Book 2 Chapter 214 - Act First Talk Later

Chapter 214: Act First Talk Later


Yu Jia angrily roared, and he suddenly removed the sturdy rock armor on his body. Immediately, the armor bursted into pieces and the broken stone and ice dregs on the outside fell onto the ground. It was a mess...

Chu Mu’s sudden attack caused Yu Jia to show an expression of evident anger. However, this place was the Soul Palace after all. If he summoned his soul pet here, he definitely would violate the Soul Palace’s provisions like Chu Mu had.

Yu Jia endured. He knew that as long as he didn’t summon his soul pet and didn’t directly express an intent to fight Chu Mu, Chu Mu would be in the wrong. When the Elemental Sect and Soul Palace elders discussed this matter, he would be able to dispose off this arrogant fellow into a miserable state!

“Broken Ice Domain!” why would Chu Mu show courtesy to Yu Jia who didn’t summon a soul pet? He immediately had his Ice Air Fairy chant an incantation and continue to attack Yu Jia.

Broken Ice Domain!

The ice crystals flying in the air that had broken on the sturdy rock armor suddenly came to a sudden stop in the air. As if they were immobile, they stayed frozen in the air!


A long cry was heard, and all of the broken ice crystals came under the control of the Ice Air Fairy. They transformed into an incomparably sharp ice crystal sword that’s tip pointed at Yu Jia.

Yu Jia’s face became rather unsightly and his gaze intentionally swept over the few Soul Palace seniors.

“These few Soul Palace seniors do not recognize this young man. I don’t believe that they’re willing to let this brat act as he pleases in Soul Palace!” Yu Jia was an intelligent person, and he wouldn’t fight someone for no reason. Those brave and warlike people, in his opinion, were a group of developed muscles but simple minded fellows. As long as he played a few tricks in secret, the person regardless of strength would end up dead.

Just like Yu Lang. He was an impressive name amongst the younger generation, but had ultimately still died miserably. Thinking about this, Yu Jia let out a rather pondering smile. He displayed the attitude of a leader because he felt that these Soul Palace seniors had already reached the end of their patience.

These several Soul Palace seniors had a bit of an impression towards Yu Jia. That bearded man seemed to be hunter with a bit of reputation in Soul Palace. His name seemed to be Zhao Yi, and it was said that this fellow’s temper wasn’t very good. If he wasn’t pleased at a young generation brat, he would go and always go and teach the person a lesson.

“Truly incomparably presumptuous…” as expected, when the bearded senior, Zhao Yi, saw that Chu Mu was continuing to launch attacks, his face instantly flushed red. He was evidently angry!

What kind of a place was the Soul Palace?! Even those who didn’t know the rules should know that summoning soul pets in the great hall wasn’t allowed and not a place to fight. Previousl,y Zhao Yi had witnessed the strength of Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy, thus meaning he probably wasn’t a normal young man. However, despite the status he had, he could not behave so atrociously in the divine great hall of Soul Palace. One had to know that there were many Soul Palace experts looking on and if word spread, what kind of a scandal would this be?!”

Zhao Yi was planning on making a move. His powerful soul remembrance instantly targeted Chu Mu’s heart and soul, wanting to incite Chu Mu into giving up his control over his soul pet.

Mental restraint!

Chu Mu instantaneously felt this Soul Palace senior’s mental technique. He decisively used soul remembrance to protect his mind, not letting him bother him.

Zhao Yi was a fifth remembrance spirit master. Since it was a young generation member, Zhao Yi started off leniently despite being extremely angry. He didn’t use his full soul remembrance to pressure Chu Mu’s body.

However, Zhao Yi discovered that his soul remembrance was unexpectedly being expelled by this young man’s soul remembrance. He simply could not enter his mind and he immediately let out a shocked expression!

“Second remembrance spirit master!!”

Great billows surged in Zhao Yi’s heart. He was somewhat in disbelief as he looked at the twenty or so young man in front of him!

“What’s the matter, Old Zhao?” a forty or so man next to him playing with his ring raised his eyebrow and asked a question. This man stood adjacently and looked on with interest; he didn’t show any emotions of unsatisfaction and instead felt it was rather interesting.

“Spirit master, that young man is a spirit master!” said Zhao Yi.

“Spirit master? That’s impossible?!” said another Soul Palace member under thirty years of age.

“How can my judgement be wrong?! Quickly look carefully who that young man is. Perhaps he’s some disciple of an elder or a direct descendent.” said the bearded Zhao Yi.

A few people finally became serious, and they began to earnestly examine Chu Mu’s face.

As they talked, Broken Ice Domain’s effects were completely exhibited. Countless small ice tips streaked across the air with a cold light under the Ice Air Fairy’s minute control, violently rushing towards Yu Jia!

Yu Jia was stunned. He had just evidently felt Zhao Yi use soul remembrance on Chu Mu. With Zhao Yi’s fifth remembrance spirit master strength, he should have been able to stop this young man’s attempt.

“Shua shua shua shua!!!!!!!”

The shards were like tiny arrows and violently smashed into Yu Jia’s seventh level soul armor. Several blood stains were ripped apart on his body and serious damage occurred to his exceptionally bright clothing!

“You… you have such large guts. Do you know who I am?!”

Yu Jia kept retreating. Even his face showed a few evident scratches; this made Yu Jia suddenly mad!

