Book 2 Chapter 204 - Mental Combat against Ghost King

Chapter 204: Mental Combat against Ghost King


Before the incantation finished, the Sturdy Rock Guard suddenly appeared in front of the Storm Fairy, and its fist heavily punched into the Storm Fairy’s weak body, leaving a massive crack on the Fairy’s chest!

Qing Li’s face abruptly shifted. Seeing his Ice Winged Tiger fall further and further, he didn’t dare to hold back any further. He started casting an incantation to save his Ice Winged Tiger!

“Soul Remembrance Shackles!”

How could Chu Mu give Qing Li the opportunity to retract his soul pets? His spirit master level remembrance immediately locked onto Qing Li, completely not giving Qing Li the chance to cast his soul pact incantation!

“Second remembrance spirit master!”

When Chu Mu’s soul remembrance came over, Qing Li felt Chu Mu’s power and his heart trembled.

Qing Li entered the spirit master level about a year ago, yet he rarely showed his true strength in front of others. He rarely even summoned his fourth soul pet. He had thought that he had hid deep enough, but he never would’ve imagined that the young man in front of him had hid even deeper, being a full remembrance higher than him!

The Soul Remembrance Shackles immediately locked onto Qing Li’s soul, not giving him a chance to retract his Ice Winged Tiger back into his soul pet space.

The Ice Winged Tiger constantly fell, deeper and deeper, before finally dropping through the clouds and disappearing from sight.

Suddenly, Qing Li’s heart was pierced by an unknown force, and he crumpled to the ground weakly, his body producing spasm-like trembles!

After the Ice Winged Tiger fell to the mountain depths and died, the breaking of the soul pact immediately caused huge damage to his soul. With an exhausted reserve of soul power, his entire body entered into a weakened state.

“Ice Fire Obliterating Diagram!”

Ye Qingzi had already gotten rid of Zhang Qin’s three soul pets. Seeing Qing Li’s soul get wounded, she decisively let her Ice Fire Demon Fairy attack the Ardent King Kong Demon!

“Ning, Ice Sword Formation!”

Chu Mu similarly gave his Ice Air Fairy the command.

Ning’s Ice Sword Formation quickly formed and, after a second of technique Superpositioning, forty six Towering Ice Swords towered over the mountain side with all their points locked onto the Ardent King Kong Demon!

The Ardent King Kong Demon clinged onto the perpendicular mountain body, not having any foothold nearby. Once the Ice Fire Obliterating Diagram locked onto it, it couldn’t move!

Red Demon Flame, piercing Mysterious Crystal Ice Crystal, two completely repelling energies interlaced in one region. The power of ice and fire immediately caused the Ardent King Kong Demon’s skin to split open all over!

The Ice Fire Obliterating Diagram had reached eighth rank, so the already debilitated Ardent King Kong Demon couldn’t possibly dodge it.

Forty six Towering Ice swords flew by the mountain side, freezing everything along the way, and very accurately hitting the Ardent King Kong Demon. No matter how powerful the King Kong Demon’s defense was, it couldn't withstand the combination of both techniques. After the Ice Swords hit, the Ardent King Kong Demon’s body opened in countless cracks, and it let out unceasingly pained howls within the ice and fire torture!

Qing Li’s spirit was heavily injured. Seeing the Ardent King Kong Demon about to be killed, he forcefully struggled free of Chu Mu’s soul remembrance shackle and started an incantation to retract his heavily wounded Ardent King Kong Demon back into his soul pet space.

Qing Li’s soul pets originally could still fight evenly against Chu Mu’s soul pets, but with Ye Qingzi’s soul pet added, the situation quickly changed. Including Qing Li’s strongest Purple Lightning Devil, with the help of the War Court Black Beast, they weren’t holding out well anymore.

With the death of the Ice Winged Tiger, the Sturdy Rock Guard distracting his Storm Fairy, and his Ardent King Kong Demon being heavily wounded and retracted, he could only rely on his powerful Purple Lightning Devil, and that was hopeless.

Qing Li’s eyes were nearly breathing fire, but he knew that if he didn't leave now, he would also die here.


Qing Li shouted angrily and directly jumped onto his Purple Lightning Devil’s body. Immediately lightning flashed all around and, while the blinding lightning was shining, he immediately followed the the broken walkway downwards to escape down the mountain!

How could Ye Qingzi let Qing Li escape? She quickly jumped onto the Purple Robed Dream Beast’s body and brought the Ice Fire Demon Fairy and the War Court Black Beast with her as she went to chase after Qing Li.

“Chu Mu, you go capture the Ghost King and I’ll deal with him!” Ye Qingzi’s soul pet fighting strength was still full and, when she chased after Qing Li, she specially told Chu Mu.

