Book 2 Chapter 20 - Commander Rank Gale Colt

Chapter 20: Commander Rank Gale Colt

Qin Menger, the Qin Family woman, promptly had a slight change in her expression. She intentionally examined the handsome Chu Mu...

“You’re willing to help the Chu Family?” asked Qin Menger.

“Yes.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

“Young lady, perhaps you shouldn’t trust them so easily.” said Old Teng.

“But how will we believe them then?” asked Qin Menger.

Qin Menger really did want to help the Chu Family. Unfortunately, Old Teng wasn’t willing to do it, so if there was someone truly willing to help, then it couldn’t be better.

“I am Wogu City’s Great Chu Family’s Chu Chen. I’ve heard that Luo Region’s Chu Family is in a desolate condition. While travelling, I happened to come here to take a look…” Chu Mu quickly composed a lie.

It wasn’t that Chu Mu wanted to hide his true identity, but it was that Chu Mu knew that news of his death had already become a fact for everyone. Moreover, it had been four years, and Qin Menger and Old Teng didn’t trust him. If he were to further say that he was Chu Mu, they wouldn’t believe him even more. Thus, Chu Mu decided to create a suitable identity.

“Oh? So you are someone from Wogu City’s Great Chu Family. It seems that the Chu Family can be saved this time.” Qin Menger seemed rather simple and instantly believed Chu Mu’s words.

“Young lady, perhaps we should be more cautious…” Old Teng promptly reminded her. He still didn’t quite believe Chu Mu.

“Uncle Teng, we can’t help the Chu Family, but we can’t stop others from helping them.” said Qin Menger.

“This… fine…” Old Teng let out an awkward expression, but seeing that this young lady was already so determined, he couldn’t really say anything more.

“Why didn’t you inform the Chu Family people in the vicinity?” confusedly asked Chu Mu. He remembered that in the nearby cities there were Chu Family properties. Qin Menger should have warned the Chu Family people in advance, in order to let them prepare.

“There are no Chu Family people in the vicinity. If we could have warned them, we would have already.” said Old Teng.

“There aren’t?” Chu Mu was stunned. He had not expected for his family to have degraded into such a state. In the nearby cities, there weren’t any of his family’s factions...

“Then, when do they plan on making a move? Where is the Chu Family’s caravan right now?” Chu Mu continued to ask.

“I’ve already sent my subordinates to scout it out. It’ll probably be a day before I know, but I would guess that they plan on attacking outside Manyin City, in Manyin Forest. How about this, you two can come with me to Manyin City and, after we wait for the concrete information to reach Manyin City, we can proceed…” said Qin Menger.

“Young lady…” Old Teng promptly whispered softly in her ear, ostensibly hoping for her to be more careful and for her not to tell everything to these strangers.

Yet, Qin Menger didn’t really care; she seemed to really trust Chu Mu. Thus, after speaking with him, she wore a smile and returned to her own room...

“Young master Chu, do you remember this Qin Family young lady?” Once Ting Yu saw that the Qin Family people had returned to their rooms to rest, she asked Chu Mu a question.

“Mhm, I remember now.” Chu Mu nodded his head. In his mind surfaced the appearance of a small young lady who always loved to have a simple and sweet smile on her face.

Chu Mu really didn’t recognize who this Qin Family girl was at first. But after carefully checking her out, he gradually began to recognize that this young lady, Qin Menger, seemed to be that same harmonious and young Qin Family girl whom he knew well. From his memory, this young girl would often run into his courtyard and light it up with her tinkling laughter...

Four years later, this Qin Family young woman had grown into a beautiful woman, radiating with an elegant aura. If it weren't for her pure and simple temperament, Chu Mu probably wouldn’t have connected the Qin Family young girl with the young lady who gave others a rather breathtaking feeling.

“That young lady is very pretty.” Ting Yu profoundly praised as she intentionally glanced at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu also agreed and nodded his head, saying: “Mhm, she really is good looking. You aren’t bad either.”

Ting Yu originally wanted to understand the past relationship between Chu Mu and Qin Menger but didn’t expect that Chu Mu would subtly drop this line. Instantly, her face flushed red, and she hastily walked ahead of him to her room. In a slightly flustered manner, she arranged Chu Mu’s bed.

Just like the past Ting Yu that Chu Mu knew, she maintained her changed appearance within Nightmare Palace. It wasn’t until she left Nightmare Palace that she revealed her original appearance.

In three years, Ting Yu had changed a lot. At least in Chu Mu’s opinion, she was a beautiful woman, much better than the degenerated Xin Xue.

Since he maintained his habit of not sleeping, Chu Mu used seventy percent of his soul power to feed the White Nightmare, before he began to silently cultivate in order to recover his soul power quicker.

After reaching the seventh remembrance spirit teacher level, Chu Mu only had to use seventy percent of his soul power to feed the White Nightmare.

However, summoning a soul pet once required at least a tenth of his soul power. If only thirty percent of Chu Mu’s soul power remained, he could only use it to summon, and he could not use any soul techniques.


Little Mo Xie lay on Chu Mu’s shoulder, adorably yawning while in a drowsy state.

“Go to sleep. There’s going to be a fight very soon.” Chu Mu stroked little Mo Xie’s head and spoke to her.

“Wuwu” once a fight was mentioned, little Mo Xie was immediately excited. It had been nearly a month without fighting, and Mo Xie had been dispirited and downcast over these past few days. She lazily gnawed on her claws to prevent it from going dull because of a lack of fights.

