Book 2 Chapter 212 - Absolutely Better, Monarch Rank Talent

Chapter 212: Conspirer, Yu He

“Such a thing had happened. Truly unfortunate, truly unfortunate.” On the courtyard in Soul Palace, a older middle aged man sighed longingly and let out some grief.

“Ai, it’s all my fault my subordinates were neglectful, not understanding Heavenly Crystal Mountain’s true situation. This I will naturally beg forgiveness towards Yu palace master.” A carefully dressed, elegant young man sighed as well.

“Accidents are unavoidable, but a few days ago we also got news that there was a soul pet riot near Heavenly Crystal Peak, so presumably, retrieving the corpse will be difficult. Let’s wish that the Yu palace master will be able to be calm.” Old man said.

“Tang palace master, you know the reason of this event. I’m worried some people with grudges against me may add to the story and skew the truth, so I hope that when Tang Palace Master judges this event, that you can give Yu He justice…...Yu Lang brother was also a respected expert of mine. This time, when I came to Colored Sky City, I was planning on fighting him too.” The young man self-named Yu Lang said.

“Don’t worry about this Yu young master. We Soul Palace Masters are always just, and we would never do such a nonexistent thing.” Tang palace master answered.

Yu He very mannerly nodded. When his eyes looked to the windows, his eyes flashed with a cold humor. Clearly, the Tang palace master’s words fit what he thought perfectly.

“Palace master, there’s a young man who wants to see you down there.” A Soul Palace guard walked up, saluted, and said.

“I have an important guest right now, let him rest for a while in the building.” Tang palace master said.

“Oh, since Tang palace master is busy, then Yu He won’t bother. Please don’t grieve too greatly……” Yu He had already reached his goal, so naturally he needn’t stay longer. After saying that politely, he left.

“Send the young master away.” The Tang palace master said to his guard. After he did that, he waved his hand for another guard to come before him before he said quietly, “Let that young man come back in a few days. These days, push away all people visits with me being busy. I don’t want to be disturbed.”

“Yes!” The guard said.

Chu Mu was slightly impatiently waiting downstairs. After a while, he saw a well dressed young man walk down from above. Though he kept a very mannered smile, Chu Mu could sense delight in the man’s eyes.

Yu He naturally saw the waiting Chu Mu, but only nodded and smiled towards him, not saying much.

To a stranger’s nice gesture, Chu Mu always maintained his emotionless appearance, so he didn’t respond, only watching. “Another one. An arrogant and virtuous Soul Palace young man.” Yu He seemed to have seen too many arrogant soul palace members, so he laughed coldly in his heart and kept a smile as he walked out of the building.

“This mister, we are very sorry, but the palace master has an emergency to deal with right now, and does not wish for any disturbance, so please leave and come back some other day.” The guard quickly walked down and said with some politeness.

Yu He was just about to walk out when he heard this guard refuse Chu Mu. He smiled and said, “Seems like even his identity is normal.”

Chu Mu furrowed his brows and glanced at the guards who came with him and said coldly, “Did you not tell him who was asking to see him?!”

“This……because we temporarily can’t confirm your identity, so….” The guard immediately looked troubled, not knowing how to respond in the moment.

Chu Mu gave a cold humph and was too lazy to waste time with such a fellow. He pushed away the guard in front of him and walked right up the stairs!

“How dare you!” The guard immediately scowled and shouted towards Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t waste time speaking. With an incantation, he burned with a white demonic devil fire and suddenly disappeared from the guard’s mental range.


White demonic devil flames burned in the floor above. The sad Tang palace master above looked somewhat surprised as he watched the cold devil flames.

With the devil flames burning, Chu Mu’s body slowly appeared. They set off his tall and handsome body, and added some mystery and demonic charm to Chu Mu.

“This is my soul palace decree. If you have any words, say them after you see it.” Chu Mu knew Ye Qingzi was still waiting anxiously, so he immediately put on the act of a young master.

The Tang palace master stared blankly as he caught the soul palace decree Chu Mu threw at him and turned it over.

Because of the death of Yu Lang and Feng Ya, the Tang palace master was already having a headache. This young man who didn’t know the rules already made him angry, but once he saw the rank symbol on the soul palace decree, his face immediately changed.

He blanked for a few seconds before putting his head down and bending over slightly, “I didn’t know it was young master, I deserve a thousand deat…”

“Yu Lang and Feng Ya were plotted against by wicked people, and have been killed already. Before, the news that the Heavenly Crystal’s[1] disappearance was let out only to draw the two people to Heavenly Crystal Peak. Now I have a friend imprisoned by the Elemental Sect, so send some people with me to go save him.” Chu Mu finished what he wanted to say in a few sentences.

The Tang palace master blanked again. Just a few moments ago, he had gotten news from Yu He that Yu Lang and Feng Ya had died accidentally. How come this unnamed young master said that Elemental Sect had done the deal and completely used an air of command to tell him to dispatch people to fight the Elemental Capital?

“Young master, the Elemental Sect Yu young master had just talked to me about this and said something that was completely the opposite. This matter is complicated, please speak slowly.” The Tang palace master was confused in the moment, and he wanted Chu Mu to explain slowly.

Hearing this, Chu Mu immediately creased his brow. He didn't think that the planner was this crafty, actually explaining the situation beforehand. If they added on the soul pet rampage a few days ago at Heavenly Crystal Peak, the planner could easily push this deal off.

“Immediately send people to arrest him!” Chu Mu’s tone was even harsher. This event was clearly Elemental Sect’s young master Yu He’s design, the same person Ye Qingzi had mentioned previously.

“Young master, Yu He’s identity isn’t normal. Arresting him like this surely isn’t appropriate…” Tang palace master said.

The soul palace young master Chu Mu had appeared too suddenly, and the Tang palace master hadn’t even figured out which young master Chu Mu was yet, so how could he suddenly send an arrest order to an ally’s young generation member? Let alone, Yu He’s position wasn’t low and wasn’t someone that he as a palace master could arrest whenever he wanted.

“I’ve got no time to explain, just take him down first!” Chu Mu showed anger.

“Young master, this indeed isn’t appropriate. If you have a dispatching decree, I will not hesitate any longer.” Tang palace master said with difficulty.

Chu Mu furrowed his brows, and he knew that he would be unable to dispatch any Soul Palace experts. Seeing that Yu He about to escape, he immediately gave an ultimatum, “If you don’t dare, I’ll do it!”

  1. Author typo, don’t know what he meant to say

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