Book 2 Chapter 21 - Nightmare Thunder Dream Beast, Incredible Speed

Chapter 21: Nightmare Thunder Dream Beast, Incredible Speed

“This young master Chu is…” Old Teng subconsciously asked.

“Young master is…” Ting Yu was about to reveal Chu Mu’s Nightmare Palace title and show these ignorant fellows how stupid it was to look down upon Chu Mu.

“Ting Yu, don’t say it. Let’s go.” Chu Mu interrupted Ting Yu, not letting her reveal his identity.

Ting Yu’s mouth remained open, but she intelligently stopped talking.

Nightmare City wasn’t too far away from Luo Region, and there were Nightmare Palace factions within Luo Region. Tian Ji was a Nightmare Palace young expert who enjoyed a famous reputation in Luo Region. Therefore, after the Prison Island King defeated Tian Ji, his name had spread even further in the past month.

Perhaps there were those in the Luo Region who didn’t know the name Chu Mu, but the title Prison Island King and Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince were absolutely known by every expert.

The young lady Qin blinked her eyes, and she looked at Ting Yu who was hesitating in her words before looking at Chu Mu. Qin Menger felt that the young man in front of her seemed to be very mysterious.

As for the family servant, Old Teng, he felt even more that Chu Mu wasn’t simple. After all, many people with genuine status wouldn’t easily reveal their status.

As the Storm Devil Colt[1.Storm Devil Colt = Gale Colt. Revision to stay truer to the Chinese] stood in front of the carriage, the Qin Family’s servants all evidently felt astonished. At the very least, even if it were to dash around inside the city, the city guards wouldn’t dare block to their path.

Manyin City was approximately one day away. The Chu Family’s caravan was going to enter Manyin City from a different direction, so as long as Chu Mu reached Manyin City before them and followed along behind his family’s caravan, he could then wait for the Yang Family people to make their move before he made his.

“Li Nan is very strong. He is a fourth remembrance spirit teacher. He has a sixth phase fourth stage Rare Blood Beast and a fifth phase seventh stage Blood Winged Trioptic Beast. It’s rumored that he also has another commander rank soul pet. However, no one has seen him summon it before.” The Qin Family’s servant, Old Teng, disclosed Li Nan’s information to Chu Mu so that Chu Mu could prepare.

Chu Mu nodded his head and memorized the information about Li Nan’s two main soul pets. Afterward, Chu Mu found out the most recent state of the Chu Family.

In the past four years, having received the suppression of two great families, the Chu Family had rapidly declined. From its original sphere of influence that spanned over thirty cities, it had shrunk to only ten cities. Moreover, among these ten cities, there was only one-seventh rank city.

Without city territory, business would be heavily obstructed. Especially with the suppression of the Yang Family and Zhou Family, the Chu Family was even more crippled when it came to trade. There were many times when they needed to employ people to help them transport goods.

When it came to territory, the Chu Family originally had another seventh rank piece of land where they could capture commander rank soul pets. Now, their highest rank territory was a sixth rank one. In a sixth rank territory, there ostensibly weren’t any habitats of commander rank soul pets.

For any family, if their most important soul pet resource were restricted, then it would be even harder to develop.

When Chu Mu and the others entered Manyin City, it was already close to dusk. The carriage had only stopped at Manyin City for a short while before a man with a Dire Wolf hastily appeared in front of Qin Menger’s carriage.

“Young lady Qin, the Chu Family’s caravan plans on traveling through the night and has already left the city. Not too long ago, I saw the Yang Family’s Li Nan in Manyin City. Aside from him, there was also Yang Jie from the Yang Family and many other Yang Family people.” The man riding the dire wolf immediately reported the information he knew.

“Yang Jie! Why would he appear here?!” Hearing Yang Jie’s name, Old Teng’s expression immediately changed!

“Uncle Teng, who is Yang Jie?” Qin Menger inquisitively asked.

“Yang Jie is an expert dispatched by the Yang Family. His strength is much stronger than Li Nan’s. He seems to have a sixth phase commander rank soul pet. If he participates in this affair, we must give up. Because with him here, even if we were to add on ourselves, we still wouldn’t be his opponent.” said the family servant Old Teng.

“Where are they right now?” Chu Mu ignored Old Teng’s advice and immediately turned to the man riding the Dire Wolf to ask him a question.

“They left from the east side of Manyin City. They are travelling on the main path. The Chu Family people left two hours ago. Right now it’s almost dark, and the Yang Family’s people will definitely make their move in the dark.” replied that man. After speaking, his gaze intentionally examined the Storm Devil Colt that Chu Mu was riding on. His eyes revealed a somewhat jealous expression.

“Let’s go.” Chu Mu didn’t hesitate and turned the Storm Devil Colt around. He immediately rushed in towards Manyin City’s east side.

Old Teng was stunned. Looking at the Storm Devil Colt rushing through the streets as fast as lightning, he didn’t expect that this young man would be so courageous. Even though this young man knew of the opponent’s strength, he still decisively proceeded.

Seeing Chu Mu hastily leave, Qin Menger was somewhat stunned. Yet, she still chanted a summoning incantation.

A scarlet radiance curled up Qin Menger’s arm. As her white hand waved in the air, a deep red colored scarlet pattern instantly engraved itself under Qin Menger’s feet. A split second of fire had flickered before a heatwave rushed forth!

