Book 2 Chapter 205 - Heavenly Crystal Peak’s Master, Hegemonic Monarch

Chapter 205: Heavenly Crystal Peak’s Master, Hegemonic Monarch



Just as Chu Mu was about to exert pressure on the Ghost King, two rumbling sounds resonated from the incomparably lofty mountain peak. These roars gave others the feeling of rolling thunder passing over one’s head. Despite being far away, it was powerful!

A slightly strange change occurred in the clouds even higher above. As if it was being controlled by some powerful being, they would occasionally become dense while occasionally become sparse.

Chu Mu immediately lifted his head up, and he gazed at the practically vertical mountain peak. When the cloud layer became sparse, he faintly managed to make out a creature looking up at the sky and indignantly roaring!

Although he couldn’t clearly see this soul pet, merely from the arrogant ‘I’m the sole lord of this mountain’ mannerism, it made others feel an enormous pressure!

“Ghost King, an eighth phase or above Ghost King!” in this instant, Chu Mu sucked in a breath of air.

When Chu Mu was in the Great Chu Family, he had seen the ninth phase Heavenly Devil Insect Monarch, whose terrifyingly destructive power was still fresh in his memory.

Yet, what made Chu Mu shocked was that this Heavenly Crystal Peak’s lord, the eighth phase Ghost King, had an enormous grandeur that was even slightly stronger than the ninth phase Heavenly Devil Monarch’s aura!

Over a thousand meters away, yet to Chu Mu, it was like it was just in front of him. His heart couldn’t help but tremble along with the mountain.

As if a large mountain was fiercely pressuring his body, Chu Mu’s soul remembrance was completely locked, and he simply was unable to exert any pressure on the fifth phase eighth stage Ghost King. Instead, he was shrouded by that powerful being’s shadow, and even his breathing suffered from certain hindrance as well!

The information that the Elemental Sect had released was entirely false. Presently, Chu Mu could feel the full fighting strength of Heavenly Crystal Peak’s lord. It was completely different from the heavy wound they had said had happened earlier.

Chu Mu’s expression grew serious. A hundred meters away was the monarch soul pet he was yearning for even in his dreams. He only needed a few minutes of time, and there would be an extremely large chance of subduing it.

However, Chu Mu didn’t have this much time. A thousand meters up, to an eighth phase Ghost King, simply didn’t require that long to close the distance. Moreover, Chu Mu currently didn’t have the strength to contend against the Ghost King!

Chu Mu grit his teeth. Without taking a risk, how could he obtain an even stronger soul pet?!

Once Chu Mu made his decision, the White Nightmare let out a devil cry, and thewhite demonic devil flames flew out of its body. It seemed as if its body was directly being burned until there was nothing left, and it unexpectedly disappeared from its place.

In the next moment, a ball of white demonic devil flames appeared next to Chu Mu. This ball of devil flames slowly expanded and gradually morphed into the White Nightmare’s body!

Displacement Specter!

The White Nightmare had comprehended a new movement fighting technique and used it gorgeously in front of Chu Mu. As if it had instantly teleported, it instantaneously returned from the battlefield back to Chu Mu.

“White Demonic Heavenly Flame Rite!” Chu Mu said to the White Nightmare.


The White Nightmare let out a devil cry, and the white demonic devil flames frantically burned, illuminating the surrounding destroyed plankway in an incomparably pale light!!

“Chong Mei - Heavenly Flame Rite!” the incantation was chanted, and a white demonic devil flame identically began burning on Chu Mu’s body. These devil flames were fully dyed in a white color, and his two pupils let out a completely different devil light that was abnormally evil and imposing!

A trace of white colored light gradually appeared high up on the black sinister clouds. Like daylight breaking through the clouds, it shined down vertically, and fell in between the plank way and the very tip of Heavenly Crystal Peak!!

The solitary spire of the mountain peak bore the Heavenly Flame Rite bombardment, and began to violently shake!

Immediately following that, an eminently gorgeous and long pale white flaming dragon curled its body and ascended up the exceptionally lofty mountain peak from below!!

The terrifying destruction aura suddenly pervaded the entire Heavenly Crystal Peak’s summit. The spiritual white flame dragon soared upwards, and it immediately shattered the area high up the mountain. Numerous rolling stones dropped from the air above, startling the groups of soul pets on Heavenly Crystal Peak to let out waves of incomparably panicked shouts!!


The sounds of rolling was delayed a few seconds before finally reverberating around the sky enshrouded in black clouds!

At the very top of the mountain peak, the curved sword in the monarch’s hand fiercely stabbed the rocks, and its body swayed along with the mountain’s swaying. Its imposing eyes closely stared at the long spiritual white flamed dragon flying up from below!

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

The Heavenly Flame Rite’s flaming dragon finally surged up to the mountain peak. The eighth phase Ghost King suddenly pulled the curved sword out from the thick stone. Throwing itself into the air, one hand clutched to the sword, it was covered in a strong ghostly aura.

Frighteningly descending, the rock type crystals and ghost type crystals fused together as it fiercely chopped at the Heavenly Flame Rite’s long flaming dragon!!


Like a painful whimper, the enormous curved blade unexpectedly struck down at the very top of the energy formed Heavenly Flame Rite, instantly chopping the long dragon into two halves. It was as if a real long dragon had been split apart!

The white colored devil flames scattered everywhere. Without an energy form, the Heavenly Flame Rite transformed into a white colored flame that didn’t have much effect on the Ghost King. Very soon, it disappeared near the mountain peak.


