Chapter 203: Midair Flesh Fight, Zhan Ye vs Ice Winged Tiger (2)

Chapter 203: Midair Flesh Fight, Zhan Ye vs Ice Winged Tiger (2)

“Houhouhouhou!!!!!!” From the shattered cave came a zealous roar. Soon after, a black figure leaped upwards from the cave and actually jumped out, pouncing towards the Ice Winged Tiger that flew out backwards!

“Does this Mo Ye not want its life?!”Seeing this scene, Qing Li was dumbstruck.

The Mo Ye didn’t have wings at all, but still dared to jump straight out away from the wall and fall towards the Ice Winged Tiger that was blasted away. If it didn’t hit the Ice Winged Tiger, it would fall the thousand meters to the bottom of the mountain and die horribly!!

Once it sank into battle, Zhan Ye was a lunatic that didn’t care for its own life. High up on the mountain, Zhan Ye flew straight through over ten meters of air and barely hooked onto the Ice Winged Tiger’s forelimbs with its tiger claws, heavily yanking the Ice Winged Tiger downwards!

The Ice Winged Tiger was already shaky. With this pounce of Zhan Ye, it got even more frantic, and it started flapping its wings with all its might!


The last Broken Limb Rebirth allowed Zhan Ye’s fighting strength to recover. Best at close combat, Zhan Ye was tightly wrapped around the body of the Ice Winged Tiger, and he started a terrifying flesh fight thousand meters above ground in the windy skies!

Messy feathers were strewn into the skies. Even if the Ice Winged Tiger had the bloodlust effect, its lust for blood couldn’t compete with this complete disregard for death of Zhan Ye’s. It clearly showed signs of distress, and it vehemently flapped its wings as it was threatening to fall…...

Once terror was in the heart, the effects of Violent Blood Pupil would disappear early. Being dominated by Zhan Ye’s flesh fight, the blood colored cloak on the Ice Winged Tiger slowly disappeared, and it fell back to seventh phase second stage. With a burden on its back, it unsteadily started to fly towards the stone wall, wanting to find some rest on a protruding rock.

“Fly outwards, fly outwards!” Seeing his soul pet actually fly towards the rocks, Qing Li immediately roared!

If it flew outwards, the moment Zhan Ye couldn’t hold onto the Ice Winged Tiger, Zhan Ye would immediately fall. This meant that Zhan Ye would shatter at the bottom. Yet, if it flew towards the mountain, it completely meant giving Zhan Ye an advantageous setting.

The Ice Winged Tiger was like a raged beast that fell in a mud swamp. Getting dragged by the barbaric Zhan Ye, it had a body full of power that it couldn’t use fully. Hearing its owner’s command, it could only barely flap its wings towards further skies!

“Mental Sword!”

Seeing that the Ice Winged Tiger had difficulty trying to get rid of the Zhan Ye who was proficient at sticky fights, Qing Li expended the rest of his dwindling soul power and casted an incantation, hundreds of meters apart, straight towards Zhan Ye!


The Mental Sword accurately pierced into Zhan Ye’s soul. Zhan Ye let out a pained howl and, no longer able to hold on tight, it slipped off of the Ice Winged Tiger and started falling through the raging winds!

Chu Mu’s main attention was on Zhan Ye. Once he saw that Zhan Ye fell, he decisively commanded his Ice Air Fairy!

“Towering Ice- Ice Sword Formation!”

The incantation started, and twenty three Towering Ice- Ice Swords quickly appeared above the Ice Air Fairy.


Getting controlled by the Ice Air Fairy, these twenty three swords drew an arc in the sky and accurately fell where Zhan Ye was about to drop!


Without needing Chu Mu to clarify, the Ice Air Fairy knew what Chu Mu meant. When the twenty three ice swords flew past under Zhan Ye, they suddenly slowed down and started angling upwards!

Zhan Ye found its balance in the air, and he quickly locked onto one ten meter long ice sword and fell steadily onto it!


In the thousand meter skies, the completely black armored Zhan Ye stood proudly on the ten meter long ice sword. It lifted its proud head, and let out a deafening roar into the skies!


Not long after the final Broken Limb Rebirth, withstanding the intense provocation of the fight with the Ice Winged Tiger, it started transforming as the ice sword flew. Claws, armor, bones…...

Seventh phase first stage!!

At the edge of a thousand meters above ground, Zhan Ye completed the leap from sixth to seventh phase and entered the seventh phase first stage! Even Chu Mu didn’t think that the effects of Brave Stinging Heart could let Zhan Ye reach a metamorphosis level!

Watching the black beast standing on the ice sword, Qing Li’s expression went slack. He had lived for this long and understood all sorts of soul pets, but this was the first time he saw a soul pet able to constantly grow stronger while fighting, reaching to the point where it increased a phase!

A sixth phase first stage soul pet, even if its talent was top tier commander rank, it was still nothing to rely on against a seventh phase Ice Winged Tiger. However, if it reached the seventh phase, it was completely different!

A seventh phase fully equip top tier commander rank. After six Broken Limb Rebirths, Zhan Ye’s power could be said to have reached a peak. Riding the uprising ice sword, the morphed Zhan Ye’s black eyes stared deadly at the Ice Winged Tiger!

“Heavenly Ripping Claw!” Chu Mu coldly gave a command.

Zhan Ye’s body crouched down, and it suddenly stamped on the Ice Sword, snapping the sword in two. Yet, its body flew straight up through the swift winds upwards!!

The Ice Winged Tiger completely didn’t expect that Zhan Ye could still come back. Seeing this wild and utterly ruthless soul pet, terror arose within its heart and it frantically flapped its wings to try to dodge it.


The Ice Winged Tiger’s reaction was still too slow. Zhan Ye’s claws, under the effects of the full offensive soul equipment, reached seventh rank complete stage, and heavily swiped through the Ice Winged Tiger’s collarbone region!!

Bloodied feathers were sent flying as a wing of the Ice Winged Tiger was shredded to pieces in midair. The Ice Winged Tiger didn’t even have time to let out an anguished howl before it fell straight down without the support of its wings!!

Qing Li’s previous command was to make his Ice Winged Tiger fly away from the mountain. Now that its wing was broken, the steep descent couldn’t possibly be stopped by any foothold.

“Feng Bao, quick, save it!”

At this moment, Qing Li’s face went pale, and he nervously commanded his Storm Fairy.

The Storm Fairy was just struggling against the Sturdy Rock Guard. Seeing the Ice Winged Tiger fall, it risked its life to struggle free of the Sturdy Rock Guard and started a wind type incantation to lift up the Ice Winged Tiger!

“Sound Curse!” Ye Qingzi told her War Court Black Beast.

Ye Qingzi’s soul pet had clearly gotten rid of its foe. Full of dense black fur, the War Court Black Beast’s eyes locked onto the Storm Fairy, and it opened its mouth, roaring a Sound Curse towards the Storm Fairy!!!

The Sound Curse was a mental technique. This mental technique’s most direct effect was to break elemental soul pet and soul pet trainers’ incantations!

The one second incantation of the Storm Fairy was just about to finish, but was interrupted by Ye Qingzi and her exquisite handling of opportunities!


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