Chapter 201: Monarch Guard, Sturdy Rock General!

Chapter 201: Monarch Guard, Sturdy Rock General!

“Nong nong!!!!”

A rolling, stone-like roar rang out of the very depths of the plankway’s cave. Suddenly, a wave of dirt yellow colored rock dregs flew out of the cave...

The rock dregs rolled over like clouds, and when they flew through the air like sand, they unexpectedly quickly converged together, gradually forming a statue!

The statue was stately and mighty. First was its body, then its Herculean four limbs, and finally its head that seemed to be wearing a rock helmet!!

The storm of sand that swept out of the cave circled around unceasingly. It slowly ascended into the air, and within the yellow colored haze, four tall and sturdy soul pets gradually appeared!!

Sturdy Rock General!!

Sturdy Rock Guard: Elemental world - rock type - Giant species -Sturdy Rock General subspecies - commander rank

Its entire body was covered in a thick, King Kong-like armor, and its tall and sturdy body was like a mighty statue standing in the middle of a plaza. A layer of sand-like gravel clouds orbited around its body, causing the surrounding air to be enveloped in a yellow hazy color.

The four eighth phase Sturdy Rock Generals stood outside the cave full of grandeur. These rock giants carried an intangible pressure that couldn’t help but make everyone suck in a breath of air.

“Four eighth phase commanders!”

Qing Li and Zhang Qin’s expression became abnormally ugly. These four eighth phase Sturdy Rock Generals, from the looks of things, hadn’t undergone strengthening, but from their outer appearance, their strength and defense were considerably terrifying. It would be abnormally difficult to kill them.

After the four Sturdy Rock Generals appeared, an indignant roar was let out in the cave.

“Beng!!! Beng!!!! Beng!!!!”

With measured steps, the entire plankway shook along with its arrival. In the tall shadow of the cave, a soul pet covered in dark colored sturdy rock armor slowly walked out!

This soul pet’s figure wasn’t as large as the eighth phase Sturdy Rock Generals, but its body’s ostentatious sharp edges and feeling of strength still gave others a heart-trembling feeling. Especially since its right hand further held a domineering curved sword that was completely composed by dark, sturdy rock!

Ghost King!!!

Four eighth phase Sturdy Rock Generals were in the front and the Ghost King, with its incomparably apathetic gaze, stood behind them. Its eyes were fixated on the humans and soul pets that killed all of its guards. One could sense the indignant and solemn stalwart face underneath the dark sturdy rock helmet!


The Ghost King had evidently been angered by the disturbance and let out a roar full of might!

“Nong!!! Nong!!!! Nong!!!!! Nong!!!!!!”

After hearing the Ghost King’s roar, the four eighth phase Sturdy Rock Generals simultaneously let out rumbling roars that were like rolling stones. Without soul remembrance protecting one’s mental world, the person would be heavily wounded by this sound!

“Ghost King… why would a Ghost King be here…” Zhang Qin and Qing Li clearly hadn’t learned of Heavenly Crystal Peak’s true situation. After seeing the appearance of the Ghost King and the four commanders, they both let out expressions of shock.

The main goal of the two of them was to lure out Yu Lang and Feng Ya, and kill them according to their plan. As for the Heavenly Crystal Peak, they had never planned on going up...

Chu Mu was only a hundred meters away from the Ghost King. His eyes flitted past the four Sturdy Rock Generals. Watching the monarch rank Ghost King at such a close distance gave Chu Mu an even more shocking feeling!

This soul pet that radiated in strength and radiated in the aura of a rock king was one that Chu Mu had always envisioned in his heart. He had finally seen one right now, so how could his emotions not be stirred? He wished he could remove every obstacle here and form a soul pact with that fifth phase eighth stage Ghost King!

“That brat… he wants to obtain the Ghost King!” Zhang Qin’s gaze swept across Chu Mu’s face and instantly saw his desire.

Yet, once he knew of Chu Mu’s goal, Zhang Qin’s face immediately darkened. He could see that this fellow had known of the Crafty Rock Guards and Ghost King here, and had intentionally lured the five of them here. A large portion of doing so was to borrow their force to eradicate the obstructing soul pets around the Ghost King!

QIng Li wasn’t a stupid person, and once he saw the fifth phase eighth stage Ghost King’s appearance, his eyes spat out fire. He had never expected the fellow who he was chasing to use them to obtain this Ghost King.

“We must kill him. Hmph, this Ghost King will also be ours!” how could Qing Li also not covet the Ghost King? After all, he could see that this Ghost King’s value could very well reach 100 million. Such a soul pet was enough to cause many factions to fight fiercely over it.

Qing Li and Zhang Qin had already reached the spirit master level, but didn’t have a monarch rank soul pet. Presently, aside from the anger in their hearts from being played by Chu Mu, there was also the excitement of obtaining a big treasure.


The eighth phase third stage Purple Thunder Devil took the initiative to launch an attack at Chu Mu.

An incomparably dense cluster of clouds outlandishly appeared above Chu Mu’s head. Bolts of shocking lightning flashed in the lightning clouds. Like a large group of restless lightning snakes, they moved in every direction.


