Book 2 Chapter 210 - The Ghost King’s Acknowledgement

Chapter 209: The Ghost King’s Acknowledgement

Obliterating Heart which ignored defense was Chu Mu’s only technique that could defeat the Ghost King.

This fifth phase eighth stage Ghost King’s fighting experience was clearly lacking. Chu Mu’s Obliterating Heart had already entered its internal crystallization location, and the devil claw was frighteningly clutching the Ghost King’s heart!

A cold air swept through, producing frost. As Chu Mu’s hand extended to the Ghost King’s internal crystal, a layer of frost covered its internal crystal, causing its soul to subsequently shiver!

The Ghost King’s movements were frozen in place. This monarch rank soul pet knew that its internal organ was in Chu Mu’s hands. It only had to move the slightest bit, and its internal crystal would be instantly shattered.

“You’ve lost.” an abnormally sinister smile rose on Chu Mu’s face. The ruthlessness from Violent Blood Pupil slowly retreated from his scarlet red eyes, which returned to their original pure black color.


The curved sword stuck in the ground, the Ghost King also knew that it had really lost this fight, losing to Chu Mu’s strange technique.

Its body stood in place, and the Ghost King gradually lifted its head. It stared at the distant Heavenly Crystal Peak standing solitarily in the distance and its gaze changed unceasingly.

Chu Mu saw that the Ghost King had given up the fight, so he released his hand. He retracted his devil claw from the back of the Ghost King’s heart and retreated to the side, giving the Ghost King enough time to think.

Ye Qingzi walked over to Chu Mu. Her beautiful eyes watched him with incomparable complexity, as if she had many questions to ask.

Chu Mu possessing a soul technique that could imitate any technique of a soul pet was something Ye Qingzi knew about.

According to Ye Qingzi’s estimate, Chu Mu’s soul technique - Chong Mei, could imitate seventh rank and under techniques. If they were any higher, unless Chu Mu had a method of increasing this soul technique, they could not be imitated.

What made Ye Qingzi feel most shocked was that Chu Mu could bear the effects of Violent Blood Pupil.

“Why is Violent Blood Pupil effective on your body?” asked Ye Qingzi.

It could be said that Violent Blood Pupil being effective on a soul pet trainer’s body was a bit contradictory to common sense.

“I don’t know either. Previously I tried it in a time of crisis, and inadvertently discovered that Violent Blood Pupil could be used on my body.” explained Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi’s gaze was still a bit strange. However, since Chu Mu didn’t give a resolution to her question, she didn’t continue asking. Presumably, Chu Mu was still hiding a few secrets that hadn’t been said before.

In truth, this was the first time Chu Mu had tried using Violent Blood Pupil on his body. He himself wasn’t certain if there would be any effect on his body.

Chu Mu transforming into the half-devil was predicated on the White Nightmare as a blueprint. The White Nightmare possessed many attributes, including the beast type, which had incomparably tyrannic strength and speed.

Although he hadn’t been in the half devil transformation just now, Chu Mu could feel that his body had slightly changed due to the soul scorching heat. Therefore, he attempted to use Violent Blood Pupil. He never expected that it would actually increase various aspects of his abilities; this could also be regarded as as an unexpected discovery by him.

“Nong!!! Nong!!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly, the Ghost King lifted its head and let out a deafening roar towards Heavenly Crystal Peak. Its roar was mixed with its mental strength, and its voice was like a black colored hurricane that rushed towards Heavenly Crystal Peak!

Chu Mu didn’t understand the Ghost King’s words, but from its emotions he could guess what it roared towards Heavenly Crystal Peak and a smile rose on his face.

Finally, the Ghost King turned around, and its ghost pupils under the double armor stared at Chu Mu. It slowly raised and put its two hands one over the other on the curved sword handle on the ground. Finally, its head tilted down slightly.

Chu Mu naturally understood the Ghost King’s intentions. An incantation was slowly recited from his mouth, and a blue colored soul pact halo was gradually formed that enveloped the Ghost King’s body.

This time, the Ghost King didn’t resist at all, receiving the soul pact brand on its soul with calmness..

After connecting his spirit with the Ghost King, the soul pact halo gradually shrunk, engraving a mark on the Ghost King’s forehead. Then, it slowly fused into its body, entering the depths of its soul!

The moment it entered the soul, Chu Mu could feel his connection with the Ghost King. Simultaneously, he could feel the intensity of emotions of it becoming his soul pet.

Although it was full of a plethora grumbling and resent, the Ghost King knew it wasn’t this human’s opponent. If it didn’t submit, it would die.

Although the Ghost King didn’t fear death, it didn’t want to die in such a measly way. It would rather be killed amidst a fight against a myriad of soul pet corps. It absolutely refused to die at the hands of a human and his soul pets without being able to doing anything.

Acknowledgement was the Ghost King’s only destiny. What Chu Mu had given the Ghost King weren’t two mere choices of death or acknowledgement. Instead, he had given the Ghost King a desire to become stronger; this also happened to be the thing a monarch rank soul pet needed the most.

“Congratulations, you’ve obtained another monarch ranked soul pet. Other soul pet trainers will not be able to obtain this in their lifetime.” Ye Qingzi faintly smiled as she spoke and stared at Chu Mu.

