Book 2 Chapter 206 - Take A Risk, Gliding on Heavenly Crystal Peak

Chapter 206: Take A Risk, Gliding on Heavenly Crystal Peak

“Mo Xie!” Chu Mu was startled. HE looked with shock at Mo Xie, who had jumped back onto the battlefield.

Chu Mu’s spirit was connected with Mo Xie’s, and he naturally knew what she was going to do. Presently, the eighth phase Ghost King was above them, and its attacks were hard to defend against. With only a slight bit of incautiousness, one could lose his or her life. Even if Chu Mu didn’t want the Ghost King, he absolutely would not have Mo Xie go and take a risk.

Mo Xie didn’t listen to Chu Mu’s order. Her nine long silver tails were like curled up clouds smoothing out. Her gorgeous silver body strangely appeared behind the Sturdy Rock General!

The three Sturdy Rock Generals had believed that Mo Xie wanted to flee, and they hadn’t expected this Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox to suddenly return. Their reaction, with their inherently slow movements, were half a beat slow and they couldn’t keep up.

Mo Xie’s silver body streaked past in between the three Sturdy Rock Generals and instantly appeared in front of the fifth phase eighth stage Ghost King!

Evil Stare!

Mo Xie’s silver pupils released light, and the intense mental wave surged into the Ghost King’s mental world!

Its mind had already suffered from Chu Mu’s pressure earlier and now facing Mo Xie’s mental control, a bit of chaos immediately surfaced in its consciousness!


Mo Xie ran at full speed. Her silver body unexpectedly transformed into five illusions, and she pounced at the Ghost King, taking advantage of its absent mindedness!

Chu Mu lifted his head, and watched Mo Xie’s five illusions as a shocked expression appeared on his face.

Mo Xie’s Illusion technique increased by another realm, and she surprisingly was able to split into five figures!

Mo Xie’s Illusion technique possessed an attacking property, and if she split into five illusions, it meant that her Royal Flame Claw attack damage would increase as well as her dodging ability!


Nine Tail Long Cry, crying like an infant, the silver moonlight washed over her body, further accentuating Mo Xie’s Nine Tail Inferno Fox honor and arrogance!

Moon Essence!

The moonlight’s effects caused Mo Xie’s strength to instantaneously climb to the seventh phase, and her nine gorgeous tails were like silver white ocean waves that whirled around. The fifth phase eighth stage Ghost King also didn’t do anything in defense. Since it hadn’t used any techniques, it was fully swept up by Mo Xie’s tails!

The fifth phase eighth stage Ghost King’s body reached nearly four meters, and its weight was even more shocking. However, compared to the nine tail strength of a seventh phase Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox, it was nothing. Mo Xie’s nine silver long tails became incomparably flexible as they danced about. Carrying the Ghost King, she jumped towards the ground of the mountain peak!

The Ghost King’s body was completely binded, and its strength filled body was unable to break free of Mo Xie’s nine long flexible tails. It was forcibly pulled off the mountain peak!

Mo Xie’s action was extremely sudden, and during the entire process, her actions were so smooth and fast that Chu Mu hadn’t even registered that she would take such a risk. Moreover, those three obstructing Sturdy Rock Generals and the eighth phase Ghost King looking down only watched the completion of this sudden attack!

Silver colored moonlight spilled onto the mountain peak’s walls, and the free and easy Mo Xie used her nine tails to drag the fifth phase eighth stage Ghost King. She further charged down the mountain without looking back. Her body was completely like it had fallen down, and her silver fur blew back against the wind!

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~:

Mo Xie let out a series of shouts towards Chu Mu, telling him to quickly run!

Chu Mu was stunned, and when he raised his head, he terrifyingly discovered that the Heavenly Crystal Peak’s lord was clutching its curved sword as it jumped down from a thousand meters up. Its enormous figure happened to shroud over him and the White Nightmares’ head!

“White Nightmare, let’s go!”

Chu Mu obviously knew what would happen next, and he didn’t dare to stay any longer. He had the White Nightmare bring him away!