The lightning bolts descended, and countless bolts of purple lightning from the lightning clouds struck the pathway. The entire plankway was instantly broken into several sections and the only sections of the plankway that one could stand on were knocked underneath the cliff. The only section that remained was the part outside of the Ghost King’s cave.

Chu Mu had already leapt onto Mo Xie’s body. Mo Xie used Nine Tail Confuse, and she appeared outside the lightning attack’s range.

“Ning, Ice Air Dance!”

Chu Mu gave the Ice Air Fairy an order.


Half a second chanting, and it was finished. The Ice Air Fairy’s arms brandished as countless towering ice crystals began to swirl in the air. Like fine pieces of falling snowflakes, they covered the entire area.

The Ice Air Fairy’s bluish white colored ice crystals had just covered the entire area when Qing LI’s Storm Fairy also chanted an incantation, immediately forming a terrifying hurricane with a height of over thirty meters. All of the towering ice crystals and sand in the air were swept inside!

“Wind Control!”

Qing Li gave his soul pet an order. A thirty meter terrifying hurricane instantly transformed into a long, turbid dragon created by a mixture of ice crystals and sand. It was full of an aura of destruction as it swept towards Chu Mu!

“Mo Xie, Nine Tail Fan!”

Seeing the ice rock hurricane sweep over, Chu Mu didn’t have Mo Xie immediately dodge; instead, he had her directly face this hurricane!

The nine majestic and boundless long tails abruptly unfurled, transforming into nine dragon fans. In between the fox tails appeared a strange scarlet light, making this large fan made of fox tails become even more gorgeous!!


The nine tails fiercely swept towards the thirty meter hurricane. The terrifying hurricane wasn’t instantly dispersed, but instead knocked towards the direction of the four eighth phase Sturdy Rock Generals by Mo Xie!

Mo Xie’s Nine Tail Fan technique had two effects. The first was to act as a defensive technique like a fan shield. The other was to neutralize and change the direction of a few special techniques.

Once the thirty meter hurricane’s direction was changed, it flitted past the broken plankway and swept towards the four Sturdy Rock Generals!!


The four Sturdy Rock Generals seemingly simultaneously produced roaring sounds. Their enormous rock legs successively stamped on the ground, permitting the enormous hurricane to engulf them, but they were like boulders, safely not moving.

“Ding ding ding ding~~~~~~~”

Ice crystals and sand violently struck these four eighth phase commanders’ bodies. Although they didn’t deal them any damage, it pushed their anger to an even higher level!!


One of the Sturdy Rock Generals directly stepped forward when the hurricane hadn’t fully dissipated. It jumped at the edge of the plankway and after reaching the highest point, it stepped once again on the mountain rampart, and its body full of strength ruthlessly rocketed towards the Storm Fairy, crushing all the rocks there!


Its fist with a fog of rock circling around it fiercely smashed into the ground. The Storm Fairy’s body was still swaying when the rocks under its body were directly torn apart. A rock type force surged upwards, instantly throwing it several tens of meters in the air before it struck an even higher part of the mountain rampart.

The Storm Fairy was a warrior rank soul pet. Even if it had undergone strengthening, when it met the powerful strength of a Sturdy Rock General headon, there was an evident discrepancy.

Seeing the Sturdy Rock General cause trouble for Qing Li’s soul pets, a smile appeared on Chu Mu’s face. He immediately rode on Mo Xie directly towards Qing Li’s strongest soul pet, the Purple Thunder Devil!

“Ning, you deal with the Ardent King Kong Demon. Zhan Ye, I’ll leave that Ice Winged Tiger for you. Ruthlessly rip it apart!” Chu Mu gave an order to his two other soul pets.

Seeing that Chu Mu’s three soul pets had already begun fighting Qing Li’s soul pets, a cold smile rose on Zhang Qin’s face. He intentionally swept his gaze over to the Ghost King.

“Get rid of him first!” coldly said Qing Li.

Zhang Qin hesitated awhile. In his heart, he pondered whether to take advantage of the opportunity to subdue the Ghost King for himself.

When it came to a soul pet’s capture, the first person who succeeded would naturally obtain it. The Ghost King, whose value was 100 million, was placed right in front of his eyes and the heart of Zhang Qin, who didn’t have a monarch soul pet, was definitely rapidly beating.

If he quickly killed Chu Mu, then the Ghost King could potentially be obtained by Qing Li. Yet, right now, Chu Mu was fighting against Qing Li, and he himself could absolutely go over and obtain the Ghost King!

“What are you doing just standing there?!” Qing Li swept his gaze of Zhang Qin and spoke in a slightly angry manner.

Zhang Qin immediately nodded his head and dispatched his three soul pets. However, Zhang Qin himself walked slightly towards the Ghost King’s location.


Suddenly, a black figure outlandishly and coldly streaked across Zhang Qin’s neck!!

The sixth rank soul armor flickered slightly, but quickly transformed into fragments of facula whereby immediately subsequently, a ghastly yet captivating red sprayed forth!

Zhang Qin clutched his neck ceaselessly spilling blood. He turned around in disbelief and looked at the black colored long fur mysterious soul pet that had appeared at some unknown time. The veins on his face gradually grew more visible as his face grew more and more pale...


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