Book 2 Chapter 211 - Absolutely Better, Monarch Rank Talent

Chapter 211: Absolutely Better, Monarch Rank Talent

Ghost King : Elemental World - Rock type (Ghost type) - Giant species - Ghost King subspecies - Monarch rank

Covered in thick armor from top down, it had both the powerful ghost type powers as well as the incomparable power and defense from rock type. The armor on its body would also change with the Ghost King’s energy crystal’s changes.

Monarch Ghost Curved Sword: the Ghost King’s main battle weapon, able to change as the Ghost King grew stronger. Its power was more powerful than a beast type soul pet’s attacking body part, and it could be absorbed into its energy crystal to be strengthened.

Species technique - Monarch Ghost Transformation: burn all over with fire-like ghost aura, speed decrease eighty percent, power increase 100%.

Through soul communication, weren’t strange, and most of them were purely power and attack as the main focus.

The Ghost King hadn’t reached the sixth phase, so the techniques it held, other than the species technique Monarch Ghost Transformation  

Normally speaking, a Monarch Rank’s talent advantage was measured there: without any strengthening, reaching the sixth rank, and obtaining seventh rank techniques.

This Ghost King that Chu Mu caught wasn’t strengthened, and it was still at the fifth phase eighth stage, so not knowing any seventh rank techniques was normal.

Yet, monarch rank soul pets were still monarch rank soul pets. As a top tier soul pet of the Ghost types, it already knew most rock type techniques under sixth rank.

When Chu Mu caught his Ice Air Fairy, most of its techniques were at the third to fourth rank, and it was a limited few. This Ghost King had learned through its own growth most of the rock type techniques under sixth rank. Warrior rank and monarch rank techniques showed clear discrepancies.

As for power crystals, the Ghost King had already learned the advanced Dark Sturdy Rock energy crystal.

The dark sturdy rock energy crystal was like the Ice Air Fairy’s Mysterious Crystal Ice Crystal, or Mo Xie’s Blood Flame, and this was under the condition of not being strengthened. Once the Ghost King reached the sixth phase and Chu Mu bought some ghost type and rock type soul items to strengthen the Ghost King, when it reached the sixth phase, it should get the even more advanced crystal - Dark Crystal Rock!

Having dark crystal rock, the ghost king’s battle power would greatly increase again. Even if it was only at the sixth phase, it would be able to face things by himself!

“Seventh rank initial stage Monarch Ghost Curved Sword, seventh rank initial stage Dark Sturdy Rock, and also the attack and defense that reached seventh rank at only the fifth stage. A monarch rank soul pet’s talent truly is powerful.” Chu Mu smiled.

The Ghost King without anything was clearly more powerful than a commander rank and warrior rank soul pets. After fully equipping it, its power was even more terrifying. Knowing all about the Ghost King, Chu Mu felt that the adventure this time was very worth it.


“Your soul power is almost empty?” Ye Qingzi asked.

Chu Mu nodded. A soul pet trainer after all, wasn’t a soul pet. Even if Chu Mu could use soul technique Chong Mei and mimic his soul pet’s techniques, a few soul techniques used up all of the recently recovered 60% soul power. Such a direct battle against soul pets indeed couldn't be lightly used; it was too much wasting of soul power.

Chu Mu also knew that Ye QIngzi was more worried about her brother, so he didn't waste any longer to recover soul power and said to Ye Qingzi, “No need to rest anymore, let’s head towards Colored Sky City first.”

“En.” Ye Qingzi nodded.

Ye Qingzi, after last night’s Ghost King chase, had already recovered all her soul power. When she started an incantation, she summoned her War Court Black Beast in front of herself.

Black symbol, curled with a black and demonic aura. The War Court Black Beast didn’t have any dark type, but the demonic feel it emanated, the swift, deadly, and strange way it attacked was quite similar to Mo Xie’s.

“Is this War Court Black Beast your most powerful soul pet?” Chu Mu looked at the imposing black soul pet and asked.

Chu Mu had never seen such a soul pet before, so he could only judge by the aura that this was an abnormally powerful fighting soul pet. Even standing beside Mo Xie, its formidable wildness didn’t get reduced by much.

“En, seventh phase third stage.” Ye Qingzi saw that Chu Mu seemed interested in it, so when she jumped onto its back, she conveniently also described her main soul pet to him.

War Court Black Beast: Beast World - Beast type - War Court Black Beast species - Commander rank

War Court Black Beast, different from the ink armor covered Zhan Ye, the War Court Black Beast’s skull was covered in a soft and downwards draping black fur. Its body was tall and powerful, full of the most primeval beast type explosive power. Its outer appearance was that of a very typical beast type soul pet, but it was also very rarely seen among beast type soul pet species.

From Chu Mu’s experience, Ye Qingzi’s commander rank was slightly slower than Mo Xie, but its power and defense were all higher than Mo Xie’s. Its fighting strength was very likely at the monarch rank, or else it couldn’t stealthily instantly kill the exposed Zhang Qin.

