Chapter 208: Capture War, the Battle with Ghost King (1)

Chapter 208: Capture War, the Battle with Ghost King (1)

Chu Mu of course believed Ye Qingzi, but he did ponder a question.

A soul pet trainers’ soul power was always very limited and precious. If there was a soul power recovery medicine on the market, there still were many people who were willing to spend fortunes to buy it.

Just like when facing the Ghost King previously, if he still had soul power left, Chu Mu would without hesitation merged with the White Nightmare again and become a half devil. That way, they might have had a better chance and wouldn’t have been put in such a difficult situation.

Under that situation, even if one soul power recovery medicine was 40,000 gold coins, Chu Mu would still buy one in a heartbeat…...

If even Chu Mu, a soul pet trainer tight on money, was willing to spend this much on one bottle, then it went without saying how much wealthy people of the soul pet world were willing to pay for it.

Combined with what Ye Qingzi said before, it was clear that there were only a few people that knew how to make this soul power medicine. That meant that, for those who could make it, they could ask for sky-high prices and earn huge profits on soul power recovery medicines.

“You always have the same expression no matter what you do……” Ye Qingzi rolled her eyes at Chu Mu and said.

Ye Qingzi’s words made Chu Mu embarrassed, and at a loss of words as to how to explain himself. He previously wanted to ask more about this soul power recovery medicine, but now that he thought of it, even if he asked, Ye Qingzi wouldn’t say.

Indeed, when Chu Mu closed his eyes and entered meditation, he could clearly feel his soul power recovering 50% faster than usual.

Chu Mu knew that such a medicine could be considered treasure. And Ye Qingzi, who could concoct this medicine, was even more so a unique entity amongst soul teachers.

Usually, Chu Mu needed two nights of meditation to recover from complete exhaustion of soul power to full. Meditating from dawn to midnight barely counted as one night of meditation. With Chu Mu’s normal recovery speed, that would recover around 40% of his soul power.

Yet, after eating Ye Qingzi’s medicine, Chu Mu recovered 60% of his soul power!

With Chu Mu’s current situation, every soul pet he summoned costed about 10% of his soul power. A seventh rank soul techniques needed about 10%, and the last 20% was key: after all, no matter if it was used to switch out a soul pet or cast a soul technique whose power could overlay to over eighth rank, it could decide a battle.

Once he recovered sixty percent of his soul power, Chu Mu’s heart started pounding, because before him was a monarch ranked soul master in front of him!


Mo Xie saw Chu Mu walk over and opened her long eyes, letting out a tiny call to Chu Mu.

“Mo Xie, you can let it go.” Chu Mu said to Mo Xie.

Mo Xie turned around questioningly at the Ghost King, who has long since awoken and seemed to be worried. Though the Ghost King was only at fifth phase eighth stage, its fighting power wasn’t weak. If she just let it go like this, the Ghost King might revolt.

“Don’t worry, I can deal with it.” Chu Mu patted Mo Xie’s head.

Mo Xie shook her long tail and then finally, gradually retracted her nine long tails that bundled up the Ghost King.

The Ghost King’s body size could change. Under non-battle situations, its body size was about that of an adult. It looked like a general with a suit of dark ghost battle armor. Just standing there, it still emanated a ghost-like cold aura!


The moment Mo Xie loosened her tails, the Ghost King suddenly stood up. Its dark colored body actually started burning with a dismal ghost fire, and its body grew four meters tall. The curved sword in its arms even started burning with ghost type energy!

The angry ghost type aura started emanating, and the freed Ghost King seemed to want to let out all its fury. Waving its curved sword around, it wanted to cleave Chu Mu heavily!


A devil call suddenly sounded. The white devil that always roamed nearby had unknowingly appeared behind the Ghost King and, seeing that the Ghost King wanted to attack Chu Mu, its two hands strangely submerged into the Ghost King’s body and grabbed on as it yanked hard, pulling the Ghost King onto the ground.


The White Nightmare’s temperament was mischievous. If he couldn’t fight the eighth phase Ghost King, couldn’t he bully this little Ghost King instead?

After taking down the Ghost King, the white devil directly stepped onto the Ghost King’s head and, sweeping its white demonic devil flames over, it put out all the angry ghost fire on the Ghost King!

The burning ghost fire on Ghost King wasn’t fire type, but instead a fire-like state of a ghost type’s resentment. This ghost fire was still of the ghost type.

In reality, the White Nightmare’s soul devil flames wasn’t completely fire type either. Its only fire type was its weak burning power. The truly powerful part was the soul devil flames that were able to burn the soul. This soul devil flame came from the mysterious power of the Other Type, definitely making it stronger than the ghost fire.

So, no matter how much the Ghost King burned its resentment, the ghost fires it emitted was completely useless against the White Nightmare’s soul devil flames.

