Book 2 Chapter 207 - Monarch’s Soul Scaring Chase

Chapter 207: Monarch’s Soul Scaring Chase

“Beng!!! Beng!!! Beng!!!!!!”

The ground started shaking along with the running of the Ghost King. The Ghost King couldn’t fly, so it kept falling along the mountain side. When Chu Mu and his soul pets landed on the ground, the Ghost King also landed at the feet of the mountain.

Each step was full of power as it stepped forward. The eighth phase Ghost King was completely covered in Dark Rock Crystal.

The Ghost King was the owner of the entire Heavenly Crystal Mountain. When it appeared at the bottom of the mountain, immediately, thousands of soul pets that lived around the area came alive. The noisy clamor symphonically joined in the chaotic night, vibrating throughout the mountains!

Tens of thousands of soul pets gathered in an army and, with a tsunami-like rock slide, ran towards Chu Mu.

Behind them, it was as if the entire ground had collapsed. The massive rocks were like sand as they covered the skies. When they fell, they would destroy huge patches of the rock forest, full of destructive power.

Chu Mu naturally felt the countless soul pets covering the skies from behind. At this moment, Chu Mu finally realized why many soul pet trainers had reached spirit master, yet never had a monarch ranked soul pet.

A capturable monarch ranked soul pet was often protected by the overlord of a region. If one wanted to capture such soul pets, it would definitely enrage the overlord, and this overlord’s rage often could mobilize tens of thousands of soul pet groups. Such a soul pet army’s power wasn’t something anyone could stop.

Chu Mu was already ready to give up, but Mo Xie’s personality was even more stubborn than Chu Mu, ending up accidentally causing this much commotion. What was fortunate was the effects of the moonlight made Mo Xie’s fighting strength recover somewhat, enabling her to use her speed to play a game of tag with the large crowd of soul pets, or else the danger factor would indeed be even greater.


Riding her Purple Robed Dream Beast, Ye Qingzi’s little face was also pale. She originally thought that the eight hundred Crafty Rock Guards and the Sturdy Rock Guard were already an obstruction, but he didn’t think that Chu Mu would pull out such a large crowd of soul pets. The danger factor was definitely not lower than the Heavenly Devil Insects that they encountered at Great Chu Family.

Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robed Dream Beast had been strengthened, and it had already reached the seventh phase fourth stage. Having been trained with nomadic blood, this Purple Robed Dream Beast’s speed wasn’t slow either, barely able to keep the soul pets behind from catching up.

Qing Li, who had escaped previously, was currently running away in this cold mountain on his Purple Lightning Devil, who was almost unable to endure it anymore. When he turned around and found that almost the entire Heavenly Crystal Mountain was covered in yellow rock dust, he started trembling with fear as he spurred his Purple Lightning Devil on with all his might, wishing that it was faster.


The mountains and earth moved. The Heavenly Crystal Mountain’s storm appeared, causing nearby mountains all to start a commotion. Countless elemental soul pets had become tactless as the army of soul pets rolled out. Weaker soul pet clans had even started migrating elsewhere. Scattered soul pets all hid in their caves, not daring to wander around outside.

On a mountain five kilometers to the south of the Heavenly Crystal Mountain, a group of training soul pet trainers stood at the mountain top and looked towards the position of the Heavenly Crystal Peak.

“What happened there?” A middle aged soul pet trainer opened his mouth to ask.

“I don’t know, I think a soul pet army went berserk.” A rather young man watched the faraway mountain and said.

“Nonsense, how could the Heavenly Crystal Mountain fall, let me see.” The slightly older female soul pet trainer was the sister of the young man, and she chastised the young man for speaking nonsense.

This female soul pet trainer often walked around this region. Though she had never walked into the range of the Heavenly Crystal Mountain, she more or less knew about the Mountain. Places like the Heavenly Crystal Mountain always had a super powerful monarch rank being, so it wasn’t possible for soul pet outbreaks to happen. After all, not many dared to truly anger the owner of the Heavenly Crystal Mountain.

Walking to the mountain top, the female soul pet trainer casted her vision soul technique and looked over towards the Heavenly Crystal Mountain.

A huge yellow cloud covered the distant skies, blocking off the stars and moon and enveloped the ground. In the dark fogginess, one could vaguely see countless organisms running along the territory outside the Heavenly Crystal Peak.

In front of the endless soul pet army, a black shadow was stepping upon the shorter mountains, continuously jumping. Each jump was nearly 100 meters in length. From this distance, it was still shocking to see. It was completely unstoppable!

Seeing this scene, the female soul pet trainer immediately sucked in a breath. From what she saw, the soul pet that was shattering shorter mountains with its running looked very like the two sculptures beside the doors of the Colored Sky Mountain. What stood out the most was the curved sword full of the power of rock crystal!

“What’s wrong?” The middle aged man seemed to be the leader of this team. He didn’t have any soul technique to look far out, so he could only open his mouth and ask the female soul pet trainer.

