Chapter 202: Midair Flesh Fight, Zhan Ye vs Ice Winged Tiger (1)

Chapter 202: Midair Flesh Fight, Zhan Ye vs Ice Winged Tiger (1)

The jet black hair hung down. Supple and neat. Free and majestic, and further giving one a feeling of sinister darkness.

A lion-like robust and domineering soul pet strangely appeared beside Zhang Qin.

Its front limbs possessed two black dagger-like bone blades. Presently, these bone blades were dyed in a few drops of fresh blood. It was also these bone blades that ripped apart the defenseless Zhang Qin’s throat!

Qing Li quickly saw the fresh blood spurt out of Zhang Qin, whose face quickly darkened and his gaze gaze rapidly shifted to the graceful figure under the plankway!

When the 800 Crafty Rock Guards had appeared, Qing Li and Zhang Qin’s attentions were fully on the fight in front of them. At the start, they had considered the problem of Ye Qingzi, who had yet to appear. However, as the battle continued and became intense, they gradually forgot about Ye Qingzi who hadn’t appeared.

What Qing Li and Zhang Qin hadn’t considered was that when all the Crafty Rock Guards were killed, Ye Qingzi’s soul pet would appear. Unexpectedly with one fatal strike, she instantly killed the defenseless Zhang Qin!

Ye Qingzi rode on the Purple Robe Dream Beast, whose wounds had recovered and, with a few jumps, landed in front of Chu Mu.

When the 800 Crafty Rock Guards had appeared, Ye Qingzi had always been under the plankway waiting for the opportune moment. It wasn’t until the battle had ended and Zhang Qin, because he was greedy for the Ghost King, finally exposed a gap that Ye Qingzi finally grasped the one hit sure kill opportunity to get rid of Zhang Qin!

“Get rid of Zhang Qin’s three masterless soul pets and it’ll be fine.” Chu Mu said to Ye Qingzi.

Once a soul pet trainer had been killed, the soul pets that had already been summoned would have animosity. Although their soul memories could have been damage, they were still dangerous.

Ye Qingzi quickly chanted an incantation, summoning the seventh phase fifth stage Ice Fire Demon Fairy in front of her. She then summoned the mysterious soul pet back beside her and her gaze turned to wardsZhang Qin’s three incomparably angry soul pets.

“It’s just you two who want to contend against me? Both of you go die!!” Qing Li’s anger had already hit the limit. He controlled the Ardent King Kong Demon to charge at Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy, planning on getting rid of Chu Mu’s elemental soul pet, which possessed enormous destructive power.

The Ardent King Kong Demon’s body was fully wrapped in a golden, sturdy rock like a steel-cast violent ape. As it ran, its domineering strength was incomparable and with each jump, it seemingly would make the mountain rampart cave in a bit!

“Ning, maintain some distance!” Chu Mu naturally knew that the Ardent King Kong Demon was probably similar to the Rock Generals. It was a rock type soul pet that had a combination of strength and defense. The moment this soul pet was allowed to get close, it would be extremely hard to defeat.

“Ice Mirror!”

The incantation was practically completed instantaneously. Numerous incomparably glossy ice walls emerged on the mountain and some of them even floated on the broken parts of the plankway...

The Ardent King Kong Demon’s body was full of strength and amidst its extreme jumps, instantly shattered these successively arranged ice walls. Its two mighty arms raised high in the air and it abruptly usd the terrifying Pulverize technique!


The unobstructed arms struck the precipitous mountain rampart the Ice Air Fairy was at. The Ardent King Kong Demon directly passed through the illusory Ice Air Fairy and crashed into the thick mountain stone layer.

Twenty meters above the Ardent King Kong Demon, the Ice Air Fairy slowly emerged from an ice mirror. It had already prepared an incantation in its mouth.

“Towering Ice- Ice Seal!”