“Eat a soul core before sleeping. Don’t get too excited.” Chu Mu retrieved a sixth grade beast fire dual attribute core to feed Mo Xie.

After little Mo Xie had finished gnawing on her midnight snack, she curled up and jumped into Chu Mu’s embrace. She shifted her small bottom and, after setting down her six beautiful and small tails, she found a comfortable position to sleep.

Chu Mu continued to sit on the bed, cultivating. He did this until near daybreak, upon which he put Mo Xie beside him and fell asleep.

On the morning of the second day, when Chu Mu and Ting Yu woke up, the Qin Family people had already prepared their carriage, and were about to head towards Manyin City.

“Where are your people?” asked Old Teng as he glanced at Chu Mu and Ting Yu.

“What people?” Chu Mu confusedly asked.

“Of course it’s the people who will be undertaking the task. Could it be that you two immature and inexperienced people want to deal with the Yang Family’s experts?!” Old Teng snapped back.

“Uncle Teng, your mannerism doesn’t need to be so serious.” Qin Menger immediately advised Old Teng. Her gaze shifted to Chu Mu and quietly said: “This young master Chu Chen, you didn’t bring a servant to protect you when you went traveling?”

Chu Mu looked at Qin Menger and shook his head saying: “No, I will be undertaking the task.”

“You? Brat, are you joking with us? The Yang Family’s Li Nan is someone who even I have difficulties dealing with. You inexperienced brat, this is no different from you committing suicide!” Old Teng’s temper immediately rose!

It wasn’t that Old Teng looked down on Chu Mu. In reality, in Gangluo City, there weren’t that many young experts who had reached the spirit teacher realm before reaching twenty years of age. Moreover, even if one was a spirit teacher, the Yang Family’s Li Nan had two commander rank soul pets whose phase and stage wasn't low. If one didn’t have a bit of qualifications, he or she wouldn’t be his opponent.

From the start, Old Teng didn’t believe that the person who would help the Chu Family would be this young man. Instead, he had believed that it would be this young man’s henchman. Who would have expected that this young man simply didn’t have a henchman? Additionally, he shamelessly claimed that it would be him that would undertake the task.

“Old geezer, control your temper! Do you know who my family’s young master is? If you are to truly provoke my family’s young master, your Qin Family will henceforth disappear from Gangluo City!” Ting Yu was rather angry as she spoke.

Old Teng had been rude and contemptuous several times, making Ting Yu feel discontented. Presently, there wasn’t anybody in Nightmare Palace who didn’t know the name of Eternal Ocean’s Nightmare Prince, Chu Mu. In this entire Luo Region, there probably wasn’t another young person who was Chu Mu’s opponent, so why would this old servant from the Qin Family be anything significant.

“You!!” Old Teng was immediately angered by Ting Yu’s fierce words. His face trembled, and it seemed as if he was about to explode.

“Uncle Teng, don’t get angry. We were wrong at first. I will apologize on his behalf.” Qin Menger gave a small polite gesture as an apology.

“The Chu Family’s matter is pressing. Let’s not senselessly argue here.” Chu Mu made Ting Yu back down.

Ting Yu had really been outraged on Chu Mu’s behalf. What kind of a status did the Prison Island King now have? Perhaps even the Luo Region’s region lord would have to politely address Chu Mu as Nightmare Prince Chu. Yet, these people still dared to contemptuously look upon Chu Mu.

“Since we’re going to set out, if you two don’t have a mount, you can ride in our carriage.” Qin Menger also had a pleasant temper, and she didn’t bicker with Ting Yu over the outburst just now.

“There’s no need; we have our own mount.”

A minute later, Chu Mu and Ting Yu appeared in front of the Qin Family’s carriage riding the Gale Colt.

The Gale Colt wasn’t like the servant rank soul pets pulling the Qin Family’s carriage. Once it appeared, these servant rank soul pets instantly let out panicked expressions, narrowly jerking the carriage!

“A commander… commander rank Gale Colt!”

“Among the wind type commander rank soul pets, the Gale Colt has the highest inherent endurance abilities. It turns out that the two masters of the Gale Colt that I heard strangers talking about were them!”

A few servants of the Qin Family had their eyes open wide. Their gaze unwaveringly stared at the eminently flashy Gale Colt!

When Old Teng saw this commander rank soul pet, he opened his mouth wide and couldn’t speak for a long time.

Old Teng was able to see that this young master Chu’s status wasn’t normal. Yet, he never expected for his status to be so important that a commander rank soul pet would be his mount. One must know that this kind of honor was only held by the family heads of the large families!

Qin Menger was also amazed. Her gaze intentionally swept across Old Teng, carrying a bit of blame in her eyes.

Old Teng also realized that he really had underestimated these two people. His face flushed red, and he awkwardly said to Chu Mu, “ This young master Chu is so prodigal that he even has a Gale Colt as his mount. Could it be that you are the son of Wogu City’s Great Chu Family’s family head?”

Wogu City’s Great Chu Family was the ruler of the entire Wogu City. They were on a completely different level than the great families of these cities. Recalling the servant girl’s arrogant words before, Old Teng realized that he really had encountered people with exceptional status. If he were to offend them, it could really bring their Qin Family a lot of trouble.

“Hmph, how could the son of the Great Chu Family’s family head compare with my family’s young master?” Ting Yu harrumphed.

Ting Yu’s words caused Qin Menger to be even more surprised. Could it be that the young master Chu in front of them had a status even higher than the son of the Great Chu Family’s family head? Who on earth was this young master Chu?

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