The female soul pet trainer retracted her soul technique, yet her heart couldn’t calm for a long time. Only when the leader asked a second time did she say slightly dazed, “I think…… I think someone lured out the monarch of Heavenly Crystal Mountain out……”

“Heavenly Crystal Mountain owner? How is that possible. Not to say the monarch’s power, merely the endless soul pets of Heavenly Crystal Mountain is something that no one normal could deal with.” The middle aged man immediately shook his head, displaying doubt.

“I also saw three soul pet trainers ahead of the Heavenly Crystal Mountain monarch……”



An entire night, the mountains east of the Heavenly Crystal Peak were ravaged by the soul pet army. The terrifying soul pet rampage destroyed countless mountains and spanned over ten kilometers, causing this span of the Colored Sky Mountain to become a chaotic mess, as if armageddon had arrived.

The entire night, Chu Mu’s Mo Xie and Night Thunder Dream Beast had surpassed their normal range and invoked their greatest potential, racing with the eighth phase monarch that was the reaper incarnate. Along the way, short mountains collapsed, caves caved in, and the ground cracked open. Such a frightening escape was Chu Mu’s first experience as well.

Ye Qingzi, being affected by Chu Mu, also ran haggardly along. Along the way, she also switched between the two fastest soul pets Purple Robed Dream Beast and War Court Black Beast. Many times, she had to again widen the gap under terrifying sword blows from the Ghost King…...



The morning light came. A ray of sunlight fell slanted on the rolling mountains of Colored Sky Mountain, perfectly giving the grounds that extend hundreds of kilometers out some color, revealing the disfigured and completely disordered battlefield…...

East of the mountains was a waterway that flowed from a high mountain towards Colored Sky Mountain. This waterway was sometimes thin as a small stream, sometimes thick as a river entering into the ocean, and sometimes rapidly descending, creating a milky way like waterfall!

Under the waterfall-like waterway, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi sat on the shallow beach with faces full of dirt.

Chu Mu’s clothes were tattered, and had many thin cuts, as well as a lot of blood stains.

Ye Qingzi’s jet black hair was stuck with sand. Her white and full face was also marked with many small stains. Her mouth was slightly open as she gasped tenderly…...

Behind Chu Mu, the reckless Mo Xie laid on a smooth rock, completely spent. Her almond eyes were closed, yet her nine long tails still held a four meter tall formidable soul pet covered in Dark Sturdy Rock.

“Will Old Li lose track of us?” After taking quite a few breaths, Ye Qingzi finally opened her mouth to ask.

Ye Qingzi still had lingering fears in her heart. After all, Chu Mu and her were chased by an eighth phase Ghost King for an entire night. The entire night, both of them didn’t rest.

“It won’t happen.” Chu Mu shook her head. Old Li’s speed and hiding abilities were even stronger than Mo Xie’s, so how could he lose track of Qing Li?

“Qing Li’s Purple Lightning Devil was wounded. Though he escaped the rampage of the Heavenly Crystal Mountain army, to reach the Colored Sky City will require a few more days. We just have to reach Colored Sky City before him.” Chu Mu said.

The Ghost King went completely for Chu Mu. After all, it was Chu Mu that stole away the fifth phase eighth stage Ghost King. Qing Li had realized this, and escaped the apocalyptic onslaught of the army.

“You really are brave.” Ye Qingzi turned around to look at the Ghost King tightly bounded by Mo Xie and said lightly.

Chu Mu could only laugh bitterly and look at Mo Xie, who was sleeping soundly.

Chu Mu had planned on giving up the Ghost King precisely because he knew it was the territory of the Ghost King. If they angered him, such a terrifying scene would definitely occur…...

“This is a seventh rank soul power medicine that can increase your soul power recovery speed by about 50%. Take it and quickly sign a contract with that Ghost King so we can head towards Colored Sky City.” Ye Qingzi handed Chu Mu a small bottle and said.

“Soul power recovery medicine?” Chu Mu looked at the blue liquid Ye Qingzi handed over and looked surprised.

Chu Mu knew of recovery medicines for stamina, mental power, wounds, status ailments, etc., but this was the first time that he had heard of soul power recovery medicine.

During a battle, every soul technique a soul pet trainer casted needed great planning, because once he/she ran out of soul power, he/she wouldn’t be able to switch soul pets.

This meant that soul power was very important in a fight. Among countless medicines, only the medicine that increased soul power recovery was very rare.

So, when Ye Qingzi said soul power recovery medicine, Chu Mu naturally would’ve felt that it was strange.

“This is a soul power medicine that only my teacher and a few other soul teachers have the recipe to. The side effect is, the more you use it, the weaker it gets. It is mostly for those who haven’t had it before and need it for emergencies. You can use it at ease. If you feel it is unnecessary, you can also refuse to drink it.” Ye Qingzi saw that Chu Mu hesitated and said lightly.

“I wasn’t suspecting you, I just didn’t think that you could concoct such precious medicine.” Chu Mu understood the meaning behind Ye Qingzi’s words and quickly explained.


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