From within the scarlet pattern, a wing type soul pet with fire-like feathers gradually emerged. When it spread apart its wings, a few tongues of flames extended out, giving the soul pets pulling the carriage a feeling of unsettling fear.

“Young lady, what are you doing?” Old Teng was stunned and astonishedly looked at the Flame Bird that Qin Menger summoned.

“You guys stay here. I’ll go with him and see.” Qin Menger didn’t say anything more and nimbly leaped on the Flame Bird’s large back. She urged the low class commander rank soul pet up into the air, and she followed Chu Mu towards the east side of the city.

Old Teng had to absolutely ensure the young lady’s safety, so how could he let her travel alone? He hastily chanted an incantation and summoned a four meter Swallowing Star Wolf. He then immediately followed Qin Menger, deeply afraid that she might have even a small accident.

When the other family servants saw their young lady ride a Flame Bird away, they looked at each other and had no choice but to urge the exasperatingly slow carriage in pursuit. However, by the time they reached the corner of the street, they could no longer see Qin Menger and Old Teng’s figures.

Usually, when Chu Mu rode the Storm Devil Colt, they maintained a steady speed as they traveled. By doing so, they could preserve the Storm Devil Colt’s physical strength on their journey.

This time, however, Chu Mu instantly ordered the Storm Devil Colt to use its full speed. The Storm Devil Colt, which had a wind attribute, wasn’t very conservative and, after obtaining Chu Mu’s permission, fully released its unruliness. As it rushed along Manyin City’s streets, it was practically a terrifying hurricane. All the pedestrians and soul pets on the entire street split to the sides like waves, making way for it.

“This Storm Devil Colt’s speed is truly terrifying.” Qin Menger, who was controlling the Flame Bird as they soared above Manyin City, saw the hurricane whipped up in the streets below and was extremely surprised.

“Young lady, young lady… you should descend to the ground. If you were to have any accident, this Old Teng wouldn’t be able to bear it.” Old Teng yelled at the flying Qin Menger from the ground.

“I’m only going to spectate. I won’t participate.” said Qin Menger.

“Young lady, you had better not participate. Li Nan is extremely difficult to deal with, and that Yan Jie is a vicious and merciless fellow. There’s no way that young master Chu is his opponent. We had better leave this place earlier.” yelled Old Teng.

Old Teng had stayed in the Luo Region for tens of years. He had more or less heard of a few of Yang Jie’s rumors. This fellow had been dispatched by the Yang Family for external missions because he had an extremely heinous nature. Currently, this scoundrel with tyrannical strength had returned, and the Chu Family could only accept their fate. Old Teng didn’t want to wade into this mess.

Qin Menger didn’t listen to Old Teng’s advice, and she continued to pursue Chu Mu’s crazy Storm Devil Colt, flying towards Manyin City’s eastern forest.

“Young master, the caravan seems to be in front.” Ting Yu pointed to a black road in front of them as she spoke to Chu Mu.

“Mhm, take care of the Storm Devil Colt.” Chu Mu slowly stood up from the Storm Devil Colts back and, as he faced the whistling gale, he chanted an incantation!

A black and purple colored lightning arc suddenly appeared in between Chu Mu’s two hands. When Chu Mu put his two hands together, a black and purple colored summoning pattern appeared. However, this pattern didn’t imprint on the ground, but rather floated up into the air!

The pattern had reversed imprinted, and suddenly, arc after arc of reckless and ostentatious purple lightning bolts danced about like snakes. They gorgeously set off and formed the appearance of the slender body of an eminent and demonic Dream Beast!

The summoning pattern wasn’t immobile and, as the Storm Devil Colt continued to rush forward, the Night Thunder Dream Beast was summoned while moving, as if it had run out from the darkness and into this world!

Chu Mu leaped forward and accurately fell onto the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body, confidently completing his ride switch. He then promptly urged the Night Thunder Dream Beast towards the caravan that was already in flames!

Qin Menger flew in the air. Previously, her Flame Bird was barely able to keep up with Chu Mu’s Storm Devil Colt. However, when Chu Mu summoned the Night Thunder Dream Beast, it was like an arc of black lightning that instantly disappeared on the forest road. Its speed could only be described as terrifying!!

“Young… young lady…” Old Teng managed to catch up with great difficulty. The old Dire Wolf he was riding on was so tired that it was gasping for air.

Yet, just as Old Teng was about to speak, he suddenly discovered the Night Thunder Dream Beast brimming with demonic aura in front of him. Shockingly, it had twice the speed of the Storm Devil Colt as it sped forth. Immediately, he was so astounded that he stopped talking as he stared with great shock at this mysterious young man!

Night Thunder Dream Beast!

A Dream Beast was a relatively rare soul pet in the commander rank realm. A thunder dark dual attribute Dream Beast was the best of the best. Such a soul pet was shockingly possessed by a young man who didn’t even look 20!

“This young man! Which faction’s young master is he?!” The Storm Devil Colt had already made Old Teng extremely surprised. Furthermore, the Storm Devil Colt only ended up being his mount, and wasn’t even his soul pet!

A middle class commander rank Storm Devil Colt wasn’t even good enough for him. How could Old Teng, this old soul pet trainer, with only two mediocre quality commander rank soul pets endure this?!

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