“Qingzi, let him run first. If you catch up now, even if you kill him, it’ll be hard to get information of your brother from him.” Chu Mu said.

Ye Wansheng was still in Qing Li’s hands. Even if she caught up, if Qing Li had any reason left, he would definitely use Ye Wansheng’s life as hostage against Ye Qingzi. This way, Ye Qingzi wouldn’t dare to kill him, and would even let him take control of the situation.

“Your plan is……” Ye Qingzi told her Purple Robed Beast to slow down and she turned around to look at Chu Mu up high.

“Let him back and let Old Li follow him. Then we’ll be able to easily find Ye Wansheng.” Chu Mu said.

“Young master…...young master, stuff like following is something the old man can’t……” Somehow Old Li overheard the soul remembrance conversation between Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi. Once Chu Mu finished, this cowardly old thing immediately shook his head in denial.

“I’ll give you two choices. One, follow Qing Li. Two, follow Qing Li.” Chu Mu said apathetically to Old Li.

“......” Old Li was speechless.

“Stop the nonsense and go!” Chu mu naturally knew Old Li’s powers. He had very powerful hiding abilities as well as a strange camouflaging method. His speed surpassed Mo Xie's, so following Qing Li was definitely no issue.

Old Li was very unwilling, but since Chu Mu phrased it so strictly, he had no other choice. He could only shake his raccoon head and move his short body down the mountain in pursuit.

“You follow Old Li first. Once I capture the Ghost King, I’ll catch up.” Chu Mu said.

Ye Qingzi nodded and let her speed down a little to slowly follow behind Old Li as they chased towards Qing Li.


Watching Ye Qingzi leave, Chu Mu summoned his three soul pets to his side and glanced past the fifty meter long gap in the walkway, looking right at the Ghost King who stood aside calmly the entire time.

When Chu Mu and Qing Li fought, the extremely intelligent Ghost King seemed to have discerned the different sides the humans were on. Other than sending a Sturdy Rock Guard in, he had stood beside the cave and spectated.

Yet this time, on the disfigured walkway was only Chu Mu, his three soul pets, and the Ghost King with his three Sturdy Rock Guards.


The Ghost King naturally saw the human’s plans. He, who had watched aside with folded arms, finally started fighting Chu Mu!

After the Ghost King sent its command, the three Sturdy Rock Guards all opened their rock mouths wide, roaring out a sand filled storm and lunged towards Chu Mu and his three soul pets!

“White devil, come out!”

Chu Mu also knew that Ning had fought for a long time and was near empty in terms of mental strength, so he decisively retracted Ning into his soul pet space and summoned the white devil onto the shattered walkway.

Chu Mu’s body started burning with white devil fire and, shaped like Chu Mu, the white devil appeared like a white devil fire constructed shadow. It slowly peeled off Chu Mu’s body and struggled free. The monarch rank’s wanton flames spread outwards and immediately dropped the temperature around it, as if one fell into an icy hole!!


The White Nightmare was also a battle hungry devil. Seeing the three powerful Sturdy Rock Guards of the Ghost King, it didn’t show any signs of graveness, but instead let out an abnormally excited cackle, as if it was a devil from the depths of Tartarus that suddenly found an interesting play-thing. Its laughter sent one’s heart beating.

“Mo Xie, white devil, you face these three Sturdy Rock Guards. Zhan Ye, you’re in charge of the Sturdy Rock Guard behind.” Chu Mu quickly distributed the opponents to his soul pets.

The first Sturdy Rock Guard fought against Qing Li’s Storm Fairy for a while, and the Storm Fairy caused some damage to it as well. The seventh phase first stage Zhan Ye, with care, would be able to deal with it.

Zhan Ye was indeed a crazed warmonger. The moment Chu Mu’s command was given, it jumped bravely towards the Sturdy Rock Guard behind them. With its brash manner, it was as if it still had six Broken Limb Rebirths, completely having no regard for an expert’s power.

Mo Xie had fought for a long time against the Purple Lightning Devil, but mostly relied on dodging and occupying, so though she had expended some fighting power, she could still continue.

The moment Chu Mu sent the command, the nimble Mo Xie immediately ran along the mountain wall, leaving a flashy trail of flame steps. She quickly appeared in front of the three Sturdy Rock Guards and opened her nine tails up with their palpable aura, actually taunting all three eighth phase Sturdy Rock Guards!


Seeing Mo Xie attack all three Sturdy Rock Guards, the white devil immediately let out a dissatisfied call. White demonic devil fire darted up its feet and it casted Devil Phantom, dragging faint shadows of itself in the air as it appeared instantly in front of the Sturdy Rock Guards!