Its enormous body fell on the lightning. The Ghost King which had been provoked stared down with an incomparably haughty gaze at Chu Mu and the White Nightmare 1000 meters down. Its monarch majesty was exhibited without restraint, and it caused the entire Heavenly Crystal peak move because of it!

Finally, the Ghost King was about to come!

A thousand meter distance. This Heavenly Crystal Peak’s lord simply didn’t plan on leaving its mountain peak throne. It eminently arrogantly lifted the curved sword in its hand with its gaze fixated on Chu Mu and the White Nightmare!!

The curved sword pointed at the sky and the black clouds that covered the sky, as if they were being controlled, rapidly funnelled into the Ghost King’s curved sword!

The horizon had already fully become a black color, and when all the black clouds funnelled into the Ghost King’s curved sword, the Ghost King gripped his sword and astonishingly struck downwards!!!!


The mountain peak shook, and the moment the sword descended, a powerful black colored energy and brown colored energy flew out of the curved sword and quickly spread down the practically vertically mountain rampart!!


The White Nightmare grew aware of the power of this one attack quickly. The instant the sword descended, it grabbed Chu Mu and decisively used Displacement Specter!

The white demonic devil flames burned on both Chu Mu and the White Nightmares’ bodies. Very soon, their bodies were burned to ashes, and they disappeared from their original location.


Practically the instant Chu Mu and the White Nightmare disappeared, the black colored and brown colored curved sword forces terrifyingly swept past them. Strange, quick, violent, chaotic and full of terror that made the blood of others run cold!

One sword scar. One sword scar, from a thousand meters up, had split everything all the way down to below the plankway!!

What kind of terrifying strength was this?! It unexpectedly caused such a shocking vestige in under a second from a thousand meters up the mountain peak!

Fifty meters away, white demonic devil flames slowly burned. Chu Mu and the White Nightmare simultaneously appeared in this ball of devil flames. When Chu Mu lifted his head and stared at the shocking sword scar, cold sweat flowed down his neck!!

Billows surged through his heart and, for a long time, it was hard to calm down. Chu Mu had never expected for the eighth phase Ghost King to be strong to this extent. It had already completely surpassed that ninth phase Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect!

Although they were both monarchs, the Eight Winged Heavenly Devil Insect, when compared to the Ghost King, simply wasn’t on the same level! This kind of monarch grandeur and incomparably hegemonic strength allowed Chu Mu to experience the insufferable arrogance of a true monarch ranked soul pet!


The one strike missed, and the Ghost King’s roar once more pressured down like enormous rocks falling!

The large curved sword raised high above once again, and the sword blade astonishingly was pointed at Chu Mu!!

The thousand meters of distance was like a mere few feet. The thousand meter curved sword was like it was suspended a few inches above his head. The power of the Ghost King was fundamentally not something that Chu Mu could contend against!

No matter how much Chu Mu coveted the Ghost King, no matter how determined he was to capture the fifth phase Ghost King and even after seeing the eighth phase Ghost King use its powerful strength that he could be sure that the Ghost King was the soul pet he wanted the most, Chu Mu ultimately maintained his reason.

In this scenario, even if Chu Mu transformed into a half devil, he absolutely could not obtain the Ghost King. Moreover, if he were to stay even a minute longer here, he would definitely be completely wiped out!!

“Zhan Ye, return!”

Chanting an incantation, Chu Mu resolutely recalled Zhan Ye, which was incapable of flying back to its soul pet space.

“White Nightmare, leave!” Chu Mu didn’t recall the White Nightmare. After all, his soul power was so lacking that he needed its protection.

Devil Phantom!

The White Nightmare grabbed Chu Mu and used Devil Phantom. Its body transformed into a series of illusions and it quickly fell 100 meters down the shattered mountain!!


The moment Chu Mu and the White Nightmare retreated, that part of the mountain was blasted apart. A black fog appeared and circled around the enormous hole. This was the eighth phase Ghost King’s second attack from a thousand meters up!

Give up. Chu Mu had no choice but to right now give up obtaining the Ghost King which he wanted the most. He had to instantly leave this place.

Chu Mu lifted his head and watched the fifth phase eighth stage Ghost King. As the Ghost King grew further away, that emotion of Chu Mu’s became even stronger. He hated that his strength wasn’t a bit stronger that he couldn’t capture the fifth phase Ghost King in an arrogant manner after fighting a great battle with the Heavenly Crystal Peak’s Ghost King...

However, he couldn’t do that right now. That eighth phase Ghost King’s strength was too tyrannic!

“Mo Xie, let’s go.” Chu Mu used soul remembrance to speak to Mo Xie.

Mo Xie had continued to run and fight against three Sturdy Rock Generals. With her strength and if her fighting strength was full, it probably wasn’t an issue to deal with two Sturdy Rock Generals. However, in the current situation, she could only run and fight, and was unable to actually kill them.

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~~’

Mo xie let out a string of Nine Tailed Fox cries. After Chu Mu’s order, she jumped a few times and maintained a certain distance with those three Sturdy Rock Generals.

As her silver eyes looked down, Mo Xie was planning on using Flame Dance to leave the battlefield when she happened to see Chu Mu’s pair of depressed eyes...

“Wu wu wu~~~~” suddenly, Mo Xie gave up on retreating. Her two silver pupils were completely fixated on the fifth phase Ghost King hiding behind the Sturdy Rock Generals!


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