An Ice Fire Demon Fairy with ice type and fire type talents that have already surpassed top tier commander.

A seventh phase third stage War Court Black Beast that wasn’t any weaker than a beast type monarch.

Absolute healing, a supporting eighth phase third stage strengthened water moon.

Other than that, she had the seventh phase fourth stage Purple Robed Dream Beast, sixth phase rare Dark Fire Heavenly Devil, and the precious wood type soul pet Wood Tray Spirit.

Ye Qingzi’s soul pet formation wasn’t weak at all. If not for the White Nightmare’s presence, Chu Mu’s soul pets may have quite some trouble to defeat Ye Qingzi.


To gain time, Chu Mu specially let Mo Xie run and reach Colored Sky City before Qing Li.

Mo Xie had truly been tired enough these days. If not for Ye Qingzi’s stamina medicine sustaining her, Mo Xie would definitely be sitting in the soul pet space sleeping without being able to move an inch.

Things happened again and again, and the issue of saving Ye Wansheng was also an emergency, so Chu Mu could only trouble the less endurant Mo Xie.


The Colored Sky Mountain’s morning sun glowed. Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi finally reached the west side gate of Colored Sky City on the third morning. From this position, they could perfectly see the entire glory of the Colored Sky Mountains.

“Old Li should be able to find you?” Ye Qingzi rode her War Court Black Beast and asked.

“Yes, but I don’t know what method he uses……” Chu Mu nodded.

At the time when they split up at Great Chu Family, Old Li could mysteriously appear beside Chu Mu even thousands of miles apart. It seemed like this demon old man should have his own special techniques.

“I heard from my teacher that there is a shameless speaking old soul pet in the soul pet world. It calls you young master again and again, are you really a soul palace young master?” Ye Qingzi asked.

“Even I don’t know. I’ve never come in touch with soul palace.” Chu Mu laughed bitterly.

“Seems so, I might have to borrow your power in the future.” Ye Qingzi smiled lightly.

“I’m quite unconventional, and I don’t like staying in any faction. You can count me lucky if I don’t piss off any faction. Under normal situations, I should be the enemy of many factions. Many people want to kill me, the nail in their eye. As long as you aren’t drawn into this by me, you should be lucky. As for borrowing my power…...I really couldn't say.” Chu Mu said unconstrained.

Mo Xie’s existence made Chu Mu not feel safe in joining any faction. Chu Mu himself also had a definite goal, following his own path down the road…...

“My brother and I as well……” Ye Qingzi said it very lightly, feeling as if she wanted to let Chu Mu hear, yet didn’t…...


“Young master, he appeared.”

The remembrance came from very far away, and Old Li was in an unknown place.

Chu Mu didn’t go looking for Old Li. Looking around, he could find a soul pet trainer riding a purple colored soul pet travel worn towards Colored Sky Mountain.

Chu Mu didn’t especially go and intercept him. After all, only when he safely returned to Elemental Sect would Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi be able to track Old Li and find Ye Wansheng’s location.

Seeing Qing Li entereing Colored Sky City, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi also rode their soul pets and kept some distance between themselves and Qing Li as they slowly walked into Colored Sky City.

“Let’s go to soul palace. The Elemental Sect people aren’t easy to deal with. Without borrowing the soul palace’s power, we can hardly compete.” Chu Mu said.

“En, can you dispatch soul palace people?” Ye Qingzi asked.

“This, probably not. But if we explain Yu Lang and Feng Ya’s situation clearly, we can get some experts to go trouble Elemental Sect.” Chu Mu said.

“Alright, you go to soul palace, I’ll stay near the Elemental Sect, just in case.” Ye Qingzi was also worried. After all, Zhang Qin was killed by Ye Qingzi, so Qing Li might release all his anger onto Ye Wansheng.

“Don’t be rash, it’s best if you wait until I call the soul palace people over.” Chu Mu said.

“Don’t worry.”


The Soul palace and Elemental Sect were only a main road apart. With his soul palace decree in hand, entering the soul palace was very easy for Chu Mu.

However, Chu Mu’s young master soul palace decree still brought about the same situation as the Elemental Sect before, even raising suspicion from the guards.

As a ninth level city, the Colored Sky City was famous, but it couldn’t bring people like soul palace young masters over.

The Colored Sky City soul palace members hadn’t really seen young master soul palace decrees, so naturally they were worried, going to report to the Colored Sky City soul palace palace master.

“Bring me straight to the palace master.” Chu Mu didn’t have time to wait for them to confirm. Since his identity wasn’t face, he didn’t need to be kind to the guards. He walked right in and went straight for the great hall.

The guards looked at each other. Seeing Chu Mu full of an imposing manner, they didn’t dare to block him, and only sent three guards with Chu Mu as he entered the main hall.

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