A cold ice aura circled around the Ice Air Fairy’s body, and the bluish white frost moved along the mountain behind the Ice Air Fairy. It rapidly moved down, and soon sealed the hole that the Ardent King Kong Demon had smashed into in a layer of thick towering ice!

Qing Li’s eyebrows creased. His Ardent King Kong Demon had already expended a lot of physical energy in the fight just now, and the fighting strength it could exhibit right now wasn’t even 70% of what it could originally.

Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy further possessed the powerful towering ice. The ice seal’s force became incomparably sturdy and, for a short while, the Ardent King Kong Demon fundamentally could not shatter the ice layer.

“Ice Winged Tiger, shatter the ice layer!” Qing Li gave the Ice Winged Tiger an order.

With its wings spread apart, the Ice Winged Tiger flew along the stone wall. It quickly flew towards the Ice Air Fairy’s location, wanting to stop its incantation, it continued to recite while also freeing the Ardent King Kong Demon from the ice seal.

“Zhan Ye, don’t let your opponent run!” said Chu Mu.

“Hou hou hou!!!”

Zhan Ye immediately used Extreme Speed and its speed bursted forth. After adding speed on the half-section plankway, it unexpectedly could run along the stone wall and painted a long black shadow on the perpendicular mountain rampart.

When its inertia was about to disappear, Zhan Ye abruptly jumped off the stone, its body leaping up!!

Heavenly Splitting Claw!!!

Its two claws extended, the ink claws scratching the stone wall, it ruthlessly tore at the soaring Ice Winged Tiger!!

The Ice Winged Tiger’s body turned over, and its enormous wings gave an abrupt wave. Before Zhan Ye had used Heavenly Splitting Claw, its wings knocked Zhan Ye flying!

Zhan Ye’s strength was quite inferior to the Ice Winged Tiger. After striking the Ice Winged Tiger’s wings, it was instantly swatted flying and, like a falling rock, it fell diagonally under the broken plankway.

“Mo Xie!”

Chu Mu no longer had much soul power remaining. Although he could use Dragon Wind Ride to lift Zhan Ye, at this moment, the tacit communication between his soul pets was really put to the test by him.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~”

Nine Tail Confuse floated by and Mo Xie, who was originally fighting high above, suddenly appeared below. One of her tails quickly swept up the falling Zhan ye!

Mo Xie’s tails could be hard or soft. After easing Zhan Ye’s falling force, she abruptly threw Zhan Ye back up at the Ice Winged Tiger high above!

Mo Xie’s tail strength was extremely strong. Throwing Zhan Ye like this practically made its speed reach the max, and the tenacious life force Zhan Ye never worried about the consequences. Its two black eyes were rigidly fixed on the Ice Winged Tiger as it used Heavenly Splitting Claw again!!

“Shua!!! Shua!!!!”

This time, this Ice Winged Tiger wasn’t able to dodge in time. The two interweaving claw tips streaked across its body, forming crisscrossing wounds. Fresh blood began to rapidly seep out of its body!

“Hou hou!!!!!!”

The Ice Winged Tiger soaring in the air let out a painful howl. Its two yellow eyes unexpectedly turned red as its blood continued to flow!

“Violent Blood Pupil!”

The incantation was finally finished, and a blood red armor slowly enveloped the Ice Winged Tiger’s body, dying its body completely in red. Its two eyes also transformed into a bloodthirsty color!

“Hou hou hou hou!!!!!!!”

Violent Blood Beast was innately able to allow a soul pet to forget pain. The blood colored battle gear, after it was draped on, caused the Ice Winged Tiger’s beast aura to terrifyingly discharge. It became incomparably malevolent and instantaneously, it locked onto Zhan Ye which was hanging on the cliff’s stone wall using its claws. Abruptly, it beat its wings and flew at Zhan Ye!

“Water Screen Armor!” Ye Qingzi knew that Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye needed special consideration, and she added the soul technique on its body!