A smile rose on Chu Mu’s face, and he looked at the Ghost King in front of him filled with aggressiveness. His heart and blood were presently burning with passion!

Not so long ago, he had even given up on his dream to become a soul pet trainer.

Now, relying on his own strength, he had captured a monarch ranked soul pet!

A monarch rank Ghost King was something that four to five years ago, Chu Mu wouldn’t have even dared thinking about. In the entire Luo Region, there weren’t even a few people who had truly managed to control a monarch rank soul pet.

Yet, right now, he had already become a soul pet trainer that controlled three monarch rank soul pets. This was something that was extremely hard to obtain amongst many older generation soul pet trainers!!

The moment his confidence swelled, indistinctly, Chu Mu felt as if he heard a sentence of words as soft as the wind. This voice rang like spring water, and it was beautiful to listen to. It gave others a tranquil feeling...

Only, no matter how heavenly her voice sounded, this voice sounded, to Chu Mu, so heart breaking, shattering Chu Mu’s purest heart. When he captured the Ghost King, this confidence he had felt petty and low under these words, and was gradually nearing a certain worse direction.

Ye Qingzi continued to stare at Chu Mu. She was exceptionally adept at sensing other people’s emotions. She was able to capture a slight trace of something complicated in Chu Mu’s excited eyes. This determinedness was hidden in a most deep place, and it seemed like there was something in his heart that he had to do...

“What’s the matter?” Chu Mu adjusted his mind. Carrying a bit of a smile, he stared at Ye Qingzi as he asked a question.

Ye Qingzi’s cheeks went red. She had originally wanted to guess Chu Mu’s inner thoughts, yet who would have expected him to recover so quickly. Moreover, he was now looking at her with a slightly flirtatious expression...

“Nothing. You obtained the Ghost King, so you should be completely confident and happy. But, I felt that many other things are hidden in your heart…” Ye Qingzi was also a calm and collected person. The embarrassment on her face quickly subsided and when Chu Mu asked her something, she responded with normal emotions.

Chu Mu laughed as he looked at the Ghost King. His gaze then fell on Ye Qingzi’s body.

“Didn’t you asked me before how I lost a soul?” gradually said Chu Mu. There weren’t many people that deserved Chu Mu’s full trust. However, at least Ye Qingzi was one of these people.

Ye Qingzi raised her delicate eyebrows and was somewhat surprised that Chu Mu would raise this matter.

In her opinion, losing a soul was something that people really did not want to recollect. With Chu Mu’s character, it was impossible for him to so easily discuss this with other people. Moreover, if it was him that raised this issue, it meant that this person had fully obtained his trust.

Although this didn’t mean that this man had some special feelings for her, if she could be trusted by this cold, wise and calm man, this could be considered a large honor.

“That was my first soul pet; she defected. The sentence she spoke to me was an extreme blow to my confidence. I don’t know whether she was a commander rank, monarch rank, an emperor rank, or an even higher rank, but I know that her evolution speed was so fast others could not imagine it…” said Chu Mu.

“You unceasingly improve yourself because of her? You unceasingly become stronger so that one day you will be able to prove to her that you aren’t small and weak as she believed you to be?” asked Ye Qingzi as she looked at Chu Mu’s eyes.

Chu Mu wore a faint smile as he shook his head and said: “This isn’t the full reason why I train myself. Understanding soul pets, controlling soul pets, capturing soul pets and searching for soul pets is inherently the life I want the most. Becoming the strongest soul pet trainer is my conviction, and this conviction will not change because of those who betray or boost me up.”

Conviction was almighty.

Chu Mu didn’t feel that he had excessive talent or luck that far surpassed normal people. To Chu Mu, the only thing that made him truly feel the heavens were thinking fondly of him was Mo Xie’s arrival.

Furthermore, if Chu Mu had been devastated by a defector soul pet, his soul would have been ravaged by the White Nightmare, or he had given up on his conviction, he could not have encountered Mo Xie who changed his destiny. All of this was predicated on the fact that Chu Mu had never given up on his conviction, or his determination to unceasingly grow stronger.

Ye Qingzi opened her small mouth. Every soul pet trainer had his or her own most lofty ideal. In the past, there had been many young and frivolous people who had solemnly made this vow in front of her, yet they were saying these arrogant words not predicated on reality.

Perhaps Chu Mu was only one of the likes. The more mature Ye Qingzi could use an indifferent attitude to look upon a man’s hot bloodedness.

However, for some reason, Ye Qingzi felt that Chu Mu could accomplish this...

“The people that betray me will ultimately suffer punishment; I’m not a broad minded person either. I believe that if she is able to climb to the summit of soul pets and,I don’t stop climbing higher, there will finally be a day when I can see her figure…” a sinister and demonic smile slowly rose on Chu Mu’s face.

He wouldn’t let a defector restrain him. However, Chu Mu did indeed wish to be able to see her in the future. He wanted to see her stand in front of him with a kind of incomparably shocked and flustered expression. This strange and complicated face would appear on her pure and holy face, and would definitely make Chu Mu let out an unrestrained laugh in his heart!


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