Chanting an incantation, Yu Jia could no longer endure it. His gaze carried a bit of maliciousness as he swept his gaze over the Soul Palace seniors who were still looking on from the sidelines even now and he tightly clenched his teeth!

His clothes were torn everywhere, and in the broken areas was exposed skin. Yu Jia who had suffered from the attack was clearly in an abnormally miserable state and his patience had a limit!

Seeing Yu Jia’s two eyes burn with anger, Chu Mu sneered. He naturally could guess what intentions Yu Jia had, as he clearly wanted to take advantage of him and have those few impatient seniors make their move.

Only, those Soul Palace seniors had already been informed by Palace Master Tang not to interfere. Yu Jia looked down on Chu Mu, and believed that a few words would put him in an advantageous position. He never would have imagined the young man in front of him was a Soul Palace young master. Regardless if it was inside Soul Palace’s great hall that Chu Mu attacked him, even in Elemental Sect, as long as Chu Mu held the Soul Palace Decree, those few old fellows in Elemental Sect had to carefully consider whether to they dared take care of Chu Mu.

Chanting an incantation, Yu Jia finally summoned his soul pet!

A soul pet pattern engraved on the ground and a dark gold color appeared. From within the pattern gradually rose a soul pet’s body!

The body was like it had been made up of a dark-gold colored gold. Its body was sturdy like a giant and it gave others a feeling of endless cold!

Seventh phase Sturdy Rock General!!

Not long ago, Chu Mu had faced off against four eighth phase Sturdy Rock Generals. Those four Sturdy Rock Generals had yet to undergo strengthening, and their bodies displayed a dark brown color and were only covered by the most average sturdy rock.

However, this seventh phase third stage Sturdy Rock General was covered in a gold and rock strength. It could burst forth with a terrifying destructive force when it pleased and when one looked at it, he or she would shiver from head to toe.

Chu Mu could be sure that this seventh phase third stage Sturdy Rock General’s fighting strength was even more powerful than the Ghost King’s eighth phase Sturdy Rock General. Its fighting strength could very well have also surpassed the summit’s leader!


When the Sturdy Rock General saw that its master had suffered injuries, it immediately let out an angry roar. Its mighty two fists condensed several dark gold colored sturdy rock granules that ruthlessly smashed towards Chu Mu and the Ice Air Fairy!


The Ice Air Fairy dodged backwards, but the energies had already exploded in front of it. Suddenly, a hole full of broken rock had been blasted in the great hall’s floor!!

Such destructive force had appeared in Soul Palace’s great hall and immediately the entire great hall rang out with an enormous noise. The surrounding Soul Palace members all let out expressions of alarm. They never expected these two young men to break into a large fight in Soul Palace’s great hall!

Seeing Yu Jia attack, a smile rose on Chu Mu’s face. He decisively recalled his Ice Air Fairy into the soul pet space and quickly retreated.

Chu Mu’s gaze swept over Palace Master Tang and he coldly said: “Destroying Soul Palace’s great hall should be reason to arrest him, right?”

Palace Master Tang was stunned. Then he finally registered that Chu Mu’s words were directed at him!

“Young master… you being like this is making things very hard for little me.” Palace Master Tang let out an awkward expression.

“Hmph, summoning a soul pet in Soul Palace’s great hall, freezing the entrance and attacking others. I’ll naturally take responsibility for that. Yu Jia destroyed Soul Palace’s entrance and disturbed the order of Soul Palace. Could it be that this isn’t something you as a palace master should do? Are you planning on siding with him?” sneered Chu Mu. He was somewhat disgusted with Palace Master Tang’s fearful actions. After all, this fellow was the perpetrator behind Yu Lang and Feng Ya’s deaths. If this matter didn’t concern Ye Wansheng, Chu Mu wouldn’t be bothered to concern himself with the trivial matter of arresting this murderer.

Palace Master Tang, having been spoken to like this by Chu Mu, was speechless for a moment. He looked at Yu Jia before sweeping his eyes over Zhao Yi. Finally, he still gave the order: “Arrest Yu Jia.”

At this moment, Yu Jia’s face was completely dark. He finally understood that this fellow was completely intentionally provoking him to get him to attack.

Only, Yu Jia had never expected that this brat had such ability to order Soul Palace’s palace master to do things. The status of this ninth rank Colored Sky City’s Soul Palace palace master wasn’t something normal!

Palace Master Tang had already given the order, so Zhao Yi and the other group of Soul Palace seniors could only comply. Their soul remembrance forcibly exerted on Yu Jia’s body. Even if Yu Jia had more skill, he still wouldn’t be the opponent of several Soul Palace seniors.

Very soon, Yu Jia and the soul pet were arrested by the seniors. Yet, Yu Jia had a malevolent expression and he coldly said to the Soul Palace seniors: “I believe you should know my identity. Everyone present has already seen that this brat was overbearing first and forced me to attack. Arresting me completely unreasonably like this is practically giving your Colored Sky City’s Soul Palace a crime!”

“This…” for a moment Zhao Yi let out an awkward expression. After all, Yu Jia’s status in Elemental Sect wasn’t normal.

“Bind his soul remembrance first. Lock him in any place that’s similar to a prison. If he dares disobey, then I’ll remove you guys first!” coldly said Chu MU.

These Soul Palace members were all extremely ordinary. Chu Mu felt that he wouldn’t be able to convey the reason carefully to them, so he decided to be a bit more decisive, otherwise these fellows wouldn’t regard him as a young master.

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