Chapter 209: Capture War, the Battle with Ghost King (2)

Chapter 209: Capture War, the Battle with Ghost King (2)

“Ok, I’ll fight you!” bluntly responded Chu Mu. His two black eyes stared at the Ghost King, and his pupils emitted an intense fighting intent!

“Out of the question. That’s too dangerous!” Ye Qingzi immediately shook her head.

If it was against another soul pet, Ye Qingzi felt that with Chu Mu’s strength, he should be able to easily deal with it, even without soul pets. However, Chu Mu was facing a monarch ranked Ghost King. This monarch rank soul pet’s fighting strength was inherently powerful and moreover, it was an extremely strong soul pet among monarchs. Fighting against it alone, Chu Mu fundamentally didn’t have much of a chance of winning.

“If I don’t do this, then he won’t submit. Don’t worry, I can deal with it.” Chu Mu looked at Ye Qingzi and spoke to her.

“But what if you get injured?” anxiously said Ye Qingzi. Every soul pet trainer had to deal with his or her safety first. If something unexpected happened to the soul pet trainer, the other soul pets could be easily broken through, and their fighting strength would greatly fall.

“Aren’t you also here?” a smile rose on Chu Mu’s face. His smile was brash and confident, further carrying a bit of arrogance. It seemed that Chu Mu really planned on using his own strength to fight the Ghost King!

The Ghost King brandished its curved sword, and it coldly stared at Chu Mu. It had already adopted its stance, and it was like a warrior that held extreme respect for the rules of fights as it waited for Chu Mu to make the final decision.

Chu Mu had Mo Xie watch on the side as he walked towards the Ghost King. He stood five meters away from it...

“Jie jie~~~~”

The White Nightmare saw that Chu Mu was going to fight the Ghost King, and it slowly floated over from far away. It seemed to have already prepared to fuse with Chu Mu’s soul; after all, without the half devil transformation, Chu Mu’s fighting strength was extremely limited. It would be very difficult to defeat the exceptionally high defense of the Ghost King.

“There’s no need. Just watch on the sidelines.” Chu Mu shook his head and had the White Nightmare and Mo Xie go to the side.

The White Nightmare let out an expression of confusion, but since Chu Mu had made this decision, it didn’t say anything. It floated next to Mo Xie and silently stood there, wanting to see exactly how Chu Mu would defeat this Ghost King.

Ye Qingzi lightly bit her pink lips as she stood to the side. Her pair of beautiful eyes watched Chu Mu uneasily.

Ye Qingzi knew that once a soul pet trainer’s strength had reached a certain realm, even without a soul pet, they would possess a definite amount of fighting strength. Moreover, even some first-rate soul pet trainers could use soul techniques that had the might of a ninth rank technique. Thus, they could absolutely instakill an even stronger soul pet.

However, the majority of soul pet trainers were limited by their soul power and themselves. Regardless of defense, strength, or speed, they were unable to reach the level of a soul pet. Most soul pet trainers seized advantages, and released soul techniques at crucial moments. There weren’t soul pet trainers who would directly face off against soul pets.

Chu Mu’s actions were clearly in order to subdue the Ghost King. However, Ye Qingzi had never seen a soul pet trainer personally fight to subdue a soul pet, fighting against a Ghost King alone.

“Let’s begin!”

Chu Mu was full of confidence as he spoke to the Ghost King.

The Ghost King wasn’t courteous either, and the curved sword in its right hand suddenly condensed a ball of dark black ghost aura. The ghost aura climbed up the curved part of the sword. As the Ghost King let out an imposingly loud shout, the long sword abruptly chopped towards Chu Mu!!

As a soul pet trainer, an essential component of a fight was to be able to instantaneously clearly see the enemy’s attack. Only by doing so could the soul pet trainer let his or her soul pet adopt the proper countermeasures.

This time, Chu Mu wasn’t instructing a soul pet to adopt a certain movement; rather, it was himself who was reacting!!

Chu Mu also had dodging abilities, but they couldn’t compare with Mo Xie’s. Especially that curve sword attack that had completely locked onto him, it wasn’t as simple as a few jumps to dodge it.

“Chong Mei - Illusion!”

The incantation was instantaneously completed, and Chu Mu’s body promptly became illusory. Gradually, five Chu Mu figures appeared!

“Long long long long~~~~”

The Ghost Hunt Sword transformed into a terrifying Ghost Hunt that opened its sinister mouth and suddenly devoured three Chu Mu illusions.  A large portion of the pond further disappeared, forming a long gulch that extended over fifty meters away.

“Wu wu wu wu~~~”

Seeing Chu Mu imitate her technique and dodge with illusions, Mo Xie immediately let out an excited shout. Her nine small tails adorably waved about as she seemed to be cheering on Chu Mu.

The illusions disappeared, and Chu Mu quickly chanted again. As the Ghost King lifted its sword again, he rapidly completed the second technique!

“Violent Blood Pupil!”

His two eyes began to transform and his body was draped by gorgeous blood colored battle clothing. This battle clothing dyed Chu Mu’s body fully in red. It was as if he had bathed in a captivating red blood, giving others a feeling of imposing demonism.

The White Nightmare emulated Chu Mu’s physical form and its appearance looked like a Chu Mu that was burning from head to toe in white demonic devil flames. From time to time, its face would show a devil-like face.