“Alright, white devil, go play somewhere else.” Chu Mu saw that the white devil wanted to show off its strength even further and commanded it to go away.

The white devil naturally found that boring. It slowly floated beside the still drowsy Mo Xie and, as if deliberately provoking her, it patted Mo Xie’s head and then quickly floated far away.

Mo Xie ignored the mentally challenged white devil, and lifted her ears up as she gazed at the Ghost King, wondering if Chu Mu could successfully capture it.

The white devil truly was trying to find trouble. Seeing that Mo Xie didn’t pay attention to it, it casted Displacement Specter and appeared behind Mo Xie. It used its hand to pull on Mo Xie’s tail and let out a string of naughty laughters…...

Mo Xie opened her mouth and bared her sharp teeth. With a swipe of her nine tails, she tried to smack the annoying white devil away.

The white devil was already prepared, casting Displacement Specter again to dodge Mo Xie’s nine tails. It again ran far away and pointed at Mo Xie as it laughed with a string of “Jie”s…...

Mo Xie was too lazy to bother with the bored white devil. Her body started burning with royal flames, and as they darted up, Mo Xie’s body slowly shrunk, finally becoming a mini nine tailed inferno fox. She leapt lightly onto Chu Mu’s shoulder and her silver eyes fell upon the Ghost King.

The Ghost King already got up from the ground. It seemed to know that it wasn’t match for the two monarch rank soul pets beside Chu Mu, so its body shape had already recovered to its previous two meter tall stature. Its ghost pupils stared angrily at Chu Mu.

A soul pact incantation was slowly chanted, and Chu Mu started a soul pact with the Ghost King. The azure halo slowly started to form and shroud around the Ghost King.

The azure halo stayed motionless around the Ghost King. The Ghost King didn’t show any signs of struggle or resistance, but it simply stomped its feet, and the soul pact halo that Chu Mu casted shattered like a mirror.

Unbelievably arrogant, this Ghost King seemed to not want to yield to Chu Mu!

Chu Mu wasn’t hurried. He looked at the Ghost King and slowly opened his mouth, “Fifth phase eighth stage, yet still under someone else’s protection, guarding the Heavenly Crystal Mountain-truly laughable.”

Monarch rank soul pets already had very high intelligences. With this sentence from Chu Mu, the Ghost King immediately became furious, its two ghost pupils becoming abyssal long swords as they pierced into Chu Mu’s mental world.

How would Chu Mu be afraid of such an attack? Under the protection of soul remembrance, he easily blocked off this Ghost King’s mental attack.

Smiling, Chu Mu continued.

“Statically guarding the Heavenly Crystal Mountain won’t increase your power. Just like last night, that old Ghost King. If he truly was master of the Colored Sky Mountains, he wouldn’t let you get stolen by me. Neither would he have to stop once he got to other people’s territories and just watch as you were stolen.”

“Even if last night didn’t happen, many years later, when you inherit Heavenly Crystal Peak and have offspring, others will barge in and then, it would be your turn as you watch your offspring get stolen……”

“A real Ghost King should hold their monarch sword and traverse the world and not stay at a mountain that seems majestic but is actually easily collapsed, watch over a narrow piece of territory, and stay stubborn!”

The Ghost King definitely understood Chu Mu’s words, and Chu Mu could see that his words seemed to have touched the Ghost King’s heart.

Chu Mu previously had done some research. Monarch ranked soul pets usually leave their elders at the sixth phase and lived independently, finding their own territory to take over.

Ghost Kings were territorial soul pets. The fifth phase eighth stage was when the Ghost King and other monarch ranksed soul pets truly had to face a cruel battle phase. Because, once they reached sixth phase, the old Ghost King would drive them out of their original territory to train and conquer…...

“I don’t know how long you’ve stayed in the Heavenly Crystal Mountain, but I’m sure that you’re definitely much older than my White Nightmare and my Royal Flame Nine Tailed Inferno Fox. Same monarch ranks, but your power is much weaker. No matter if you stay in Heavenly Crystal Peak or fight yourself, you will forever be a normal monarch rank.”

“If you sign a soul pact with me, I can make you much stronger than that old Ghost King. And, if you think you’re strong enough and want to establish your own territory, you can leave whenever you want, I will never stop you.” Chu Mu said seriously.

Monarch rank soul pets definitely wouldn’t sign soul pacts as easily as normal soul pets. Especially fifth phase eighth stage monarch ranks. Chu Mu had to shake the Ghost King’s heart!


The Ghost King let out a roar and pointed its curved sword straight at Chu Mu, its eyes watching him!

Ye Qingzi stood beside as she watched how Chu Mu captured the Ghost King. When the Ghost King let out a roar, Ye Qingzi looked very surprised.

This action of the Ghost King clearly meant it wanted to have a battle against Chu Mu!!


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