With devil fire dancing about, the white devil’s devil flames also attacked all three Sturdy Rock Guards, as if stealing them from Mo Xie!

The three sturdy rock guards were all at the eighth phase early stage. Without moonlight, the seventh phase white devil’s strength was clearly higher than Mo Xie’s, and the white devil’s powerful white demonic devil flames were also a great threat to the three Sturdy Rock Guards. Quickly, the three Guards were split up!

“White devil, you deal with two. Mo Xie, deal with one.”

Since the white nightmare was full of energy, Chu Mu simply let the White Nightmare go against the two Sturdy Rock guards, and let the already tired Mo Xie deal with one.

Successful in stealing them, the white devil let out excited calls and then let out a strange taunt to Mo Xie, as if looking down upon her.

Mo Xie didn’t feel like taking notice of this White Nightmare with brain issues. Following Chu Mu’s arrangement, she attracted one Sturdy Rock Guard down under the walkway and started taking advantage of her speed as she slowly wore down the Sturdy Rock Guard.

The Sturdy Rock Guard’s defense was at the eighth rank intermediate stage. Without some powerful technique, inflicting heavy damage was very hard. Yet, such a technique was very endurance consuming, so if they didn'tt find the perfect opportunity, the experienced Mo Xie wouldn’t be able to easily cast it.

The white nightmare had many types, and was dominant in its attack style. Even if it had to deal with two Sturdy Rock Guards, Chu Mu was at ease. Chu Mu was still most worried about Zhan Ye. After all, Zhan Ye no longer had any Broken Limb Rebirths. To let it, a seventh phase first stage, fight an eighth phase commander rank was indeed a stretch.

However, what Chu Mu didn’t expect was Zhan Ye seemed to really have found the feeling of battle. In the beginning of battle, it had already stuck its Ink Armor Spike into the Sturdy Rock Guard’s body!

The Sturdy Rock Guard’s defense was eighth rank intermediate stage. Even Zhan Ye’s msot powerful technique could barely rip through its defense. With the effects of the defense-ignoring Ink Armor Spike and the Dark Corrosion effect that lowered the Guard’s defense below eighth rank, Zhan Ye’s advantage rose greatly.

As long as Zhan Ye could also deal with that Sturdy Rock Guard, these four Sturdy Rock Guards will no longer pose as obstacles to Chu Mu capturing the Ghost King. After finding the situation to be very in his favor, Chu Mu smiled and watched the silently standing Ghost King.

The Ghost King didn’t participate in battle from beginning to end. Under its dignified armor, its eyes also watched Chu Mu, seeming to know that Chu Mu was the owner of the three soul pets. Its eyes were sharp and aggressive, bringing a monarch pressure upon Chu Mu’s body.

If Chu Mu were still a spirit teacher, such mental pressure would definitely create psychological shadows within Chu Mu that would slowly make him fear the Ghost King. However, Chu Mu was second remembrance spirit master. No matter how developed the fifth phase eighth stage Ghost King’s mental strength was, no matter how powerful the technique, it wouldn’t be able to create too much pressure on Chu Mu’s soul.

Chu Mu’s black eyes shone with radiance. Facing the Ghost King’s mental attack, Chu Mu simply gave up his soul remembrance, completely releasing his soul remembrance to start the most direct mental confrontation with the Ghost King!

Without much soul power left, Chu Mu still remained adamant. This was because Chu Mu knew, if he couldn’t masterfully suppress the arrogant Ghost King in terms of mental power, it would be extremely hard to successfully sign a soul pact with it!

In the mental confrontation, Chu Mu could feel his own mental world withstand waves of rockfall like impacts, coming in waves that shook Chu Mu’s entire mental world.

A soul pet trainer’s soul remembrance was the purest of mental energies. If it were powerful enough, it could immediately crumble a weaker minded opponent. Chu Mu’s soul remembrance and aura was much different from a normal soul pet trainer, because his body and soul had once been merged with the Whtie Nightmare, causing him to morph into half devil.

The half devil’s aura would still remain in his body. This meant that Chu Mu had an aura even more mad than a monarch like White Nightmare. If Chu Mu let his soul burn up, the powerful aura could make many monarch ranks back off!


The Ghost King quickly realized the human’s powerful aura and decisively gave up the confrontation against Chu Mu. The previously arrogant eyes now revealed some fear as it slightly stepped back a few steps.

Mental fear was the best beginning to capturing a soul pet. Seeing the Ghost King back off, Chu Mu’s eyes instead became even more imposing, continuing to give pressure despite using up all his soul power!


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