As Violent Blood Pupil descended on Chu Mu’s body, Chu Mu looked like a red colored Nightmare. His spirit master aura was fully discharged and he unexpectedly was exhibiting a grandeur even more powerful than soul pets!

“That’s strange, can’t Violent Blood Pupil only be used on beast type soul pets?” Ye Qingzi’s beautiful pupils stared at Chu Mu, who could inherit Violent Blood Pupil’s effects and her face let out a somewhat confused expression.

Violent Blood Pupil could only stimulate the beast type blood flowing in a soul pet. A soul pet trainer could use any attribute of soul technique, but this didn’t represent that a soul pet trainer possessed beast type blood lineage and thus shouldn’t be able to use Violent Blood Pupil’s force.

Ultimately, Ye Qingzi could only conclude that Chu Mu was completely messing around recklessly!


Monarch Trample!!

The Ghost King gave a roar as its head was pointed at the air. Its right leg fiercely stamped on the ground, creating a terrifying crushing force that proliferated ten meters in every direction!!

Chu Mu had already completed Violent Blood Pupil’s strengthening. His two legs bent down and then he abruptly jumped up, unexpectedly leaping over ten meters high!

His two hands climbed a tree branch extending from the stone wall. Using the tree branch as a spring, he nimbly jumped onto a tree branch growing out from a stone crevice. Then, from high above, he looked down on the Ghost King.

“How is that possible…” seeing Chu Mu jumped so high in one go, Ye Qingzi opened her small mouth in shock...

A soul pet trainer’s strength, speed and defense definitely could not compare with soul pets. Jumping over ten meters in one go wasn’t something even many sixth phase commander rank beast type soul pets could do. Yet, Chu Mu had erupted with such a shocking strength, indicating that he had truly borne the baptism of Violent Blood Pupil and possessed a certain amount of beast type strength!

Ye Qingzi could be considered to have been to many places and seen numerous soul pets and soul pet trainers. However, this was the first time she had witnessed a soul pet trainer that could bear the strengthening technique used on soul pets!


Chu Mu’s movements were very agile, and he gave a few consecutive leaps on the mountain wall, dodging the Ghost King’s three sword scars!

Fission Ghost Sword!

The Ghost King suddenly used a large ranged attack. When its curved sword chopped down, several tens of fission swords terrifyingly swept towards Chu Mu!!

Chu Mu flitted past the edge of the sword wave in a very thrilling fashion, but was thrown into the water by the sword wave’s energy.

“Chong Mei - Extreme Speed!”

After chanting the incantation, Chu Mu’s speed suddenly increased by 50%. With this speed, he was able to momentarily step on the water’s surface. His feet sped up and after taking a few consecutive steps on the water, his body landed, swayingly, on the centermost stone in the pond.


Chu Mu let out a breath of air. The Ghost King’s attacking strength was extremely terrifying. Without Violent Blood Pupil’s effects, Chu Mu would not have the speed to dodge based solely on his body.

Turning around, Chu Mu stared at the Ghost King. His eyes dyed by the Violent Blood Pupil were still full of fighting intent!


On the pond, Chu Mu had nowhere to dodge. The Ghost King clutched the sword with both hands and the ghost type and rock type energies that covered its entire body began to coil up. Unexpectedly, a slightly shaking occurred in this waterfall pond!

Clutching the sword tightly, the energy gather on the curved sword and it hacked the blade diagonally!!!

A black and brown interweaving sword energy split open an imposing sword arc. It completely locked down Chu Mu’s location and ruthlessly swept at him. Every spot it passed over, was crushed to pieces, transformed into nothingness and water would disappear from evaporation!


The waterfall rushed straight downwards and when this sword energy swept through, a diagonal gap was cut in the waterfall, severing the falling rushing water!

Pseudo eighth rank might!!

The Ghost King attack, albeit needing a long build-up time, reached the might of a pseudo eighth rank!!

Fifth phase eighth stage, yet it could exhibit the strength of a pseudo eighth rank. The talent of monarch rank soul pets were terrifying as expected!

Ye Qingzi knit her eyebrows closely, and her gaze was fixated on the waves in the pond blasted by the curved sword. She was beginning to worry for Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s sixth level soul armor’s effects could barely make his defense reach the seventh rank. However, the Ghost King’s attack was near the eighth rank and if he didn’t dodge it, he would definitely be heavily wounded!

“Hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

A violent wind surged into the waterfall again and the wave of water once more returned to the depths of the pond with a crashing sound...

A bundle of white colored devil flames that were burning silently appeared outlandishly behind the Ghost King.

Suddenly, the devil flames flew into the air and amidst the white colored devil flames, the blood red figure of Chu Mu slowly appeared. His aura was exactly like the Nightmare, and he seemed to be like he was full of the abnormal evil of a Nightmare!

Displacement Specter!

What Chu Mu had used was the new battle technique the White Nightmare had comprehended not too long ago - Displacement Specter!

“Jie jie jie~~~~~”

Seeing Chu Mu use its technique, the White Nightmare cracked open its lips and let out a sinister laugh.

“Chong Mei - Obliterating Heart!”

Chu Mu’s hand suddenly transformed into a devil claw that was burning with white colored devil flames. It noiselessly entered the Ghost King’s body from behind.

There was no obstruction, and it was as if the devil claw had reached into empty space. Although the Obliterating Heart technique imitated by Chu Mu’s Chong Mei wasn’t as genuine as when he was in his half devil state, it was enough to deal with the fifth phase eighth stage Ghost King!


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