of this reason. This way, he could completely rely on her majesty’s identity to parade himself ostentatiously about town, and those he had once angered before would only be able to swallow their anger and bear it.

“Since he’s her majesty’s son, then isn’t he the tenth young master?” Old Tang suddenly realized this, and stared at Chu Mu, wide eyed.

“You’ve been in Tianxia City for a time and know of her majesty’s identity. The matter of the tenth young master shouldn’t be spoken of. If anyone wants to target her majesty and specially trouble young master, causing damage, both you and I have trouble.” Old Li put his hands behind his back and stared.

“That is natural.” Tang palace master nodded.

Real experts need training in the real world to become powerful. Even young masters who had superior positions in soul palace.

Yet, because of their special identity, if they went training, there were lots of uncertain variables. For example, older generations couldn’t attack the younger generations in the open, but in the dark, people would still try to meddle in shady affairs.

So, when soul palace young masters went out to train, they usually used aliases, and appeared in many big cities as commoners. Even if they entered the soul palaces of cities, they wouldn’t make a big deal and instead keep it as low profile as possible, not revealing their identities until it was absolutely necessary.

“Then young master and Yu He’s matter……” Tang palace master didn't know how to deal with it, so he could only ask Old Li, who he had some small grudge against.

“It is true that Yu He wanted to kill Yu Lang and Feng Ya. His subordinates Qing Li and Zhang Qin had done it, and they even tried to kill young master to shut him up. It is fortunate that young master was brave and quick-witted, using Heavenly Crystal Peak’s soul pets to his advantage to alleviate the situation. I, Old Huan, of course know that you can’t deal with this well. Just follow young master’s commands and close Yu He up. Either wait for higher ups to arrive, or send him to Li City……” Old Li said.

“En, en, I’ve already sent people to contact Li City’s soul palace sub palace.” Tang palace master said.

“This incident may not be as simple as it seems, you just do your best……” Old Li said with a meaningful tone.

  1. TL: Zei is word for thief, deceit. Presumably Old Li had ripped this guy off in some way and thus the nickname.

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