Zhan Ye had already reached the sixth phase ninth stage and its defense had increased a lot. After the Towering Ice armor disappeared, its defense was still able to reach the late seventh stage. After Ye Qingzi’s Water Screen Armor was added, its defense increased to the pseudo eighth stage.

The Towering Ice armor’s effects were better, but it was quite a bit of obstruction towards Zhan Ye’s movements. Using Water Screen Armor on Zhan Ye was even more beneficial.

Zhan Ye didn’t have the ability to fly and furthermore, this mountain rampart didn’t have a place to put its feet. It could only use its claws to deig into the mountain, hanging onto the rock wall. Seeing the Ice Winged Tiger flying at it with torrential imposition, Zhan Ye resolutely relaxed its claw, and its body directly slid down the mountain.

The Ice Winged Tiger rose from the seventh phase second stage to the seventh phase fourth stage. Violent Blood Pupils’ effects allowed the Ice Winged Tiger to be full of an even more bloody aura. Seeing Zhan Ye drop down, it drew up a fiendish blood wind and dove down diagonally!


The dropping Zhan Ye smashed firmly into a protruding rock. Using this buffer, Zhan Ye abruptly turned around and leapt into the air, landing in a rock crevice under the plankway!

Shattering Claw!!

How terrifying was the Ice Tiger Wing’s diving force? Like a blood colored hurricane, it dove with extreme speed. Shattering Claw’s force exploded on the rock crevice where Zhan Ye was resting!

Numerous clustered fissures appeared on the mountain rampart. As the Shattering Claw sank in, the entire stone wall suddenly shattered, unexpectedly blowing up a large ten meter perimeter hole which depth was two to three meters!

What kind of strength was it to be able to break through two to three meters of mountain rock?! With Zhan Ye’s defense, albeit having reached the pseudo eighth stage, its ink armor was still ruptured, exposing flesh and bones full of fresh blood!

Chu Mu was able to sense Zhan Ye’s fight through the mental connection. Qing Li’s Ice Winged Tiger had clearly undergone tens of millions of gold of strengthening. Otherwise, even with Violent Blood Pupils’ effects, it wouldn’t be able to deal such terrifying destruction force with its seventh phase fourth stage strength!

“Hmph, my Ice Winged Tiger’s beast attribute has already reached the peak commander realm. Your sixth phase ninth stage Mo Ye, even if its strength slowly increases in a fight, cannot compare with my Ice Winged Tiger!” sneered Qing Li.

The Ice Winged Tiger’s attack had instantly given Zhan Ye serious wounds. In Qing Li’s opinion, this soul pet would definitely die. As long as he got rid of one of Chu Mu’s soul pets and in the next fights while Zhang Qin’s three soul pets delayed Ye Qingzi, he was still confident that he could get rid of them both!

Chu Mu indifferently raised the corners of his lips and coldly read out Zhan Ye’s technique name: “Broken Limb Rebirth!”

“Hou Hou!!!!!!!”

The tenacious life force of Zhan Ye made it so that it could not be so easily killed. After angrily roaring, the wounds on Zhan Ye rapidly seeped out insect fluid which wrapped around its body!

The sixth Broken Limb Rebirth!

Zhan Ye had followed Chu Mu for such a long period of time, yet this was the first time he had used the sixth Broken Limb Rebirth. It was also his last Broken Limb Rebirth!

Regardless of its shattered tiger bones, the messed up flesh in its body or the extremely smashed armor, after a short few seconds of the insect fluid smearing past, Zhan Ye was completely fine like the start. A new ink colored armor flashed the newest lustre!

Hearing Chu Mu read out the technique’s name, Qing Li astonishedly looked down. He wasn’t able to react in time when a noise suddenly rang out of the shattered cave. Subsequently afterward, a beast figure with wings was knocked flying out of the shattered cave. The one that flew out a dozen meters happened to be Qing Li’s Ice Winged Tiger!!


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