Chu Mu presently had no more soul power, and fundamentally couldn’t transform into a half devil. Moreover, after he had used the half devil transformation not too long ago in the Great Chu Family, Old Li had seriously warned that he couldn’t transform into a half devil otherwise his soul would be seriously injured.

“Nong nong nong~~~~~”

A terrifying roar penetrated the mist coiling around the mountain peak. It pressed down layer after layer, and as Chu Mu watched the black figure of grandeur and majesty, his heart began beating even more violently...

The White Nightmare grabbed Chu Mu, and jumped right off the mountain rampart. The bitingly cold gale swatted against Chu Mu’s body, forming a whistling effect in his ears.

“Nong Nong Nong Nong~~~~~~~”

Incomparably angry roars rang out once again. This time, the voice seemed to be transmitting an order, unexpectedly causing the entire Heavenly Crystal Peak to erupt in chaos!!


“Hou hou!!!!!”



When the voice of the Heavenly Crystal Peak’s monarch reverberated, countless roars of soul pets suddenly rang out from within the several thousand meters of Heavenly Crystal Peak. The voices resounded amidst the boundless mountain range, and it was a long time before they settled!

The angry roars lingered on. Feeling that every soul pet had been roused by this eighth phase Ghost King, Chu Mu felt a great catastrophe was imminent! For a moment, he didn’t know where to flee.

“White Nightmare, you lead the way!” Chu Mu jumped onto Mo Xie’s body and spoke to the White Nightmare.

Having already fully enraged the Ghost King, and since he had already kidnapped the fifth phase Ghost King, Chu Mu’s only option really was to take this risk!

“Mo Xie, Flame Dance in the sky!”

The hardest thing to deal with in the entire Heavenly Crystal Peak was that eighth phase Ghost King; however, it didn’t have the ability to fly. If they continued descending the mountain peak, they would be caught by the Ghost King eventually. Right now, they could only flee in the sky!

Mo Xie used Flame Dance and as she fell, she ran off the mountain. Like a silver shooting star, she descended diagonally downwards into the vast mountain range!

The Heavenly Crystal Peak was a habitat to many soul pet groups that could fly. When Mo Xie stepped into the air, she was instantly locked onto by a large group of Meteor Birds.

“Yi!!!!! Yi!!!!!!”

“Yi!!!!!! Yi!!!!!!!!!!!”

Their voices were like thunder. The Meteor Birds’ flying ability were inferior to other wing type soul pets, but when a large group of them flew together, it was as if individual rocks had congregated to form a large mountain and were moving in their direction. This sort of heavy pressure could cause the heart of a coward to shatter!

“Nie~~ Nie~~~~~~”

When the White Nightmare saw a large group of black and oppressive Meteor Birds flying at them, it let out a panicked shout. The White Nightmare often looked down on a few powerful soul pets, but if it encountered a group of soul pets that numbered so many they were hard to count, it lacked even the slightest bit of willpower to fight.

Even disregarding the White Nightmare, when Chu Mu saw the hundreds upon thousands of Meteor Birds flying at him, he could only continue to bitterly laugh. He didn’t know whether Mo Xie’s risk was worth it or not.

Of course, since Mo Xie had already stolen the Ghost King, Chu Mu had nothing to say. Right now, the most pressing thing was to flee this place.


The sky was high above and the land was vast. The curtain of darkness was adorned with stars and magnificent silver moon hung in the sky, casting a silver radiance onto the pitch-black Colored Sky Mountain Range...

Under the night sky filled with stars, two different colored balls of flame pulled along incomparably gorgeous long tails in the air. When they streaked across the pitch-black curtain of darkness, they were like two shooting stars shining most brightly- elegant and diverse…

Heavenly Mountain Peak was bordered against hills that were still considered relatively flat. Right now it[1] was unhurried, yet its speed was faster than Mo Xie and as it ran, it still spoke a slew of nonsense to Chu Mu.


  1. Author forgets to write a subject to the sentence, but my guess is its Old Li.

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